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Jay Walsh 53's page

21 posts. Alias of Jay Walsh.


Tonight in the final of The Shadow of Long Spire

The Overworm swallowed the tempest whole, killing her.

The lich opened the round with Prismatic Spray, four 5's were rolled on the D8s, 3 failed fort saves, 3 Stone characters, 1 failed will save (cohort sent to another plain)

The other 3 dimension Doored away carrying 1 stone statue with them. The Lich smashes the stone cleric and stone wizard left behind.

I am looking at the "Go unnoticed" feat in the Advanced PHB. It states in the first round of combat, that you are allowed to make a stealth check against flat footed foes to remain unnoticed that round. Does that mean I can act fully during my imitative and then make the stealth check to remain hidden?

Can someone please explain how this feat works?

Thank you


Hangfire wrote:
I'd like to get some idea of how other DMs are doing in the Spire segment of the Age of Worms. My party just entered the ziggurat, and they didn't have an easy time of it. I have six members in my group, with five of them being there when they entered Room #5. Now they rolled to listen at the door of the room, but undead just standing there are pretty hard to hear, so the party was surprised when they entered the room (the undead all have pretty good Spots and Listens I noticed - like ~+21, so no problem to hear the party at the door). Party steps into the room and wham! the Swords of Kyuss unleash their 'power of death' as my party has come to call it - 14d6 damage!! Well the cleric failed all of this reflex saves and died. Only the monk and rogue made it through unharmed. Needless to say the combat went down hill from there - the warlock also died eventually. After retreating all the way back to Magepoint, rearming, reincarnating/raising party members they trek back to the city and go for it again. The battle went better, but two party members died again - and the party was ready for undead this time. I know the group thinks this encounter is too tough. What about the rest of you - death trap or not? I'm not sure if the Swords of Kyuss, with that great ability they have, are only a CR 10 creature. I mean, they get to heal and harm at the same time three times a day - a total of nine times in the encounter. Pretty tough.

The party I DM is just about to encounter the Knight and 2 beetles outside the temple. I do enjoy the Beholder/Troll follower side bar and with a Beholder being a classic DnD monster I might run them against it first.

As for the dungeon I am extremely worried. I just dropped the hints listed in the post responses. The PCs spent days reading in the library temple in Mage Point so I am going to reward them with the hints.

My party is 6 players but 2 of them did not build their characters well.

5 Ordained Champion/3 Inquisator/ 5 Cleric (Heronius)
13 Bard (stock out of Phb)+ 11 Rogue Chohort
13 Ranger (Stock)
13 Abjurur/master specialist
3 Dwarf Paragon/ 4 Palidan (stock)/6 Kensi
5 Unseen seer/3 Rogue/5 Illusionist

The Ranger and Palidin are not built well and I fear this will be the adventure that finally ends them.

My group is just starting the Shadow of Long Spires and the 40,000 GP items the party gets for trading the Rod are starting to be formulated.

The PC Abjurer is 13th level and has chosen this item. I don't know much about Staves but is this an acceptable item, or to much?

Price (Item Level): 38,300 gp (17th)
Body Slot: — (held)
Caster Level: 12th
Aura: Strong; (DC 21) abjuration
Activation: As spell used and swift (mental); see text
Weight: 4 lb.

At the top of this smooth, jet-black staff is a single glistening gem.
Several arcane runes have been etched into the crystal. A runestaff of
power allows you to cast
any of the following spells (each once per day) by expending a
prepared arcane spell or arcane spell slot of the same level or
• cone of cold
• continual flame
• fireball
• globe of invulnerability
• hold monster
• levitate
• lightning bolt
• magic missile
• ray of enfeeblement
• wall of force (in a 5-foot-radius hemisphere around the wielder only)

In addition, a runestaff of power functions as a +2/masterwork
quarterstaff and grants you a +2 luck bonus to AC and on saves as long
as it is held. As a swift action, you can expend a 1st-level arcane
spell or spell slot while holding a runestaff of power to activate a
smite ability. Until the start of your next turn, all melee attacks
made with the runestaff of power deal double damage (or triple damage
on a critical hit). If you aren’t attuned to a runestaff of power (see
page 224 for details on attunement), its enhancement bonus remains,
but all its other abilities are unavailable to you.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Staff, cone of cold,
continual flame, fireball, globe of invulnerability, hold monster,
levitate, lightning bolt, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, wall of
Cost to Create: 19,000 gp (plus 300 gp for masterwork quarterstaff),
1,520 XP, 39 days.

wraithstrike wrote:
I would give her a CR 9 cohort to back her up, and have her buff before she attacks. The cohort can be a caster, any will do, if you want to really push the party.

Well its done.

I left the dragon as is at it was a close fight. The Bard's cohort presented herself as a target that was ripped apart by the dragon going from full to -8 in a single round. The bard staying in character picked her up and dimension door away from the fight, holding her in his arms. The ranger took the full furry of the beasts attacks in the last round with 3 of the 6 hitting due to some bad rolls. The 3 attacks alone left her with 14 hp. If anymore had of hit she would be dead. The AC 31 was the key. The Pal was so paranoid that he kept using max combat expertise and was never able to hit the dragon.

All in all a good encounter.

Pop'N'Fresh wrote:

I ran this encounter in Pathfinder with 5 PC's. The PC's were all 10th level and included a paladin, a rogue/sorcerer/arcane trickster, a cleric, a barbarian, and a wizard/fighter.

The group started to search around the cairn entrance and started approaching the copse of trees that Ilthane was hiding in when she sprung up to attack.

I actually had to pull some punches as my group's ranged abilities were pretty lacking. I used the Pathfinder stats for Ilthane as a mature adult black dragon (CR 12) and just gave her breath weapon the poisonous fumes ability.

She could have easily wiped the floor with the group if she flew for the entire encounter.

My party has amazing ranged abilities and are two level 11 and four level 10, plus a level 7 cohort. We are playing in 3.5. I worry that the dragon will be a pushover.

This will be the first dragon in the adventure path and I am worried that it will be a pushover for 6 PCs plus a cohort. What are people's experiences with the Ilithane encounter at the beginning?



johnnype wrote:
Race, class, levels and more if you feel so inclined.

At the end of the Champions belt

Skreed- Gnome Bard 10, Bimp Gnome Rogue 7 cohort

Lodane- Human war priest of heronius 4, inquisitor 1, Ordained Champion 5

Adric Stoneright- Dwarf Paragon 3, Pal 3, Kensi 4

Meil- Elf Ranger 10

Amund- Human Abjurer 10

Gestus- Human Rogue 5, Unseen seer 5

Thats the group :)

Dennis Harry wrote:
Yep I think it is called the Radiant Servant of Pelor Wraithstrike and it turns like crazy. If you have a player with the Sun domain, a high charisma and the appropriate feats, you can turn a lot of things that otherwise should be unturnable.

Not to mention auto destroy them.

Its ok the battle went fine and a turning attempt was not made. The war cleric of Heronious wasn't built as a turner. 1 PC was almost swallowed but a clever use for grease buy the wizard helped her win 1 grapple check to avoid certain doom.

wraithstrike wrote:
Jay Walsh 53 wrote:

In the Champions belt, can it be turned as a normal undead?
Would this not just make the boss encounter a cake walk?

By 3.5 rules it is very hard.

By pathfinder rules it gets a new will save every round to come back, so it will come back eventually, which means you will have to fight it even if it fails a save.

This is a 3.5 game. I noticed it has no turn resistance so if its turned I guess the boss encounter is won with a single roll.

In the Champions belt, can it be turned as a normal undead?
Would this not just make the boss encounter a cake walk?

TheWhiteknife wrote:
The Alkilith was an absolute beast in my campaign. But then, thats probably due to nearly all of my party failing to save versus its stinking cloud.

The party only has 1 member with good aligned weapons. The other DD have a frost/fire axe, take those away and his normal damage will hardly pass the DR Its going to be a knife edge encounter.

Gorbacz wrote:
Fiend Folio was a 3.0 book - it was errated to 3.5 rules.

Does immune to critical hits and flanking include sneak attack? I mean this demon is a ooze like creature so I assume that is what they intended.

Dennis Harry wrote:

I am starting this module tonight! :-)

I have made some significant modifications to the adventure so I am really looking forward to this one.

My PC's may not opt to compete in the games which would be a shame as Kullen's Gang (an expanded version) has entered with backing from Balabar Smenk. I am looking forward to that fight.

Did anyone's PC's actually destroy the Urgustala (SP?) before the games began?

You didnt mention the Alkilith demon in the shine. did you skip it?

I'm looking at the stats in the Champions belt and at the monster in the Fiend Folio and they are very different. The DR is 15/good, and half from bludgeoning attacks. In the Folio its 20/+2, is that because the book was out of date? The fire resistance is only 10 in the Champions belt and 20 in the folio. It says acid resistance 20 but then lists acid immunity, which is it? Immune to critical hits, does that include sneak attack?

My party is fighting it tonight and I want to make sure I use the right stats.



My PCs are investing in invisibility sphere. I looked at the team they face and it appears that none of them are suited in dealing with invisibility.

Is it fair for me to assume that a team that is constantly invisible on the field would quickly draw the attention of all other teams in a temp alliance against the invisible team? I think it would also be a deadly way of fighting because when 1 PC becomes visible for any reason that individual will be the target of all attacks, causing them a good chance of being killed outright.

Any thoughts on the matter would be helpful.

Thank you


Would his 6 Rogue/3 Dread Pirate just become 9 Rogue in a Pathfinder conversion?



Has anyone done a pathfinder conversion for Tides of Dread? A master list of pirate statblock conversions from 3.5 would be very helpful?

On a side note as far as NPCs and classed humanoids do I just convert them to the pathfinder classes straight up? I mean the pirates that are fighter1/rogue1 do I just make them pathfinder fighter1/rogue1?

I'm really worried about getting SLipknot Pete correct. Does his CR stay 9?

Thanks for listening


Are wrote:

Why do you need to figure out a way to capture the rest of the party?

The adventure more or less tells you exactly when the doppelganger PC should turn against the party (if memory serves me right, it's when the party nears the doppelganger lair, and combat ensues between the party and the doppelgangers).

There is no assumption in the adventure that the lone doppelganger PC should pick off or capture the rest of the party on its own, just that it should turn against them at the most opportune point in time.

The body thief plot has the party framed for stabbing the bar keep, the dopps use their influence to have the city guard arrest them and take them to the hold.

MrVergee wrote:

I'm not sure I get what your exact problem is, but - correct me if I'm wrong - I guess you mean this: how do you 'kidnap' one PC to have him replaced by the doppleganger, without the other party members knowing about it.

The way I handled it - and the way the adventure probably wants you to handle it is: have the PC be kidnapped when he is alone. I had my PC kidnapped when he was wondering through the streets of the Free City by himself. Just overpower him while he is in his room, even tell him he was taken while going to the bathroom, something you naturally don't play out in game, but it still happens. You can use email to communicate with the player about this.

When you handle it like this, the rest of the party doesn't have any clue anything is going on. And that is what you want. If you have to pull an elaborate trick out of your hat just to get the plot started, you might give away too much already. If you can make it happen smoothly, nobody suspects anything.

I have someone willing to be replaced, it how to best capture the rest of the party that I am trying to figure out.

Jay Walsh wrote:

So its that tricky time for the Crooked House plot in the free city. I was able to get a player to agree to play a doppelganger and they are a good role player so I have no worries there. I've asked for bulk sense motive and perception rolls from my party ahead of time to try and keep the role playing seemless. My question for you is the best way to catch the party. I was thinking a paralytic or sleep poison in their food, the issue is there are 2 characters immune to paralysis and sleep. I was thinking to have everyone else carted away and the city guards and the arrest plot only be used on the remaining 2 characters. Of course the guards will bring them out of their rooms one by one for safety reasons and will not let them see their friends. I also could just have a gang overwhelm them in their rooms. The problem is one of the PCs immune is a priest and I imagine the gang would cuff and gag him as soon as possible.

I'm really open to other ideas within the dopps means to easily get the two characters who are immune to sleep and poison.


Anyone? lol

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