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Javell DeLeon's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 3,149 posts (8,899 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 27 aliases.

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As he makes his way upstairs, "Do you believe how stupid that guy is, Luck? Talking to that animal like it's a person. I swear, some people are just freaks."

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Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness
Alex Martin wrote:
Apologies for my absence this week. Caught the flu this past weekend and been waylaid for several days then trying to get caught up at work.

"You have been waylaid by enemies and must defend yourself."

Apparently, you need to reload from your last save point, bud. ;)

If only that were possible then you could go a completely different way and avoid that nasty bug. :p

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Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

Yay! Drooling in paralysis! I feel bad for you folks who have to fight. You guys don't get to have ANY of the drooling fun. HA-HA! I laugh at your pain.

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M Dwarf Barbarian(Titan Mauler) 8; Hp's 100/100; AC: 20/touch 12/ff 18(vs. giants 27/19/20); Perc: +13; Init: +2; Fort: +12, Ref: +6, Will: +8

Thordak looks to the elf curiously. Leaning in toward Lym, "What the heck is the elf talking about, 'two'? Does he have to use the privy and he's trying to decide which room it is? 'Cause I'm thinkin' we ought to stay with the task at hand for now. At least until we're sure this place is clear. Plus, I don't think that's somethin' I'd be sharin' with everyone." He looks to the half-orc awkwardly, shrugging. "Just sayin'."

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Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

Now, first things first, THIS WALL OF BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, IS SIMPLY MY OPINION. Just wanna make that clear.

Mal wrote:
The obvious suggestion is to run the campaign as written, if you think it lacks challenge then you can always suppress the amount of treasure or our levels.

I totally agree with this. I've looked at these npc's in the AP and I don't think they're underpowered at all. In my opinion, I feel that you're probably looking at, "Well they're a 25 point buy so I have to rebuild everybody"

The reason we're on the verge of TPK's in every combat is because you keep rebuilding these guys and making them far overpowered. I know Paizo "claims" that all these AP's are built for "4, 15 point buy" pc's but that is a load of crap. Now, there's no way I'm gonna convince any of you of this and that's fine, but I've played WAAAAAAAAAY badder dudes in RL, and I've seen several of my characters bite the dust. And the ONLY thing our DM would do, is max out hit points for the bad guys. That's it. Because why add more work to yourself by rebuilding these dudes? It's not worth it. Yet, they were still challenging(obviously with the pc deaths involved I mentioned).

And our point buy? Ranged from 60 to 80. Yep, you read that right. All of us had stacked pc's and we still managed to get our butts handed to us.

Me, I'm personally a fan of 25 point buy MINIMUM. It allows you to build a pc to where he's strong somewhere. AND, I don't have to dump anything. I HATE DUMPSTATTING. I hate it. But you have no freaking choice with a 20 point buy. With a 25, I can build the pc to where I'm content with his mechanics, and I don't have to have an 8 in something(Barring a racial adjustment which I have no problem with. I just hate lowering it on purpose).

I think you overestimate the power of our PC's. I don't give a rip what items everyone possesses. You can have a million items on you, it doesn't matter. Because this game ULTIMATELY boils down to 3 things:

1. Armor class
2. Saves
3. Hit points

To survive this game, you need to be awesome in all three of those. I don't care how much damage you're doing, if your AC stinks... you're going down.

If you don't roll your save... you're going down. If Rave doesn't save, Mark's either calling it quits, or making up a new pc because Rave would've been obliterated(Which I noted you boosted the DC vs. the Empowered LB which was actually an 18. Not that it mattered, everyone saved anyway).

And if you don't have enough hit points... you're going down. Which is what he did. He only has 67. Fortunately he saved and managed to survive. Otherwise, game over.

Half+1 sucks. It is absolute crap. I know most people think it's fine and it's great but... I don't. BUT, I deal with it because that's what the majority of DM's use, unfortunately. If it was me, I'd be using the Way of the Wicked hit point method. That way, the minimum you get stuck with is Half+1. But at least you have a shot at rolling max without having to worry about a stinking 1.

If you two remember, markofbane and DW, Kriger kept rolling 3's and 4's on HP's and he had like 40 hp's at 6th level or some crap. It was less than the Set's summoner which use a d8. It was horrible. And because of my crappy rolling - which exist in every thread of mine - it's what ultimately led to us using Half+1. And also because of that - if I remember correctly - both Kalsgrim and Servayn actually lost hp's which wasn't fair to them. So I always felt bad about that.

Obviously half+1 is better than rolling(at least for me). But I totally feel it still hampers pc's and it still sucks and always will. Never, and I mean never, will I feel it's gamebreaking in ANY WAY, that a pc should have an opportunity to roll max hp's while at the same time not having to worry about rolling a 1,2, or 3(The d6 bothers me the least, but I would still prefer nothing less than a 3 on that).

Most folks(if not everyone) probably disagree with me on this, but, that just means they would be wrong. :)

Okay, enough ranting about that good stuff.

Basically, I don't feel these NPC's have to be altered. I think they prove enough challenge as is. If he starts out with that lightning bolt, somebody(or several somebodies) is gonna be hurt bad. Period. Barring evasion and none of us have that except for the familiar.

Because every time you rebuild them, you know our strengths and how to defend against them. And every enemy is gonna be prepared for us every time which really doesn't make sense at all and wouldn't be fair to us. That'd be like me going through each book of an AP(any AP), reading what it takes to beat the baddies, and then building my pc to where he's optimized vs. said baddies. It takes the challenge out of it and makes it not fun. I understand why you feel like you must do this but I feel like it's really unnecessary. These dudes are challenging enough as written.

Of course, we're never gonna know unless you run it that way.

Anyway, as I've said, this is all strictly my opinion and not worth the two cents I paid for it. It can be easily taken with a grain of salt.

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Snake moves in next to Braddon. "What goes up...,"

Staff: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

"Apparently keeps going up," he finishes as he misses horrendously. "That could've gone a lot better."

Move to J 15; AC 16; Hp's 12/15

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Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

Man I'm sorry to see this end. I was looking forward to see how this was gonna play out.

Well, Pact, I gotta say: You, dude, are a fantastic writer! I really can't see how, or even what you would need to do, to 'brush up' any better. Seriously.

As far as my part: Apologies for not posting enough. What I have learned about taking over another's pc is that it never measures up to the original player. Which is gonna happen, obviously. So, I found myself at a loss on what to post many times. I should've still posted something so that's on me.

Some things I've learned on my time on these boards when it comes to rolling in midstream with a group:

1) It's difficult to find your "rhythm" within a core group when they already possess theirs. Not impossible... just difficult.

2) It's even more difficult when you take over another player's pc. You try to keep the original feel of the pc, but that's a tall order, if not impossible. Mainly due to the simple fact that everyone's play styles are different. But it is what it is.

Over the years I've joined somewhere around 8 to 10 games midstream(some have died) and only 2 of them have been a smooth transition.

For what it's worth, you picked a solid bunch of folks for this campaign. The sad part is: most of them quit on you. They're ain't many DM's like yourself and I, for one, appreciate such solid DM'ing and hate to lose such. Because you, dude, are easily one of the best DM's on these boards. I'll definitely be on the lookout if you ever throw out another recruit thread.

As an aside: I already own both modules. I may have to finally go look through them now. I don't know, maybe I'll just let the mystery remain. A part of me thinks that might be more fun. :)

And I am gonna miss Lydia the most. She was awesome. :)


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Male Dwarf Male Dwarf Monk (Monk of the Sacred Mountain) 20 (AC: 58/43 t/49 ff; Hp's 301/304; Int: +8; Perc: +39; Fort: +28; Ref: +25; Will: +31)

Man I'm getting my butt beat. Dang gobbies.

Darnak grits his teeth as the weapon cuts him, irritated at the fact his defenses are so poor. Seeing how as he continues to get hit, he moves into his defensive stance before retaliating as he steps closer to the three remaining.

Swift: Crane Style; Fighting Defensively; 5' step to K 12

Flurry of Blows
Unarmed Strike #1: 1d20 + 1 - 2 ⇒ (10) + 1 - 2 = 9
Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

Unarmed Strike #2: 1d20 + 1 - 2 ⇒ (16) + 1 - 2 = 15
Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

AC 19; Hp's 7/14

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Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

It is obvious you two are having IC issues and it appears OOC issues. Out of respect for Joana and her game, I'd highly recommend at the very least find a way to work together IC.

I've been involved in games where I've had big disagreements with other players. In one, we settled it. And it worked out well from then on.

In another, I left the game because I couldn't tolerate another player within the game. Funny enough, I'm in another game with him and it's all good. Go figure.

Now I'm not gonna go back and try and figure out what it is that started all this, because it's not important. You all know what's behind all this so you can try and work it out.

Just on my initial reaction, Gristav appears to be a fairly nice fellow and Phil appears to be a less than fairly nice fellow. This is just a "First impression" opinion and nothing more. I realize things can change over time. I'm not set in stone on such.

And while you mentioned Phil probably won't like Snake if he 'hangs out' with Gristav, well, I'm not sure exactly what that means but he's not gonna run the other way if Gristav shows up. He's part of the party, so, in a sense, he'll be "hanging out" with whoever's part of the party.

You know, I never signed up for this game initially, because it was set up as being kind of investigative and less combat. Well, me being the power gamer that I am, I never applied. Not that I don't love roleplaying, mind you, I find it integral. But I love combat. And I think Joana's one of the better posters on these boards, easily. Plus I've played SD in RL.

But when she asked me if I was interested, I followed along for a while and found you fellas top notch and it was actually a good read. And so I accepted and so far it's been quite fun! You guys are really good posters all the way around. Just goes to show that good posting makes a game far more fun than not.

So where am I going with this? I'm glad you asked.

In a nutshell, this is a good game with a SOLID DM. Don't ruin that fellas. For her or for yourselves. You two need to find a way to make it work. You may not like each other as players, but at least make it work as pc's.

And it's gonna take the both of you to work together. Not just Gristav and not just Phil. Both.

This is a game and a game is meant to be fun. That's it. Fun. It's no fun to have no fun when you're playing a game. Think about it. Take all that jumbo out I wrote above and that's what it truly boils down to. And when you've got several people involved, it takes everyone to make it fun.

Do you two really want to continue this back and forth from now on? I know I wouldn't.

But that's just me and my 2 cents. Give the change to charity, I don't need it. :)

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Male Dwarf Fighter 5/Rogue(Trapsmith) 2
Hp's: 77; AC 23, T: 12, FF: 18; Perc. +12; Fort: +9; Ref: +8, Will: +7

Breathing a sigh of relief, "Whew. That was a close one. It looks like whatever I did worked. Never count out a good rap ta the heart. That'll get it goin' ever time." He winks. "Good ta see ya breathin' again, Morgrym. Now get up and let's move. We're wastin' time."

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M Elf Ranger 6

"I knew not this 'Jask', but I take it he was not a 'she'. Nor an elf for that matter. He may prosper if his mind can adjust. If not, it is probable he goes insane. It is a dangerous task bringing one back as another; especially of the opposite gender." As Douena gets carried away with the 'new' Jask, "But it appears this one meant a lot to you all."

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M Human Gunslinger (Musket Master)3
Int: +6; AC: 19/ Touch 15/ FF 14; Hp's 31; Perc: +9; Fort: +5; Ref: +7; Will: +4

I guess that would equal 'crazy out of nowhere'. Is this guy still alive? No sense in me attacking if he's dead. Will roll just in case not.

And I've totally lost the map, so, if I can get within 30' and fire, I'll do that.

Seeing the prisoner 'fly' away, Casey just shakes his head. "Dadgum fool." He takes aim, times it, and fires.

Mwk. Musket: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28 touch attack within 40'
Damage: 1d12 ⇒ 11

+1 to each if within 30'

Crit Confirm roll
Mwk. Musket: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24
Damage: 3d12 ⇒ (8, 9, 12) = 29

Add +1 to hit and +3 to damage if within 30' on the confirm.

40 damage if confirmed. BOOM! :)

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6

"HEY!!! RETA LIKE OLD FOOFELAH! OLD FOOFELAH REAL WISE. SHE MORE WISER THAN THE WISER ONES. AND SHE HAVE GOODEST STORIES." She claps. "SHE WAY BETTER THAN BIRDCRUNCHER SPY, PUSSL; AND BETTER THAN STOOPID OL' POOG, WHO NEVER FIXES US WITH FIXIN' STICK!" She crosses her arms and huffs. She then looks around to see if anyone is around before "whispering", "Oh, and Reta NOT. GO. BACK. AND. GET. CHUFFY." She shakes her head 'no' quite demonstratively. "RETA TELL TRUTH. RETA ALWAYS TELL TRUTH," she says with a straight face that last only but a moment before breaking out in giggles.

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Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

Okay, I got it. Morthos can actually carry ALL the gold. He would be HEAVY encumbrance but that ain't nothing to him. It doesn't slow him any more than he already is and as long as we have no reason for stealth, we're good.

All we have to do is make it in to town under our disguises and then we can spend the gold as we wish.

1519.6 gold each.
70.8 silver each.
92 copper each.

That's just the coin, nothing else. I'll deal with the wine and statue and possibly the mundane stuff(if we decide to carry it with us that is) when we get to town.

Edit: Cool. Fourth level. Sweeeeet.

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Male Dwarf Fighter 5/Rogue(Trapsmith) 2
Hp's: 77; AC 23, T: 12, FF: 18; Perc. +12; Fort: +9; Ref: +8, Will: +7
Karek Kogan wrote:
Oh, you laugh, but that Celestial Giant Centipede will totally throw off Ro Ap Han's groove. He can't stand vermin in the throne room.

You may wanna avoid throwing off his groove. I'm just sayin' is all.

Beware the groove!

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GM: Twice Dead Professor wrote:

Great submissions! I'm finishing up reading through all 26 entries.

Like a good professor, I've got a grading rubric for each, so I should be able to narrow down the group by Friday. I'm traveling tomorrow, so I'll have limited internet.

My biggest regret is being able to take everyone.

LOL! Yeah I'd probably regret that also, having to run an adventure for 26 people! That's a heck of an undertaking! This has gotta be one of the easiest recruitment threads ever! ;)

Sorry, I couldn't resist pointing this out. It was just too funny. You gotta admit, it's pretty amazing how a sentence reads if you leave out one simple word. :)

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6

"WHY WANT STOOPID PICTURES FROM FAT HUMAN? RETA NO LIKE STOOPID PICTURES. NO PICTURES OF RETA SO RETA NO WANT. CAPTAIN NEED PICTURE OF RETA. RETA'S CUTE." She smiles bashfully as her pointed, unbrushed, gremlin-like teeth show. Instantly snapping back into pout mode, "RETA AGREE WITH VELAG, THIS PLACE BORING." As she notices Bucko sniffing the air, her look turns feral. "YOU SNIFF DOGS, BUCKO?" She sniffs the air herself as she looks around the room, hoping there are some nearby that she can mutilate.

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Male Human Cleric (Cloistered) 7

Before leaving

Iozef rolls his eyes at the mention of the annoying Windle. I should say. He thinks to himself, per the mention of Windle being, 'no friend of Pharasmins'. "Mayor, I am at a loss as to why scholar Hyve would name be. I barely know the gentleman. But I assure you, I have the utmost confidence in my ability to take up the mantle in which he abandon." He says point blank. "Very good then. We shall see what may have become of Commander Garus and his men. Good day to you, Mayor."

At Slipper Market

Ignoring the weather, Iozef takes a moment to peer at all the gawkers staring out their windows. "You there," Iozef points to a random Crow, "Crow person. Now that we are here, are you the one to lead us to the tunnels? Wait, before you answer, have any of you seen the physical nature of this creature? Or is the large gaping holes that it manages to leave, the only evidence we have? And just to be clear, there hasn't been one to return from the tunnels out of the commander and his men?"

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Male Human Ranger 10(Guide)
AC 23; Hp's (104/104); Perc. +26; Fort: +13, Ref: +12, Will: +10; Int: +2

I say dawn the next day.

Survival: 1d20 + 14 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 14 + 2 = 31

"Once we're close, I'll move in and attempt to scout out their lair. Try to get a count of how many there are. Hopefully, I don't get seen. Once we've figured that out, I'll let you fellas know what we're gonna face and then I can draw 'em out right into you all; ambush'em but good! You fellas can use the trees and such for cover." He thinks over the plan, wondering what he may have left out. "Oh yeah! If I do get caught, hopefully I'll be able to get away before they rip me limb from limb, BUT, if not, then just follow the sound of my screams." He smiles, nodding psychotically.

Edit: Perception: 1d20 + 12 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 12 + 2 = 21

Don't forget to add this to your roll as well, fellas.

Terrain Bond (Ex):

Allies within LOS and hearing gain +2 Initiative, Perception, Stealth, Survival and don't leave tracks within your favored terrain.

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6


Stealth: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

Although, I would be keeping a pretty good distance from them, hiding in some brush or what have you. But just in case it's necessary. Unless it's possible to hide within the confines of this building.

If not, she would make her way through the front, noticing Chuffy. At which time she would then check to see if he was alive now, instead of later as mentioned, and then follow course as stated below whether he is or not.

Reta keeps her distance until the longshanks have left and she feels it is safe. She will then go back and see if Chiggo is still alive. If so, she'll drag him out and away from the huts. When she gets him free of the abandon building, "Yous always getting dead, Stoopids! If Chiggo just does what Reta says, Chiggo not be getting dead! Stoopids!" She gripes and complains as she drags him by his feet. "Reta find Old Foofelah. She know everything." As she does, she remembers Chuffy. She checks on him to see if he is still alive. If so, she'll grab him by his foot and drag him as well. "Chuffy make Reta laugh. He always try to kill Gutwad." She giggles.

If either of them are dead, she we loot the bodies and head for the nearest tribe. If Chuffy is dead, Reta will just shake her head but her eyes gleam at the fancy dogslicer she has just acquired. "Yous always make Reta laugh, Chuffy." She giggles as she sheathes her "new" weapon. If Chiggo is dead, though, she gives him a swift kick for "really" getting dead this time.

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6

As Reta continues to make her escape, she can't help but think to herself...


Reta not stoopids. Reta know when time to run. Chiggo stoopids for not burning hut like Reta telled him. Stoopid Chiggo. No saving Chiggo from getting dead this time. Nope. Not this time. Stoopid Chiggo. She pauses momentarily from her thoughts. Maybe Reta still see if Chiggo alive after giant and longshanks leave.

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M Human Gunslinger (Musket Master)3
Int: +6; AC: 19/ Touch 15/ FF 14; Hp's 31; Perc: +9; Fort: +5; Ref: +7; Will: +4

Seeing the lawman fall to a heap, Casey moves into the room to see what has happened. Aiming his gun at the dead bugbear then turning on the goblins, "Alright gobbie woman. Get on outta here." Turning to the others, "Don't know what y'all wanna do with this gobbie woman and I don't care, but I'm sendin' her outta this room." Ignoring the goblin, he bends down to examine Adonai. "The lawman ain't dead yet." He relates. "Dangit lawman. Jerjia told you to bring 'em on out. Just like a lawman, wantin' to deal out justice himself. Maybe if all you lawman actually worked together, instead of trying to one up another, maybe you might catch a bad guy or two." During his rant, he digs through his pack and pulls out one of his potions. "I sure hate doin' this, but I ain't draggin' your full metal butt everywhere I go." He tells the unconscious paladin as he pours it down his throat.

Potion of clw: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

Waiting a few moments to see if he comes to, and realizing he isn't going to, Casey slaps him on the cheek a few times. "Let's go, lawman! We ain't got all day! C'mon!" Slaps him again a few more times. "This kinda fun." He mentions with the straightest of faces. "Too bad we gotta wake 'im. You gonna owe me for these potions, lawman. Don't worry, I'll be sure to remind ya." He then removes the last of his potions and makes Adonai drink that one as well.

Potion of clw: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Seeing the lawman start to stir, Casey stands, "Get up, lawman. We ain't got time for you to be takin' no nap. And you owe me two bottles of the feel better drink. And I don't mean whiskey. Hold a minute, come to think of it, you might as well owe me that too." He deadpans as he steps out of the room, his gun propped on his shoulder.

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6

Reta's eyes go big as she didn't realize Chuffy had a curative on hand. Her smile widens. She helps Chiggo up. "STOP GETTING DEAD CHIGGO! RETA RUNNING OUT OF WAYS TO MAKE YOU ALIVE!" She scolds as she points her finger at him. "Now we help Chuffy find Fat Slorb and end Fat Slorb." She tells him, her dogslicer out. "Then we get Chief Fatwad's daughter to marry Chuffy. Okay, Chiggo? NOW DON'T GET DEAD AGAIN!"


As she makes plans to begin to leave, she remembers something. "Oops! Reta almost forgot." Seeing Old Foofelah getting into some type of commotion with Tucko, "OLD FOOFELAH! OLD FOOFELAH! YOU COME WITH US TOO! FAT SLORB TRYING TO TAKE CHUFFY'S WIFE AWAY! LEAVE STOOPID TUCKO! WE KILL HIM LATER! HE NOTHING GOBLIN! WE HERO GOBLINS! LET'S GO OLD FOOFELAH!"

She then turns to Chuffy and Chiggo. "WE HEROES. FAT SLORB NEED TO KNOW WHO FAT SLORB IS DEALING WITH." She salivates as an insane plan is forming. She again lowers to her "whisper" voice. "Okay, Chuffy, Chiggo. Reta will find Fat Slorb cause Reta good finder. Reta will 'stract Fat Slorb, then Chuffy be sneaksy and come up behind Fat Slorb and cut him. Chiggo help Reta 'stract Fat Slorb, while Chuffy be sneaksy. Reta think that goodest plan." She giggles.

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6

Reta quickly moves behind the monologuing snooty gnome, thrusting her dogslicer through his back, while angling the blade to where it slices his lungs and pierces his heart. Pulling the slicer out, she stabs him several more times over and over. As he falls to the ground, she bends down, grabs the hair on top of his head pulling his head back, takes the slicer and draws it across his throat, forming a neat little crimson waterfall. Slamming his head into the deck of the ship a few times and then driving her blade through his skull for good measure, she gets up ready to face the dog. ;)

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6


5' step to B 16; Drop dogslicer, Draw bow; attack bug

Shortbow: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 5 + 1 = 17
Damage: 1d4 ⇒ 1

Sorry. Didn't really want to go there. But now, the one phrase that I can't get out of my head is "nasty little rabbits." I blame Joana. You all should be very afraid. :)

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Female Goblin Fighter(TWF) 8
AC 22; Int. +5; Perception +16; Hp's 78/79; Fort: +9, Ref: +8, Will: +6

Listenting to Gutwad talk, well, mostly, Reta gives them a vote of confidence. "NO YOU WORRY, CHIEF FATGUTWAD! RETA WILL HELP PROTECT OLD FOOFELAH! RETA MAKE SURE OLD FOOFELAH NOT DIE. OLD FOOFELAH HAVE GOOD STORIES THAT RETA LOVES." She says with a grand smile.

"WHY YOU GIVE MAP TO POOG, FAT SLORB! WHY NOT RETA! WHY, FAT SLORB!" She crosses her arms and pouts.

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M Human Fighter 4(Two-handed) (AC 17; Hp's 44/49)

"NOOOO!" He yells as he watches, in horror, Colburne get ripped to shreds. "YOU DANG, STUPID, GATOR! " Joe suddenly feeling physically better, but emotionally pissed off, rushes to help Arrux bring down the crocodile and try and save his buddy Col'..... before it's to late.

I can make 30' movement in front of the creature but that is where Col is. I know I can't occupy the same space as him while he's conscious, but I'm not sure about when his out. I'll go ahead and put my attack up but if it's not a legal move then I'll just double move so I can attack the following round.

+1 H/D from bard song incl.
Scythe w/PA:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
Damage:2d4 + 10 ⇒ (1, 3) + 10 = 14

Confirm to crit
Same:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17
Same:6d4 + 30 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 2, 4, 2) + 30 = 43

Please tell me that's a legal move. *Wishing hopefully*

If it is legal,


I sure wish I could have reached BBEG with that swing! Even if it turns out to be all for naught, that is still freaking awesome...AGAIN! That's back to back 20's on 2 different threads. Un-freaking believable! (Especially after I just got through trashing Joe on the SS thread. Poor Joe.) :)

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