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Gold Dragon

Jason S's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,307 posts (2,333 including aliases). 88 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


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This is kind of cool, but don't kill yourself for a game by sleep depriving yourself, seriously.

Did that scenario at least 5 times solo and twice recently with 6 players. It was hard with Lini solo, but besides that, not at all.

It's a very combat heavy scenario so if your characters aren't good at combat, it's a problem.

1) Everyone should stack on the 1st 1-2 locations (depends on group size) until they are closed (with the exception of Meresiel). Minimizes the chance of the boss escaping.

2) Try closing Goblin Fortress first, when everyone is fresh and at full health. If you get Gogmurt on this location it can be tough (+2 to goblins with another +1d4 from the scenario), but at least with allies on that location they can handle the second combat check. Or heal you if you lose a lot of cards.

3) Play with a healer (with at least 2-3 cure cards) like Kyra, Lem, or Lini. At least if you get in trouble, there's a way to recover.

Character Notes
1) Put upgrades into combat stats, at least initially.

2) Sajan is weak initially without blessing upgrades. Either harvest blessings from scenarios with lots of blessings, or consider using a different character.

3) Mersiel. Should always solo a location. Don't be afraid to recharge stuff in your hand you don't need, even when you don't need to buff your combat check. Don't be afraid to discard when you're doing an important combat check. Don't forget you can evade any encounter.

4) Lem: Not that good in combat initially, maybe have him focus more on cures. Or using S&S Lem.

5) Seelah: Cannot afford to lose her Cure when recharging. Use allies and/or her power to avoid this happening. Don't be afraid to use her power in almost every combat or check. Don't be afraid to use her scouting power on monster heavy locations (Nettlemaze). Should have all magic chainmail, so she can recharge her armor to get other cards. Should have all 2H weapons, they are just more effective.

Divine/Melee Fighter of course, because of the efficiency and effectiveness.

1) Melee because you don’t have to cycle through spells for combat, meaning you can spend your hand to explore, heal, or buff.

2) Divine so that you can heal back cards you (or others) used to explore or discarded.

This is why any healer shouldn’t be too effective in melee/ranged, otherwise they have the potential to “have it all”.

Loving this season, it's the best season imo.

On the wolves:
There are so many references to the wolves it's insane and really "in your face". They're making it super obvious for even the most casual viewer, it's pretty obvious what's coming.

On Daryl:
Not sure how they are a few hundred feet from a house (or maybe campfire) with lights at night and then it's morning without them investigating. Makes no sense that they wouldn't investigate considering they were already in the woods at night.

On Noah:
That death was brutal. But great.

If that was me, Nick wouldn't have made it alive into the van. And that would have been the right call seeing as I knew he would betray Glenn when he got back to Alexandria. And the strong possibility of shooting Glenn in the back. He basically has no redeeming qualities.

On the girl:
Thought she was going to be a spy for the wolves but was wrong. Not liking the Carl love interest story and "running free" through the woods. Sigh.

My prediction is that she dies in the next episode.

On Rick:
I think Rick is right but he goes about it the wrong way and he's out of control. And of course he's incredibly biased since he wants a piece of a**.

His biggest mistake is that he thinks this is still the Rick-tatorship, but it's not. With so many additional people, he needs the support of his group.

Also, he already discussed the problem with the mayor and then went over her head without support from other people.

After gaining support, he should have discussed it with Deanna again. Everyone, no matter who you are, lives by the same rules. After, approach Pete with 3-4 people and said "We know what you're doing, you need to stop or you'll be exiled".

But I don't really think that Rick wants Pete to behave. He's becoming like Shane.

Prediction for next episode:
I predict that the community will vote to exile Rick and some of his group will leave with him and some will stay.

Just as they decide to exile him, the wolves will bust down the gate and start killing everyone. Most of Alexandria will die. Most of the group makes it out, some characters will die, probably Tara, Gabriel (yay!), and Sasha (who will make a heroic sacrifice).

I don't think anyone other from Alexandria (other than Jessie and Aaron) will make it out into season 6.

Looks good.

If my party TPKs, which is quite possible, I would probably continue the campaign but continue with a Shoanti perspective, all Shoanti characters.

Of course this is more work for the GM, but I think it would be interesting and could be great for roleplaying. And because it's so different, would have a completely different feel to it.

Would depend on where the TPK occurs of course.

Books #1-5 are great, I think I stopped after book #7, not enough happens and I got tired of the childish relationships, especially with the women. It was like the same text was repeating over and over and over again. And of course the thousands of generic characters. I'd read most of the book and notice that nothing happened, I just read chapters about people whining about the opposite sex.

If they could find a way to condense books #5+ into something meaningful, and good screenwriters are definitely able to do this, you'd have a big hit.

Too bad about these rights issues. Maybe some day.

Aberzombie wrote:
One of the big problems these day, in my own not-at-all humble opinion, is (a)they refuse to kill off Crowley (who's become a idiotic wuss) and Metatron (who just needs to have the s$+@ kicked out him repeatedly and forever), meaning they will keep using them as lame, worn out antagonists, and (b) resolve the f&*@ing Mark of Cain thing already!!! Or are we just going to spend the rest of the series with Sam trying to find a cure while Dean flip-flops about "I'm gonna fight it" "I'm done fighting it".

I agree, they are way too friendly with Crowley, he's like one of their buddies. It's a bit like a soap opera quite frankly, which is completely different from season 1-5 in which demons were definitely the enemy (even when they pretended to be friends).

On the other hand, WHY would they want to kill Crowley? Right now demons are as benevolent and controlled as they've ever been (mostly cutting deals with mortals), so why wouldn't they want the lesser evil in power? It's better than Abadon and an all out war with humanity.

Can't kill Metatron, angels wouldn't like that and I like that someone who knows more than anyone else is still around. And he could still be useful (although I personally would have killed him). I'm sure he has some role to play in the conclusion to everything.

Mark Hoover wrote:
I think they should somehow redeem god in as much as he is the father. If you're going to satarize the pagan gods, resolve Lucifer and continue to maintain angel arcs you should at least give god a freaking cameo.

They will. Death already said that Dean will reap god. I believe that's how the series ends.

The French Mistake was awesome and one of the best episodes.

Seasons 1-5 were the best, but I'm still loving this show and there are glimpses of greatness every once in a while. Supernatural the Musical was another great episode.

I still like it when they hunt monsters, doesn't need to be about the metaplot. Loved the witch in the Hansel and Grettel episode.

Don't like Crowley's Mom as a character, hope she dies soon. In general in seasons 1-5 demons were quite terrifying and evil, it's getting kind of comical now.

I'm quite happy with them doing a season 11, I just hope it's innovative and the story goes somewhere.

Tarlin: Not enough 2H weapons or good weapons in general and relies on melee to be effective. Gets his first good 2H weapon at Adventure 2 (pitiful staff before that) and has no top end weapons (Greatclub +3 @4 is best).

How many blessings of Iomedae are in the deck?

Maybe I am biased since I rarely use 1H weapons with melee characters. It's made worse by the fact that this character was meant to use 2H weapons.

Zarlova: There are no arcane spells in her class deck, which is her main gimmick as a Theurge. She's a spell caster, so she's forced to use 1 Inflict and 1 Holy Light throughout most of the AP. Probably feels pretty weak at Adventure 4.

Again, maybe I am prejudiced by the fact that I don't like to be without weapons on turn 1, and I like characters that can explore multiple times per round.

Yes, everything is playable, playable is just a mindset of the player. In general I like these characters but because of the class decks, I'd just prefer to play them in home games, where they can be used to full effectiveness.

The other thing to consider is the quality of the product that comes out. It takes TIME to read the AP books, absorb the AP and let it rattle around in your head, talk to experts of the AP, transfer the feeling of the AP to cards, artwork, and then worry about mechanics. If too much product comes out too quickly, creativity tends to suffer as everything is rushed out. Which will lead to everything feeling "the same" with maybe 1 new mechanic for the AP. <<< Not what we are looking for.

Haven't been too happy with some of the class decks, especially the fighter deck (which wanted to purchase but will not). Cleric deck doesn't even work for 2 of the characters (Zarlova, Tarlin) in OP and doesn't look like it was tested properly (I also wanted to purchase but won't). I hope that trend doesn't continue.

I'm encountering this problem as well. In addition to the problem already mentioned, most of the cards in the class deck box aren't suitable for my character. So it makes it even less likely that I'll draw something I'd use.

It makes more sense that we'd draw a card from the adventure deck box, and use the set # of the drawn card to pick something from our class deck box. We're not guaranteed an upgrade, but it's more likely.

I'm not sure how other people are doing in OP, but it's quite often in scenarios that I don't get any reward... and I could use them! And other times it's feast or famine, and I can only pick 1 upgrade. This is solo, don't know how it plays in larger groups.

Doesn't matter what I think, it's not my business. I'm sure they will figure it out based on sales and the "why didn't we buy S&S" thread.

isaic16 wrote:
The reason is simply that he is the only one that can always use his support power on himself.

I missed that. So that changes a lot.

Lem is definitely a challenging character to play well, but by end game he should be a powerhouse.

I see the problem, S&S Lem. S&S Lem sucks (imo) because he doesn’t have enough spells to support spell combat and support. S&S Lem makes you use Dex weapons for combat and spells only for support.

If you want to use spells for combat, you should try using class deck Lem or Rune Lord Lem. See below.

1) Weapons: I personally think Lem is at his best when he uses spells for combat. S&S Lem can't and I just find his D8 underwhelming personally.

2) Skill Upgrades: Did Lem spread out his upgrades or did he focus on CHR? If he focused on CHR, he should have no trouble smashing any opponent with his spells. I always tell my players that they should always consider upgrading their main attack stat, because if they don’t they are falling behind as they advance each scenario.

S&S Lem needs to upgrade Dex first followed by Chr.

3) Card Upgrades: One of the weaknesses of Lem early on is that he doesn’t have enough spells for both spells combat and support.

S&S Lem can only have 4 spells, which means only support.

4) Defense Items / Armor: End game there is unavoidable damage and everyone needs some protection. Lem needs items or armor that do that, like a Reflective Shield, Sihedron Medallion, or Ring of Protection. Otherwise, you’re losing a lot of cards and will spend most of your time healing yourself. Lem has one of the largest hands, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

5) Blessings: Are other character’s supporting him with blessings for Henchmen/Villains?

Cure spell should be good at every level of play, although upgrades should be available to Lem.

Allies: All his allies should help him make his recharge roles (or attack rolls). I’d mostly use allies for attack/recharge roles and if you have a lot of attack spells in your hand, use them for extra explores. By adventure 6, you should have better than +1d6, should be more like 2d8, which is a huge boost to combat or recharging. Anything that boosts charisma boosts his spell attacks.



Allies: giffer tibbs, swab, old salt, ederleigh bings, dindreann, audessa reyquio
Items: ruby of charisma, masterwork tools, spyglass
Weapons: spellsword +2, invigorating kukri 1
Armor: howling skull armor
Blessings: zogmugut, abadar, achaekek, gozreh X2
Spells: geyser X2, cure, quickened ray

I’m not familiar with S&S, but weren’t there any better upgrades than this?

For spells, where is Bewilder? Dominate? Mass Cure? Holy Feast?
Items: Staff of Heaven and Earth instead of MW Tools? Anything better than Spyglass?
Blessings: Pharasma for spells or Erastil for Dex weapons? Lamashtu? Milani?

Bottom line: Do as Pluvia suggested for S&S Lem. If you want a spell combat Lem, use a different version.

Like an epic 1-2 adventure continuation? Yup, that would be awesome and welcome!

Damn, now I'm looking forward to something that will probably never happen, arghhh. :)

I interpreted the power differently. I think the card means that the character who moves can only move at the end of THEIR turn.

What you say makes sense if Jirelle can move at the end of anyone's turn, because then both Jirelle and the other character couldn't move in the same phase.

Not sure which interpretation is correct.

Butch_Brune wrote:
If you are on a ship, you (□ or another character on the ship) may move at the end of that character's turn.

Can I change my response? Since they are in different phases you can probably do both with this power, since cards have no memory.

Just another reason they should be using "and" to be more concise.

I have no idea why there is a reward for beating the RotRL Adventure Path since the AP immediately ends after doing so. Maybe someone could clarify.

What skizzerz said.

There's no reason to turn down a card feat, for each character there is always one card type you'd rather have than another. If that's not the case, having more blessings or allies is always a good choice.

In OP, there are only about 2-4 upgrades for my character per adventure. If I gain more (or the wrong type), I'd refuse them because those "upgrades" don't work with my character. For example, why would I want a ranged weapon with my melee character?

jones314 wrote:
The problem with "and" is you might think that you have to do both if you use the power at all. The ambiguity can be solved by understanding "or" to be inclusive and "orr" exclusive :)

That's why the word "may" is there, "may" means it's optional.

I suppose if you wanted to be more succinct, you could say "and/or", although I don't think that's needed for a scouting power.

Butch_Brune wrote:
Since English is not our first language, my group didn't catch that subtlety with "or" having two meaning.

It’s not you, it’s the card. I play with 10 people and they’re all professionals, some of them PHDs. If we all interpret the card the same way, apparently the implicit way we’re supposed to interpret the card isn’t explicit enough. Card games are all about clarity in the spoken language, this is anything but clear.

But it’s OK, I follow the board enough to know that I’m playing correctly, I can guarantee you that these powers are not being played as intended by most people.

Butch_Brune wrote:

That being said, we still have debates regarding certain powers. Could you state what are your stance on these powers, is it "both" or "one or the other"? Thanks.

• If you are on a ship, you (□ or another character on the ship) may move at the end of that character's turn.
• You may recharge an ally to recharge a random card (□ or a weapon of your choice) from your discard pile.

I think with Jirelle those powers mean “or” (you have to pick) because the power can be used only once per resolution. With scouting, that’s why you can use it more than one time, because the card has “no memory” during a different phase.

NM, question answered.

Everyone I know finds that wording very confusing. "And" would have been much more clear.

I originally bought Rise of the Runelords and didn't play it for a long time. My group only plays once a month, with 6 players (sigh), so we're still going through that. No sense in investing in something else until that's complete.

S&S didn't have the best reviews from some web sites and basically said that it was too similar to RoR, and that the ship mechanic wasn't great. Having said that, if organized play existed in my area I'd still give it a shot.

Might buy S&S if it was 50% off.

Also, Wrath of the Righteous is coming soon and I believe it will have lots of innovative ideas in it. The AP really suites ADCG well imo. So my next purchase will probably be Wrath.

I personally don't play ACG characters because I like them, in a roleplay sense. If that's my objective, I'd play the Pathfinder RPG.

When I play boardgames, it seems every 2nd game I'm playing a female character, so I don't see this as being any different. It just doesn't matter.

Having said that, if I think a character is cool (although non-optimized) I might *try* them (if I'm replaying something) for fun.

I'd like to play Siwar, Tarlin, Zarlova, Tontelizi, Wrathack, Wu Shen, and Valendron at some point.

bdub wrote:
What do you think can be done to make roleplaying games more appealing to women (teenage and older)?

Be normal? I don't think there should be any special rules or pandering towards women, except to be respectful of course. But that should be towards all human beings.

Better yet, invite them to the table. The only reason why 3 of the players at my table are women is because I went out of my way to invite them to play and teach them the game. Roleplaying isn't something easy to pickup, the first time you play it's likely to be with friends and family.

So invite your (female) friends and family to play! Maybe starting with some boardgames and moving into a Pathfinder society game (using a pregen) where there is no commitment or work to be done. That's how you bring women (and people) into the hobby.

If you're not playing OP, with Siwar I would:

1) Have all 3 spells as offensive spells until she gains more spell cards. You're a party of 4, should be OK without Cure.

2) Focus on upgrading her items to wands, to handle easy monsters. Considering the number of items you get in RoR, with a little bit of farming it shouldn't be that bad.

3) Have her focus on locations without monsters.

That's what I'd do anyway.

Related question. Can Fox (who adds 1d4 to your intelligence or wisdom check) buff Ezren's arcane check with a Force Missile?

My first inclination is to say 'no', because it's an arcane check, not an intelligence check. But I have to ask, one of my players has a bee in his bonnet about this.

grasp wrote:

yes, that mistake is minimal, almost comical... but in portuguese cure reads like thhis

"Shuffle 1d4 cards from your discard pile INTO YOUR HAND"

OK, so that's a bad error. It's good Paizo is getting some feedback, hopefully they can improve in future versions or get a different company to do it and/or do more QA.

Kl3in wrote:

- In the Weapons/Armor section of Harsk, you can see that the names of cards are identical! Maybe Harsk wears "Shurikens" as Armor...Awesome!

- In the Allys/Blessings section of Valeros, you can see that the names of cards are identical! Maybe Valeros has a God called Nightwatch...Awesome!

If that's the worst translation error, that's not too bad. People should only use the suggested starting decks if you want to quick start the campaign. They are horrible card choices anyway, I suggest you ignore them in any language.

I work in software and we're translated into 15 languages and let me tell you, it's a nightmare. We leave it to the regional distributors to handle (as part of their customer support).

If you get 4 translators into a room, they're all say the other translations are crap and their translation is good... it's quite funny. :)

No baby is born evil.

Better idea, do away with the alignment system, most players don't know how to use it and it results in boring clichéd games and weak roleplay.

There are some but it could be argued that anyone could use them. Amulet of Fists (monk) and (good) attack spells for divine casters (Holy Light will probably be in your deck a long time). So if you want a divine character that uses attack spells, I might consider the RoR add-on essential.

For me, mostly the add-on decks give me enough cards to build basic characters for everyone without making too many compromises.

a6ra wrote:
If I have a modified skill, say Dexterity, with a bonus of say +3

Just to clarify, you earned the +3 to Dex by completing the base set scenarios, Burnt Offerings, and Skinsaw right? I had a friend who didn't understand how upgrades worked and thought Ezren got a +4 bonus to everything based on Intelligence.

a6ra wrote:
If I play a blessing of erastil on a combat check, adn I'm using a Deathbane Crossbow, am I really now rolling 3 d12 +9 + a d8 (and whatever else I care to add).

= 1d12 (Dex) + 2d12 (Erastil) + 3 (skill upgrade) + d8 (xbow) + 1 (xbow)

= 3d12 + d8 + 4

Like the others said, the skill bonuses are added only once.

a6ra wrote:
We also played Blackfangs dungeon 3 or four times before completing it

YMMV but failing it 3-4 times in a row doesn't sound like the game is a pushover to me... how many times do you want to fail?

As a result of repeating Blackfang, you got lots of blessing upgrades, so you reaped rewards so that future scenarios will be a lot easier. Sounds fair to me.

a6ra wrote:
This is a legitimate way to optimize your decks? I gathered that getting rid of your Blessings of the Gods Asap and replacing them with character specific blessings is the first major goal in making a character strong

Yeah, it's a legit tactic but it's boring to do unless you are legitimately failing.

Don't worry, the game gets harder. There's going to be times when your characters will take damage and you have nothing to soak it, and you have no healer.

But yeah, I'm not sure the game is as hard as you want it to be. I believe organized play is a lot harder, if you're looking for challenge.

Btw, make sure healing potions end up back in the box, they don't have the "basic" trait so they can't be re-added to your deck at the end of the scenario.

Thanks for everyone's input, I'm definitely going to do something about Holy Candle (I won't remove it, but the effect will banish instead of bury) and I'll continue to think about Haste/Restoration.

Just to make it clear, I didn't say RoR was easy, that's just the impression I get from reading the forums for the past 4 months.

Having said that, I'm completed RoR solo up to Hooked Horror with Lini with very few problems, no deaths, and not even a failure, so that experience supports the theory.

Yes, if you finish an AP and you never fail a scenario, I consider that too easy. YMMV.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Alzrius wrote:
My understanding is that Jensen tweeted that there was going to be an eleventh season, but there hadn't been any official confirmation yet.

Really? They've been saying all season (even at the fan festival), that this would be the last season.

I guess we'll see. All things have to end, but I really like this show...

I have a group of friends that just started the RoR campaign.

The general consensus on the forums seems to be:
1) RoR is fairly easy and;
2) There are some overpowered cards in the campaign.

So my question is, do you think it would be more fun to play RoR if we removed these OP cards from the set?

Here's a list of potential cards to remove: Holy Candle, Haste, Restoration. Are there more?

Thanks for your input.

Oh, if it's solo play only I'm not as interested.

When they do multiplayer, they need to have a way of playing solo until the matchmaker finds other players. I've played some other games where you need to wait real time for other players, and it just kills the multiplayer aspect of the game, because no one wants to wait around for 5-20 minutes waiting for other players.

This is a huge tease, I would buy this in an instant. I wish we had an idea of the release date.

"Supernatural the Musical" was a great epsisode and they could have ended the series with that episode imo. /sad

Makes me realize it's all coming to an end soon. :(

Season 5 is the best so far, for me anyway.

It's a home game so you can do whatever you like.

Having said that, I wouldn't add the cards from the class decks if you're doing a Rise of the Runelords campaign.

1) There are a lot of cards in there that have nothing to do with RoR (pirates, ships, etc).

2) Also, part of the challenge is working with the cards you're given. If you add in another 6 haste spells (just an example don't read too much into it), perhaps all of the sudden things might get too easy.

I think it's more fun to run it as intended personally, but YMMV.

If you only have 2 cards left in your deck as Ezren, you’re in trouble.

You’re forgetting about failing to recharge, which is not a guarantee with Ezren. Infinite loop is not so infinite…

In the rare case that this happens, I don’t think it really matters if Ezren views all the cards in the location with Augury.

Meh, why didn’t I just say +1 Hawk. :)

100% support characters aren’t for everyone, but I’m glad someone likes it. I’m sure most people like it when their characters get buffed and healed each turn. :) And it’s certainly a SAFER play style.

I play a lot of 6 player games though and in those games it’s very non-optimal if characters are losing their free explorations each turn and too many blessings are going to buffs. Some targeted buffing is good, a lot is bad.

Probably so she can explore faster. Amiri is a really slow character and weapons and items tend to get stuck in your hand with no way to cycle them out (beside burying them which also leaves you in a tough position later potentially).

Amiri needs all the help she can get and is by far my lowest rated character in RoR. I won't give her to new players anymore, too many players have already gotten upset with the lack of choice and things to do each round.

We're talking about table sizes of 6.

I've had a fair number of games now with table size 6 and haven't come close to (permanently) closing all locations, so I'm wondering how it's happening consistently.

It's still easier (and more typical) to win a game by temp closing locations compared to closing all locations.

Agree, some of the card choices for the class decks are really odd (and poor) at times. You'd think with such a limited choice of cards that they'd be more custom for the characters in the deck. Sigh.

Having said that, as Ezren, I often trade my weapon to a character that needs it in turn 1. Non-spells ruin my cycle. So for me it's not a factor.

Someone mentioned Darago. Darago is just bad with the class deck (and probably with the base set as well). Two slots for weapons and 2 slots for armor are wasted on him, with no chance to gain proficiency in either. To add insult to injury he has bad Str and Dex. I'm not sure what the designers were thinking, but the only reason to play him is to nerf the table if you think OP is too easy. :)

Some things to consider.

As you adds allies and blessings, you will see your weapons less often and won't be able to depend on the recharge ability to boost you in combat. If you buff with blessings you'll be bleeding out more, but I suppose that's OK with Lini. I would upgrade blessings before allies, they're more universally useful.

Combat challenges automatically levels up by at least +1 per adventure and then scale up quickly from AP 3.

To me, I want characters to be good at their niche roles. If you can't do that what's the point? I've seen Amiri upgrade everything but STR and by AP 3 she loses a lot of combats. If you have a combat character that is no longer good at combat, it's a problem. IMHO.

1) It’s OK to help other characters, however it really hurts if you lose your free explore each turn (especially in a 6 person game, which will probably be the norm for organized play). You need to be able to explore at least once per round with a reasonable chance of success.

Also, I find that support characters aren’t always able to be supportive in every circumstance (or not as optimally as I’d like). For that reason I strongly prefer characters that are solid in solo play with some support.

If you know who you’re playing with, it makes a lot of sense to trade cards etc if it makes you better as a team. Unless you travel and play with the same people all the time, could be a problem with OP.

When I build characters for new players (I’ve introduced 8 people to the game and will introduce another 16 next month), I try not to make characters support-only, because of what I said above, but also because it’s boring for most people to play. Some support is good, all support is bad.

I’ve had some new players bummed out because they could only explore once per round (Amiri compared to a Seoni who can burn through her deck fast and explore multiple times per round).

2) As I said above, I don’t think playing a “support only” character is optimal (if you lose your free explore or have limited ability for success), so however Paizo balances the game is fine.

But at the end of the day, everyone is free to play however they like, there’s no right or wrong.

There are a LOT of characters that aren't supported properly by their class decks. Tarlin is just one, there are several class decks without enough appropriate weapons, items, attack spells, and cure spells. For that reason, the organized play characters are weaker than their campaign counterparts.

For Tarlin, there aren't enough good 2-handed weapons in the class deck. And yeah, thematically there should be swords, but I can overlook that or pretend it's a 2-handed sword. Mechanics are more of a problem imo. If Tarlin was playing RoR, he would have 4 good 2-handed (bladed) weapons at every stage of the adventure and you wouldn't need to consider using a quarterstaff after adventure 1 (or adventure 0 for that matter).

I guess they could errata it, but I highly doubt it. You either just live with it, play another character, or play the character in a non-OP game.

I'd go "Way of the Wicked" for an all evil party, although I'm sure you could retro fit a lot of other APs. WotW was designed for evil parties and is all around awesome (if that's what you want to play).

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