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Jacob J. Audette's page

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I'm a little concerned about the nature of the classes in this book. One of the things I admired about Paizo was that their classes adhered to classic fantasy archetypes.

Wizards of the Coast, on the other hand, crammed as many classes as they could into 4E.

I can see where some of these classes might fill missing fantasy niches. Barbarians and sorcerers have seemed like bread and butter since there inception, and swashbuckler's grit rules and optional gun rules fill the "Three Musketeers"/"Pirates of the Carribean" mix. That said, I can't help but be skeptical.

We'll see how it comes out in the playtests.

Excellent showcase!I would love to be introduced to Paizo staff characters more often!

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A syngergistic map is effective as long as it can function as a standalone map.

"The guardian is the river! It will take all my bravery to defeat it!"

Are there any more those white board iconic doodles? I would love to see them.

After reading the last blog about mythic play, I was really excited. When I saw this in the blog sidebar, I literally was like, "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Keep the mythic goodies coming.

Also, way to use the minotaur as your first test monkey. Ties in very thematically with mythic content.

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Due to the excitement of adding tieflings, aasimar and tengu to the PFS mixing pot, I think a couple "Wark! Wark!"'s are in order.

I love wendigos.I love wendigos because I'm genuinely afraid of them. The beady black eyes, the footless floating, the howls and the nightmares. Love it!

I really like the giant frog. I feel like it would be good for Druid characters with a frog companion. It could also double as a slurk with some imagination.

Woot! I love Strix. I've wanted to see them fleshed out since the Inner Sea World Guide!

I would love to see a story set in Quain. I love Tian Xia, and I think the Land of a Thousand Heroes is both fun and unexplored.

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