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Jakt Frihet's page

1 post. Pathfinder Society character for Curn_Bounder.

Full Name

Jakt Frihet














Cayden Cailean



About Jakt Frihet

Jakt Frihet, a half-elf born of half-elves. Raised in the forests of Isger to harass those who used terror to control the weak-willed and violence to break the will of all else. Hoping to further the cause of freedom throughout Golarian, Jakt joined the Pathfinder Society—whose reach far exceeded the small band that taught him the art of the bow and the skills for survival.
Clad in leather armor, and grey cloak, Jakt carries a powerful longbow and a hand axe. Standing just under six-feet tall, his short silver hair and steel gray eyes, make Jakt appear older than the 36years he has seen. His eye and hair color, along with his cloak have earned him the moniker Greymantle from some.

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