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Truly an epic finale!


This scenario was awesome. It took a lot of prep time by our GM and still ran 7.5 hours long, but it was so worth it. The last encounter was very challenging, but with good teamwork it's doable. Great balance between the need for combat and for skills. I would never try to run this in a typical 5 hour slot at a store, though. There's just too much going on and it could be a real crap shoot if you don't know ahead of time what PCs are going to be involved.

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A mixed bag

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This set has some awesome minis. And it has some really horrible ones, too. So, I guess Paizo/WizKids are consistent across sets.

As usual, many of the minis are so oversized compared to their bases that they don't fit on the battle mat very well. Those large scorpions are the worst. They're beautifully done, but they would be too large for a Huge sized base, much less the Large one they're on. The Leukodaemon is another disproportionate atrocity. And the paint job on it was clearly a cost cutting decision 'cuz it's so obvious that it's the minimal number of colors. The Geist and the Wereboar are ridiculously large, as well. Sadly, this is normal for Pathfinder minis.

The highlights of the set are the Bone Devils. They look amazing! The Horned Devil is decent. I personally don't care for Paizo's artwork for those, so I don't care for the mini, but it is fairly faithful to that art. All of the Grey Maidens look cool, except for their Captain. Not sure what happened there, but that mini just doesn't come off as cool as the rest of the Maidens. The same can be said for the Red Mantis Assassins. They look great, but their leader, Cinnabar, comes across lacking a bit. The Reclamation soldiers are decent. The skeletons and the Fungal Guardian look great. The Banshee sucks, though. It's like they intentionally took a translucent plastic/resin and slapped some crappy paint on them to crapify them. They would have looked better without all that paint.

Most of the dungeon dressing doesn't do it for me, except for the Grave Monument. It's really nice, but why are these things Rare? I mean, if someone is actually going to use this stuff as dungeon dressing, they're going to want to have more than 1 of each. I would think that these, in particular, would require simpler sculpts and paint jobs than many of the monsters, so why not make some of them Uncommon at the very least?

So, some good, some poor. As stated above, the set is a bit of a mixed bag.

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The most disappointing case incentive yet

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This has got to be the most disappointing case incentive yet. I was expecting the throne itself to at least have a 2" base, but it's smaller than many of the Medium minis in this very set. How lame. I even delayed the ending of my Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign for a month just so I would have this for when the PCs enter the throne room. There's nothing in the description of the throne room in the AP that indicates there is a banquet table and chairs, or even any pillars. The throne is supposed to be this impressive thing. And we get this. And for some reason, there was apparently fear that the pillars will topple over easily, so they included these 3"x3" pieces of clear plastic and some really cheap adhesive velcro to attach the pillars to the plastic so they won't tip over. Very lame. If there was a way to get my money back on this, I would jump at it.

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This hardcover is mostly a reprinting of the religion-based rules and options from other previously published books. (the "Faiths of" line, the "Champions of" line, etc.) At least they've given more space to the writeups for the major gods in Golarion, but the options for characters feels awfully light and redundant.

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I don't know why I continue to purchase these Player Companion releases. Very few of them have been worth my time or money. And this is another that's not worth it. The editing/layout is awfully inconsistent. It looks like different people did the layout for each page. For example, the Living Monolith Prestige Class actually says "Living Monolith Prestige Class" in its title bar, yet the Thuvian Alchemist Prestige Class just says "Thuvian Alchemist" in its title bar.

I was really hoping that the new Elemental Oracle Archetype would be worth it, but it's pretty darn mediocre. The Thuvian Alchemist actually is pretty decent if you want a healing-focused Alchemist. The Living Monolith still feels awfully powerful. I could be wrong, but it seems even better than the original one that was printed in that other book. I'll admit that there are a few traits and feats that I might consider taking for certain characters, but I wouldn't miss them if I had never purchased this book.

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