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Hag Eye Ooze

James Risner's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Marathon Voter, 2015 Marathon Voter. Paizo Superscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,514 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.

Owner of D20 Hobbies


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Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Unless the ability says something about overriding the targeting rules, that line is nothing more than a limiter. It limits you to yourself and Enlarge Person limits you to humanoid.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Diego Rossi wrote:
I think that this FAQ show that daily use of a ability are limited to that number of uses in a day and you can't gain them multiple times in a day.

This was one of the Book of Heavily Debated answers in 3.5, a day is 24 hours and all abilities only refresh once a day regardless of how much you sleep in between. It was recommended that a GM could deviate a little if he didn't feel the players were trying to break the system.

So in 3.5 and Pathfinder, it seems clear that developers consider per day abilities refreshed once ever 24 hours. Such as spell slots, rage, bardic music, etc.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Things that are confusing about Overrun:

  • Overrun during a charge is in addition to or in place of the melee attack.
  • Overrun with Charge Through allows you to charge through someone else if you make the Overrun.
  • How does this work with Elephant Stomp?

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

DominusMegadeus wrote:
This guys DM is already confirmed to be okay with this as long as the rules say it's okay. The rules say "Whatever the DM says goes".

The GM is free to allow the item, but you will never see any item like this printed. The boots of Fast Healing 1 is the closest to this item you will ever see made by Paizo.

WotC made a Belt of Healing in the MIC that was 750 gp and had 4d8 once a day or 6d8 if you used 3 standard actions. So a max of 6d8 healing a day for 750 gp.

Out of combat healing that isn't a wand is strongly discouraged. It breaks all kinds of parts of the game. It allows parties to not need a Cleric/Druid/Bard to use the Wands. An At Will item of healing isn't something I would ever allow in any game I ever played or GM.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

MurphysParadox wrote:
Archetypes cannot be chosen if they overlap on what is being removed or modified, but when it is adding options, I think it is fine.

The words used is alter. Alter includes removing, modifying, adding to, exchanging, and every other word a mention could possibly include.

So because they are mentioned, they do not stack. This confusion happens all the time and there are FAQ making this clear (for example Crossblooded and Wild Blooded don't stack.)

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

qwerty1971 wrote:
can i cast Coat of Many Stars on a character that is already wearing say a chain shirt and get +4 for the chain shirt and a +4 for the Coat for a total of +8 or do they cancel each other out?

You get the higher of the two, so +4. You can't cast Magic Vestment since it isn't anything like clothing.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

The glove you linked (Bony Power) is 1/day.

You shouldn't be pricing an At Will CLW item for anything short of very high.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Baron Ulfhamr wrote:
So accordind to the item creations rules, it seems that my over 3 necromancer can craft a wonderous item that casts Cure Light Wounds all day for 2000gp (spell level 1 * caster level 1 * 2000). The party bard is assisting the crafting by casting the spell. This feels cheap somehow, but is it legal? The gm will allow it if rules support it.

You jumped to the chart didn't you?

You skipped step 1:
Similar items

And skipped step 2:
Items of similar power

An unlimited CLW is similar in power to an artifact or at least more expensive than the Ring of Regeneration.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Barachiel Shina wrote:
Can they do this once per 24 hour period like a spellcaster

Per day abilities are per day, the Ring of Sustenance doesn't do anything to refresh per day abilities. It doesn't in Pathfinder, it didn't in 3.5.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Cap. Darling wrote:
Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:
I've always had it apply resistance to each ray, and despite that it's still remained relevant in my games far longer than most other 2nd level spells.


But in some folks games a spell caster that cannot end a encounter with every spell is being nerfed.

+1 +1

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies , Marathon Voter 2014, Marathon Voter 2015

My item. I don't think they post the top 100 yet, so I don't know if I landed in top 100 or below. I did see it listed as a top 32 item of one poster, but obviously I needed more than one person to like the item.

Rod of Brilliant Steps
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 34,700 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This crystalline rod functions as a +1 light mace. The possessor and their gear are always clean as if by prestidigitation.

While held in hand more powers become available for use. Your every footstep leaves a soft silvery glow for one round equivalent in brightness to a torch, but it creates no heat and doesn't use oxygen. You may walk over liquids such as lava, quicksand, or water; difficult terrain such as ice, rubble, or tall grass; and vapors such as clouds, fog including magical fog, and mist. A column of force supports your weight under each foot and requires no Acrobatics checks to keep your balance. You may not run or take the charge action while holding the rod. You gain the ability to take 5-foot steps over these surfaces. The wearer is protected from temperature extremes of the surface (such as hot vapor or lava) and immune to harmful vapors including from spells such as cloudkill.

Requirements Craft Rod, alter self, feather step, lily pad stride; Cost 17,350 gp

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies , Marathon Voter 2014, Marathon Voter 2015

I'd also like to see top 100.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Kchaka wrote:
So, still no concrete RAW saying you can't AoO yourself, other than "An enemy that takes certain actions..." which we have seen it's not true, as friends can AoO friends.

It doesn't say I can't isn't solid support. I don't see where it says you can AoO your allies.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ughbash wrote:
No, they are two different abilities that each have their strengths and weaknesses.


Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Kchaka wrote:
unless I can persuade my DM to allow this ... I'll have to find a cheesy way to do this

Pretty much everyone I know dreads playing with players that ask for strange things like this or try cheesy things like that.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Generally cheap items tend to be one use.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

This is the old 3.5 "Extra Spell" problem. It said "You learn one additional spell [what level verbage]" It didn't say "that is on your class list" but it was in a 3.5 FAQ to to make that clear you couldn't add one that wasn't already on your list.

They don't want to burn the words to say "Must already be on your class spell list" for every ability that adds spells and power gamer "RAW" folk assume if it says "add a spell" and doesn't limit, it is unlimited.

So this FAQ is here to stay, and it basically makes it clear the default is "on your spell list" if not already specified. They will reword all abilities that are intended to add spells from other lists to your spell list, so nothing changes other than making how the rules work more known and understood.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Non-mint price is perfect solution. Thanks. I'll do the same to the end user.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

The inside mini wasn't damaged, but I had planned to offer it for sale in my store and I won't be able to sell it as new with the box dented like this.


Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

If one of the items got crushed on a corner during shipping, what can be done?

Picture of the box and the overbox.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

I don't think they are going to reverse anything, if that is what you want AbsoluGrndZero.

They are probably likely to fix up any ability with the more clear language. The main point of the change is to make sure that the ability has to explicitly say it adds the spell to assume it does.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ivan Blanco Catalán wrote:
fast 90 feet climb dire rat?

No you get this at 8th level:

Dire Rat
Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft., swim 20 ft.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Michael Hallet wrote:
Darkvision -> Skilled -> Heart of the Mountains

Fair Enough.

Michael Hallet wrote:
Half-elves and half-orcs may select racial favored class options, archetypes, traits, and so on, as if they were a full member of both races (a half-elf can select elf and human rules elements, a half-orc can select human and orc rules elements).

Your GM has to interpret "so on" as alternate racial traits, since you don't have a hard rule to assert. Some will, some won't.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Kudaku wrote:
Mind sharing what item you use as a baseline for 12 000 gp?

I meant to say "For reference in 3.5". I'm aware of the much lower rate for Pathfinder, but I think the Enlarge Person/ER/MG/Pres for 2,500 is underpriced a bit, just as the Bracers of Falcon's Aim is an admitted pricing error.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ambrus wrote:
So a 1st level spell x 1st level caster x 2,000 x 2 = 4,000 gp. Is this correct?

That couldn't be more wrong, because you skipped the first two and jumped to the charts.

The chart is the last resort. The first is similar ability. The second is similar power.

For reference 1/day ability of Enlarge Person was 12,000 gp. There are several versions of items like this, and pretty much none of them were 4,000 gp.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Can you give us an example?

I'm not sure there is an alternate racial trait, that you have the racial trait to swap out.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Nefreet wrote:

Now, when we do the same thing, we're told "Stephen says that's not RAW", and the rules debate continues and froths until Mark has time to draft up an FAQ, and then it just leads to more fighting about the FAQ.

We had answers to questions before. Now, those answers are worthless, and we start over from square one.

Which I'm so sick of hearing that line "dev comments don't count". Some people just want to be right and can't accept that the rule might have multiple interpretations or that they are on the wrong side of how the rules are written.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Imbicatus wrote:
dev post invalidates that build.

I had characters like that. I rebuild the characters using Ultimate Campaign. This is bob's problem. Considering I'm bob, it is my problem. Not the GM's.

Bob/I shouldn't have used shaky RAW ground to build my character.

Full Disclosure: I've got 3 PFS builds with a total in levels of 26 that I won't be playing again until I rebuild them. Due to this sort of thing. Invalidated by forum post or FAQ/Errata, it doesn't matter how it is invalidated.

Edit: Also my current character is a Sunder/Grapple specialist. I've got FAQ transscripts and forum posts by devs copied into the character sheet for 8 issues if I remember correctly. 8 things GM's say "it doesn't work that way" and I need to have ready access should they disagree. Most don't but some do and I need to be ready fast or I just drop the issue. It isn't worth sweating the issue out over the table while others are waiting.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

How about this. How can you have a 1/day use of a familiar?

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ughbash wrote:

1) The FAQ has been done and answered the question so now it is RAW. (home games can do what they want with it and we do).

2) There were many on both sides who argued incessantly and immaturely both before and after the FAQ, and that detracts from everyones enjoyment of the message board.

+1 /hugs

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Hogeyhead wrote:
The first level power is slither, the familiar is a bonus from the domain, think of it like a 0th level power. It is in the text of the domain not it's first level power. If you took travel you would not get the 10 feet bonus to movement either. If you took trickery you would not get bonus class skills.


Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

wraithstrike wrote:
Heighten Metamagic actually changes the base level of the spell, and the trait does not allow you to case a spell of level X in a lower level slot. It would work on other metamagic feats however.


Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Imbicatus wrote:
having to search a specific dev post leads to table variation.

Table variance is unavoidable. Not everyone is so strict with the rules to bother looking for clarification in FAQ, Errata, or forums.

So if dev comments are in a forum, they really are only for those wishing to search for them. They don't need to indexed and they don't need everyone playing by those interpretations. But they do need to be there to settle the questions "how does this work". It works like this, here is a link to a dev confirmation.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Byakko wrote:
Are you implying that you cannot, say, wear 3 rings at one time? This breaks all manner of realism/believability/common sense.

Ignore common sense (it isn't common), believability (it isn't real), realism (it is a game), and we are in agreement.

A character can only effectively wear two magic rings. A third magic ring doesn't work if the wearer is already wearing two magic rings.

There are specific rules for multiple rings, there are not for neck slot items. My reading of the rules is a second neck slot item will shut down them both. Your isn't. Both are RAW depending on interpretations of words.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

You get Slither not Familiar with this ability.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Ughbash wrote:
While the FAQ has now answered the question and agrees with you, it seemed that MANY people wanted to take a victory lap and say it was always this way and perfectly clear to anyone who was not purposely misreading the rules. I was not purposely misreading the rules, there WAS legitimate reason to view it that way

I'm always the champion of legitimately reading the rules. I assert in most threads that there are two RAW's.

You really need to tell the people that shared your view to quite coming into threads and saying "it makes no sense", which is basically bemoaning the fact they were wrong. That type of behavior begs someone to come in and correct them by saying there were a lot of people who it did make sense.

This isn't a victory lap, this is a correction of a statement.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

I pro-rate the movement.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

mplindustries wrote:
"Treat [the spell's] actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell's final adjusted level."


And I don't read it that way, and since there isn't any clarification or example neither of us can say the other interpretation is wrong.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Byakko wrote:
Scroll up, Calth already posted one.

No he didn't.

When a character wears a slotted wondrous item he cannot gain the benefit from a wondrous items of the same slot until the first item is removed.

This does not say, You may wear any number of items but only the oldest worn work.

It has two ways of being read:

  • He can't gain the benefit because he may only wear one and he must remove the worn one and wear the new one.
  • He can wear a second that doesn't do anything, but must remove the first to activate the second.

The problem with option 2 that you and Caith share is it doesn't directly say you are wearing two items in that scenario.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

graystone wrote:
James Risner wrote:
I'm pretty sure to all the other people over the years that said they don't stack together.
ALL the other people over the years thought that stat bonuses had two sources? I call shenanigans.

There have been more than I can count on fingers and toes of debates over things like Double Dex to Damage, Double Wis to AC, etc. over the years. James Jacobs has answered it many times and was rejected as "not a rules guy" every time by the folks that believed it worked.

You can't have a debate without people on both sides. So the "all those people" and "over the years" is the most correct and acceptable words to use to indicate them.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Balathar Temerith wrote:

For example, I am a first level human. I pick a feat for my human bonus feat. I want to save the feat I get at first level till I reach 2nd level. Is this possible?

I am going to be a Investigator, but I am going one level in Swashbuckler for my first level. I am leveling the Investigator the rest of his levels. I want to use my 1st level feat for 2nd so I can pick up Infusion then.

You can't save feats by RAW.

So you can't save feats in PFS which requires RAW.

You can however retrain feats not currently used as a prereq.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

mplindustries wrote:
The trait literally says "treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell's final adjusted level."

It does.

You read "its" referring the to the unmodified level of the base spell.

I read "its" referring to the modified spell level.

Both are RAW, Yours reduces the base spell to a level below where it started and mine leaves it alone and reduces the final outcome.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Nefreet wrote:
Ironically, it was Stephen Radney-MacFarland that laid down the hard line rule that Developer commentary isn't official, and that only FAQs and errata are, so he invalidates his own stance on Tail Terror.

I think he said that when he said something in a thread and a lot of people trash talked him, mostly the "TO RAW" type crowd. So we got the "fine ignore everything the devs say online" mantra. Which I think hurts the game. But I'm just me.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Lord Lupus the Grey wrote:
OK, just a move action? That's all? Can I take just a move action and will NOT take it off?

No rules, so expect table variance. So ask your GM.

I'd rule move to take it off, move to store it, move to get new one, move to put it on, and I'd reject wearing two (make them both stop working.)

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

Mathius wrote:
What does 20d8?


Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

graystone wrote:
but the explanation makes no sense to me.

To you and BBT. To me it made perfect sense, and I'm pretty sure to all the other people over the years that said they don't stack together.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

For PFS the answer is no.

For other games, ask your GM.

This has had multiple heated debates and there is Developer Comments to say no.

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

kestral287 wrote:
it literally does say "if you apply metamagic to Shocking Grasp, treat Shocking Grasp as a 0th level spell, then apply metamagic".

You and I are reading that rule totally different, because it doesn't say anything remotely close to that to me. It says "the 1st level spell is 2nd when adding a +1 LA to it, so treat it as 1 level lower so 1".

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I ran a report, this is the list of attack sequences in least to most frequent:

1 12d6
1 14d6
1 15d6
1 16d6
1 20d6
1 20d8
1 4d12
1 4d4
1 5d8
1 7d8
1 8d8
2 1d1
2 2d12
2 3d10
2 3d4
2 5d10
4 6d10
4 7d6
5 6d8
7 10d6
9 8d6
10 5d6
14 1d12
14 4d10
35 6d6
38 2d10
40 3d8
48 4d8
50 1d10
57 2d4
79 1d2
123 3d6
155 4d6
232 1d3
436 2d8
717 1d4
896 2d6
1085 1d8
1149 1d6

Scarab Sages Owner - D20 Hobbies

HangarFlying wrote:
EDIT2: Ask, and ye shall receive!

How about this, what is one step up from 7d8?

In other words, how do we handle strange dice amounts not on the ultimate final chart?

Edit: I totally didn't see that HangerFlying just said the same thing.

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