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same here, same name on steam as well

Well this seems like a damn fine opportunity for me, ALL my alleys look upped. Hopefully you don't mind some ooc slip-ups here and there because I go at playing with a very light heart but I do try to be "serious" as mucho possible (ic mostly). Days of availability are Mon/Tue/Fri (possibly Thur.) and if that sounds alright then i'll be glad to be in!

I would be VERY interested in playing this particular game, I really love the Diablo world and thinking about making a Fighter that's barbarian-themed since the PF barb doesn't fit as well with the one in the game. I'll have a bio and sheet made sometime today later on for you.

I can do both times fine, also experienced and never played this AP before so i'm pretty keen to join up if you'll have me. I'll send you a message with my skype info so we can talk about it if you like.

edit: can't seem to send you a message, you'll have to send me one instead with your skype info I guess :/

I'll be a player for you Monster Master, trying to figure out the time you're going to run it at etc. message me about it, so we can go through details a bit clearer.

I'd also prefer to be a player, if you ever decide to start and need someone to play with then i'd be happy to be that someone. Atm I can only do Tuesdays though.

Sign me up if you fellas find one, would love to be a fun and knowledgeable player to make the experience awesome and ya don't mind a 5th.

Well I can make the time and my mic isn't too shabby either, i'll need a bit of familiarizing with the programs though but other than that I think it'll be nice. Really hoping it can be every week but it's not gonna be the only game i'm in that has to be on hold once in awhile... Can't say for sure what I would play so early on, but I CAN say that it probably won't be an arcane caster because I don't really enjoy that. Possibly a druid or a cleric, maybe a paladin/oracle if that charisma niche isn't covered.

Hell. Yes.

Hey there, I saw your post and i'd love to join your Carrion Crown game! I've been playing pathfinder 2-3 times a week for the better part of the last 2 years and i've got a good bit of experience, i'm thinking I could play a Cleric or a Paladin for you guys. I love voice chat during gameplay, and I can make most anytime you guys are playing. I think this'll be my first time using Gametable but i'm sure it won't be too much of a problem because i'm a quick learner. Looking forward to it, hope you get back to me on this!


Just clarifying my opinion so it doesn't have to be assumed what I do/want out of my experience in this game btw, i'm probably one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and I want everyone else to have a blast playing with me because that's my #1 priority when I play rpgs.

So you enjoy getting a concept THEN build the character, while I build a character THEN the concept. Apples and oranges with the same goal in mind, but I concern myself a little more on the side of being able to extend the awesome roleplaying in the game by working with the technical mechanics of combat to do my best and contribute to the survivability of everyone (dying puts a damper on a character's RPing if they're not in a no-rez but the party cleric campaign). I'm not building my character around flanking, it's just a bonus i'd like to consider before taking since the bonus would go to fiddly poop if I hardly ever flanked. I want to play the character I wanted to play because it sounds really cool, mechanically effective and it reminds me of Captain America so shoot me if I asked whether a little bonus would likely be happening or not (i'm pretty big on teamwork, but I don't force anyone into things to my character's benefit alone). My favorite characters are playing what a group needs mechanically, usually some kind of supportive role, and if the main bases are covered then I like to fortify what I can where I think it could be used. I find it alot easier personally to work from that position, we're not all the best writers but some of us have alot of personality that can be put into a character concept and character play after the skeleton is built.

I've been roleplaying for over a year straight now, it makes up for my ability to make deep backstories when I can get into character concept kind of like an actor would. This is vocally of course, I don't type much but i'm not too bad at that either. I also think that maybe you should think about what a character can bring to the table and NOT single out anything just because there's "already a *insert class* in the group" even if certain things that were going to overlap would happen anyways, you can only have so much diversity until two people have a similar ability or skill or whatever at some point. You can totally be a good roleplayer AND an optimizer, they're slightly separate I think.

Blam, my character now has Trapfinding with the Trapper archetype instead of Skirmisher and can handle it. I would rather play as the second frontliner with my original ranger and I want to give the person that wanted to play the rogue their shot (especially since our flanking will be very good with my ranger), but if you don't get any responses from him by the 7th I can have my character go with Trapper instead of Skirmisher if you think it's totally necessary. If you're completely adamant on my Ranger being less of an asset than a Paladin would be then I can play that instead like I mentioned before, i'll just lose some of my smile from almost having a chance to finally play that Ranger character... heh

Baudilio Bauptista, Mine-Locater

Well I suppose you have all your roles covered then, if that guy who wanted to play a rogue doesn't get back to you I can make a ranged trapper ranger for the group but right now it looks like i've been swamped out by the others :( BUT if you allow both our rangers to take the front line, I can guarantee we'll make an incredible duo!

Well the baddies should get ready for a world of pain then...

I WILL say though that if i'm finding myself short of a flanking buddy then i'll very well play a fighter or a paladin, depending if there's a face in the group or not.

Well yeah but what kind of a ranger? My ranger would fill in for the frontliner/defender spot with flying colors in high ac, hitpoints, damage, mobility and saves as well as being a good survivalist, perceptionist and heal checker with some bonuses for everyone on flanking and a weapon to-hit+damage ability similar to a bard's Inspire Courage (stacks with it too!). I mean specifically taking the Weapon and Shield combat style and the Freebooter/Skirmisher archetypes to make him less of a "focused on one type of enemy hunter" and more like a shielded fighter but different in some respects like group support and more skills to utilize outside of combat without really sacrificing martial prowess. That being said, if your ranger wants to be the guy up front to take beats and spells and all kinds of nasty stuff then i'll go with a Bard or something, but just because our classes have the same names doesn't mean we're gonna do the same things and can't be built very differently from each other (especially when there's so many archetypes now!). I'll link the things i'm talking about so you can see what I mean and the changes, as well as an example of what the sheet would look like to help sway you because i've been wanting to play this character for awhile now. Honestly, I could tell you that i'm playing a shield fighter instead and you'd hardly notice the difference and I assure you that unless your ranger is taking the same archetypes, combat style and skill set I am then his toes will DEFINITELY NOT be stepped on any more than if I was playing a fighter or a paladin. :)

Freebooter Archetype
Skirmisher Archetype
Baudilio Bauptista

Also if you're wondering why I don't play an actual shield fighter instead, it's because I like to have more to play with than some boring static bonuses that practically only affect myself :P

I'd love to join this game, some character concepts i've been wanting to try in order of preference is a melee ranger/standard paladin/melee or ranged cleric but in terms of fluff it depends on which one of those is most likely going to be used. My ranger would most likely be a sort of "soldier of fortune" type who used to be in the military and now tries to make ends meet by using his/her experiences for bounty hunting and looting from wanted criminals or the lairs of monsters. My paladin concept is like a roaming ronin who travels all over to do good and uphold just laws wherever it's needed, not particulary beholden to a single deity but more of an ally to all the good ones while getting his/her power from belief so strong it's divinely blessed. Belief in the protection that law can offer and the smallest acts of kindness and generosity being able to sway people's hearts and remind them to lead good lives when he/she can't show by example "how to handle a threat to freedom and the innocent" by the sword. I won't mention my cleric ideas since you already have one, but I can play anything really as long as it's not an arcane caster because i'm so terrible at those... but I could do a bard with no problem!

When you say monthly/bi-monthly, you mean once/twice a month is playtime?

I've got a frontline Ranger in mind myself, but I can spring for a Paladin or Cleric even if we come up short on the heals.

I will totally use a cam option, I give 0 cares right now because DADDY NEEDS TO CALM THE RPG SHAKES!

I'd join your group, i've never used google hangout or table top forge before so it'll be pretty interesting learning that! Pretty experienced player, friendly and helpful etc. lol

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