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Jask Derindi

Jask the Garundi's page

10 posts. Alias of BinkyBo.


Jask jumps to his feet as Syndlara begins to heal herself. "So sorry. I had forgotten. Gather up now if you have wounds that need healin."
He gathers his dreadlocks into a topknot, and begins chanting in the center of the injured. A dim light and faint "voom" sound radiate from Jask. He continues chanting, and rocks his head until the sound and light come again - weaker still. He sighs... "I apologize. It may take more time to recover than I thought..."

channel energy: 1d6 ⇒ 2
channel energy: 1d6 ⇒ 1

"I see you both fight with sword and spell... If you wish to learn, there is a chant I could teach you. A chant which keeps ya focused... makes it harder for your foes to foil your casting."

You have yet to see "Miss Eve Aklume" this morning. No one has seen her since you left her in her lighthouse room.

"The two ladies said they didn't wanna sit around and wait for you folks to return. They set out on their own.. I do not expect things went well for them on this island."

Morning comes without incident. However... when you wake, and gather for breakfast, Captain Cale is not there.

As Gatherine pulls down Jask's gag he says in a dry whisper "There are others... two others... caged in the center camp. Happy to see you, but you are fools for coming. There are over twenty of those monsters.." He pulls himself free from the sliced bonds, and steadies himself on the wobbling platform.

The bars inside Jask and Gelik's cage facing the interior have a chained gate. While you might be able to bust the chain, it would require being at the edge of the room - where you cannot stand due to the unsteady platform.

The inside of the building is dark, but you see the colorless shapes of unmoving furniture and bedrolls in the dark. You see no movement within... no guard in sight.

Jask turns to Tol .. "Don't worry .. she'll be back. I think it might be good for me to work on a secure camp .. we don't know how long we gonna be here. I think Aerys and I can protect ourselves .. and don't underestimate the gnome. That pouch on his belt is no coinpurse .. some sort of arcanist I gather."
"Trust me on this .. I will take care of things here - you go find that captain. Just don't go so far you can't get back here by nightfall, eh?

Jask rummages through a crate and pulls out a mug. He holds one hand over his amulet and chants briefly .. He hands it to Gelik "How much for a cold mug of water?" Jask grins wide as Gelik suspiciously inspects the water then drinks it greedily.

"Of course .. I was employed by the Sargavan government. I found some evidence of corruption .. deals with the Free Captains of the Shackles. But when I presented this evidence to my superior .. it was turned on me. I was framed and charged with conspiracy to commit treason. I ran .. lived in Corentyn for many years as a scribe. A man came to me posing as a potential client .. asked one too many questions .. I knew he was an agent sent after me, but there was little I could do. I am no fighter, and this man had trained his whole life. He put me in irons and shipped me off to Sargava on the late Jenivere."

Jask looks up when his deity is mentioned "That is mine, good doctor."

"Heh heh .. As innocent as any other man. I am a criminal only in the eyes of Sargava. Safest for everyone I leave it at that .. what I know has not served me well .." he stops himself .. "I thank you .. by the way. I owe you one. "

Jask responds to Gatherine .. "I was to stand trial in Sargava .. I was placed under the captain's custody until arriving to port ... I've been locked in a 10 by 10 storage compartment, fell asleep after I finished the dinner they brought to me... I feel pretty rough .. and confused .. but it sure feels nice to be outside .. on land. "

Jask starts to come to, and sits up .. props himself up against the pile of gear .. one manacled hand up to his brow. He speaks slowly through cracked lips "I heard .. what did I hear? " He moves a bit and winces .. ".. sounded like a canon." he gives a strange look .. "were we hit by a cannon?" which Sasha redirects .. "Heh .. ask the dwarf girl what you heard." she gives a vague not unfriendly knowing look to Gatherine as she slings her pack over her shoulder, she adds " .. Nice trinket."

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