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Janku Tolliver's page

415 posts. Alias of scranford.

Full Name

Janku Tolliver


AC 24 (25)


HP 30/30 AP 8/8



About Janku Tolliver



My basic concept, no equipment, traits not finalized etc is listed under the profile on the recruiting thread.

After perusing the Players guide I think the campaign trait “Bastard” makes a lot of sense. While Janku grew up fairly privileged (His Noble father provided a townhouse and stipend for his mother) the one thing he couldn’t provide and that Janku craved was power. He grew up seeing the sniveling true offspring of his noble father being less of a man than he, yet they were in line for power…real power. So Janku found a different path to power. The Church of Gorum. He would show them. He would show them all how a real noble should rule. He would have the power he craved.

What is this? A trip to The River Kingdoms? A chance to prove himself by his deeds, and ability, instead of the blood running through his veins? Yes...yes…I will do this thing.

I thinking a representative / adviser from the aforementioned church sent to "Advise" a noble representative, but who has ideas and aspirations to becoming if not the crown, the power behind it. Younger son of a Brevoy noble, who sees the church as his way to power and glory.

Stat block


Male Human Cleric 6
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +0; Senses Perception +4
AC 24, touch 10, flat-footed 24. . (+10 armor, +4 shield)
hp 35 (6d8+6)
Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +11
Resist Resistant Touch (7/day)
Spd 20 ft.
Melee Heavy Shield Bash +2 (1d4+2/20/x2) and
. . +1 Greyflame Morningstar +7 (1d8+3/20/x2) and
. . +1 Morningstar +7 (1d8+3/20/x2) and
. . Greatsword +2 (2d6+3/19-20/x2) and
. . Masterwork Heavy Shield Bash +3 (1d4+2/20/x2)
Ranged Sling +4 (1d4+2/20/x2)
Spell-Like Abilities Resistant Touch (7/day)
Cleric Spells Known (CL 6, 6 melee touch, 4 ranged touch):
3 (3/day) Protection from Energy (DC 17), Prayer, Dispel Magic, Searing Light
2 (4/day) Remove Paralysis (DC 16), Sound Burst (DC 16), Bull's Strength (DC 16), Spiritual Weapon, Hold Person (DC 16)
1 (4/day) Murderous Command (DC 15), Shield of Faith (DC 15), Bless, Sanctuary (DC 15), Sun Metal (DC 15)
0 (at will) Resistance (DC 14), Detect Poison, Purify Food and Drink (DC 14), Create Water
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 16/18, Cha 16
Base Atk +4; CMB +6; CMD 16
Feats Extra Channel, Improved Unarmed Strike, Selective Channeling
Traits Noble Born - Surtova, Suspicious
Skills Acrobatics -6, Appraise +6, Climb -4, Craft (Painting) +4, Diplomacy +12, Escape Artist -6, Fly -6, Heal +11, Knowledge (History) +8, Knowledge (Nobility) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +10, Linguistics +7, Ride -6, Sense Motive +13, Spellcraft +10, Stealth -6, Swim -4
Languages Common, Giant, Sylvan, Thassilonian
SQ Aura (Ex), Cleric Channel Positive Energy 3d6 (8/day) (DC 16) (Su), Cleric Domain: Liberation, Cleric Domain: Protection, Liberation (6 rounds/day) (Su), Spontaneous Casting
Combat Gear +1 Full Plate, +1 Greyflame Morningstar, +1 Morningstar, +1 Shield, Heavy Steel, Greatsword, Shield of the Rose, Sling; Other Gear Backpack, Masterwork (1 @ 15 lbs), Bedroll, Cleric's vestments, Dungeoneering Kit, Deluxe, Headband of Inspired Wisdom, +2, Holy symbol, silver: Gorum, Potion of Comprehend Languages, Potion of Eagle's Splendor, Potion of Fly, Pouch, belt (1 @ 4.28 lbs), Pouch, belt (4 @ 1 lbs), Sack (2 @ 11 lbs), Sack (empty)
Aura (Ex) The Cleric has an aura corresponding to his deity's alignment.
Cleric Channel Positive Energy 3d6 (8/day) (DC 16) (Su) A good cleric can channel positive energy to heal the living and injure the undead; an evil cleric can channel negative energy to injure the living and heal the undead.
Cleric Domain: Liberation Granted Powers: You are a spirit of freedom and a staunch foe against all who would enslave and oppress.
Cleric Domain: Protection Granted Powers: Your faith is your greatest source of protection, and you can use that faith to defend others. In addition, you receive a +1 resistance bonus on saving throws. This bonus increases by 1 for every 5 levels you possess.
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Liberation (6 rounds/day) (Su) Act as if you had freedom of movement for 6 rounds/day.
Noble Born - Surtova +2 damage with light or one-handed weapons vs. flat-footed opponents
Resistant Touch (7/day) (Sp) May donate Protection Domain's Resistance bonus to ally by touch for 1 minute.
Selective Channeling Exclude targets from the area of your Channel Energy.
Spontaneous Casting The Cleric can convert stored spells into Cure or Inflict spells.

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Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC®, and are used under license.

Current Spell Selection


Cleric Spells Known (CL 4, 5 melee touch, 3 ranged touch):
3 (2/day) Protection from Energy (DC 16), Prayer, Searing Light
2 (3/day) Remove Paralysis (DC 15), Sound Burst (DC 15), Bull's Strength (DC 15), Spiritual Weapon
1 (4/day) Murderous Command (DC 14), Shield of Faith (DC 14), Bless, Sanctuary (DC 14), Sun Metal (DC 14)
0 (at will) Resistance (DC 13), Detect Poison, Purify Food and Drink (DC 13), Create Water



HP -2 / 33
STR-18 4-min -[ ]

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