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Xethik wrote:

the stats are tricky, and it should probably be replaced by the Double Crossbow.

Nah, that's the part where I have to disagree. The core book double crossbow is a mess of worthlessness. A "trap option" in every sense, which I have great difficulty believing was anything but deliberate design. It requires more training and feats than a simple weapon, performs far worse, and completely breaks down the moment additional attacks are available for other options even though multiple attacks are the primary method of growth for martial damage dealers. It is also very expensive.

Some look at the handful of exotic weapons that are particularly powerful and say "They have to be better because they require additional feats and training to use effectively". They look at the repeating crossbows and say "Well crossbows are a simple weapon so they must not be as good", get reminded that these are exotics, and "oh well not all weapons are created equal lol".

Fact is, game systems require consistency. The standard Double only works to hamper and hold-back a character, and no amount of "but you can still choose it for roleplay reasons" makes how badly it screws the character okay. The Minotaur Double may not be ideal, but it works within the system and its use can grow along a character.

That it does. The non-Minotaur version should be trashed/ignored/derided/mocked and permanently replaced.

Basic version being minotaur sized would in fact be large already. Fine if you're large or if you've got Powerful Build, but otherwise you will require a smaller version.

There was a minotaur book (very small/short) that had the crossbow. I do not recall if prices were listed, but given the abberant feat requirements and cost of the basic double, "same price" is already more than enough

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Gunslingers are not balanced.
Of course, unbalanced does not always mean "overpowered"...

Only a handful of your levelling resources and equipment make you a powerful, dedicated archer.

An entire build of class and feat choices makes you a louder, generally inferior at-best, less versatile/capable character who "deals damage at range" - and unless reducing your capabilities even further by using advanced firearms, barely 1/4 the range of a bow's first range increment. Firearms are also saddled with starting prices in the "magic weapon" range.

If just bypassing regular armor bonuses in point-blank range completely breaks a GM's encounters, there's something seriously wrong with the GM's ability to create encounters. Unfortunately that says a lot about how easily some adventure path encounters can be shattered by a firearm.

I never said otherwise. However, +3 set of Crystal Spaulders for example comes in at 50,400gp, which is just barely below the total cost of a Mithral Medium +7 (such as a breastplate). Still has some room for "customization" of its own, and more importantly actual armor can offer some significant savings thanks to different pricing/value;Skin Form, certain customizations are quite expensive to equip, but not too bad in armor bonuses, and vice-versa.

Yeah I mentioned those explicitly.
Nevertheless, if even with a +3 hilt you'd be looking at a +8 weapon by level 20, you're really not grabbing enough soul-X to be worth it.

Crystal Spaulders are one of the rare trap options in DSP books. Except perhaps in the specific case of playing a Juggernaut archetype, It'll always be more points and less armor than if you simply enchanted some mithral medium armor (mithral: No proficiency? No ACP? No problem!) and expended your Cpts elsewhere. Gets fairly expensive, too, cashwise...

Inversely, the crystal hilts,etc combined with Fighter's Blade allow things like the metaforge to shine where before giving up more than 2-3 levels of soulblade was about as bad as giving up a bunch of full-caster levels when playing one!

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Easy examples:

Low Magic:
Star Wars IV. That's low magic. It's not no magic, but two nebulously vaguely 'magical' characters do just one or two little tricks, and most people are willing to disbelieve it to their faces even.

Medium Magic:
Something like the setting for 7th Sea, or Middle Earth. Magic is a thing, it's known, but practitioners are extremely rare and just having a big clairvoyance eye in the sky or cursed rings of suggestion is the stuff of epics, legends and world-shaking events. I don't think even Conan fits down here, given what's actually on that world....

High Magic:
The average 'fantasy' when people think fantasy. Fairies and Wizards and Slimes riding Knights and whatnot.

Insanely High Magic:
Where many games and TTRPGs end up. Realistic fantasies where people dislike the thought of 'unrealistic' things like guns and functional crossbows, capable martials, non-vancian-magic and space travel being brought in and ruining their realistic land of talking lightning bolts, crashed starships full of laser-spewing robot scorpions whose AIs are driven mad by ambient magic-distorted subspace communication systems, dragons and planehopping.

Well, that last one is more of a joke or to point out how ridiculous some of the 'realism' arguments that occasionally show up for this game can be, but nevertheless Golarion IS somewhere betweeen "Dynasty Warriors", "G-Gundam" and "Marvel Universe" for magic.

Level 3 Metaforge is usually where you want to stop. 4-6 levels of Aegis (to taste) and Student of the Astral Suit, Fighter's Blade, wear skin form with actual magical armor, and the rest of your levels in (usually gifted blade) soulknife. The metaforge abilities are kinda 'meh' beyond 3rd, as you get more abilities/mileage out of splitting levels between the two classes than you do using the hybrid PRC.

Effectively what you need to avoid is a situation where you cannot achieve +9 or +10 enhancement total with your mindblade/bolt/whatever by 20th when a crystal hilt/bow/whatever is added in. Not having a good handful of blade/bolt skills is also a drag.

Not because campaigns usually get so high, but because if your progression wouldn't get you there in the long run, it means you're behind the entire time, and neither Aegis nor Soulknife offers accuracy bonuses or training. If everyone's running around with +2 speed or keens, and you're still stuck with a non-special +1, AND you're paying for that +1 with class abilities, you've basically pigeonholed into playing catch-up. At that point why aren't you using even a fellow player's leftovers or a weapon of your own?

The occult book's quite Vancian. Also doesn't help that like most things of "has vancian vs has not vancian" results in the usual balance of those two things. We're expecting what, "tier 5 at best if all the rumored changes go through" out of the kineticist for example? Experience tells us that what we saw in the playtest will be more or less what we get from the book, though there'll be a few extra spells available.

It was a good move on Paizo's part not to use the term psionics though; that word's been dragged through the mud (quite unfairly after 1st edition, where the issue was more the fact that it was the first ever Gestalt class) that the book's sales would be nowhere near as high from just the choice of name.

Sorry, when I said advanced I was actually talking about the tech ones. Though that works too.

Just so you know, the advanced weapons are easier on game balance than the ancient ones. Yes, the reason is once again them doubles and the ancient firearms ability to have free action reloading.

But they DO make for some pretty damn cool 'slinger options though, especially if refluffed to magitech or something.

Techslinger's in that numerian tech guide. I do wonder if clustered shots might help there, as several of the guns, while quite decent, there, are energy based, which could be a problem much more often than DR.

As for Aegis, yeah, it's one of DSP's psionic classes. One of the best damn martials in flavor, power and balance, but unfortunately not "pathfinder society" legal. Probably the first time I've heard someone say they allow everything but haven't had the psi classes in play! Seriously though. Excellent class. Very solid low tier 3 and a multiclassing wonder.

Also of note for multiclassing, though not PFS, is the Aegis, which grants some simply spectacular combinations and utilities for a wannabe gunner. From Evasion (and its Fort/Will equivalent, Stalwart) to flight, active-camo, burrowing, vision modes, extra arms and of course holding a bigger gun and making it even bigger. Hard to say no to a 'reloading' item/climb/grapple hand, a shield hardpoint and weapons two sizes larger than you'd normally have had!

Will you be covering the Techslinger and its little wonders? Well, not that they're as dangerous as double-pistols but hey they're fun.

Reducing almost any attack to a standard action guts the user's damage so badly it's generally a permanent toss to the trash bin for that option.

At our table we simply say "one double-shot per gun per round" and that keeps things nice and tidy. One of your attacks in a full attack can be both barrels, that's it. That said, it does drag the 'slinger down to well below what an equally dedicated archer could do.

The best way to keep a gunslinger balanced is the Techslinger. Let him jump onto shiny laser rifles and ice-beams, and you won't have to worry about his output anywhere near as much as someone who really has little choice other than "dual double-pistols". It'll be 'good enough' with less effort (as in "feats") letting the character spread out a little more, and you can refluff'em as magitech at worst.

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nighttree wrote:
As far as replicating the 3.5 Warlock, which seems to be the goal of many...does the Keneticist miss the mark grossly ???

It lacks the versatility, the power, the "at will" factor for the majority of its abilities... It's kind of an elemental warlock thematically, but if the final version is remotely similar in power AND/OR scope to the playtest version, it's gonna be the "NPC Classes" version.

You know, right in between Expert and Commoner.

Actually given what intimidation rolls ARE, it might be best to apply a ... 'growth factor' instead. Barring some very specific effects one should generally not remove player agency: The moment things become a cinematic, you've stopped running a game and started telling them your story.

If the intimidation succeeds its roll, you give an updated description/analysis of the character doing so. Make something already existing about that character sound a little more menacing. Sure it may not be a mechanical change, but it can be far more valuable as the right words/descriptions can cause people to completely change their tactics or planned actions.

"Upon closer inspection those muscles look quite a bit more solid than you thought"

"You think you might have caught a strange crackling sound just now, maybe some spell effect's aura-masking is starting to come undone from activating it"

"That's a pretty bright-looking fireball coming your way, oh uh, gimme a reflex save."

"That blade's dripping with something. As it swings close you feel a bit of burning on your skin, maybe from those droplets. Those damn things that impaled bill outright, did either of you ever keep a vial of that stuff?"

Give it to them as a "clue". Changing their behavior; that's the entire point of that roll ain't it?

Mechanically, a lot of the "unlimited" turned out, as people eventually discovered (completely coincidentally matching the time when they stopped worrying the warlock was overpowered and tossed it aside as "worthless non-full-caster-drivel") is actually of little to no value.

By the time a full-caster of more than level 2 or 3 is truly out of spells, unless he's been wasting them (or the poor guy's a blaster build) they've probably gone through several more encounters in a day than the party could ever have survived without their because-just-once-a-day vancian-boosted abilities. The fighter would've dropped dead, completely out of her only resource (HP) before noon, and the rogue might not have made it past the dungeon entrance (remember old 2nd edition and them traps?)

As a result, warlocks, while they don't run out of their tricks, were in the same boat as the fighter but more versatile: You're eventually exhausted and low on health, and the two guys who decide how entire encounters go in a single action each have said that's enough for today it's time to rest. The warlock just had less bookkeeping is all!

Luckily 5th also offers a few 'apprenticeship' tidbits, so that it's not all the same "haha sold your soul now you're damned and try to take it back" story with every character every time.

I rather enjoy the concept of some ancient eldritch horror beyond time accepting, with the barest sliver of its consciousness, that some tiny little baby-chick of an existence just imprinted on it and will try to follow and learn from it for a little while; maybe every once in a while it'll look back to make sure the fluffy little peep-peep is okay.

Or, of simply having looked/chanced-upon/fallen-in-with a different kind of master/teacher than all the other apprentice wizards. "Lil' Mikey over there's really learning some wierdass methods, and who here's ever heard of "Color out of Space"? He don't sound like no archmage OUR academy has ever mentioned!"

Well Master CooS might have you digging a tower to west of house with feathers dipped in cow-man blood every once in a while, and you are kinda wondering about this pattern the lot of them are starting to create, but at least you're not spending the first ten years just polishing his bloody books and cleaning up after that filthy familiar (seriously the thing just... hiding it in boots, the table, under the bed, ANYWHERE".

Petty Alchemy wrote:
Mechanically the Warlock will be succeeded by the Kineticist.

Only if the final version is drastically, unrecognizably different from the playtest version, that is.

Otherwise we've got a poor damage dealer with a devastatingly self-destructive mechanic, no versatility, and precious-few tricks to show for it, whereas Warlocks were decently enough third-tier* as I recall.

edit: * or was that Dragonfire Adepts, or was it the warlock but with access to DFA invocations, or was it the other way around? I know DFA main power came from breath feats, which were iffy of access if you did not purchase Power Surge (which fully cleared'em for RAW combining there), but I forget which was T3 and which was just T4. Either way so many people more or less just slushed way too much of those two classes together so it's difficult to remember.

Except it's never "steps".
Rapid Reload sets reload times to new (shorter) values.
Advanced Firearms with metal cartridges are set to a move action.

At best, rapid reload does nothing. At worst, it would be slowing down your 2-hander if it applied after any ammo mods.

Or he makes it flatly impossible by retroactively adding things whenever the players have an idea he didn't account for, but at that point he should just hang up his dice for good.

What REASON exactly do you have to want to keep them in jail for an amount of time? Keeping in mind that without at least something/someone to do or adventure there's kind of little point to be rolling up a character.

If there's no +x weapons due to no casters (seriously don't remove that part "because there's no enchanters") you're going to have extreme problems. Do keep in mind that higher level challenges (and not just monsters) within the system ASSUME that you are covered head to toe in magic gear.

Martial types are hit the hardest, in fact, by such a lack, before you even get into the issue of "nigh-impossible save DC vs nasty effect you no longer have the magic to remove".

Vod Canockers wrote:
Detect the Faithful.

Won't help unless you're dealing with a hyper-intelligent fully sentient embryo that's already chosen its god?

While the vital strike compatibility is nice, it's still a pretty significant nerf to only give the first VS, as that is in and of itself weaker than dead shot.

Overall, all you've done is weaken gunslingers and guns as a whole, in exchange for making them slightly more compatible with other classes.

Unfortunately, that does not make them attractive in the least.

Rocket launchers cannot be recharged, but as the techslinger gets to give it a temporary charge (and/or lower the charge cost to 0) even if it can no longer be recharged, it shouldn't be an issue.

Now, the fact that it takes a full-round-action to fire the thing, THAT'S a problem. Even if it works, deadshot is weaker than vital strike, which is weaker than mythic vital strike, which is weaker than a full attack.

At least, though (and I do love that part) anything directly hit by the rocket doesn't get a save, which is good because by the time you can afford one there's not a damn thing in the game that can't make DC 15 (and by the time your 'slinger can use it without running out, not a thing that can't make it on a one or two!)

Just make sure it's not a fire type, since everything resists or is immune to that. Force missiles should do well enough.

By pure RAW, the full-round-action to use once means it's completely incompatible with damn near anything.

This is, of course, a fatal flaw in the entire heavy weapon list, as by making it 'not an attack action', and by making it incompatible with the majority of feats and abilities, even a rocket launcher's damage ends up falling short of... bows.

Dispari Scuro wrote:
Use an Elixir of Sex Shift. If it doesn't work, the character is pregnant.

When you think about it, that's not very fair. It means magic in general considers a blastocyst more important than the life of its host!

*gets the hell back into cover*

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Just remember, even if you're not sure what you've caught, there's always Cure Disease!

*Dives for cover*

Use commune to ask a deity

You don't honestly believe Zeus is gonna own up to this stuff do you?

What do they have? High DR?
Because if that's the case, any magic damage, spells or spell-likes, or energy attacks bypass that entirely.

Don't forget an Arc Rifle!

You've got a guy trying to be a significant part of the battle, except he's a bard with a crossbow (the most reviled weapon of the early development stages of the d20 system, where even "exotic>martial>simple" gets ignored in favor of screwing it up the ***).

So he's not getting to add strength to damage like he would with a bow past character creation (maybe two sessions at most). He's a 3/4 BAB character as well.

The fighter is almost inexplicably better than the others right now, by sheer virtue of your other players not really having any clue what they are doing. It's like if we were comparing a juggler to myself attempting to juggle. The problem's not with the juggler, even though I might need an ambulance.

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On the other hand, that was taking up some "room"/balance-considerations and so should probably get replaced by something. You could certainly make room for a nice masterwork mino-double in there, or something.

But what are the chances that we'll see any fixes/repairs to the proficiency and gunsmithing issue anytime soon (and HOW did that make it from testing to the final printing in the first place), or ever at all?

Given how often the two are conjointly banned or allowed in many groups, I'd suggest taking a look at the psionic multiclassing options.

Aegis and Marksman in particular make superb combinations with the gunslinger, and Adaptive Warrior in particular deserves special mention for the sniper builds, as you can eventually auto-threat with it.

Hope you've got some bonus dice there, else all you've got to keep's three dice!

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KahnyaGnorc wrote:
INT - Aegis (not really one, but PP/day is Int-based), Cryptic, Tactician, Psion

Aegis is a partial manifester, Psy-Warrior style, if you choose to make it that way.

The Harness Power Stone chain of Astral Suit customizations allows you to hold, own, and manifest multiple power stones as if they were known powers outright. You need only someone who can put a power in there in the first place.

Of course, that's only while you're not busy arguing with others at your table about just what an oversized weapon-augmented temporarily-deep-crystal railgun specifically uses as its damage formula (come on just look at the table it's so obviously 6d8 for the first size-up then 2d8>3d8 so 9d8 now help me find more d8s I'm using vital strike).

Did I mention Aegis and Guns get along quite swimmingly?

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LazarX wrote:

Psionics however is more Jean-Grey, Scanners, Mind Control, and general sci-fi and "New Age" and comic book tropes.

Also old scripture like the Mahabharata.

Don't let the power names in psionics throw you off; most of that stuff is ancient.

Systematically speaking, anyways, a point or fatigue system fits most fantasy magics when it comes to how it's done in non-game lore and fiction, with vancian being very setting specific (and ridiculously powerful, which was WHY it was so limited in the form of 'finalizing' high-powered rituals), even for things like D&D.

More to the point, isn't "psychic magic" that sticks to vancian just going to be a couple of sorc-like classes with variants on often already covered spells, like enchantments and divinations? Even Telekinesis is in there already...

Forget the double. Never the double. A Minotaur Double is the real double crossbow. Accept no purposefully-designed-as-utterly-horrific-for-the-wielder-not-the-targets, king-of-trap-equipment-options substitutes

A Masterwork would set you back what, about 1100 gold? That's decently ballpark for a starting bolt ace weapon replacement.

AD&D's cosmology had a very simple reason why you had so many more demons and devils in the prime than (usually temporarily summoned by a spell only) celestials: People are more often evil than good when they do register as non-neutral through their actions.

There were actually significantly more demons and devils than celestials, to the point where the only thing them from invading the upper planes was spending most of their energy on the blood-war.

The gods do in fact not give a flying **** as well, as they have their own closed off dimensional realms within the planes, where whatever they damn well hope and dream whatever they bloody want into reality.

Psion, Marksman, Aegis, Bard, Alchemist, Paladin, Stalker, Warlord.

Definitely some energy Arm-Cannons.
Not enough of those.

Reason I'm wondering about master summoner though is that a lot of the higher summons can offer spellcasting themselves.

1: Wizard, Cleric, Druid, Razmarian Sorc, Sorc and Oracle when they have Paragon Surge (oracle especially), probably the Arcanist

2: Regular Sorcerer, Psion (Kineticist might be 3 though), regular Oracle. Standard Summoner, but unsure if Master Summoner is here or makes it to Tier 1.

3: Alchemists, Bards, Skalds! Magus, Warpriests, Inquisitors, Most DSP classes like the Marksman, Aegis, Vitalist, Tactician, Psy-Warrior... Possibly the path of war classes but I've not enough experience with them to say. Synthesist Summoners are probably here, might still be at 2?

4: Barbarians, Rangers, Adepts, paladins are probably at the top of 4, and Dreads and Soulknives. Unsure if Ninja here or in 5, they're fairly versatile and better than the Rogue, but are they good enough?

5: Fighters, The Better Monk Archetypes, Gunslingers, Swashbucklers, Samurai... Cavalier probably still fits here but below samurai.

6: The "common NPC classes", the rest of the monk archetypes, and probably the crossbowman archetype.

Wide Lines would be nice, rather. corridors of death would be a nice compromise between "just another line" and "wideass cone", allowing for good range. You can get a lot more mileage out of those 3-wide MAPWs than the teeniest ones or just one line often enough.

The Ion Cannon
Nah more as in "GDI". Orbital flight and deep holes where power plants used to be. Basically what the average blaster caster aspires to.
Like Mario?
Well I figure not everyone wants giant blue beams all the time for everything, however odd that may sound. Plus skippy fireballs and all.
Are we talking about neutrinos?
In this case it's a weapon from over in gurps: The idea is that you take a typically fatal accident: phasing, hyperspace or teleportation errors, and apply them to the end of whatever barrel or barrel-less vectored weapon that you're using. To bypass silly crap like intervening moons or shields or reactor core housings that thought they stood between you and hilarity

Where be this, and does it combine well with Aegis (I can't tell you the totally secret unobvious obscure reasons one would want to multiclass with that)?

Steady Photon-Belt III, Supernova, Hyper, Shock or Giga Wave Cannons
(Because hostile kingdoms/planets/planes-of-existence can't have nice things)
Dantalion's Flute
(Because it's a pretty name with similar results)
The Ion Cannon
Plasma Beam
(Makes for a nice low level eldritch blast)
Fire Flowers
(Parce que)
Ghost Particle Cannons
(Anyone that can't appreciate the artful beauty of using warp, hyperdrive or transporter technology to turn relativistic particle beams into horrific telefrag artillery barrages has never known love in their cold heart)
Gamma Ray Bursts
(Wizards can create universes and alter others to suit their tastes. In comparison, being able to punch some ionizing holes through nearby planets is pretty f***ing tame)

Some of this stuff might be "work towards at higher levels" but if you can level up into "bigger campaign-breakier spells", you can level into "brighter, more energetic electromagnetic events" as well! No more holding back "Because best gun shouldn't be as strong as a bow which shouldn't be as strong as fireball"! My Aegis demands seven-loops of happiness and charge!

Edit: Also Golarion has giant laser-spewing robot spiders for crying out loud. Ammunition counts and worries, if even applicable, should involve the burst-limiter on your drum's feed system for the happy little rotary you lug around with 22 strength, not some prissy pouch of lead pebbles in powdered paper.

The limitation is that you've got all your class abilities built up towards doing this, And it's nothing but damage. Oh and a Barbarian or Archer will easily top this using multiple attacks that had less dice to them but an even higher static bonus to the damage. It actually TAKES insane-seeming dice multipliers like this to even make vital strike remotely viable without putting some mythic levels into it. Viable, that is; not actually even close to multiattacking, but meaning you're no longer total dead weight in battle.

You aren't replacing big bad guy over there with a completely devoted thrall. You aren't finding out everything the party will need to know about the evil noble's castle. You aren't calling down the gods themselves to aid you in your endeavors.

Aegis is one of the best martials you can be or have, so it does have a good amount of versatility to go with its damage. But all that just adds up to a solid, competent choice... not a campaign violator. Just looks really bad because so many other "equivalent options" are so ill-designed they can't even do their own role.

Soooo.... What are people's impressions of the Metaforge, Pyrokineticist, and the Cerebremancer?

Metaforge is 3 levels or forget it. Not all that needed now that there's Fighter's Blade to help compensate for your nonsoulblade levels, but dual summon could be handy and you might want just another 3 or 4 custom points without damaging your enhancement bonus (after all, if it can't keep up with a bought weapon...)

Pyrokineticist is kinda neat but overall quite 'meh'. How many things aren't highly resistant or immune to fire that you'll deal with?

Cerebremancer requires splitting into two casters. We know how much 'better' that is compared to actually maxing out your caster levels, though this does diminish the sting a bit. However, if you can get an equivalence (either magical or psionic; whichever you don't have) on the cheap combined with the +CL or +manifester multiclassing trait, it suddenly becomes quite awesome, as you get 10 caster levels then for cheap.

Basically all three are "optimize or there's really little point"

Axial wrote:
1) Can the Nomad psion teleport an infinite number of times per day using Nomad's Step?

14401 times per day, assuming you skip out on resting/breaks and expend your 14th level ability on an additional set of actions. Technically not infinite, but if that much is not enough, you've far worse to worry about in the first place!

2) If I'm rolling up a psionic character, what would I normally spend my WBL on?

Level permitting there's a certain Torc, we'll call it "of power preservation" that will greatly help you in your quests. Other good stuff includes crystal hilts, deepcrystal weapon materials, and especially powerstones if you're playing an Aegis (as well as magic armor in that case too, but shhhhh that's secret). Otherwise whatever works, it ain't so different from anybody else. Everyone loves rings of regeneration and all that s!$#, and dorjes are really just psi wands. Avoid the crowns though: they're basically staves, except using up that head slot you should have big casting stat bonus on.

3) Does Combat Casting give me the same bonus to manifesting psionic powers, or is it casters-only?

Pretty sure it's caster only, but also pretty sure there was a combat manifestation one somewhere. Not that it matters because as usual any hit you can't make the concentration check against has probably just killed you anyways.

I think I'll just go with pure Aegis. By the time I would like that dip (16+), I'm not taking combat feats anymore.

Aegis is the splashiest sonofa~ that you can roll, pretty much. With Student of the Astral Suit I recommend switching out around level 6 to get the other stuff you want - you can return to aegis afterwards. Whether that's a weaponmaster for 3 feats and gloves of dueling, or an archeologist to instead pick up a luck bonus, or six levels of adaptive warrior or whatever, well that's up to you. But the most important growth aspects will continue those four levels.

Oh also since you'll easily have the points for it anyways (remember to use real armor!) you should probably get yourself extra arms II and hook a shield up to one of your new hardpoints. You'll have no penalties to shield use from that mode and get the free-hand bonus for item use or just climbing and grappling.

Ashiel wrote:
]I kind of fail to see how that even matters given that you're probably doing it in your downtime anyway. I mean, I seriously doubt you're going to stop to loot the tattered tapestries in the middle of combat. >_>

In combat no. But a standard action just comes out to picking up the item a little more slowly.

Ten minutes per item will quickly have the party saying "screw this", or the caster going "Screw that", because it's actually a significant time investment if the item in question is an entire laundromat's pile of once-expensive-but-now-goblin-suited socks (true story).

Aratrok wrote:
You know what else repairs items? A cantrip called mending. Plus, broken items aren't worthless, they just sell for 75% of their value.

The difference is that mending takes 10 minutes, and astral repair takes a standard action for 2HP.

Marcus Robert Hosler wrote:
The aegis also gets actual class features for item crafting and UMD, which is what a lot of people try to make the fighter do to balance him out.

Something that can violate the miserly party donations of the average dungeon or ruin (in a viciously tentacular fashion) is their very first level ability; Astral Repair. Oh look that broken glass/painting/cup/jewel/statue/sculpture/PIECEOFGEAR isn't worthless and broken anymore. It's brand new. Be aware this may only work once or twice before things are suddenly all dust or barren rooms everywhere everytime however.

The only downside is that you really have to start relying on Harness stone abilities at high levels to keep your to-hit on par with a fighter or smiting paladin. If you don't do that your offense gets closer to the monk. Which is not a bad thing. Probably cuts down on rocket tag

You can also make violently vicious use of firearms to make up for the to-hit lack.

Firearms that are bigger than they should.
Firearms that are bigger than they should be and are augmented by your suit to yet another size for damage.
Firearms that are bigger than they should be and are augmented by your suit to yet another size for change that you built out of deep-crystal.

More importantly, Vancian casting is rare even in at least the older D&D books. Don't know if those pathfinder novels have wizards and sorcerers working off vancian though.

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