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Gold Dragon

Jason S's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,449 posts (2,475 including aliases). 95 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 15 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Recognizing some people from Origins. Grats Dan.

Someone on the forums said that all the RPG goblin boon characters were dead, but I guess that isn't true. Yes, super rare.

So the boon for volunteering is a boon to play Arushalae? Pretty nice.

Promoted to commoner. lol.

I had the same question. The text Shade quoted was part of the AD1 and AD2 text for OP. There's no point in removing banished cards from the game since the game box is often reset for many people to use in OP.

I'm guessing they made a mistake since the S&S and OP guide make perfect sense.

skizzerz wrote:
Yep, ranged combat damage is a form of combat damage, so armor that reduces combat damage will also work to reduce ranged combat damage. However, looking through the post I don't think that is what was being said. If you notice, he said there are few armors that can be revealed to reduce the damage at that point in the game, which is true.

Yes, when I first read the article I interpreted "down" as meaning discarded, but Jim just meant you'd have two less cards in hand.

That's a really good review of the game, it gives the reader a very good idea of what they should expect.

One comment though, I thought that all armor that reduces combat damage would also reduce ranged combat damage. If I'm not wrong, the Fiendish Tree isn't as bad.

2 people marked this as a favorite.


Painlord wrote:

For my 4pm slot, I lucked out and got into the first round of the 'The Open' ACG Tournament. There were 6 or 9 tables being run today and tomorrow, with 2nd round events happening on Saturday, and the finals on Sunday. The event was timed, based on points, and was.completely.nuts.

The cards were from every set. Every piddlespotting set. We had 4 prebuilt decks. My team Doc76, Pirate Rob, and Joe H. There were 6 locations and the scenario level was about 3...and our decks (at least mine was) were built pretty well, with a mix of fun cards and some power as well. Interestingly, the characters might have been from RotR or S&Shackles or might be interacting swashbuckling with mythic. Each Open Tourney table had a designer GM: ours was Tanis. She giggled every time I failed.

She giggled a lot.

In my first turn, I get hammered mercilessly (I get a 7 total from a d12, d10, & d4) and lose my hand. It's not a good way to start a timed and scored event. The rest of the team manages to close a location as they go around. On the next turn, I use most of my hand getting my butt handed back to me and pass the turn. The rest of the team closes another location.

The entire run had them carrying my laggardly body up and down the game board as I valiantly try to anchor them to the bottom. However, despite my best efforts, we finish early...and even finish the bonus surprise. We knocked up a good score and we'll see if we make the semifinals on Saturday. Our team name was "Don't trust Tanis!"

Musterz wrote:
Our group HATES Rallying Cry, we generally stink at aquiring allies as a group.

Potential free loot is better than demonic hordes. :)

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My advice is the following:

1) Do some events that you're interested in (even if you find that you're interested at the convention!). For your first convention, 50-75% of your time maximum.

2) Just walk around for a few hours, especially on Saturday afternoon, soaking everything in and looking at stuff. Costumes/parade, Cardhalla, different booths

3) Spend time in the dealer hall walking around, doing game demos, buy some cool stuff. You could probably do this the entire convention without doing anything else.

4) Check out or participate in the zombie walk on Friday night.

5) Late at night in the convention halls, there are awesome games of "Are you a Werewolf". There are also free sessions to learn to play. Do it!

6) There are so many people at the convention, it's hard to randomly meet up with people you know who are there, even if you're always in the PF room. It's a big room!

7) Leave time for possible naps if possible.

8) Most of all get good sleep each night, go to bed at midnight. Gencon will take it's toll one way or the other and it's better to get quality sleep than to miss events because of naps or because you're sick.

9) There are lots of PF people at Scotties this afternoon, but none at night and people will be playing games at hotel rooms. I advise you look at the PFS "local play" thread for Scotties or go there are try to hook up with people.

Wish I could be there, have fun!

Wish I was at Gencon! AD3 looks fun.

76. Thought it was high, guess not!

Found 1-1B tough again, you lose both your allies and you're burying cards, it's dangerous. Completed it though with lots of time left.

Wow, this set looks amazing. The banes are really ramping up in difficulty, and so are the powers of many Wrath characters.

I wonder what kind of effect the powerful banes will have on OP and how we'll keep pace? Playtesting AD 3 at Gencon could be really painful.

Four character game: Kyra (class), Flenta, Lem (S&S), Amaryllis.

Played 1A with a new group of people and beat it fairly easily.

We failed 1B. We made several mistakes such as:
- We filled our hands with boons that only served to clog our hands.

- We didn't cure our blessings/allies up enough and had a lack of combat support and extra explorations late in the game.

- We lost several turns when Lem couldn't make his combat check. Lem didn't lose any cards, but the undefeated condition on the monster was to lose blessings from the blessings deck, which quickly took their toll. Part of it was bad luck, part of it was lack of blessing support, but part of it was also pushing the exploration limit and getting hit with "before you can act" damage and then not having a weapon (which is a problem with d4 Str).

- An above average amount of allies turned into demons. Actually managed to stomp Flenta one time and ate attack spells.

- We got cocky and tried to farm mansion. We hit the henchman early in the game and once we knew we were in trouble, we could reverse the decision.

Next time!

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Can't do that when there are two or more seasons open to play (at the same time.) That's why a tier structure was put in place similar (in concept) to the RPG.

This new tier system is completely different than the system used in season 0. Since Season 1 is so new, there would be no harm in changing it and grandfathering any fast trackers (who I would hardly call "casual" considering adventure 2 of OP isn't even officially available yet!).

Also, this system isn't like the RPG system at all. To advance a level in the RPG, you need to earn each and every XP, you can't just cheat and fast track yourself to level 11. You earn everything, which is why it's so rare to see level 11 characters.

The current system is designed to advance casual players quickly, but there's been a lot of confusion around the implementation.

The implementation should probably be simplified in some way. For example, you get a skill/power/card feat when completing scenarios in an adventure, not in your current tier.

Ron Lundeen wrote:
If characters A and B are at a location when another character elsewhere encounters the villain, they can each attempt to close the location. We've always played that only one or the other can try;

Ironically I was just about to ask this question. A lot of people play this incorrectly, including myself until recently.

Gregory, check your mail.

I'd replay in campaign mode on if another character needed the scenario. And I'd try to do it with a new character if possible.

I'd replay in OP mode if there was no other game (or character) to play and I needed some upgrades that I missed. Very difficult to stay on top of upgrades in OP, especially when they come so randomly.

Redemption is individual also.

I was thinking of this question today since I'm playing Lem and was wondering if Raise Dead would eventually be worth taking a spot in my deck.

In S&S I'm guessing from the responses that it would be useless, but I'm guessing it will be more valuable in Wrath. Problem is it might take some characters to die before we know for sure.

Had this come up in PFS and I'd like to know if it's allowed.

Does Immolation Bomb and Targeted Admixture allow the resulting bomb to do d6+INTx2 damage each round?

Hahaha, I said Donahan. :) Shouldn't write when tired.

Yes, I don't know if combat is very challenging for Alain at the later stages.

Weapons in the class decks are definitely bad, but worse for support characters.

So I forgot the mythic path in the total, that would explain the missing +6.

So Donahan is getting an average result of 63 buffed?? And if you remove 10 from that result he can have blessings. That's insane. And that's on average.

That's going to be tough on the mathematically challenged. :)

Joshua Birk 898 wrote:
I am glad you like your class deck characters, but you are severely underestimating the characters from Wrath.

Maybe I am, but I think initially the class decks are better, which is part of the reason why OP players are having more success than campaign players.

Joshua Birk 898 wrote:
Yes, Valeros provides more initial combat support than Alain, but once you hit AP4 Alain provides far better combat support than Valeros.

Agreed, Valeros is better initially and then Alain is better than him in every way after his role, including support (assuming he takes Glory Hound and kill steals).

Joshua Birk 898 wrote:
Valeros and Alain start out as roughly equal in combat ( Alain's ability to recharge Donahan is roughly equivalent to the power to recharge a weapon), but Alain's powers scale up faster and more consistently than those of Valeros.


Joshua Birk 898 wrote:
At the start of AP 3, Alain is going into combat with 1d10+2d8+10 (rerolling on a failure) using only cards that he has from the start of the game (and he can add another +4 if he wants to discard).

Alain: This assumes a recharge from Donahan. Starting weapons and all skill feats going to Str.

= Melee skill (1d10+2+4 upgrade) + weapon (warhammer: 1d8) + Donahan (1d8+4)
= 1d10 + 2d8 + 10
= 24.5 average
Also Alain can further buff himself if needed by discarding the weapon or using his power.

Valeros: Assumes recharging the weapon
= Melee skill (1d10+3+4 upgrade) + weapon (warhammer: 1d8 + 1d6 recharge)
= 1d10 + 1d8 +1d6 + 7
= 20.5 average

Having said that, if we gave them better weapons, Valeros would be closer to 22.5. Still, Alain has the edge, especially since his top end is so much higher.

At this point Alain is better in combat but Val is still providing support.

Joshua Birk 898 wrote:
By AP6, Alain can come to the table with a jaw dropping 1d10+3d8+37 if he needs to. I love class deck Valeros, but he just doesn't scale like that.

If your numbers are correct, then nothing will challenge Alain at AP6. I wonder how they will challenge Alain when the class decks don't scale as well to AP 6?

Walk me through the numbers please? The following are my numbers if the stars are aligned.

Alain: Assumes Shock Greatsword +2 (discard), using power (discard), using Donahan (recharge), ally power on exploration. He can't get any help in the check.
= Melee skill (1d10+3+4 upgrade) + weapon (2d6+2+1d10) + power (3+6) + Don (1d8+6) + ally (d8+3+3).
= 2d10 +2d8 + 2d6 + 30 = 11 + 9 + 7 + 30
= 57 average

Jason S wrote:
there's no guarantee she gets Leryn back the next turn.

Scratch that part. It still costs a card though.

Calthaer wrote:
There are some of the powers that we had on Runelords characters that I wonder if we'll ever see again - e.g., Merisiel's blanket "evade-everything" ability, or Seoni's "auto-recharge all spells." Certainly most of the evasion that's come on characters since Runelords has involved some sort of cost - at least recharging a card.


ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
Bah gawd, Keith is giving him The People's Eyebrow!

As long as it's not the People's Elbow.

OK, I went too far with the scouting statement. :) I think the community is in agreement that Adowyn is the best (or 2nd best) character in Wrath.

Even so, I prefer Harsk's ability in adventure 1-3. There are tradeoffs to her ability.

If she uses Leryn (which is very tempting with the high combat checks), she gets to scout once and there's no guarantee she gets Leryn back the next turn. Harsk gets to scout 2 times (with his power) regardless.

To continue scouting, Adowyn needs to recharge a card. Harsk can scout at the start and end of his turn for free. So would you rather use the cards in your hand for exploring or scouting? I'd rather be exploring.

I give the slight advantage to Harsk before the role card. Once Adowyn gets her role though, she blows Harsk away.

I don't think characters should be judged by their role cards. Most players live within the first 3 adventures, not the last 3. Some characters are completely different with their role cards but it doesn't matter if they don't live to get there.

Anyway, that's just my opinion on the Wrath characters. They certainly make Wrath more challenging to play (which is not a bad thing).

Keith Richmond wrote:
I understand the stat gems and blessings, but can you clarify the "better character synergies"?

By better synergies, I mean the class decks have superior support powers. But in general, characters in other sets are just better.

For example, Valeros complimented us quite well providing bonuses to combat, allowing our spellcasters to beat Carrion Golems in melee (with help of course). To me, that makes Valeros better than Alain (until his role at least). Also, Valeros is better than Alain in combat because he can recharge weapons (which is huge in Wrath), but he's also better than Crowe because Crowe needs to bury cards in melee.

Meliski allows re-rolls, which is actually huge in Wrath. Shardra also allows re-rolls, but re-rolling 1-2 dice is much better than being forced to re-roll everything.

Harsk and Agna have better scouting than all Wrath characters. Scouting is really important.

These characters made it quite easy to finish Wrath in OP.

Strongly prefer the class deck versions of Harsk and Kyra as well.

Because of OP rules, we don't have restrictions on Cure spells, Clerics can have 3 Cure spells each without draining Cures for other support characters. That leads to better support.

In general, I'm not having the same problems many other players are having. In 14 sessions (and 4 different groups) we've failed 1 time, and that was because we were farming (yummy Manor), had bad luck with combat checks, forgot to reset blessing deck, and bad game play (letting boons clog our hands). IMO, I think character disparity has played a part in that.

carterjray wrote:
I think one of the things that would make the armies crazy hard would be using home brewed characters. The heroes in the box are designed with an eye towards this set and the challenges it poses, if you're using home brewed they don't take into account things that may be important in these later scenarios simply because they weren't made by the devs, it is impossible for their creators to know what to expect.

Because of stat gems and better character synergies, in my experience the generic class decks actually do a lot better than the Wrath characters.

I know everyone is crazy busy, but is there any chance our sessions from Origins will be reported before Gencon? I'm just worried they'll get lost if too much time passes. Thanks.

Where's Lem? He's sorry!
(Little biased since he's my 2nd OP character.)

The thinking is that they'd rather have a solid theme around the boon rather than care about boon ratios. I hope they continue with that process rather than give Balthazar a blessing when he really needs his hat.

Ron Lundeen wrote:
Problem being, if we failed to beat the villain in the previous game, the blessing deck in the next game has something less than 30 cards. And if that happens a couple of times...

I need to look out for this, we've done this a few times.

skizzerz wrote:

The issue arises when Eustoryiax is in the Chasm of Shadows and all other locations are closed. In this situation, you can never close the Chasm (as he'll keep escaping to there so it will never be out of cards), meaning the scenario cannot be won.

Well, I assume you read the scenario description before playing, so it should be easy to create a strategy.

"You make Chasm of Shadows one of the first locations you close and then chase the villain out of there to an open location."

I think the scenario is fine and yes, when I played it the villain was actually in this location. Not exactly a challenging strategy to solve.

I hope we stop complaining about stuff like this because I don't want to see them dumb the game down further.

PFS ACG only requires a class deck but someone still needs to buy the base set and the card decks.

RPG OP follows APs because it was meant to support them. And support their other lines.

Not sure why you're arguing, it's pretty clear OP is a marketing effort. They don't make money off the RPG scenarios or the PF card game scenarios either, they're loss leaders to support the products.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:
Hi! I just wanted to ask is there any particular reason that Rice of the Runelords does not have psacg version like shacles and wrath have?

Organized play was created to promote and sell the most recent product that was created in either the card or roleplaying game.

They might go back one day (like they did in the RPG) but you've got to wonder how many more copies of Runelords they'd sell if they created OP for it. The campaign works just fine.

Agreed, Goblins are awesome. And so annoying.

I never noticed Ranzak’s potential hand size. Crazy, I wonder how that plays out. Guess armor is your friend.

Looks nice. Can anyone recommend an iPad emulator for the PC? iPadian?

Zhayne wrote:
I always put the henches and villains down first when building the location decks, so they're on the bottom before shuffling. That'd be double-plus-ungood for me!


Off topic, but I stopped putting the villain/henchmen on the bottom of the deck because the other players would always look at the bottom of the deck I was shuffling.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Chad Brown wrote:
Without putting too big a spotlight on it, yeah, these scenarios turned out to be a little tougher than we had intended for the "natural second" scenario.

Just to be completely clear (since you quoted me), I have no problem with the difficulty in Wrath and I find it a refreshing change. When I played AD 1-2, we crushed it, although it was very close at times. We didn't fail in 13 scenarios, so for me, it could be a little harder.

I think the most important part of the game however is making cool and thematic stuff happen in the location and monster cards. So far I've liked what I've seen in AD 1-2.

When placing the henchmen and villain, I shuffled the henchmen pile and drew random cards to place with the villain. Not the best idea.

I've done the "forgot to shuffle" thing too with the villains and henchmen all on top.

Then you cheer.

I didn't say Disable was an important skill, I said that it helps to have characters with diverse skills. While Disable isn't a 'must have' skill, I do remember my Agna being stuck in the teleportation trap, and it sucked. It was the one time Agna almost died in AD 1-2.

If we're talking about optimization, I wouldn't want my main damage dealer to be a spellcaster in Wrath. There are too many creature immunities and the sheer number of (unexpected) combats can leave you without spells. With Enora's large hand size, that leaves her dead.

Imo, the most optimal combination in Wrath is Adowyn and Shardra. Rerolls are powerful.

Frencois wrote:
That actually may shed some light : PFS modules are by definition "one evening games" with not much emphasis on campaign continuity...

In Pathfinder Organized play, the scenarios are every bit as much of a campaign than the card game. Card game it takes me a maximum of 6 hours to go to the next tier, in the RPG it takes me 36 hours (to go up 3 levels, which is the next tier).

When you die in the RPG it also sucks because you are permanently set back gold, which equates to deck upgrades in the card game, even if you get resurrected.

Anyway, those were tough scenarios in the RPG (in particular Elven Entanglement was a killer) and it seems like they are the same in the card game.


Thanks for your time, patience, and endless energy. I think you did a great job and Pathfinder Organized Play has improved by leaps and bounds. This was a tough job but you listened to the fans and implemented lots of great stuff. Thank you.

That makes sense.

We assumed we got to pick something from the boon pile as you would normally do with acquired cards, and then a second time as part of the scenario reward. Hopefully that was correct?

The real question is, can a character:

1) Pick a card as a scenario reward that was also picked as an acquired card.

2) Pick a card as a scenario reward that was also picked by someone else's scenario reward.

Luckily we had no conflicts but it's an interesting question.


As I said in the other thread, we had no problem with this scenario, but it probably had a lot to do with our two spellcasters having Diplomacy. The only challenge was the villain.

It was kind of a loot run for me, so many weapons.

That's the great thing about OP, you learn something new everyday. I use Sorcs and Agna, so I haven't used stat gems excessively. I really misread stat gems.

So that begs the question, why all the fuss about Stealth checks against armies when you have 6 characters in the group, surely someone has a stat gem?

Misread the villain too, made it +3 more difficult when I ran it. That's a nice boost for big groups.

Thanks for the clarification.

zeroth_hour wrote:
I didn't find the Craft requirement that bad. Use a stat gemstone. It's also fairly easy to control when you fight her.

You still need the Crafting skill to do that. If you don't have the crafting skill, you're rolling D4s with a difficulty that is increased by +1 for every player. I think that would be very tough check to make for a table without the Crafting skill.

Keith, when a watch tower location is closed, should they continue spawning Corrupted Soldiers?

Hycisath wrote:
Someone posted a question in the Home Brew threads about adding additional blessing to the blessings deck for 5 and 6 people groups. I have considered this as well. A lot of the replies talked about how having 30 turns is the intended time limit. I feel like in 5 and 6 member groups, the blessings and allies are basically only for extra explorations. I feel like I never get to use any other effects on the cards. Does anyone else feel this way? Or if not, does anyone have any suggestions or strategies?

At home, I play solo, at conventions I've been playing 3-4 player tables, with friends 6 player tables. They are definitely different types of games with different challenges.

Yes, in 6 character games almost all blessings and allies are used to explore. You can't really hold back. Then again, we DO support other players with blessings during their turns, so it's really about how many blessings/allies we have LEFT in our hands when it's our turn again. So it's not like they are ALL being used to explore.

We still use allies to recharge key spells, but allies are not needed to close locations or defeat barriers since there are often lots of blessings available to help out. Holding an ally back and not using it to explore is a lost exploration.

You can use your allies for their recharge/reveal abilities, but a 6 character table really needs explores, and the timer is the real challenge in a 6 character game.

My 6-player group explores like Jones, we stack (as much as possible) and close out 1-3 locations and then spread out so that we can temp close locations if someone finds the villain.

Well, there's a lot of fighting in this scenario (which favors martials), but:

1) The Corrupted Soldiers can be defeated with Diplomacy (and a back rub), no spells needed.

2) If you failed, the damage from a CS is capped at 3 combat damage, which can be easily reduced or healed.

Basically we had 2 casters and 1 martial and quickly zipped through the watch towers. Both casters had Diplomacy and didn't use spells.

Really the only challenging part was the end villain, because of the bizarre checks that are needed. Luckily we had the right skills and finished with lots of time to spare. I can see several groups and solo players being stuck on this scenario if the characters don't have the right skills.

I actually LOVED this scenario because we ended up with 16 different weapons in the plunder stack (and 10+ armors) and this scenario offered a very good chance for martial characters to get weapon or armor upgrades. That's the very strong upside to fighting so many Corrupted Soldiers.

Thought it was a fun scenario.

When we closed a location, we didn't have the location spawn any additional Corrupted Soldiers.

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