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Aldern Foxglove

Jayse's page

1,521 posts. Alias of Eben al'Jol.



About Jayse

HP 103/103
AC 30 • FF 27 • Touch 27
CMD 44 • FF 41 (+2 vs. Grapple/Trip)
Fort +13 Reflex +13 (Evasion) Will +16
--> +2 vs. Shaudran, Enchantments
--> +2 vs. Sleep, Paralysis, & Stunning (Dragon Style)
--> +1 trait vs. Arcane spells
Immune Diseases
Effects/Conditions: Stone: head
Mutable Teamwork Feat: Outflank

    Class/Racial/Heroic Resources
    Power Points 14/14
    Ki 11/11
    Stunning Fist 12/12
    Elemental Fist 10/10
    Judgment 2/2
    Bane 5/5
    Freedom of Movement 5/5
    Teamwork Feat Switch 6/6
    Hero Points 0
    Black Stone Abilities
    True Strike 1/1 day
    Mage Armor 1/1 day
    Vanish 1/1 day
    Spells: DC 16 + spell level
    1st Level 6/6
    2nd Level 4/4
    Other Gear
    Slippers of Spider Climb 10/10 minutes remaining
    Pearl of Power (Lvl 2) 1/1 per day
    5g (in belt pouch)
    0p; 265g (in scarf)
    -- Grease x2
    -- Keen Senses
    -- CSW (CL - Isolde) x2
    -- Protection from Evil
    -- Enlarge x4
    -- Bear's Endurance x2
    -- Fly x2
    -- Resist Energy x2
    -- Alter Self x2
    Bolts 10/10
    Throwing blades (Shuriken) 10/10

Weapon Adept Monk 10
Gestalt Soulknife 10
Divine Inquisitor of Liberation 5
- favored class: Soulknife (+10 pp)

Alignment: LN
Languages: Common, Tengu, Bollini

Appearance & Personality:
Jayse is a relatively average-looking young man who looks a winter or two short of his 20th year. A few inches short of six feet, his lightly sun-tanned body is thin and lithe. He moves with a precision and economy of motion that speaks of speed and finesse, though a good look shows his muscles to be surprisingly well-developed for one so young… a chiseled look to them matching his sharp facial features. His unkempt brown hair falls messily past his ears, framing his eyes, which stand out a bit as they are a surprising pale blue… an iced pond.

Jayse tends to be an even-tempered guy, feeling comfortable fading into the background. He's happy to give and take jokingly when the situation presents itself. He tries to take people at their word, trusting his instincts to pick up on deception. He considers himself a good person, and will usually help people out if he can, though he doesn't go out of his way to help every charity case that comes along.

Those close to him know him to be true to his word, with only his closest friends realizing how adept he can be at deception as well. Those few will also mention his strange sense of honor. Always completing tasks he agrees to take on, yet surprisingly hard to pin down on things he doesn't. He is true to his friends - even in situations of great personal danger. And he's a fair hand with his reed flute - something he enjoys on a personal level, having to be highly motivated to pull it out for a crowd.

HP 103
str 20/24 dex 16 con 14 int 14 wis 19/23 cha 13
Senses: Darkvision

Init +15
Speed 70 (60 w/out psionic focus)

AC 30/32 • ff 27/29 • touch 27 (3 dex, 6 wis, 3 monk, +1 armor, +3 deflection, +2 natural, +1 luck, +1 insight)
-- Second number is with Mindshield active
CMD 44 (46 vs. grapple & trip)
(10 bab, 7 str, 3 dex, 6 wis, 3 monk, +3 deflection, +1 luck, +1 insight)

Fort +13 Ref +13 (Evasion) Will +16
(5k save bonus goes to Fort)
--> +2 vs. Shaudran
--> +2 vs. Enchantments
--> +2 vs. Sleep, Paralysis, & Stunning (Dragon Style)
--> +1 trait bonus vs. arcane spells
Immune: Diseases

BAB +10
CMB +17 (Grapple/Trip +19)


    Unarmed (w/ +4 stone) +21(2d6 + 14; x2)
    ---> FoB +19/+19/+14/+14
    Unarmed +17 (2d6 + 10; x2)
    ---> FoB +15/+15/+12/+12
    Mindblade +3 Defending
    ---> 1-handed +21 (1d8 + 12; 19/x3)
    ---> FoB +19/+19/+14/+14
    ---> 2-handed +21 (1d8 + 15)
    ---> Thrown +17 (1d8 + 12) 15ft range.
    Mindblade (w/ +4 stone) +4 Keen, Defending, Holy
    ---> 1-handed +22 (1d8 + 13 + 2d6; 17/x3)
    ---> FoB +20/+20/+15/+15
    ---> 2-handed +22 (1d8 + 16 + 2d6)
    ---> Thrown +18 (1d8 + 13) 15ft range.
    Lt Crossbow +13 (1d8; 19/x2) Range: 80ft.
    Throwing Blades +13 (1d4 + 7; x2) Range: 10ft.
    -> FoB +11/+11/+6/+6

class features:
AC Bonus: WIS + 3
Bonus Feats (monk) - Improved Grapple, Combat Reflexes, Improved Trip, Spring Attack
Flurry of Blows (Ex)
Stunning Fist (Ex) - Fort DC 21 or be Stunned or Fatigued (Dragon Ferocity adds Shaken for 1d4 + STR mod rounds)
Elemental Fist - +3d6 damage of any element, must be declared before attack roll is made. 1/round.
Unarmed Strike - 2d6
Fast Movement (Ex)- +30 enhancement bonus to speed
Maneuver Training (Ex)
Still Mind (Ex) - +2 to Will saves against Enchantment spells/effects.
Ki Pool: Lawful
Ki Abilities: extra attack, +20 speed, +4 Dodge, +20 to Jump
Slow Fall 50ft.
High Jump
Purity of Body: Immunity to Diseases
Wholeness of Body
Bonus Feat: Power Attack
Form Mindblade
Shape Mindblade
Throw Mindblade
Wild Talent
Blade Skill: Weapon Special (monk), Mindshield, Rending Blades, Powerful Strikes, Deadly Blow
Enhanced Mindblade +4 (+3 max enhancement)
Psychic Strike (Su) - +4d8
Inquisitor of Liberation
Domain: Liberation - 5 rds/day, act as if under the effect of Freedom of Movement (need not be consecutive and no action required)
Judgment: 2/day
Judgement 2/day: varies
Monster Lore: add Wisdom mod to knowledge checks
Stern Gaze: 1/2 inquisitor level to Intimidate/Sense motive checks
Cunning Initiative: add wisdom to initiative (+15 total)
Detect Alignment: at will
Track: +1/2 inq. level to Survival checks to follow tracks (+2)
Solo Tactics: Treat teammates as if they have any teamwork feats Jayse has
Teamwork Feats: Free teamwork feat, change it 6/day as a standard action
Bane: free action for 5 rds/day, give a weapon the Bane weapon property
Discern Lies: use at will.
Spells: CL 5, Concentration +11
Resistance: immediate action - spend 1 pp to boost saves by +4 til next round.
Resilience: immediate action (when damage is taken) - per pp spent, reduce damage taken by 2.
Repletion: spend 1 pp to go without food or water for 1 day.

spells - CL 5; Concentration +11:

Bleed, Brand, Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic, Sift

1st Level: DC 17 (4 + 2 /day)
Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Litany of Sloth, True Strike, Compel Hostility

2nd Level: DC 18 (2 + 2 /day)
Invisibility, See Invisible, Silence, Detect Thoughts, Bloodhound

Fast Talker, Reactionary, Anatomist, Superstitious (Traits)
Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist (<-- all monk lvl 1)
Power Attack, Psionic Talent (<-- both Soulknife lvl 1)
Improved Initiative (Human), Wild Talent (DM), Speed of Thought (1)
Weapon Focus (Soulknife), Combat Reflexes (both monk lvl 2 feats)
Dragon Style (Lvl 3)
Vicious Stomp (Lvl 5), Dragon Ferocity (Lvl 5 - 3k DM gift feat)
Improved Trip (monk6 ), Weapon Specialization: Mindblade (Weapon Adept 6)
Elemental Fist (Lvl 7)
Dragon Roar (Lvl 9)
Spring Attack (monk10)

skills (76 total = 28 [mnk7] + 18 [inq3] + 20 [INT] + 10 [human])
    +16 Acrobatics (10)
    -- +42 Jump
    +2 Appraise
    +14 Bluff (9) + 1 trait
    +15 Climb (1) + 3 Rending blades
    +2 Craft
    +1 Diplomacy
    +5 Disguise (1)
    ---> +25 Disguise Self
    +7 Escape Artist (1)
    +3 Fly
    +5 Heal
    +16 Intimidate (10) + 2 Stern Gaze
    +12 Knowledge: Arcana (1) + 6 Monster Lore
    +12 Knowledge: Dungeoneering (1) + 6 Monster Lore
    +12 Knowledge: Nature (1) + 6 Monster Lore
    +12 Knowledge: Planes (1) + 6 Monster Lore
    +12 Knowledge: Religion (1) + 6 Monster Lore
    +26 Perception (10) + 1 [2kBonus] + 5 Competence + 1 [7kBonus]
    +11 Perform (Wind Instruments) (7)
    +10 Profession (Sailor) (1)
    +3 Ride
    +20 Sense Motive (9) + 2 Stern Gaze
    +26 Stealth (10) + 10 Compretence
    +10 Survival (1)
    ---> Track +12
    +11 Swim (1)



WORN:Bone-white Longcoat of Resistance +3, Crimson Bandana of the Fortunate Soldier, Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone, Goggles of the Nighthawk (Darkvision & Eagle Eyes), Monk's Robes, Traveler's Clothes, Scarf of Wisdom +4, Amulet of Natural Armor +2, +1 Moderate Fortification Bracers of Armor, Gloves of Arrow Snaring, Ring of Protection +3, Ring of the Sustaining Chameleon, Belt of Giant Strength +4, Spider Climb Slippers, Jayse's Pack (Bag of Holding Type II; Handy Haversack & Backpack).

Front Pocket: Traveler's Any-Tool, Silk Rope (50ft), Flint & Steel, Bedroll
Cleverly-inlaid, draw-string tied Type II Bag of Holding Inset: (500lbs; 70 cu ft limit)
Small side pockets (Handy Haversack): Small Consumables (Potions, Pearl, etc)

Weapons: Adamantine Dagger (belt sheathe), dagger (belt), light crossbow & bolts (in case affixed to his Pack harness), and throwing knives (shuriken x10) (In leather sheathes tucked in various places in his clothes)

The Black Stone:

Lvl 2: Your stone is now magical - similar but different than an ioun stone. It is +1. Its faces reflect purple at times. It cannot be sundered, damaged or destroyed - save by a deity. When floating around your head, or on your brow, all your unarmed attacks gain the +1/+1 bonus and your physical attacks are considered magical. Alternatively, you can catch the stone and insert it into the pommel of your mind-blade, in which case the blade gets the bonus which STACK with your mindblade bonuses. Like an ioun stone, someone else can try to snag your stone while it is orbiting, although it is a bit more difficult. I'll cover that at another time.

Lvl 4: Improves to +2 HIT / +2 DAM - on your mindblade or open hand attacks if you ever attach it to your forehead. The Stone's AC is 26 against people attempting to snatch it out of the air if it is 'floating'. Also, it drops the Required level for Weapon Special Abilities by 1... So all the Weapon Special Abilities that have a Required level of 5 now have a level of 4... so you are eligible to toss on Defending, Distance, Flaming, Etc. onto the blade with the stone attached.

Lvl 7: The BLACK STONE - AC:28 (for an enemy to snag it out of the air). Conveys +3/+3 HIT/DAM. NEW Special Ability: The Stone conveys 3 1st level spells (of your choice) that can be cast as Spell-like abilities. Each spell can be cast 1x Day. Your caster level for these spells is your Gestalt level. You must select the spells from a single class list: Sorcerer/Wizard, Cleric, Paladin, or whatever. Once you pick the class, it cannot be changed and may affect future spell-related enhancements to your destiny weapon. Also, once picked, the spells cannot be changed.
Spells: Wizard List - Mage Armor, True Strike, & Vanish.

Lvl 10: The BLACK STONE: AC 30 (for an enemy to snag it out of the air). +4 hit/damage.

Perception DC 23:
Hidden Coin Pouch (with full stash of gold) [ooc](officially tracked in Tracking at top of page)


Sitting on wreckage at sea, first reveal ever [lvl 1]... note the tattoos!

Upon entering the village of Forestal under Buli's guidance. He sees two tengu, and notes he knows their language and a memory resurfaces... [lvl 1].

Convo w/ Thrane (in Forestal) about our shipwreck. [lvl 1]

Learning about one of the languages on his tattoos - Bollini - named for the Bolline Islands - specifically referring to a certain type of blade. [lvl 1]

Isolde's first answer-post... the stone and the Bollini tongue. [lvl 1]

Isolde's second answer post... more about the Bollines and the their reputation and history. [lvl 1]

Isolde's third answer post... the Stone, the planes, and Oxex. [lvl 1]

Isolde's Final answer post - The Bolline, psychic abilities, discipline, martial arts, and assassins. [lvl 1]

The strange apprition-lady who granted us our gestalt powers... after killing the Least Herald dude. [lvl 2 - barely]

A memory of completing some kind of mission while a building collapes around Jayse - flashback brought on by mentally negating a powerful blow by a giant. [lvl 4]

A fresco in an undeground labrynth of a building triggers a memory - Jayse recognizes the building as his training grounds. [lvl 4]

Grey Lady appears after Jofram says her name (by putting together the two halves of the words found on wreckage). She talks about who she is, what she is, what our purpose is, and a little of who we are. [lvl 4]

In Orfallen, Strae reveals what he's learned about an Assassin named Blackstone - one emotionless, bad-ass killa' [lvl 6]


Blade skill progression:
2 - Weapon Special: Monk
4 - Mindshield
6 - Rending Blades
8 - Powerful Strikes
10 - Deadly Blow

12 - Reaper's Blade
14 - Knife to the Soul
16 - Extended Strike
18 - Multiple Throw
20 - ?

Progession Table:
Lvl_____Feat/Bonus Feat*/DM Gift**
1______Improved Initiative, Speed of Thought, Wild Talent**,
________Improved Unarmed Strike*, Improved Grapple*, Stunning Fist*,
________Power Attack*, Psionic Talent*
2______Weapon Focus: Mindblade*, Combat Reflexes*
3______Dragon Style >:D
5______Vicious Stomp; Dragon Ferocity (3k DM gift)
6______Weapon Specialization: Mindblade*, Improved Trip*
7______Elemental Fist
9______Dragon Roar
10_____Spring Attack*

11_____Critical Focus
13_____Staggering Critical

wish list:
Improved Critical: Mindblade, Critical Focus, Staggering Critical
Skill Focus: Perception, Blind Fight, Improved Blind Fight, Greater Blind Fight
Dimensional Dervish Tree, Ki Throw, Improved Ki Throw

Point Buy:

str 20 (+5) 17 (+1 @ 4, +1 DM Gift)
dex 16 (+3) 10
con 14 (+2) 5
int 14 (+2) 5
wis 19 (+4) 10 (racial +2, +1 @ 8)
cha 13 (+1) 3

Proof of the total suck-titude of BBEG wizards when run by a DM who's got the experience... Exhitibit A

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