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Jakardros Sovark

James Pollick's page

42 posts. Alias of Ryuko.

Full Name

James Pollick, Son of John Pollick




Improved Fighter lvl 1 0xp














Common, Varisian



Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 15
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 13
Charisma 8

About James Pollick

Improved Fighter Playbook

STR +2 DEX +1 CON +1 INT +0 WIS +1 CHA -1

Damage Dice D10 // HP: 25/25 // Armor: 2

Alignment GOOD: Defend those weaker than you

Human: Once per battle, you may reroll a single damage roll, either yours or someone else’s.

Armored: You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.

Battle Instincts: When you confront a worthy foe, roll +STR. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend 1 hold at any time to do one of the following:

  • -Negate a move made by your worthy foe as it is made.
  • -Discover a way to exploit the environment to your advantage.
  • -Discover a previously unknown weakness of your worthy foe.
  • -Discover a previously unknown strength of your worthy foe.

Bend Bars, Lift Gates: When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll+STR. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2.

  • -It doesn’t take a very long time
  • -Nothing of value is damaged
  • -You don't attract attention
  • -You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort

Signature Weapon: This is your weapon. There are many like it, but this one is yours. Your weapon is your best friend. It is your life. You master it as you master your life. Your weapon, without you, is useless. Without your weapon, you are useless. You must wield your weapon true.

Weapon is Pyngd, an ornate longblade with the well crafted and serrated bonuses though serrated is flavored more as perfectly honed. Close range.

Load: 7/14
Pyngd 1W
Dungeon Rations 10U 2W
Scale Armor 2 Armor 3W
Antitoxin 1U
Poultices and Herbs 2U, Slow, 1W
2 Healing Potions

Anduil is soft, but I will make him tough like me.

James worries that Anduil's flowery and silly ways could endanger the group. This will resolve when James feels that Anduil will no longer endanger them, whether through taking things more seriously or just accepting his differences.

I worry about the ability of Mae to survive in the world.

James is not entirely convinced that someone so frail and quick to avoid open combat is going to be able to keep herself safe. This will resolve when Mae proves herself able to handle herself in a rough position, or when James loses the will to protect her.

Short Version: Hard Eyes, Cropped Hair, Tan Skin, Built Body

James smiles a sunny smile from a face that could easily be described as 'blunt' and pocked with small burn scars, though his eyes are piercing blue. The face looks from under a military haircut and a boy who could only be his son sitting on his slabs of shoulder. James wears simple, roughspun clothes in bland colors and often sports a leather apron to keep the forge fires at bay, though his huge slab of a body is still marked with many, many burns.

James Pollick was an orphan before he knew his parents, both militia killed in a goblin raid by the time the boy was 3. He spent several years at Turandarok Academy, learning from the Headmaster. Surprisingly, James disagreed with the other children on the opinion of adventuring, believing that it was disruptive and foolish for a man to make a living just by seeking out adventure. This put him at odds with other children and soon left him strong and tough compared to the other kids. Being a fairly studious boy, James was sought after by the Cathedral as an initiate, but simply didn't see himself as that sort of man, and simply could not agree with many of the faiths he was taught. Instead he found books that told of an ancient god called Aroden, who presided over that which James did believe in, humanities ability to find his way for himself, his innovation and the history of heroes it had spawned. He vowed himself to this deity, though many presumed him dead, and though he does not speak much of his unpopular beliefs, he holds them to this day. James did approve of one section of the adventuring life however, the magical and mysterious weapons made just for them. Wondering how one would forge such a weapon, he began to loiter around the Red Dog Smithy, but soon grew bored by the simple shoeing and nail-making done there. Eventually he found John Pollick, a local weapon and armor smith who noticed the boy watching his forging. The two became fast friends and eventually John took James first as his apprentice at age 10 and later as his adopted son at 12. James joined the militia and served as a guard as he felt was all young men's duty at age 19, where they eagerly accepted him and taught him to fight. James made a good guard, but seeing friends hurt and killed in raids or other unpleasantness simply made his aversion to adventure stronger. Near the end of his time as a guard he saved a young woman, Amelia, from being mugged near Sandpoint. The young people courted as young people do, and soon were married in a ceremony at the old cathedral which was attended by half the town, with at least another quarter sending good wishes to the young couple. Their son, Michael, was born the next year. The ten years since have been good to the Pollicks, with James taking over his father's business, though John still helps at the forge when he feels up to it, and the family doing prosperously, though never amazingly so. James is quite looking forward to the Swallowtail Festival, hoping the influx of people will give him the chance to make some new contacts and sell off some of his more 'exotic' goods (James tends to make what he feels or what comes to him and bedamned if he can sell it now), as well as hopefully giving the whole family a much needed vacation and some fun for little Michael to enjoy.

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