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Golden Orb

JamZilla's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,888 posts (13,424 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 15 aliases.


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Liberty's Edge

Wheldrake wrote:

It already exists, and it's free:

The only thing it doesn't do is save the results for future reference. I just cut and paste to word, often adding or modifying results I don't like, then print for player reference. Much more satisfying than letting everything be available.


I for one would definitely consider an app but I would want it to be updated with the latest hardbacks and companions when new magic items enter the game and then I could select from which sources it would draw from.

Wheldrake - do you know which sources the donjon one uses?

Liberty's Edge

Stazamos wrote:
JamZilla wrote:
Is this still up? I just keep getting a 404 error

Sorry about that! Got some maintenance going. Long story short, I switched hosting services, and the new host, while better in most respects, does not support the version of Python I was using, so I have to work on the code.

Expanding on that long story, in the interest of full disclosure, my site was hit by malware, back in November or December. I took the site down and because my hosting service did not address my ticket to do some actions only root could do, I decided to move to a host with better service.

In setting up the new site, I used only content from my copy of the site on my computer -- nothing from the old site at all, no settings transfers even. I now subscribe to Sucuri, which scans for malware and software vulnerabilities regularly, and who offers a "firewall" type thing which should help out as well. The downside is the aforementioned Python version issue.

Is it your intention then to host the item generator on the new site?

Liberty's Edge

Hi guys, I just got the PM (early morning in the UK!)

I need to work on the crunch for Dr Sam. I mentioned though he is an archivist bard focussed on knowledge and archery.

What is the party make up here? Inquisitor, Investigator and...?

Also, is everyone a half-orc?

Liberty's Edge

Im guessing that as there are posts in the gameplay thread that the players have been selected.

GL all and have fun!

Liberty's Edge

That's cool Fuzzfoot.

Dr Sam is charmingly befuddled, I wouldn't change that to make him some kind of Lara Croft-esque badass archaeologist, regardless of the eventual party make up.

He is smart in a bookish way, adventurous but naive. Loyal and determined but flighty and absent-minded.

He can recall the details of royal houses of the Osirion Pharos dating back a thousand years while still mistaking things like the date, people's names and important appointments.

But still, he is terribly apologetic when such omissions are pointed out :)

Liberty's Edge

Tavarokk wrote:
GM Fuzzfoot wrote:
Some very good characters won't be selected simply because they didn't fit in with what I am looking for this time.
I can't believe it hasn't occured to me to ask earlier, but what are you actually looking for in terms of party dynamics and demeanor? Or has not mentioning that been on purpose so that people default to what they feel like playing most at the moment (like my predilection for weirdo/misfit chars)?

That occurs to me too. My own submission for example I don't think would fit well in a very serious, all-dwarf giant hunting party.

But having said that I can totally see the appeal of that kind of game.

Liberty's Edge

Dr Samuel Ballard should also be in this list, in the 'Other' category as it stands.

He is an Archivist bard focussed on knowledge, buffing and some secondary ranged support.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How we defeated him:

The character I played in this game was an incredibly prideful and pragmatic elven wizard.

After everything we had been through, my wizard came to the conclusion that Karzoug was far too powerful for the group and that victory would lie in doing the one thing the Runelord would not expect. Completely take magic off the table.

Rather than try to match power with Karzoug, my wizard would match wits instead.

as soon as combat started everyone in the hero team dropped initiative to act after the rogue. We ate some meteor swarms and chain lightning as well as some breath weapons but no one was dead after that initial assault.

The rogue then successfully UMD a scroll of teleport. That got the entire group across the intervening space and right beside Karzoug where my wizard could spring his trap and cast Mage's Magnificent Enclosure that pretty much surrounded all of us - including Karzoug.

Sure no one had access to magic spells or their magic weapons, but Karzoug as a level 21 wizard (or whatever he was) vs a Paladin and a Rogue at level 18 is a terrible mismatch.

While the Barbarian and Oracle kept the minions outside from breaking into the globe of force, my allies made short work of Karzoug in a very one-sided melee contest whilst my wizard stayed out of the way.

For us at least, the Runelord was toppled with a single spell.

Admittedly, the method outlined here does depend on the spells your Gm will allow you to select

Liberty's Edge

Is this still up? I just keep getting a 404 error

Liberty's Edge

I second MapTool.

I use it for my RL group with our own cheaper version of a virtual tabletop. Whilst you may not have any desire or intention for a set up like this for your own group, the tool itself allows me to be incredibly well prepared for sessions by fairly quickly importing maps from published APs and overlaying a grid and sight-blocking or just producing my own and then pulling that in.

It's got a good host of features, is stable and reliable when you put it in server mode for people to join remotely. Oh and as Astral mentions, it's free.

It does rely on Java and has a fairly steep learning curve (I suspect there are dozens of functions I am not using) but I still haven't found anything better overall to date.

Liberty's Edge

Dr Samuel Ballard Backstory:

Doctor Samuel Ballard is an Ustalavian-born archaeologist, historian and lecturer. He is a junior curator for several prominent museums in the region, but none more prominent than the Lepistadt University of Antiquities.

Dr Ballard was born into a wealthy Ustlavian family and grew up in Caliphas. He was well educated in a fine school, taught the gentlemanly sports of archery and fencing and, as an only child, was groomed to become the next generation of the Ballard Trading Company.

In his teenage years though Samuel became fascinated with the people and history of the Inner Sea. Rather than apprentice into the business he pleaded with his parents to let him attend university and, reluctantly, they allowed it.

He attended university in Absalom where he majored in history and arcana studies. He continued to practice archery. It helped clear his mind and though he never shot an arrow in anger, he found the mechanical, repeated movement most relaxing. In fact, he won the university archery championships twice in his five years of study.

As his time in university wore on though, his parents became more and more restless, their letters more insistent that he return to the business, this silly fascination with archaeology indulged for long enough. And so, it wasn’t long after that he accessed his trust fund, a meagre sum of money from his parents, knowing they would never approve of his decision not to follow in their footsteps. He used the money to secure a place on a caravan bound for Osirion, leaving a note for his parents. Whether consciously or not, he was now obsessed with the endless questions relating to the unknown. How did an ancient community survive? What did they make? What did they eat? How did they live? Why did they..? When did they..? Who were they..? For what reason did..? How did they..? What was this..? Where did they go..? How old is it? How does it relate to…?

On that trip he bedded down in blankets of deposition. He ate stratigraphy and when the sun blazed he sheltered in the cool shadow of historical context. He ate Interpretation and hypothesis and when he drank of debate and discussion he felt more sated than ever before.

After that three-year expedition, Ballard lectured at various universities and participated in further archaeological digs from the Varisian Mountains to the shores of Lake Encarthan. He was personally approached by the Venture-Captain of Katapesh Aurora Steelbloom to join the Pathfinder Society who would fund his research into his real passion of the ancient artifacts of Azlant, Thassilonia and Osirion. But Ballard declined the offer. He sees history as a means to gain the real truth of a people and regards the Pathfinders as state-sponsored historians-for-hire which has always struck him as rather inglorious and distasteful.

Returning to Ustalav, Ballard took up a post at the Lepistadt University, making acquaintances with notable scholars such as Professor Petros Lorrimor and Dr Montagnie Crowl.

But the lecture hall was as a prison for him and it wasn’t long before Dr Ballard jumped at the chance to explore the the savage Holds of Belkzen where the rich histories of the human, orc and giant people converged into an historical gold mine!

He eventually made his way to Trunau, a small human farming community located just south of the old Horedline. It has been just over three weeks since his arrival and in all that time he has yet to find a willing guide or build a team that will take him further into the mountains. Tensions between the humans and the orcs are running apparently higher than usual and the populace is even more nervous than usual.

This is Samuel’s first solo expedition and the going is hard. Perhaps he has been sheltered to greatly by the safety of the university library and the comfort of a professional archaeology team. For the people of Trunau are hard as flint, sharpened over years of abrasion with the orc tribes. To them he must seem a scattered, pampered fool, more concerned with people who died a thousand years ago than those who carve a hard living in the mountains.

Samuel is down-hearted and worse, doubtful that he should ever have come here at all.


Dr Samuel Ballard is adventurous, reliable and loyal. He has infectious enthusiasm but finds it difficult to temper sometimes and can also be bumbling and awkward, especially with those of a more ‘alpha’ personality. He is extremely intelligent in a bookish manner but can sometimes be removed from the ‘reality’ of the situation. He is as likely to burst out in overjoyed enthusiasm at the discovery of an ancient deadly trap as any normal person would be to find the situation terrifying.

I have not yet worked on his actual stats so I'm not sure what flavour of bard he is going to be. Archaeologist is obvious, and very fitting. But the archaeologist luck ability is a more selfish version of Inspire Courage and with several melee attackers in the group it could be something of a waste.

The other option is that he would be an Archvist who provide bonuses to AC, attack rolls and saves against specific creatures which would likely be very useful for this AP

To contribute in fights, he will focus on archery

I guess the other option entirely is Investigator or alchemist which I confess are classes I am very interested in generally but would change his focus to more of a melee or ranged striker and with lots of skills and some utility rather than a support character with a bit of back-up ranged combat.

Ultimately all this would be decided by party composition should I be fortunate enough to be selected

Liberty's Edge

That's true.

And if they were I don't know if they would start with Carrion Crown.

I love CC, it's probably my favourite adventure path. But one thing that would prohibit it from getting a hard back is the fact that the GM needs to do some significant work to tie some of the volumes in and make the story somewhat more coherent.

Liberty's Edge

Ha awesome.

Yeah I've got a few thoughts but currently on a long journey so will concentrate on it when I get home.

On a different subject, what time zone are you in? I'm in UK so it does have some bearing on my posting times dependent on the rest of the group I am playing with.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm excited to see the some playtest material for SF

Liberty's Edge

I'm really not sure for someone that young, I"m sorry, all the kids in my extended family are all now 7+

Although I did get Loopin' Chewie for my niece when she was 5. But honestly, she's so crazy for Star Wars I could have got her an R2D2 cookie jar without any cookies and she'd have loved it.

Hanabi is a fantastic card game probably for slightly older kids because it's all about communication.

Liberty's Edge

Reminds me of the interpretive dance from Netflix' OA.

Liberty's Edge

I think the monsters in King of Tokyo are pretty cute.

It's also plays in about 30 minutes, has a level of strategy, is a really good gateway game to the hobby and is also just really good fun!

Also, Tocket to Ride is just a classic family boardgame.

Liberty's Edge

Personally, I won't be getting one. But I have to pay kudos to Nintendo for continually spotting a niche in the market and innovating instead of just trying to one-up Sony and Microsoft with a gutsier machine.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Crazy. I didn't even know this was a thing.

Kind of tempted to link to these vids as I describe my spellcasting in pbp.

Liberty's Edge

Dotting for interest.

I am considering a real fish-out-of-water type scholarly character, very likely a bard. Far more interested in the history and culture of the region than the wars being fought in it.

Very much taking inspiration from the absent-minded character Marcus Brody from the Indiana Jones movies.

I appreciate this isn't in line with the idea of characters being orc-hunters but I think he'd be interesting nonetheless.

Belir wrote:

I was also in the same game as Tamxander that went belly-up near the end of Book 1. I am currently Gm'ing the campaign here on PbP and getting ready to start Book 5.

Here is the character I was playing. Will have to drop him back down to level 1.

As a side note, kudos on getting to Book 5 in a pbp game Belir, long-term games like that are very few and far between in my experience because of the time commitment.

Liberty's Edge

I would have to recommend the Halfling Jinx Witch.

Jinx is an alternate racial trait that swaps the Halfling's inherent luck bonus to saves for the ability to inflict a minor debuff on an enemy.

Where the concept really comes into it's own is with the Witch class, Evil Eye Hex, Malicious Eye and Bolster Jinx feats.

You will be solid at debuffing all the way through your career with Hex only, and still have an excellent selection of spells to boot. But with the above combination, at level 9 you can Evil Eye for a total of -7 to all saves. Throw in a Quickened Ill Omen for funsies in the same round and then the next save they make has those massive penalties and they need to roll twice and take the worst result.

After that it's just about which variety of murder you want to inflict on them.

If you really wanted to go crazy you could also throw in Sluggish Jinx to have -3 penalty apply to attack rolls and initiative if you'd like.

Liberty's Edge

I think releasing their movies in smaller markets generates an amazing amount of hype in readiness for the two biggest markets - domestic US and China.

Based on the amazing critic and audience reviews, as well as the numbers already generated internationally, I think it's safe to say Civil War will make $550m in the US (in fact I think that's slightly conservative).

Add in $150m from China and $30m from Russia then yeah I can easily see CW reach the $1b mark with additional international revenue.

The other big thing it has in it's favour is Spiderman. I think word of mouth is going to spread over his role and just how good the character is in this movie (no spoilers) and that character alone is probably worth about $100m all told for this movie.

Liberty's Edge

Yep it released in international markets already. I am in the UK for example.

No spoilers of course, but I was so impressed with how they - Marvel and the Russo brothers in particular - are able to give every character their moments to shine. My friends and I came out of the theatre and none of us had the same favourite moment because there was so many awesome ones to choose from!

Liberty's Edge

Just blew me away. Marvel do such an amazing job of blending action, comedy and emotion.

Absolutely awesome.

Liberty's Edge

To be fair SheepishEidolon, I've been saying that to the rest of the group - both in character and out - for about 5 levels and I think you are absolutely right. Several giants with overlapping reach is going to be a massive problem for us, one I have tried to take steps to address personally through spell selection (Mirror Image, Blur and the like) and by not totally dumping strength so I can at least switch hit in an emergency if I need to. But that's really just papering over the cracks.

We are on a wing and a prayer at the moment, either we deal enough damage to win in two rounds or they close on us and we die. But the huge insurance policy is that the sorcerer's Confusion and other enchantment spells will land about 90% of the time, leading to quite a bit of false security with the others.

Lol I sound like I am naysaying but like I said I've been bringing this up for months and I just hope my bard lives long enough to say "I told you so."

Liberty's Edge

I'm a player in this game so just thought I would pop in with that perspective and put some context around it.

The party make up is:

Sorcerer (Enchantment focus)
Cavalier (charger)
Bard (me)

The Slayer and myself are archers - which is arguably the strongest combat style in the game anyway - and the Cavalier has a medium sized mount so aside from difficult terrain, can pretty much charge everywhere. The amount of damage we put out in a given round is nearly game-breaking given our level.

None of us are bored but I know two of the players (Slayer and Sorcerer) seem to have the most fun when totally dominating encounters whereas I personally get the most fun from overcoming a difficult encounter with some two and fro that requires some reactive actions, tactic changes and so on, as opposed to just steamrollering it in one round of full attacks. I love my character, but am thinking of changing him up possibly to a melee bard just to change the dynamic. At the moment, nothing is getting close enough to us to deal damage.

Captain Green - I urge you to give a couple of the bad guys protection in the form of Fickle Winds and Protection from Good although be prepared for the constant stream of moaning at the table!

Liberty's Edge

Player. First time in a good while too, I'm usually the GM.

We are an experienced group with sound tactics but with minimal optimisation (two of the group have deliberately started taking sub-optimal options) and so far we have been pretty dominant.

The combination of poor reflex and will saves of giants is a particular problem generally speaking.

Liberty's Edge

Another thing to throw into the mix is that, speaking just on behalf of my tabletop group, this AP is really not much of a challenge. We are about half way through book 3 and I can't really recall a difficult encounter beyond one in the first book.

Liberty's Edge

That's the thing, I don't want to remove them entirely, just come up with some kind of halfway house between using ABP and some other resource to make additional purchases and not using magic items and purchasing at all

So I guess I'm looking to abstract economy rather than replace magic items all together.

If WBL followed a linear pattern it would be easy. I could say using ABP you gain a +1 resistance bonus this level and 2 Resource Points that can be used to purchase items of up to 500gp each etc to make up the difference.

So players wouldn't have to worry about killing everyone they meet and stripping their corpses. (Yes I am aware this could descend into a discussion about that's the player's issue, WBL is a guide etc and I'd like to curtail that up front by recognising those pointa but also trying to explore this thought experiment to see if it could work.)

Liberty's Edge

I've been looking at Unchained's Automatic Bonus Progression rules recently and it's a system I quite like.

However, it states that wealth by level should effectively be halved when using this system. I was wondering if there were any abstraction that actually removed wealth by level at all?

I am aware of Burning Wheel's resource attribute mechanic but I'm reluctant to introduce a random element to purchasing power. I am thinking more along the lines of something like a Resource Point system where you gain a certain number of RP per level that can be exchanged for items of a particular value. So this could represent good links with the black market underground or the fact that you might be personally wealthy or that you have a side business or whatever - it just removes the temptation to loot every body and peel the lead from the windows of every room you go in.

The issue I'm having is that I can't find a formula that adequately replicates the wealth by level table that I could use to determine how many Resource Points a character should gain per level to make this work.

So my question is whether anyone has better math-fu than myself to come up with that equation or if anyone has any alternative suggestions of how I could make this work?

Liberty's Edge

I'm getting into the idea of this superhero/pathfinder mash-up. Would any of the existing adventure paths lend themselves to a modern-day conversion? Iron Gods maybe..? (I haven't read this one.)

Liberty's Edge

I agree some sprinkling of mythic and/or gestalt is probably the way to go to shake things up significantly. Also, making use of Path of War which I have always avoided ironically to avoid a superhero feel!

Liberty's Edge

Joe Shmoe is my alias. Joe Danger is my Vigilante name. (Or at least it will be when I get Intrigue)

Liberty's Edge

I have to say I am very interested in a superhero game using Pathfinder rules. I know there have been countless debates as to which class/race Thor is etc, but I love the idea of a superhero game and I'm not hugely enamored with Mutants and Masterminds.

So whilst I agree with Dudemeister that Absolom would be a great setting for such a game within Golarion, how might you differentiate it enough that it doesn't feel like any other urban adventure?

I've been toying with the idea of running some kind of game like this whether in a modern or fantasy setting but I'm struggling to reconcile a few things. For example, how would this Captain America brawler be any different in terms of feats and gear than any other brawler?

Liberty's Edge

The guys have essentially covered everything relevant here. Taking ten represents when you could reasonably accomplish something with a little bit of care and attention as Melkiador illustrates - I could probably climb a chain link fence pretty easily in normal circumstances. If I was being chased by a rabid dog at the same time, probably not - I better roll well on that climb check.

The debate really begins when people bring knowledge checks in to the fold. There is nothing to my mind that suggests you cannot take 10 on knowledge checks aside from in combat because the skill follows all the usual rules for taking 10. The exception to this is the Bard's Loremaster ability which allows them to take 10 on knowledge checks in combat.

At least that's how I understand it and hopefully I haven't jsut opened up a can of worms!

Liberty's Edge

I'd be interested to see that archetype. I have always loved the idea of a swashbuckler but found those saves for ostensibly a front-line class to be just too scary.

Which I why I would personally go for daring champion over swash although I admit I am as interested as the OP on advice with this since I am yet to actually play either.

Liberty's Edge

Is there any data on non-staff members? i.e. just us regular Joe Shmoes? Just for the sake of comparison.

Liberty's Edge

If I read that wiki article correctly, this is pretty much the same game as Werewolf?

Liberty's Edge

Ok cool. I'm still mulling over friends and enemies and will likely update the app over the weekend.

Liberty's Edge

Yep, applies each time so I would also go with D.

Liberty's Edge

I'm currently playing an 8th level archaeologist archer bard in Giantslayer and in most circumstances doing within 3 or 4 points of damage per shot of the party's Slayer, who is also ranged focused.

12 Str is ample for this build and the fact that the archaeologist self-buff is luck based means it can also benefit from the Fate's Favored trait which is almost like accelerating your performance by 5 levels.

At level 8 my main gear contributing to damage output is a +1 composite shortbow and a Belt of Incredible Dex +2. My typical attack routine is:

16/16/11 (Bab+6, Dex+6, PBS+1, Luck+3, WF+1, Enhancement+1, Heroism+2, Rapid shot-2, Deadly aim-2)


1d6+10 damage (twice with the first shot due to MS)

In comparison the Slayer is 13/13/8 and 1d8+13 damage.

So the difference is really negligible and of course you retain all the knowledge goodies.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok here is my submission.

Magnus Stromm, dwarven trapper ranger. I am working on the actual crunch but in comparison to the background that part is easy and shouldn't take much time at all although rest assured he will have maxed out skills in perception, disable device and stealth.


Magnus is an uncommon dwarf. He enjoys the wide skies of the open plains more than claustrophobic tunnels of the Darklands where his forebears dwelled centuries ago. He firmly believes that the Quest for Sky was the destiny of his people and the prophecy that Torag spake was the literal truth – “When the ground beneath your feet shakes, press for the Sky.”

He was born in a small, nameless village on the outskirts of Janderhoff. Over the decades he trained hard in the art of scouting, reading the tracks of animals and giants and in setting snares to trap these creatures. As a young dwarf, he found that few things made him happier than spending days stalking the trails of the low lands of the Mindspin Mountains, listening to the wind whistling through the canyons and crevices, but always his eye would turn to those snow-capped peaks. It had always been his desire and ambition to scale the mountain and fulfil the Quest for Sky, a pilgrimage he felt all of his kind should make during their lifetime. When asked why he couldn’t really answer to any great satisfaction, only replying with a shrug; Because it is there.

He rose to become captain of the militia, pledged to keep the lands around the village safe and, by association, Janderhoff itself. Eventually he took a wife and raised a son – Deziak – and taught his son his trade.

Everything changed twenty years ago when he led a militia band from the village against a small group of ogres that had been raiding out of the lowlands for months. It was Deziak’s first assignment in the militia. And Magnus’ greatest error. Misjudging the size and skill of the raiding party, he led his band into an ambush, where it was slaughtered to the last dwarf. The last dwarf being Magnus himself.

He played dead but inside he was drunk with rage, his son’s blood wet on his hands, the bodies of his friends broken and scattered all around him. That night a madness took him, he tracked the ogres to their camp where they ate the roasted joints of dwarf and drank the fiery liquor the men carried in their canteens. After they had eaten and drank their fill, the night air loud with their snores, Magnus stalked among them like an avenging demon slaughtering ogre after ogre as they slept.

When the last giant was left choking on it’s own lifeblood, Magnus melted into the night, disappearing into the mountains where the crushing weight of grief and guilt drove him mad. His days were filled with the ghostly sounds of his men and his son, still singing as they marched, his nights filled with terrible dreams of their dismembered bodies.

Time passed. Whether months or years he truly didn’t know, he could no longer comprehend such a thing. Eventually he made his way across the mountains down to the small village of Trunau. Half starved and wild-eyed with madness he collapsed at the gate. It was only through the kindness of an old half-orc named Katrezra, himself something of an outcast in the wilderness from the savage orcs of this land, that he survived at all.

When he awoke in the Sanctuary under the care of the Iomedean missionaries, his memory was all but gone. Perhaps his mind was trying to protect itself from the horrors he had witnessed but he could barely remember anything before the trek out of the mountains – only his name, and the most basic of the skills he had learned over the decades and his deep and overriding hatred of the giants. It is only in the coldest night that he dreams of Deziak, sees a face that he does not recognise, twisted in fear and pain…. And then he wakes up screaming…

Obviously Magnus would have had to have been pretty tough to take on a whole camp full of ogres. The concept I am shooting for is that actually he was pretty damned skilled, and certainly of a much higher level. However the power of his psychological break has been such that he has forgotten much of what he learned and essentially ‘regressed’ back to level 2. I would like to think it would be fun to RP a character like this who knows he was once something much more than he is now and of course unravelling, in his own mind at least, the mystery of who the person is he dreams about.


Magnus, like many of his kind, is gruff and taciturn. His memory loss has made him something of a loner, distrusted by those who do not understand how a mind can break the way his has. As such he spends as much of his time outdoors, communing with nature as he can. It has always been where he feels most comfortable and where he has felt drawn with his wanderlust. As time goes on he will become fiercely loyal to his party-mates, unconsciously seeing in them the camaraderie he shared with his men and the protection that he should have afforded his son. Although I don't see him as jovial as the rogue you lost, in time he will certainly display the banter you might find among fighting men and women and be lighten the mood with some crass humour.

Friends and Enemies:

I don’t know enough about the AP to know who would be suitable friends and enemies. I have listed Katrezra as important in his backstory as a friend but perhaps other members of the group can help out with an enemy?

Any feedback or criticism welcome.

Liberty's Edge

I'm interested.

Would you prefer an actual rogue or a class that can act as a rogue? I.e. how would you feel about a ranger trapper?

All the important thievery skills such as perception, disable device and the trapfinding ability but with a little more combat capability. Probably looking at the archery route.

Liberty's Edge

I think it's very likely Spidey will switch sides in the third act.

I get that the cast is large but early reports are all suggesting that it's really an emotional drama centred on Steve-Buck-Tony. And all these guys have the chops to pull that off.

I have to say, I'm still much more excited about this than Bats vs Supes

Liberty's Edge


So, thoughts?

Personally I thought it looked amazing and can't wait to see it. Black Panther and Spiderman should be great additions to the MCU.


Liberty's Edge

Hmmmm.... I see where you are going with this now GM. On that basis I think I will withdraw. I have never played WoTW (I generally have little interest in evil campaigns) and so wouldn't get the references and easter eggs and therefore get the most out of what you are trying to do.

Good luck all, hope you have a great game.

Liberty's Edge

1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10


1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Awesome I can definitely work with that.

Liberty's Edge

For my part, I'm pretty much sticking with Arrow just because of the continuity and cross over with Flash. And I'm pretty sure the network knows people do that. Which means they'll keep doing it and not feel any real pressure on revamping Arrow. Grr.

That said:

Minor LoT spoiler:

I loved old man Oliver in LoT. Very nice touch.

Liberty's Edge

I think it's fair to say you have to suspend your disbelief pretty hard with LoT (or Flash for that matter, but that's another story).

That doesn't mean I don't really enjoy these shows though and if I'm willing to accept there are a couple of demi-god, half hawk, quasi-immortal people running around in the first place then I can't get too hung up on Jackson being a technical whizz.

Besides maybe Gideon has some kind of futuristic Clippy to help him out.

Liberty's Edge

I'm going to bow out of this one actually Jesse, the amount of sources available is starting to make my head spin a little! Plus, on reflection I really don't know enough about Greyhawk to make a compelling character - he would just end up being a bit of a cookie-cutter.

Enjoy your dungeon delving!

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