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Jask Derindi

Jask aka DM Stephen's page

38 posts. Alias of terok.


The boat will be ready in the morning and waiting for you.
You make arrangements with Jask and get directions of where to meet.

The next morning the large longboat and a small crew of 5 are waiting for you. When you tell them where you are going the crew gives each other a look before getting to their business.

The longboat has a mast and a small sail to help the crew skirt the coast. It's about 5 hours up the coast before you get to the area known as the Pallid bluffs. You are a few hundred yards out from the possible area of his cave, do you want to go ahead and sail in or fly over?

I wouldn't bring it back up with the general again Nim, he takes his men's safety quite seriously and Jothan was a trusted aide, he obviously blames himself already.
Putting that aside are you willing to try and get this Guide on our side tomorrow?

You can easily kill the remaining two men but they offer no resistance.
They are effectively intimidated for the moment so you can ask them questions if you wish.

Jask lives as do the two men that were at the whaling company, simple workers there to watch over the place. He is badly beaten, but nothing too serious.

Sargavan government forces swarm the area about two hours later. After a short period of questioning you are free to go with their thanks.

Jask talks to you just before the government forces arrive, My thanks again for my life. It appears that Umagro was the leader of this group, although I overheard one of the men mentioned a mysterious "benefactor" who had been helping them in the last few weeks with equipment.

Yes any mundane equipment and your pack animals will be kept there as well as anything else you wish to keep not immediately with you. This will also be kept under guard...

You are actually the scouting group. You will be blazing the trail so to speak. I will not be with you, I will actually be in the main caravan 2-3 weeks behind you with general Rotilius. The 6 men will be under your orders and are very loyal.
I am to serve as Rotilius' chief of staff and camp healer.
We will work with you on the best route to your destination and be following behind you.
To search for and find a city such as this will require a large amount of supplies and a trade route with armed guards.
There will be the following in the rear group:
50 legionnaires, the general, myself, about 30 porters and the same number of pack animals going with our group to carry various supplies. As you can tell we will need about another 2-3 tendays to get ourselves ready for a long treck.
We want you to be able to move swiftly, in fact we may have a source to assist us with this as well.
I think you could be ready to leave in about a 10 day once we have your supplies ready and the route set up.
The 500gp will be paid to you now if you are ready to read over and sign the documents?

Basically part of the agreement once both parties have signed is for you to work with them on the route you will be following, which means giving up part of the secrets you have found.

You inform Jask of your decision, a broad smiles comes across his face, The government is a strong group to ally with, they have a lot to offer. I will set up a meeting for tomorrow to formalize things.

It doesn't take long for Jask to return. We meet tomorrow at noon. Here is the address. Jask looks around.

Things could get dangerous for you now. I would suggest speaking to no one, finding a more secure place to stay, and sticking together for the moment. See you tomorrow.

The address is in an upscale district. We can retcon anything you want to do before the meeting.

Jask makes an attempt to try and defuse the situation...Now gentlemen, I am sure no one is trying to hamper anyone's about I accompany you there Mihai.
Turns to the captain, These men are not being arrested correct, just answering an official summons?

Yes! responds the man, his voice shaking a little from his anger and trying to contain it...

Jask appears from the back of the room just as the Captain is making his last statement.
Is there a problem Captain? I am Jask, chief administrator to Minister Velespi. These men are friends of Sargava, if you don't mind why do you need to speak with them?

Captain, There have been murders in the city recently, strange murders. They may have a connection to the chief suspect and we wish to find out what they know. The minister can speak with the chief justice if he has any concerns Administrator Jask.

Jask walks over to your group, Give us a minute please Captain.

He nods his head in an annoyed manner, clearly not used to being interfered with, It will be fine, best to go with them and not cause an issue. I will speak to a few people and see what we can do, I am sure this is procedural. Jask seems to think of something at that moment.
I think I see where this could be coming from now. Please go with them, I will speak to some people and meet you later.

Niɱ wrote:

I am not simple Jask... I know we are being followed. And by others than yourself. But my statement still stands... we aren't likely to react positively to being followed. Any group interested in securing our co-operation should think twice about keeping tabs on us.

Nim's expression softens before adding, But we are likely able to make an exception in your case my friend. You at least had the honesty and decency to be open about your intentions...

To be honest it was the best way I could pay you back for my life. They are going to keep tabs on you anyways, this way I can help you if I can.

Mihai Soarta wrote:

Mihai's eyes narrow slightly at Jask's suggestion "And no doubt to report back to the Lady upon whom we meet and what terms are offered by other parties?"


At the house of the Red Mantis, Mihai remains standing and allows Nim to dictate the beginning of discussions.

In a way the answer is yes Mihai but not for the reason you think. The reasons are selfish but they also work in your benefit. The Sargavan government wishes to make sure you find Saventh-Yhi, even if you don't choose them. You won't be hard to follow to be honest, not through magical means anyways. They would rather adventurers find it than...some other groups. The Lady or the Government has not asked me to spy on you, just to keep you safe for the moment. To be honest, I wouldn't spy on them for you.

You have known the man for some time now and you feel he is being sincere...

@ Nim, You are being followed Nim, you can be sure of that probably since the moment that rumors of your discovery started hitting the streets.

Tragershen wrote:

When Jask is freed, Tragershen embraces him warmly and asks "Do you have the means to start again now that you are a free man? Do you need any help re-establishing yourself?"

Actually the government has awarded me a stipend as well. It appears they wish to reward me as well for coming back with this information. They have been quite generous, I was actually surprised by how much.

Jask is staying in a nicely furnished room...a guard stands at the entrance to this building a short walk from the jailhouse, Its good to see you my friends! They are treating me well and I think I should soon be free. Luckily the journal gives them everything they need to arrest and try that scum Milnius.
How are you doing? Have you been able to decipher the notes yet?

Havelar asks you a few questions about yourselves and your a military man he seems to be almost gauging you fighting skills. You are actually surprised when you find out he has quite a bit of jungle expedition experience...although he does seem quite proud of it. He also assures you that Jask will be well treated and Milnius will face the full force of the law.

Aerys tell you that you will see her again and that she is not leaving town for a while and that you can get a copy when she sees you next.

The clothier is uneventful. Despite your efforts at keeping yourselves together you find that your clothes are for the trash and you buy some pre-made clothes as well as order some clothes if you wish tailored for you.
Please debit 10gp each plus any other clothing you wish specially made. I will assume you got Jask some new clothes as well? That is included in the 10gp each.

Jask tells you that he wants to see a particular official, whom he knows won't be involved in the criminal activity...a general named Rotilius Havelar.

You can feel a bit of the tension on the streets as you go further into New Haliad. You are eyed by colonials and looked over by the guard but they do nothing.
The government buildings are large and well-guarded. Jask takes the lead and goes to a military building signed as 3rd Guard Company. He asks for Rotilius who looks completely surprised when he sees Jask. He immediately summons some guards.

Wait Rotilius I am turning myself in, these people were escorting me here! I ask for one favor though..

Rotilius responds, I have little I want to hear from you traitor. You abused your office and your trust!

I did no such thing, I was falsely accused by the real criminal, administrator Milnius. This will prove my statements. I came to you because I knew you would look at the facts. he hands Rotilius the journal.

Rotilius responds, although he seems a little less sure of himself, You are under arrest jask...and who are you and what do you know of this criminal and his accusations? he says to the group.

You respond back to him and tell him a quick summary of what you found...and he arrests Jask, We will see what this says to support your claims...sergeant Torist take 4 men and bring Milnius to my office and well as Minister Fandain. We will see what he has to say. as he flips through the pages.

The rest of you may go. Where are you staying in case I need to call on you?

Feel free to add anything you want to this but I am happy to move things along to the PF's unless you to do anything specific?

You leave after about another hour spent in the temple and make the difficult way back to the castaways without incident.

Jask is the first to speak up, We were worried about you when you didn't come out at first but glad you are all safe. Let's go back to the lighthouse and you can tell us what you have found.

THey are excited to see you alive and seem on te edge about hearing what you found and what happened to Ieana.
You are exhausted by the time you get back, but otherwise the trails get you there by dark.

The next steps are yours to explore, I think there have been several lists of things left to accomplish, you can just decide how to tackle them and I will hand waive or set them up as needed.

Niɱ wrote:

Nim does not know what to make of the news that the RMD has been keeping company with the other castaways.

@ Jask You say that it is asking a lot of questions about "us"? Do you mean the lot of you... or all of us as well?

Also @ Jask Go after Ieana is the plan as far as I know... Anton has some things to ask of you in that regard...

It is asking all sorts of questions about the outside world, what we did there, what it is like.

What types of other peoples and creatures we have encountered. It seems to be craving knowledge.

Anton, you have questions for me?

I would agree's hard to judge what it wants. Did you all complete what you were hoping to do?
What is next my friends?

Jask walks out of the tower and greets you.
It has indeed been keeping us company. I wonder if it is watching us but it seems to want to learn as well. Know thy enemies?
I can't tell if it is up to something but it has shared a few things with us while asking a lot about where we were going and the surrounding peoples and places, it doesn't appear to be deceiving us at this point.
We haven't felt the need yet to not share this information or lie to the creature. At the moment it seems happy with our arrangement.
What do you all think?


Jask takes you aside after dinner, It is time my friend, I am going to teach you the Vudrani chants I learned. They are remarkably simple, but reaching the place to clear your mind is the hard part.
Also I am going to share this with you. It is called the Lothran. It is a small spark of Vudrani magic. Once in your lifetime you will be able to share or pass along the Lothran. Over the next few years it will slowly leave me and eventually I will only remember the chants and the magic will fade so keep it safe within you until you are ready to pass it on. Without the Lothran the same with exist for you. The chants will make you feel better and focus your mind but will not allow you to access the magic.
This is what it does...

Spark of the Vudrani
The chants of the Vudrani have focused your mind in a manner that allows you to cast under duress easier. You gain +2 to concentration checks to cast defensively. If you are damaged during spellcasting you can ignore the first 5 points of damage dealt for the DC of the concentration check.
Vudrani Spark (SU): The mystics of the Vudrani allow you to empower spells with their mystical power. Once per day you can Silent, Still, or Extend a spell as a full round action with no level increase. Only one of these effects can be applied per day to the spell. Another feat can be applied to a spell after this power is used.

Jask puts his hand to your head and you feel a sharp jolt followed by a peaceful feeling.
My adventuring days are nearing their end, you will need this in the days to come so I don't want to hear any refusals. It is a powerful ability, watch over it! Now practice Jask looks tired but at peace...

Jasks keen mind immediately thinks of a solution to your issue with the ocean that the RMD mentioned.

What if we follow you there and watch what happens. If you go in we can stay out to make the ocean go away again after a time if needed each day?
Hopefully we can replicate what she did. Did you ask the Red Mountain...I mean Grrrolik, what he did for her?

Jask shakes his head, Making enemies of all of them would be foolish. We must decide on a course of action that would be most likely to succeed.
We should pick a side and live with our choice. The Red Mountain Devil and Aycenia have both offered us information in exhange for our cooperation. Which one do we trust more and has the ability to give us what we want? Either may.

Mihai Soarta wrote:

Mihai notes Ishirou's limp and attempts to aid him if allowed to...

Heal: 1d20+7

Jask accepts your help and ends up assisting you to work on his condition. Looks like he has a pretty good case of it and it has set in.

With your treatment and Jasks help you figure he has a good shot on beating it as you have treated him several times. Jask let's you know that he will keep an eye on him for you while you are off adventuring...

DM Only:
1st Fortitude Save 1d20 + 2 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 + 4 + 2 = 11
2nd Fortitude Save 1d20 + 2 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 + 4 + 2 = 14
3rd Fortitude Save 1d20 + 2 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 + 4 + 2 = 24
4th Fortitude Save 1d20 + 2 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 + 4 + 2 = 20

I agree, the tower!


He graps you by the shoulders, Thank you my friend, you hold on to them, I feel they will be safer with you. Even if I don't make it off this island, will you promise to take them to the government for me, to clear my name?
Also, as soon as we get to the tower I want to show you the mantra I mentioned to you. It will take you a few days of practice, but you will find it invaluable in your magics!

Jask looks over the papers with Tragershen, These papers, they could be what I was looking for!
These could prove my innocence! I could return home, a free man...thank you all, this means much to me. Whatever you need, if it is in my power it is yours.


When you have some time, after we look at these a little more, I have something to share with you. I was taught by a Vudran mystic some special chants and mind exercises that can help you focus your mind.
He starts showing you a few things but you think it may take you a week or so to learn the techniques he is showing you.

Jask has plenty to Channels left as well. 6 in fact.

Jask also makes his way around the wounded and offers comfort:
Channel Positive Energy 1d6 ⇒ 2
Channel Positive Energy 1d6 ⇒ 5

What??? We are not animals like these scum. If we reduce ourselved to their level what makes us better than them?

Gelik seems to fade away from the group giving you some excuse about checking on Ishirou...

Jask appears as the words seem to escalate a little in the group.
I have been listening to you two argue about method when we all share the same purpose. We are wasting time.
Stay focused on the real enemy! What Anton has brought us is an advantage.
If we can help we will....let us know how?

Jask pipes up, We trust however you came by this information if you do Anton?
If these "locals" are going to attack us after you leave, wouldn't changing things possibly alert them? I assume they will look to make sure you have left before attacking.
Maybe we should try to talk to them and find out why they want to attack us?

Mihai Soarta wrote:

21st of Lamashan:

Not to show mistrust of Jask, but Mihai inspects Ishirou himself to check his condition...
Heal: take 10 for 17
...trying to gauge if Ishirou will bear the next few days without too much pain. To Jask: "Have you need of herb or poultice? Anton provided me with supplies medicinal that I can cede to you if you have need of them."

If Ishirou is gauged to be ok for a few days, then Mihai will come - if not, then Mihai may stay at camp.

Earlier at camp, I will certainly take the aid....just in case. I have actually found a few local remedies to help. Ishirou's condition will take a few days to fully recover but I am sure I will be fine while you venture out for a day or two, they need you more than I do at the moment Mihai.

Mihai Soarta wrote:
Mihai finds a quiet place to sit after their trek through the jungle. He is unused to the exertion and it is taking it's toll upon him. He drains his waterskin once more by means of rehydrating the copious sweat that has been lost.

Jask sits down beside you...I see you have found the road you are travelling a difficult one. Once, when I was young, I had thought of a life of adventuring. I was never a stout fellow though. I imagine that heading off into the jungle each day would probably be the end of me nowadays.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to ease your burden while in camp. Me and the others do appreciate the dangers you all must face while the rest of us stay in camp. We are trying to do more. In fact we have been able to hunt enough to supply you all with food for both here and on your trips! Just let us know if there is anything else we can do and we will set to it.

Jask fusses over you when you get back, making sure everyone is okay and healing any wounds you may have left.
He examines everyone for diseases, but you are luckily free from them...mayabe you are finally building up some kind of resistance to them!

It is okay Corbrius, he has some healing skills similar to me.

Assuming the castaways have had a chance to talk with the new arrivals and know a little about them....

Corbrius, come here right now! after a thorough examination, You are correct you have Dysentery. Here drink this, and eat this. No Crab for you, only brews and solid foods.


With Jask and now Nora working on you even your poor health seems to not be able to keep you from feeling better the next morning due to their aid. Gave you the extra +4 fro Jask as well.

Jask and Nora both look the group over. Working as a team they seem to to get into a easy rythm tending to your wounds and other issues.

While you are in camp going forward you get a +8 to disease saves.

Jask looks at your parcel with distrust until you show it to made this for me???? You can't imagine what this means to me, to be able to touch my god once more! he clasps your shoulder as a tear comes to his eye
I had never thought to see this day again.
He cradles it and sits mumbling to himself. You wonder if a madness has taken him until later that night around the camp fire.

You wanted to know my here it is. I was once a scribe and book keeper for the Sargavan government. During my work I uncovered evidence of corruption involving illicit deals with the Free
Captains of the Shackles in the government. Not knowing exactly who was involved in these activities I took it took my superior, leggit Keles. Within a day I was betrayed and framed for the same crimes. Keles was thorough and the evidence strong so I did what I had to and fled the country, to Corentyn. Obviously he was the corrupt official in the papers working with them.
I lived a modest life as a scribe for almost a decade. I’d thought my enemies in Sargava had forgotten me, but then a Sargavan agent caught up with me and put me in irons. The agent handed me over to the captain of the Jenivere with instructions to return me to Sargava for trial.
The rest you know....

This is really a long shot but one of the incriminating papers I found so long ago indicated that one of Keles' contacts in the Shackles was a man named Avret Kinkarian. Kinkarian’s ship, the Brine Demon, reputedly wrecked here on Smuggler’s Shiv. I knows it’s a long shot, but I would love to track the ship down and explore the wreck on the off chance there could be more evidence somewhere aboard to prove my innocence. If you run accross the ship can you be sure to get me or search it in my place for anything that might help me? If we do end up getting rescued, then it would be straight back into the irons for me once we reached land...I don't want to run anymore.

Jask seems very relieved that you are back....

Its Aerys, she is very sick. Nora, perhaps we should work together to help her...we might have to stay with her for the next couple of days.

With Jasks help you determine that not only does she have Dysentery, she also has a rarer disease called the pulsing puffs. It's most obvious symptoms is blue white spores in a cut or scrape.

If untreated, Aerys has a good chance of dying...especially with her other "issue" going on....

I refuse to give up on them yet...if they are all dead then so are we!

You find out that Jask is actually quite a skilled healer as well. He admits to being a acolyte of Nethys. He once had healing powers but has no holy symbol with which to memorize spells or use his divine channeling with.
He is still able to use his healing skills though to help with the party and the other castaways.

Enough Gnome! I plan to stay with these people, if you want to stay here by yourself then take you chances on your own. If they say there is a good place to camp up there then that is where we should go.

He nods to Nora and Anton...

When the shackles click open a grin comes to Jask's face for the first time since you have met him.

I am surprised you would blindly trust a man so chained. What if I was a murderer or an evil cleric of Rovagug?

He waits for a moment before continuing,
That is not the case though. You may not believe me but I am an innocent man! I was falsely imprisoned. Maybe one day I will tell you my story, but for now I can help around the camp.

If you have at least one rank in diplomacy:

You sense this may be an opportunity to get one of the castaways on your side, you think Jask may be telling you the truth and this may be as good an opportunity that you are going to get to win him over.

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