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Hag Eye Ooze

James Risner's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Marathon Voter, 8 Season Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Card Game, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent, Kentucky—Lexington. 7,352 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.

Owner of D20 Hobbies


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The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Scott Wilhelm wrote:

Are you proposing to be an oppressive majority denying players the right to play a game according to the rules? Rules that the players pay money to use?

My point is unpopular does not equal illegal. People should be allowed to play the game the way they want to according to the rules.

In reality, that is exactly how it works at 99.99% of tables. A player make an assertion, if the GM disagrees the player either accepts or picks a different table to play. Whether or not the player bought books is irrelevant.

Plus if you are at my table, I'll take advice from Mark, SKR, Jason, or event James Jacobs. Mostly because the way this whole game is designed is something you can grok.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies


I guess my next project is to make a Klar FAQ.

It seems we need them to specifically acknowledge it is shield spikes not armor spikes and it's already at minimum bumped up from spikes.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

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Pizza Lord wrote:
there is no reason rules-wise regarding polymorph effects that you can't turn into that creature. Your GM may not have statted out every creature

You are venturing into questions along the lines of "Ask your GM" type.

If you ask me as a GM, I'll tell you I need a stat block that doesn't have a template applied. The polar Bear in Bestiary V is one example but the Polar Bear in Bestiary I is not valid for polymorph.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

We have a lot of FAQ answers over the last couple years. I've noticed a positive trend on the forums. There are less and less burning issues. They type of issues that get people defending their interpretation.

Can we compile the remaining burning issues? Maybe with links to discussion threads.

I'm more interested in the issues and not a discussion on the finer points of each issue. Can we join to compile some issues?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Which part? The comment on armor spikes probably applies to Klar also. I guess the question is whether or not it's a bashing target?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Squiggit wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
*pats James on the back*
Yes, pat him on the back for making this week's FAQ a link to an FAQ that already answered the question a year ago.

I did work hard on this one, and despite us all knowing what the answer would be we needed to burn a second FAQ on it. Just like Gang Up ranged flanking needed to burn a second slot.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Pathfinder Design Team wrote:
No FAQ Required: As per this FAQ on effective size increases, two effective size increases do not stack. Shield spikes and bashing both grant effective size increases, so they do not stack. The extraneous mention of armor spikes in Ultimate Equipment’s shield spikes entry is in error, and it should be reflected in the next errata.


The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Keep in mind the Shavtoosh is likely going to receive Errata in the future. It was pointed out (by a developer) the item shouldn't be provided IUS especially for 4k gp. So we don't know for sure it's getting changed, but we do know it doesn't conform to item wealth by power scale.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Take Bloodline Development for a Bloodline Power and instead take a Bloodline Mutation for Blood Havoc?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Looked at this build, liked it quite a bit.

Then I discovered:
"She does not gain any other abilities when using this exploit in this way, such as bloodline arcana"

So Bloodline Development doesn't grant Arcana, so I don't get the +1/die damage increase.

What am I missing?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ferious Thune wrote:
You're using your feat from third level to qualify for a class at second level. You can't do that.

I see, I get your view. I don't believe that was the position or intent of the "can't use anything" FAQ.

But this issue is sufficiently complex from other angles, that I don't even get to that issue before I've hit other issues.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

There are enough holes and debated points that it sounds like there isn't any way to do this where every person looking at it would agree it is legal and solid. So it seems like it is effectively a dead character.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ferious Thune wrote:
Additional thought... You could, potentially, take two more levels of Arcanist

At that point, I'm thinking the character isn't worth the trouble. It's already pretty much worthless with 1 level of something and 10 levels of Bloatmage. It wouldn't be nearly as effective as a straight Arcanist 99% of the time and would be worse with more base levels.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ferious Thune wrote:
Read the FAQ again. You can't use anything gained from the levels of Bloatmage to qualify for Bloatmage

Considering the character is not doing that and I'm aware it can't, I'm unsure why you keep point it out?

What am I using from Bloatmage to qualify for Bloatmage? Nothing.

The FAQ covers things like BAB and Saves benefits. It was designed and directly related to the "Hellknight 6 at level 6" crap threads. Where Hellknight required a BAB, provided by Hellknight levels.

If your their was true you couldn't use a feat gained at 5th to qualify for a PrC at 5th that requires that feat. But you can.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm aware of the "can't use anything Bloatmage gives to qualify for Bloatmage" issue.

A more full detail of the character:
Aasamar with 3rd level Arcane SLA
Wizard 1 with Spell Focus Enchantment
1st level Bonus Feat Bloatmage Initative
Bloatmage 1 and 2 next 2 levels +1 Wizard
3rd level Bonus Feat Spell Focus Evocation


Aasamar with 3rd level Arcane SLA
Bloatmage 1 and 2 next 2 levels +1 Wizard (Wizard gone now)
1st level Bonus Feat Bloatmage Initative
3rd level Bonus Feat Spell Focus Evocation
Arcanist 1 (retrain)


At no point did the character lose pre-reqs for Bloatmage or Bloatmage Initative, well it lost one Spell Focus but I had two at all times.

Retraining class levels away doesn't have the clause "you can't if you'd lose pre-reqs".

So I'd have a Arcanist with 1st level casting at this point, and a Bloatmage with two levels pointing toward a non-existent Wizard class level.

Worse case would be 7 day if we ignore the "should err on the side of generosity" line in the class retraining when going from a base class Wizard to a hybrid class based on Wizard. Otherwise 5 days.

Then there is no generic retraining on generic class features. Options:
Wait until the character gains a 4th level and point the +1 class level to Arcanist to fix the other two if they must go in lock step?
Retrain the two levels into the same class.

The best recommendation is really abandon the -x character to "nothing worth playing can ever become of this" and be done with it.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Wizard 1
Bloatmage 1 -> Wizard
Bloatmage 2 -> Wizard
With racial SLA providing 3rd level casting from grandfathered clause.


Bloatmage 1 -> Arcanist
Bloatmage 2 -> Arcanist
Arcanist 1
With racial SLA providing 3rd level casting from grandfathered clause.

At least one retrain (Wizard -> Arcanist) is required, 5 days not 7 days as there is obvious synergy between the two.

The character may also need to retrain the Bloatmage class feature of "+1 level of existing arcane class" to redirect it to the Arcanist.

This may need to be done twice.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Yes grandfathered clause.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

I'm trying to audit the legality of a PFS retrain event.

Character has a 3rd level Arcane SLA (Aasamir).
Wizard level provides Spell Focus pre-requisite.
Bloatmage has two +1 casting level of Wizard.
3rd level take Spell Focus of a different one than provided by the Wizard.

Retrain away Wizard 1 to Arcanist 1 seems legal but leaves the Bloatmage without pre-requisites.

Bloatmage requires 3rd level spell casting (Aasamir) and Spell Focus (one left taken at 3rd level) seems to be legal.

Bloatmage +1 level effects pointed toward Wizard, retrain class feature to point toward Arcanist seems legal.

Any dissenters to these positions?

The only I can think of now is that the character may need to expend two retrain class feature for the Bloatmage, to move both of them to Arcanist.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ordering this up today!

So far we have the following supporters in no particular order:
James Risner, D20 Hobbies, players in Kentucky, Leg o' Lamb, Lodge in Minnesota, Rub-Eta, Hmm, ShadowChemosh

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Chess Pwn wrote:
Can you provide any of these comments

I could provide 50 posts, if I felt the time was needed or would be appreciated. I'll provide one more post:

Any spell or ability takes the penalties and provides the benefits, so long as it takes an attack roll and deals hit point damage.

Edit: Since this was the post right after on my search, I'll Mark Seifter saying that it is intentional that wizards must have Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot to avoid the penalties.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Snowlilly wrote:
Acid Splash should suffer from penalties, but are unable to benefit from feats.

That doesn't make sense.

Past developer comments (now rendered "unofficial" by the SRM post) made it clear that if you roll an attack and you deal damage, that spell or ability would be considered a ray and as such a weapon.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

I've always interpreted it as...

Ranged weapons are:

  • thrown weapons
  • projectile weapons that are not effective in melee
  • spells and supernatural abilities using ranged touch attacks

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Lemmy wrote:

consistently publishes horrible FAQ/errata (with a few exceptions).

I no longer buy any Paizo product that can FAQ/errata-ed. Now I stick to dice sets and Pathfinder Tales novels... And encourage others to do the same.

If you get your wish, you won't have the dice sets or tales novels to read anymore either.

I don't think you will, because I don't think the number of people who hate on the errata are all that many people. I'm sure a high percentage of your friends and associates feel the same. I'm just saying that there are not that many people as a percentage of buyers that don't like the errata.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ventnor wrote:
It's very easy to say that something was obviously going to happen after it's already happened.

So you can honestly tell me you didn't know some options were too good when you read them? Bracers of Falcon Aim? Feather Step Slippers?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Wiggz wrote:
Yondu wrote:
That's why we cannot play by the rules, too many changes in too short time....
This. When your party plays through an AP and by the time they're finished, every single character is now technically 'illegal', you know there's a problem.

If that's true, then those players should have know they were going to have issues. The things that get errata seem to be easy to predict.

Also Paizo does errata, often. It's one of the reasons I love the products they make. They don't just print a book and forget it like 3.5 did. You could discuss anything online about 3.5 because they issued no errata, they answered no questions (until the run up to 4e), and they seemingly didn't care that the rules were unusable. Paizo cares.

I had to rebuild for: Maneuver Master, Feather Step Slippers, Cap of the Freethinker, and Jingasa. But I knew each were broken as they were.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Yondu wrote:
I must check every new option and decide if it is OK in my Campaign, but it's a huge a amount of Job...

Might I recommend doing what I do? Allow everything, embrace and accept all errata.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Deyvantius wrote:
James Risner wrote:
The build is no longer valid due to MoMS errata.
Did that make you feel better?

It's more a "if anyone comes along, they won't be confused".

Considering I'm playing a similar build, I don't know which answer will make you happier? If I say yes? Or if I say no?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Dazing metamagic should be fixed to make it mind-affecting like the Daze spell, but that hasn't happened yet.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Keep in mind the feather step slippers are 1/day now for 2000 gp.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

darth_gator wrote:

Neither the rule on CRB Pg. 141 regarding thrown weapons, nor the rule on CRB Pg. 144 regarding improvised weapons explicitly states that throwing a melee weapon makes it a "Ranged Weapon."

The examples I cited are only a few of the examples where it's pretty clear those rules are intended to apply to any ranged attack a character makes.

This last post by you makes me question whether or not we are saying the same thing.

If you throw a Greatsword or shutdown, it's a ranged weapon while adjudicating that attack.
Anything that adds to ranged weapons will add to that ranged Greatsword attack.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ckorik wrote:

How are you getting 230 hp on a storm bolts.... 160 would be maximized, 160+80 = 230 - but that would require a maximized and empowered. Maximized is 3 levels higher. Empowered is +2 - so you can't memorize the spell with either - and you can only use one rod at a time.

So... how goes?

I get this a lot, because in PVP if your opponent can convince the GM that your build is invalid it's cool to win via DQ.

It's 8th. You have a trait for reducing meta magic levels, no not the one limited to 3rd level spells. So 8+2-1 = 9. You use one rod for quicken and one meta magic gem for maximize to do a quicken empowered + maximized empowered in the same turn.

Stormbolts because its Fortitude not Reflex and 20d8.

Basically comes down to your build needs to be able to survive a successful saved Stormbolt double hit (max/empower+empowered) with +2/die extra then your opponent gets to take 4 of them and no PC except a cleric could do that (quicken mass heal in between).

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Awesome post Lab_Rat.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Just spent 20 minutes on Archiveofnethys searching on "class feature" and the only occurrences I found were in per-requisties lines. I couldn't find a single reference to "class feature" in ability text.

So the above mentioned "Dragon Totem Resilience" reference to "class feature" is certainly in the minority if not an error that should be corrected by removing "class feature" from the text.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Rory wrote:
James Risner wrote:
Not sure what surprise you mean on my side. I wasn't surprised by the FAQ.

I was surprised that they mentioned performing errata in the FAQ.

As you said... "They simply never do this".

If they are going to perform errata, I tried to find the other places that could use it too based on and to support the FAQ. I've found two others only so far.

I was saying they never refer (or at best rarely) refer to things as "class features". They don't say "Ac bonus class feature" or "channel class feature". So don't expect that they should say "damage reduction class feature" because we already know in context they are referring to the barbarian damage reduction class feature.

We also won't get it confused with the invulnerable class feature, as it works off level/2 instead of a chart progression like normal barbarian damage reduction class feature. So no one should confuse the two. The errata might be because they feel this needs extra attention to avoid confusion.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Rory wrote:
Surprised me too.

Not sure what surprise you mean on my side. I wasn't surprised by the FAQ.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Rory wrote:
Chemlak wrote:
What needs fixing is not that it says "barbarian's damage reduction" without any capitalisation, but that it needs to say "barbarian's damage reduction class feature"....
This is exactly what I am meaning. We are on the same page.

They simply never do this, so they won't be starting just because you'd like to find a reason to disagree with a FAQ.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Kusori wrote:
So what happens if a wizard/sorcerer uses Emergency Force Sphere to counter your limited castings of Stormbolts?

Buff up and ready for when they teleport out?

Destroy the 200 hp hardness 30 wall with 230 hp storm bolts with the first one and quicken the other to kill the wizard?

Ask the GM if that's a valid use of EFS as there is significant difference of opinion on whether or not it can interrupt an attack like that.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

bigrig107 wrote:

1. How in the Infernal Planes are you even close to +42 on all saves? Are you playing 30th level, tristalt, 40 point buy games?

2. And the wizard kills you in those two rounds.

1) CoR+5, Bestow Grace, Bestow Geace of the Champion, CHA+15 mod, typically do Oracle (but can do legiti Cleric), 25 point buy, lucky horseshoe, fates favored, pale green ioun saves. 40+ on all saves is trivial.

2) wizard gets same 2 rounds of buffs. If you insist one 1 or 0 buff, I'll rearrange buffs. Or ignore and do empowered maximized stormbolts, then quicken empowered stormbolts.
Most unruffled wizards can't handle 30d8+160.

In all seriousness, I've yet to lose a PVP to a Wizard build with a cleric, oracle, or bard type build.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

The Mortonator wrote:
...ya know, this whole time I have been hearing it the other way around by a lot of sources. I... might have to bookmark that ruling for chea- I mean, creative martial game mechanics.

If I remember correctly, there was a podcast with Jason Bulmahn as a guest where he said the cost was similar to buying a magic item and he wasn't worried about the power of building impossible characters.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Cavall wrote:
Come on James, if we can't rant off tangent about things why use the Internet at all?

While knowing it happens, doesn't make it a wise use of things.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Avoron wrote:

Yeah, I mean, there can't really be that many wizard spells that basically remove an enemy from the fight unless they make a save, right?]

maze, suffocation (+mass), disintegrate, geas

That's pretty much all of that list that I'm concerned.

The rest of them are non issues, as most (if not all) my PVP characters have +42 to +52 on all saves after the typical 2 round buff session. So I honestly don't care or worry about save or X spells.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Mulgar wrote:
James Risner wrote:
Fates Favored, luck bonus, and other unrelated subjects are best moved into other threads.
Actually it's quite germane in my opinion, when you are discussing the impact of these types of faq requests.

Ranting about changes doesn't help promote the product.

So it doesn't bring more people into the game.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Fates Favored, luck bonus, and other unrelated subjects are best moved into other threads.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Actually I wasn't answering his direct question (but I should have been).
I was answering a hypothetical times 2 and times 4 multiply.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Extra Damsge dice are never multiplied.
Base damage dice (long sword 1d8, bomb 1d6) are multiplied.
Static damage when if precision (ranger favored enemy) are multiplied.

Easy cheat sheet to math this out:
X2 = (2-1)
X3 =(3-1)
X4 = (4-1)
You add the result of -1 then add 1
X2+X4 = 1+3 = 4 = X5

Also it's forum policy to not put "FAQ request" or "Official answer" in the title. They don't do official answers. Ask your GM.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I am able to with Paizo and the DRM doesn't hinder, but it's probably due to the fact I'm on MacOS.

I've done all these frequently:

  • "print" and feed that to Preview app instead of a printer if required (not often).
  • PDFpen pro (MacOS paid app) to edit text (may need preview version of PDF)
  • PDFtk (UNIX/Linux command line free app) to cut out pages, uncompress, join pages.
  • SteamPS (MacOS app might have name wrong I'm at a Con) to compress images quality to 32 color and higher jpg setting, no longer needed with "lite" PDFs.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (paid app) to edit pdf object like delete them, move them, edit them, etc.
  • Custom hacky software to join multiple embedded fonts into one embedded font with all the used characters such I can join multiple files into one without messing up searches.

Best answer to the inquiry:
The method works if you use tools that ignore the DRM restrictions.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So you just want more material to "rant" about?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Cavall wrote:
They are probably thinking what I've said a dozen times. They see when the boards say "here's the only real option" and say "well that wasn't the point" and change it.



  • We have no idea how anyone got that idea.
  • we wrote that thinking it wasn't too bad - but man, that was a bad idea.

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

swoosh wrote:
Kaouse wrote: this FAQ just negated, or what?

It's consistent with that FAQ. Ish.

Had the IR said 'the barbarian's damage reduction is increased to' it'd stack, but since it's a new ability it doesn't, even if that new ability is more or less the same conceptually. .

Also, if we're discussing semantics as disqualifying factors, should we disallow Druids from taking Boon Companion (since Nature Bond =/= Animal Companion) and Wizards from taking Improved Familiar (since...
Horselord Ranger can't qualify for Monstrous Mount anymore because Mounted Bond isn't Divine Bond anymore. And so on.

IR DR works off a formula, where regular B DR is a non formulaic progression.

Totally different abilities.

I guess someone could consider the reduced effective level (ranger -3) as a formula, but I'm certain that sort of thing isn't a barrier to the effect being identical or different. It isn't like IR says "consider the Barbarian effective level as 5 higher or anything". If it did it would be the same ability.

Unless on the horse lord, you think "The Ranger gains a +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks with his animal companion mount. " changes it enough to not be the same?

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

Avoron wrote:
James Risner wrote:
CL 25 greater spell immunity = no wizard can reasonable save or die me
In what bizarre alternate universe do 20th level wizards have no more than six encounter-ending spells, none of which are 9th level?

The scenarios in which you are immune to the effects of some, and the others are banned in PVP (Mage disjunction ) due to the time they take to adjudicate.

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