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Mayor Kendra Deverin

Janniven's page

14 posts. Alias of GeraintElberion.


Oh, my lord!

Janniven dithers: What should I do now?

initiative Janniven 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

Janniven nods to Pontia: I expect so, when I've seen them before they've had a few riding up ahead and more riding on the lock-wagon.

Janniven talks with Daxius: There's only one road to the citadel, they keep the trees trimmed back from the road so it will be hard to sneak up on them.
She pauses in thought for a moment: There is a bridge though, that might work a choke-point.

Gorvio adds his own insight: Some always take the lead as a mounted patrol, with the wagon behind: we've done some work for them before.

Taking down the lock-wagon might be better for all of us, it will keep the trouble off the streets and all good Wiscrani enjoy a chance to laugh at the hellknights.

We've been thinking that we need to respond to events a bit more, start spreading some good cheer and making Wiscrani feel a bit safer.

Most of the people here were recuited like you were, but you seem a little handier than most. We've got a network, we've got ears to the ground, we hear about all kinds of things where we'd like to step in and stop the old lady getting shaken down, or give the screw-renting landlord a pause for thought: these folks write an open-wide contract and then breeze about doing what they fancy.

Sclave butts in again: It's the letter of the law what matters here, the spirit of the law and the good of the people be hanged! When the laws a trap and a trick then good folk should do something.

Pontia Canario wrote:
Pontia will gladly have something more to eat, now that no one in the area smells like the sewers. Her initial absent-mindedness has not returned; she tries to listen carefully and respectfully to everyone, and does not herself speak except for minor politenesses for some time. At some opportune point, though, she brings up a concern. "Janniven, the things you say you're doing--charity and the like--why does it rouse such opposition? That armiger didn't think he was being sent to shut down a soup kitchen, and people who heal the sick are strange targets for arrest."

Well, we've also distributed a few pamphlets, pointed out a few inconvenient truths and made some criticism of the Dottari and the slave trade... she shrugs They call it "agitation", we call it a few home truths.

Arael and I helped some political prisoners to slink out of the city as well, and they really don't like Iomedaean priests who focus upon her aspect as the inheritor... to many reminders of Aroden and the old city.

Mathalen adds: They've never moved against us before though... we're just waiting to hear about the court situation.

I'm sorry, I never meant to trap you or trick you here, only to talk to you.

She shrugs and looks about the room: We are, all of us, proud people of Westcrown. We see a light in this city that has grown dim over the years. We want to change that.

Janniven begins pacing back and forth as she speaks: We're not mad dreamers or wild-eyed revolutionaries, we just think that if we can solve some of the cities problems without the help of hellknights or hell then maybe the people... maybe the people will see their strength once again.

What's really holding Westcrown back? Too much crime, too much neglect, the beasts in the night! House Thrune doesn't care about moldering old Westcrown and that's just fine with us but the passion in her voice is palpable this could be a beautiful city, abeatiful place to live: if only the people stood up for themselves.[b]

She pauses for a second and looks about the room, her gaze finally settling on your group: [b]If only we stood up for ourselves.

Janniven sits down next to Morrosino and ruffles his hair: Right now we're doing charitable works, helping the sick and the needy, but with the right allies perhaps we could shut down a few criminals, re-open some dead neighbourhoods, inspire our fellow Wiscrani... and from there? Who knows.

I wanted to speak to you, to you all, because I thought you were people who might want to help.

Janniven holds Morosino close to her: Peace, Daxius, peace. Morosino was followed, nothing more.

I don't really want to butt in with DMPC. That's Janniven's way though, sorry, she has great confidence in every one of you. She won't be on your shoulder once you clear the sewers.

Janniven takes careful aim at the archer goblin
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
1d8 ⇒ 5

Then she turns to the armiger and Morosino and gives them an encouraging smile.

Freed up by Astra, Janniven knocks an arrow to her bow and takes careful aim at the archer goblin.
attack1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20
damage1d8 ⇒ 4

Her arrow strikes true and the goblin cries out in pain.

Janniven struggles to release her bow while keeping control of Morosino on a narrow ledge: she eventually releases her bow and is fumbling with her arrows.

We laid this trail a few months ago. I don't remember anything like this.

Janniven looks quite taken aback: Daxius, I... this won't mean anything to the rest of you but Daxius should understand: I'm waiting for Arael. He should have been here by now.

dc15 knowledge local:
Arael is a half-elf who lives round this part of the city.

dc20 knowedge local:
Arael is, in fact, a cleric of Iomedae who works with charities in Westcrown.

She looks around the group: Arael normally does the talking, he's better at it than me. She lets out a sigh. Braces herself and then stands to deliver an impassioned speech.

The people of Westcrown labour under an unfair weight: capricious laws are cruelly enforced; criminal gangs plague the streets and the wilderness and every night we must cower in fear from the shadow beasts the government leaves to prowl our streets. Hellknights come and go as they please and yet our blasted Lord Mayor is more interested in the latest twisted opera from the capital.

dc5 knowledge local or intelligence check:
Most of what she has just said would be considered treason by the state and you know of people who have been hanged for less.

Well, we say 'enough'!She bangs her hand on the table and her fork spins onto the floor: Westcrown deserves better: safer streets and safer nights. And if nobody else will doing anything about it then we'll do so ourselves! And we'd like you to be a part of it...
She peters out rather uncertainly at the end and looks around the room expectantly.

Janniven makes a comic sigh: Come now, gentlemen, Wiscrani are you both and in these days Wiscrani must work together.

I should apologise, I have flung you all together with little warning and this is bound to put people on edge.

She leans over and touches Daxius on the arm I have a find friend who vouches for you and She nods toward Hyngrot, further down the table another fine friend who vouches for you.

She takes in the whole table with her gaze.
Every person here, gathered around this table, has a good heart. I would swear to it. So we'll have no squabbles about manners and instead trust that each of us means well.

First, I should explain who I am: I'm a Wiscrani, through and through, a sellsword is what I appear to most but I have a passion which fires me more than the next fight and the next ale. I care about this city and its people and I intend to do something to help them.

After we've dined I will tell you all why I have called you here, rest-assured I have not made any invitations lightly. Now that's a long speech for me, so I'll hold off for a while.

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