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Gold Dragon

Jason S's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,613 posts (2,639 including aliases). 113 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Our Price: $3.99




Rise is an awesome mix of roleplay, investigation, and combat using some excellent evil pregen characters that have very interesting back stories, motivations, and side missions.

If you've ever wanted revenge on Pathfinder society NPCs, this is the scenario to do it.

Players should arrive early to read the fluff and mechanics of their pregen.


Length: Medium (4 hours). We finished in 4 hours with a late start. I wish we had more time.
Experience: Player with 5 PCs.
Entertainment: Lots of room for creative solutions. (9/10)
Story: Great story being Aspis. (10/10)
Roleplay: Some roleplay. (8/10)
Combat/Challenges: Tough but fair. Nice way of compensating for PC death. (9/10)
Maps: Hard to say since everything was drawn during the session. (7/10)
Factions: Great side missions. (9/10)
Boons: Nice boons, plus this scenario makes it possible to gain boons on other chronicles. (10/10)
Uniqueness: Certainly was fun switching roles. (10/10)

Overall: A "must play" scenario for season 7 in terms of both fun and boons. A scenario worthy of exclusive status. Locally I've heard that this scenario hasn't been run many times and that's really a shame.

Our Price: $3.99

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Wilhelm Does It Again


Karma is a challenging combat based scenario with a horror theme.

I thought the encounters were extremely well designed and unique. The setting was evocative and dripping with a nasty horror theme.

The only downside is that we took 5.5 hours and we didn't finish the last encounter. Having said that I think that was partially because one encounter lasted an hour (GM cheated) and the party was weak.

The ally in the last encounter needed to have flexible powers because as written, she didn't help at all. But the thought and imagery were certainly cool.

Karma can get deadly, especially if you don't play part 1. Then again part 1 is deadly. /shrug

Detailed Rating:

Length: Long (5.5 hours). I think we skipped the optional encounter.
Experience: Player at Subtier 6-7 with 2 powerful characters and 4 average characters with low levels.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: I loved the design, the setting, and the tactical combat encounters. (9/10)
Story: Finally we knew what was going on, but unfortunately it wasn't discovered, we were just told at the start of the scenario. (7/10)
Roleplay: None or little. Didn't matter however, the setting was enough. (1/10)
Combat/Challenges: Unique encounters. Will depend on GM since they have latitude. (10/10)
Maps: Custom maps worth printing in color! (10/10)
Boons: Great. (10/10)
Uniqueness: You don't see many scenarios where combat tactics actually matter. (8/10)

Overall: It was nice to have a scenario that featured encounters where tactics actually mattered... a lot. The scenario gave the GM room to be creative with tactics as well. It lead to a very fun combat experience.

Our Price: $10.00




This is weird to say, but I consider this mini representative of how well Paizo and WizKids have perfected the mini making process. They could have just mailed this mini in and created something average, but they just nailed this mini. It's one of the best minis I own. In general the value of the minis in this set are exceptional. I hope this continues.

There are some complaints about the tentacle hand but it's part of the original artwork, so the mini making can't be blamed.

I look forward to the next set.

Our Price: $10.00


Beaky is too big

***( )( )

I like oversized minis and this is the first time where I've felt that a large mini was too big.

Owlbears are not that powerful or big (8' tall), and this mini is larger than all of my other large base minis, including my giants (12-16 feet) and iron golems (12'). The only large mini that is the same size is the Sandpoint Devil. And beaky is by far the heaviest large mini, equal or heavier than my huge minis.

I liked everything else about this mini, the size is just too large. Beaky should have been the size of the ogres or perhaps the fire giant.

Our Price: $16.00


A Work of Art


This mini is a work of art. There are so many details that make this mini great, the use of translucent plastic was brilliant. Much better than the stock image.

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