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Gold Dragon

Jason S's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,633 posts (2,659 including aliases). 123 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.


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I'd really like to see a "Go Fish" product for Pathfinder. I think it would be really useful for teaching young kids the monsters of Pathfinder and allowing them to visualize them when playing.

It's also a soft gateway into the game.

Seems like Paizo produces a lot of card decks every year and this seems like a really fun and basic one to do. And good for us parents who want our kids to like RPGs.

Just an idea.

Slightly off topic, but I feel like roleplaying is a dying hobby. It's been dying for a while now. It's very niche. It seems like most conventions have mostly grognards (and this is not a bad thing, it's just a thing). It's really too bad more young people haven't taken it up.

Saw Doctor Strange last night, my expectations were high, and it was still great. One of the best movies I've seen in the past 2 years, on par with the Avengers and Winter Soldier imo. As for special effects, this was Inception on steroids. Amazing.

I'm going to enjoy this set, but I can't help but be a little disappointed that there isn't a large angel in it (considering the other ones). Sigh.

All the time, people have busy lives. People might WANT to play, but it takes dedication and setting time aside.

This looks like a great set and I'm looking forward to it.

Having said that, I feel that some of the dungeon dressings should be at a much higher rate than "ultra rare" or 1 per case (which isn't even guaranteed).

Dungeon dressing like beds, tables, chairs, and in this case, cages, people want more than one, they want several. Should be uncommon. There is no 3rd party market for these minis, everyone wants what they have.

Candles, crates, or barrels should be rare.

Items like gates, wagons, carts can remain as ultra rare. imo.

Been waiting for an Otyugh, that's great. Love the angels too.

This set is going to be great!

Wishlist for future set
-Wayang (new art please - without the hat)
-Red Mantis Assassins (too awesome, too iconic not to have… do a good job please)
-Otyugh (we certainly see them enough)
- I’m also really liking unique characters from APs, like that Hellknight.
- Female elegant human wizard


1 person marked this as a favorite.
MorBere wrote:

my characters are al just hired mercs!

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Some people felt that way in the past and scenarios in season 4+ have certainly been a lot more heroic. Having said that, PFS is a neutral campaign.

MorBere wrote:
Pathfinder society has us running around the fantasy world, paid on commission for the work we do.

Ummm... actually most of the time we're not paid, this is volunteer work. lol. We just sell our enemies loot.

So yeah, your character should really want to be part of the Pathfinder organization considering you're working for free. Or else you'd be doing something else (in which case you should roll up a new PC that actually wants to be a Pathfinder).

MorBere wrote:
Take it... the adventures rarely ever start "Ok everyone, your in a tavern and a mysterious woman comes to your table! What do you do?"

Sometimes this does happen but this tends to make the game start slowly, PFS wants faster introductions because games need to fit into a 4 hour time slot. What you're looking for is an old fashioned campaign.

Not sure why anyone would compare PFS to a campaign. If you want a campaign, play a campaign.

MorBere wrote:
how many times has anyone finished a scenario or module feeling victorious!

Lots. In recent scenarios, rescued elves from being incubated with demons, rescued humanoids from being sacrificed and bleeding out, stopped pirates who robbed locals, brought a murderer to justice, destroyed a lich who killed others to attain immortality, stopped cultists from awakening a powerful evil wizard, destroyed a vampire who was killing and feeding off villagers. That's in less than 8 scenarios.

PFS is plenty heroic. Maybe your GM is not informing you. Maybe it's a state of mind. Maybe you see the gold and XP on the character sheet and don't see the big picture. Or your GM doesn't say "Congratulations heroes!".

MorBere wrote:
Too many times do I sit as a player and watch a group of players play these op character builds, where all they can do is spit out damage rolls but couldn't diplomacy themselves out of a card board box.

The need for Diplomacy (the skill) is extremely common in PFS scenarios, not sure which scenarios you're playing.

I've played lots of PFS at conventions, and my enjoyment at the table has nothing to do with how optimized a PC is. When all PCs are horrible and you're carrying a table, that's more of a problem.

MorBere wrote:
players power through these scenarios with ease

Not some of the scenarios I've been playing. When someone finds something really easy, most of the time they didn't make the PC within the rules, or the GM doesn't know the rules.

There are a few broken common builds and some rare ones, but they are exceptions. Most people optimize enough to be effective, not broken. Maybe your local situation is different, in which case you can talk to your coordinator or maybe the other players.

MorBere wrote:
Where does the line get drawn on a table of six who no longer worry about having a healer or rogue, they all just run melee fighting classes.

You seem to want to see old school parties with fighter / rogue / wizard / cleric. I'm personally ready to move on from that. Why not just let people play what they want to play and be happy?

Just an FYI, ranged classes are much more effective than melee classes. The melee classes get messed up at higher levels, they will wish they were playing archers.

MorBere wrote:
Back to topic, as a GM, I see some players who take their time in the character build and mold them into something great and other players who just put a notch into their level.

Not everyone plays the game the same way. Not everyone wants to play the game the same way, but it doesn't mean you can't.

MorBere wrote:
As a players, I just feel like we play to level up a character. There is no end reward, there is no " wow I hit level 12 and saved all these cities and people from the wrath of evil... there is no "I am a hero in this town"....

It's a state of mind. Or you're playing season 0-3 scenarios? Maybe you're just not seeing it. My characters have done lots of good things.

I would choose neither, I would convince the GM to have 15 or 20 point buy. I've played campaigns like this before and did not enjoy them.

If you had to choose it would really depend on the class you picked. Single stat classes could use the point buy where multi-stat classes would need the array.

burgus wrote:

So far we are enjoying it A LOT!

Does anyone have any advice as to how to spice up the game a little?

So how do you play? How do you make the game an even better experience?
I'm really curious for your answers!

When we play the card game, we don't roleplay. Oh, maybe a tiny bit, but not much. When I want to roleplay, I play the Pathfinder RPG. If you're interested in the Pathfinder RPG, I recommend searching out a Pathfinder Society game near you. Or try it at a roleplaying convention. Takes 4-5 hours and it's a good introduction to the game.

I like playing the card game on my iPad now. So the way to enhance that experience would be playing with friends.

The different APs have a different feel. You can spice it up by playing them.

Also, the card game society is also a fun way to play the game, with the class decks.

In general, the game plays differently with more players. 3 players imo is the easiest (but also the most fun since turns don't take very long), 6 players is the hardest. But different # players can make the game very interesting. (I don't advise teaching people in a 6 player game).

Fun game, good luck!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can't argue with the art, looks great.


Never seen any VC hate at any table I've been at. Yes the VCs are portrayed as aloof, annoying, and they tend to not tell you relevant information, but it's all good fun.

I actually like Heidmarch, she gets things done. :)

It really depends on how many new fans Starfinder can create.

For me, I will probably end up buying the Starfinder core rules, I will play maybe 1-2 sessions of Starfinder (out of 9-10 sessions during a convention) if it has organized play. But that's about it. It's a diversion for me and Pathfinder is where it's at.

For me, you can create great stories and interesting PCs in almost any setting, so it's not really necessary for me to learn a new ruleset just to make new stories.


Thanks again for organizing Origins, had a great time!

Looking forward to this set.


Aaron Gillespie wrote:

Whatever that was, it wasn't PFS. Weird story. That was not normal.

PFS is awesome, please consider going to a decent convention before passing judgment; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Nice entries, good work everyone!

CN is very misunderstood by both players and GMs. Chaotic doesn't mean crazy and neutral certainly doesn't mean evil.

I guess in the end it depends on how you and your players interpret and play it.

Having said that, I'm not a fan of alignment.

Encourage roleplaying by doing it myself and being a good example. Everyone like to have fun and tell stories.

If the game was tactical only, I think video games do it better.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Would buy Shadow Lodge.

This scenario sounds like fun.


Most importantly, it was also banned because you could use it for a move action and then get your full round action.

It can't be used like this anymore, it can only be used once every 24 hours, so perhaps they will consider removing the ban on it. I'm not sure it's a must have item anymore, but it does occupy a slot that is often unused.

I'm also curious.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
What if I were to pop in here and suggest that there is no real solution to be found in rules changes? The real problem is much bigger than the woes of one little hat, and it lies in the intangible culture that has developed, which is far more powerful than written rules - the problem in particular here appears to be, let's call it the "powerless power gamer" culture (or "slave to the beans," which I like even better)

No no no. We can still comment on stupid rule changes (or weak/powerful items or whatever) whether we use the rule in our game or not, or whether the item is ever used or not.

And for those of us that play PFS, we don't really have a choice of whether to adhere to the rules or not. So yeah, the PFS commands me, lol.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, I think some customer feedback would have made some of the errata better. But maybe they don't have time as someone else mentioned.

Some of the other items that were nerfed aren't even worth using at their current price. That is the exact opposite of a "must have" item. Honestly if Paizo produced books where items aren't even viable to use compared to others (under any circumstances), people wouldn't bother buying.

Home games can ignore errata, PFS can't.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow, that's a huge nerf. +1 deflection now and a one time use on the crit ability. It's not even as good as the buffering cap now imo.

So what's the alternative for crit protection? Buffering cap?

Can someone link me a list of all of the other nerfs?

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE GMing. But having said that, as GM:
1) You often need to invest money into flip mats, minis, books, or scenarios/APs/modules.

2) If you're going to prepare properly, you need to invest a lot of time, time you could spend elsewhere.

3) It's often a thankless position. Even after an awesome game, how many players tell you "Hey man, thanks for the awesome game.". How many players at your home game buy you pizza or help pay for stuff? Sometimes, but not often enough.

4) And you're often blamed when something goes wrong or there is a grievance.

5) People often don't want to (or are unable) to share the GMing duties.

6) For me personally it's physically and emotionally exhausting. I can play slots a day as a player, no problem, but I am pretty dead after 2 slots as a GM. It's just easier being a player, it's like being on vacation.

So yeah, GMing is fun but it is time consuming. And when there is negativity around it or no appreciation, people would just rather do other things with their time.

The Lemure sculpt is really good and will work better than the original art in this format.


Pink Dragon wrote:

All ideas are hypothetical. What is you point?

My point is you're trying to fix a problem for people that might not exist. I'd be more interested if you had real experiences with new players that quit the game (and why).

The biggest problem I see with the game at conventions is that we often don't do a good job introducing new (and young) players to the game. There should be more tables with 1 hour demos to quickly introduce as many people to the game as possible, especially at conventions that don't cater to tabletop games. But that's another discussion.

My point is that thousands of people have been introduced to the game successfully without easy mode.

My point is we've implemented systems like hard mode, core, and slow XP progression that are rarely used.

I suppose World of Warcraft did something similar to retain and expand their player base. They converted their normal mode to "hard mode" and made their "normal mode" a dumbed down easy mode to appeal to the masses. Easy mode had slightly less rewards however. And it somewhat worked.

You could also argue that system mastery has made people stay in some games (Eve Online). You could argue that Pathfinder is somewhat about system mastery, because if it wasn't then Paizo couldn't sell additional books, which are essentially catering to players with system mastery.

But yes, of course they also want to introduce new people to the game.

If there was an "easy mode" in every scenario (whatever name you call it) and it gave the same rewards as normal/hard mode, it might cater to the masses. But it could possibly make most of the existing player base leave.

I guess that is my point.


Pink Dragon wrote:
Hard mode splits the player base too.

Hard mode doesn't split the player base. Hard mode is optional and needs consensus. Hard mode is only a few scenarios each season.

Core splits the player base.


Pink Dragon wrote:
As I said above, I am an optimiser and easy mode won't hold much appeal for me beyond a few characters. Most of the current player base may think the same way. But other people like to play role playing games differently. Maybe Paizo needs to reach out to them too. Easy mode for PFS is one idea, but the overarching idea is to be more inclusive of those dastardly unoptimizers that seem to be so unpleasant for at least some of the people on these boards.

So your entire post is... hypothetical?

Pink Dragon wrote:
a blanket reduction of 2 on every DC, attack roll, damage roll and crit threat range in the scenarios.

I just want to point out that this adjustment has not worked out for the 4 player adjustment in a lot of scenarios.

Pink Dragon wrote:
I think everyone at the table should agree to 'easy mode' for that mode to be played.

Unless you have a group of friends that all want it, I doubt that you'll get agreement. There is rarely 100% agreement to play hard mode.

And since this is still a niche game, of course you'll have a mix of PCs at the table.

So what will happen is the players playing the weak PCs will make the players with the reasonable or optimized PCs unhappy, and vice versa.

If you play the easy scenario, the non-weak PCs will destroy everything, leaving the weak PCs with nothing to do.

If you play a normal scenario, the weak PCs still can't contribute and the strong PCs can't carry the entire scenario on their own, possibly leading to character deaths and definitely leading to non-max gold and prestige.

Really, the only reasonable solution is for everyone to make reasonable characters, some people need to stop breaking the game, and others need to make interesting characters that are reasonable.

Bottom Line: No easy mode please, just continue to keep tier 1-5 as our easy mode.


Pink Dragon, you have to consider that there are only a few "hard mode" scenarios every season (out of 25+). If we did a similar thing with "easy mode", PCs would need to survive the normal mode, and if they can survive the normal mode, what's the point of easy mode?

So I'm assuming the OP would want "easy mode" in every scenario. The problem with that is:
1) We already have problems with word count where I wish some things were explained more. By having easy mode, we're going to get less story.
2) You'd get less gold and you would probably not want that.
3) I'm not convinced authors would do a good job of it. Already we have hard mode scenarios where the "normal mode" is too hard. We have subtiers that are vastly more/less difficult. We have scenarios that are vastly more/less difficult to others. Why would this be any different?

Most tier 1-5 is easy mode. Most roleplaying scenarios are easy mode. If that's what you want, then play those scenarios. High level is supposed to be hard.

I've introduced lots of new players to the game and they've all been interested in getting help to make reasonable characters. And like I said, tier 1-5 has been easy enough that pregens have been good enough.

You could always ask the GM for their easy mode, most would accommodate to a certain extent.

I've been to dozens of conventions and I've seen ridiculous optimization and guys who still do 1d6 damage at level 5. It comes down to this. If optimizers are bored, then they need to tone down the optimization. If "non-mechanical" players want an easier game, they need to have reasonable characters and save their special PCs for campaigns with their friends. The scenarios are "play as written", it's impossible to accommodate every play style when the play styles are vastly different, it just won't work.

Damagecrab wrote:

Everyone except the CN character considers his actions to be evil. He considers his character to be perfectly Chaotic Neutral.

Are his actions evil? Has he qualified for an alignment shift?

The character's actions are evil. Not enough for a shift but enough to be noted and a possible shift later.

But more importantly the player is being an azz. Like others have mentioned, needs to be talked about as a group.

Sounds really interesting.


I'd like it if more missions were good aligned. But I like the neutral or even slightly evil aligned missions as well (Race for the Runecarved Key), they all have their place.

But in all the PFS I've played, I haven't seen many cases where being good is punished. Being a Paladin can be tough in infiltration missions (as expected). But good? No.

I have a number of good characters, so I should know.

I have two friends who bought the game, one bought the season ($30+?) and another the starter ($6?). Both say it's buggy. I will wait, sounds frustrating.


Event tickets on sale now! 7 more weeks. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Looking forward to this set.


Z...D... wrote:
But if you fought something before, how would you magically forget that you fought it and forget important things such as, I don't know, what it's weaknesses are?

Your GM is correct, but he should have given you a bonus on the roll (honor system). Just because you remember doesn't mean your PC remembers.

Having said that, the Pathfinder Knowledge skills in general need to be streamlined and simplified more.


I have a fighter that sunders; he is level 11. I found that as you advance levels, there are less opponents to sunder/disarm in general, and that your toughest opponents don’t have anything to sunder/disarm. So you're making already easy opponents too easy, and your feats count for nothing against the challenging opponents. Also, I find that it's actually better to just kill mooks instead of sundering them since it's faster. So if I could go back, I probably wouldn’t have wasted feats on this tactic.

Spellcasters don’t need all their spell components in one pouch, it can be all over their body. I think sunder/disarm/steal in general would be too powerful if that were the case, with or without feats.


Difference of opinion. I’d rather scenarios get scheduled at conventions because of their merit as being good scenarios, not because they grant an extra feat or a stat bump. I guess you can put me into the camp of not wanting powerful evil boons then.


Hmm wrote:
No, this solution would break Organized Play, making it impossible for new people to ever play older scenarios and claim full rewards. As an event coordinator, it would mean that I would only have season 6 and 7 scenarios to choose from, or that I would have to tell my players, "See that neat boon on your chronicle sheet? You don't get it."

It's an option. And to use it would depend on a number of factors.

Just because a boon isn't available doesn't make a scenario unplayable. Boons shouldn't be such a strong factor in whether a scenario is played or not. Last year I played "Way of the Kirin" and there were no special rewards involved (Ex-Lantern Lodge gained +1 stat and the boon was later removed after having 2 months to play, making this scenario unplayable apparently). Seriously, who cares, it was a good scenario.

Anyway I guess we have a difference of opinion and my suggestion would deter boon hunting. The last thing I want when I sit down at a season 4 evil boon scenario is to be at a table of 4 guys who have already played it.

I'm sure these GMs would still pick the perfect character for these scenarios (during the 2 seasons they'd be available), would burn stars to replay, so I don't feel bad about it at all.


If you're going to add a powerful boon, whether it's evil or not, it might be a good idea that a PC can only gain the boon if the scenario is played in the current season (or perhaps season +1).

I'm sure there are people that replay (or play illegally) certain scenarios to gain an extra feat or +2 ability score. They become "must play" scenarios. It would be nice to have a statute of limitations on it, like the Shadow Lodge/LL boons.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd rather they update what is happening in practice rather than have static gold. Gold is never static anyway, there is no guarantee you'll succeed or whether you will gain all the loot.

Looking good.

I would also like to know. My guess is that it only applies to you, not all of your allies. The benefit is that it applies to the rest of your iterative attacks.


I also think this is awesome, despite the fact that they will likely only be played by a relative minority of players.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I don't like evil boons because:

1) They are too powerful.

2) They are more like a powergamer indicator than anything else, since all PCs will take them, regardless of character alignment. I guess everyone roleplays character alignment until the prize becomes something that is too good to refuse?

For example, the Krune boons. When I played one scenario, my barely non-evil CN half-orc was the only one that refused the evil boon, the rest of the party was "good" and took the boon immediately. How messed up is that?

3) Players cry (or cheat and avoid) if they suffer any repercussions for taking these boons. In the example above the other players already knew everything about the boon and whether there would be any drawbacks, and told me it was OK to take it.

I'd prefer that you don't include evil boons, but it really depends on how flavorful it is, how powerful, and how badly people will cheat to get it or avoid the consequences behind it.

Also, it needs to explicitly say that it cannot be taken by good characters. Conversely at some point you need a boon that says it can only be taken by good characters. Fair is fair. In this case you don't need to have any drawbacks behind the evil boon, besides flavor.

Awesome awesome awesome.

Hopefully they keep Eyes of the Ten still available as well. I'm itching to play both.

Depends on the challenge, depends on your character optimization. I ran 16 (easy/quick) encounters in one 4 hour slot. That was the upper limit and it was insane. Normally it would be 2-4 encounters in a 5 slot, which is must more memorable.

Your GM sounds like he's trying to make everything "epic". Every encounter/fight doesn't need to be a slog and you don't have to roleplay every item acquisition for the game to be entertaining. I had a GM like this once, where everything we did was "wrong" and everyone was better than us. This may or may not be the case, but you should talk to your GM and if the game isn't to your liking, I wouldn't waste your time. Find another group or play Pathfinder Society.

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