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Baron Galdur Vendikon

Jack the Shadowlord's page

31 posts. Alias of Xaaon of Xen'Drik.



About Jack the Shadowlord

Jacque LeRoix
AKA: Jack Shadows The Shadowlord
High Concept: Vengeful Shadowmancer
Trouble: Small Fish in a Deep Ocean
Other Aspects:
The Shadows are my friends
Hunting the Hunters
Even monsters fear the shadows
Dark Paths, Bright Exits
Sometimes the truth hurts

OOOO Physical (endurance)
OOOO Mental (conviction)
OOO Social (presence)

Superb (+5) none
Great (+4) Conviction, Discipline, Weapons
Good (+3) Lore, Stealth, Endurance
Fair (+2) Resources, Investigation, Athletics
Average (+1) Presence, Alertness, Intimidate

Stunts & Powers
Cloak of Shadows (-1)
Channeling (-2) (spirit magic - shadows)
Ritual (-2) (spirit magic - shadows)
Wizard's Constitution (-0)
The Sight (-1)
Soulgaze (-0)

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Rote Spells All in Basque and typically whispered
ilunena gaua Drowns out the light in a large area blanketing the area in darkness
itzalen kapa Shield spell - Swirling darkness displaces attacks.
ilun atzaparretatik draws on the darkness to tear at his enemies

Focus and Enchanted Items
Ancient Minoan Bracer (Spirit-Focus +1 Defense) - An orichalcum bracer with a Bull carved into it, etched with silver runes.
Obsidian Ring (Spirit-+2 attack) - Uses this item to create

Unpublished Alchemical Notes from Fulcanelli (Enchanted) -
World War 1 Trencher (Enchanted) - Strength 2 armor worn.

Character Creation Phases
Background: Where did you come from?
Jack grew up with his parents, but they were killed by a Red Court Vampire when he was 16, his cloak of shadows first started to manifest when he was hiding in the pantry, the others looked in there, but no one could see him even though it was a small pantry. His parents were dealers in antiquities and objects d'art. When they died, the police investigated, and the council was right there investigating as well. Jack was cleared of all charges and inherited most of the small fortune they had gathered, in trust.
Phase Aspect: The Shadows are my friends

Rising Conflict: What shaped you?
The loss of his parents shaped Jack, he decided to hunt the monsters that killed them. He had to think like the monsters, so he watched, waited, and observed. The ability to hide, the ability to watch, and not be surprised became tantamount. He spent much of his inheritance learning about magic, if vampires were real, magic must be as well. For years he studied, the council even tested him, but he hasn't progressed to Wizard yet, probably never will they say. But the Wardens watch him none the less, as his powers are dark and his anger is strong. Being orphaned at such a transitional age made him a bit of a rebel, he had anger issues, he fell in with the punk crowd, leather jackets, Doc Martins, torn up jeans, and everything that goes with it. He's big into the UK music scene.
Phase Aspect: Hunting the Hunters

The Story: What was your first adventure? "HUNTER HUNTED"
Jack grew up hard and fast, he bought the manor house with the inheritance money and had enough to start investigating more in depth. Jack was determined to remove the Red Court Vampire from the world. He researched and prepared, then he called in a few favors, got some of his punk friends who showed 'talent' and took her down and her retinue. The council didn't want to be involved, but some others in the supernatural community did. Lady Katherine Ramsgate learned to fear the darkness that night. He lost some good friends, and one is now a red court virgin, but vengeance was his. Especially since some of those friends are supernatural, a white court vamp, and a couple were wolves. Lady Ramsgate laughed as she was finished off, "I was just following orders luv..."
Phase Aspect: Even monsters fear the shadows

Guest Star: Whose path have you crossed? "DARK PATH"
Guest Starring: Danny Kaye
Jack's slipping down a dark slope when his anger is taking over, he needs to find out who ordered the hit. When he begins to push into the supernatural world, it suddenly pushes back. After a mortal is found slain with thousands of slashes, the Council gets interested in Jack. The MO matches the cuts that Jack's Pitch Black rote spell. Danny Kaye helps to clear his name, and bring Jack back from the brink in a Rock'n mystery.
Phase Aspect: Dark Paths, Bright Exits

Guest Star Redux: Who else's path have you crossed?"CLOSER TRUTHS"
Guest Starring: Trip Langdon
Jack needs help and Trip Langdon answers the call.
Sometimes you want to find out the truth, sometimes the truth finds you. It's Wizards, Vampires, and a whole lot of gun-play in Closer Truths!

After a break-in at the manor house, only one object is missing, a golden armband with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Who stole the armband and why?

This is the volume where Jack finds out who ordered the hit and why. It seems the Vampire Lord of York ordered the hit because his mother and father were stealing relics from one of his warehouses. Jack finds out that his father not only wasn't human, but he wasn't his father, and his mother was a full-blown Wizard.

Phase Aspect: Sometimes the truth hurts

power descriptions:

The Sight [–1]
Description: Wizards and others have learned to open their third eye, perceiving the magical world in great detail. The downside here is that the often phantasmagorical images are burned into their brains—never forgotten, always vivid. Musts: You must have a high concept that shows either that you are a spellcaster or that you have received training of some kind to open your third eye.
Skills Affected: Lore, Discipline.
Arcane Senses. Even with your third eye closed you have heightened arcane senses. You may use Lore as if it were an arcane Investigation skill as well as an arcane Alertness skill. You also gain +1 to Lore when using it in this fashion.
Wizard’s Touch. As another aspect of your arcane senses, when you touch another being who has some magic potential, the GM may ask you to roll Lore to catch just a hint of a “spark”—indicating their nature as something other than mundanely mortal. Even on a failed roll, you might experience some sort of sense that something is “off,” without being able to pin it down.
Opening the Third Eye. You may use the Sight to fully open your third eye, with all of the risks and rewards that come with it. See page 223 for details on how the Sight works.

Soulgaze [–0]
Description: Wizards (and a rare few others) have the ability to gaze upon another’s soul directly—but only the first time they make more than a moment of eye contact, and only if the one they gaze upon actually has a mortal soul. When it doesn’t happen, that in and of itself is an interesting piece of information!
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline.
Soulgaze. You are subject to the uses and effects of Soulgaze as described on page 226. Application of the Sight [+1]. If you have the Sight, above, you may take Soulgaze for free if you so choose. It’s not mandatory.

Channeling [–2]
Description: “Channeling” is one of the many general names given to a lesser form of Evocation that is only able to use one particular element. But more often such abilities are referred to by names such as pyromancy (fire evocation) and kinetomancy (kinetic force evocation).
Musts: You must define the element which your spellcasting is restricted to when you take this ability.
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction.
Channeling. You are able to use Evocation as described on page 249, but your use is restricted to one particular element, which you must define when you take this ability.
Item Slots. Channeling comes with two free Focus Item Slots (page 278). You can design the items that fit into these slots now, or later on during play. A single Focus Item Slot may be traded in for two Enchanted Item Slots (page 279). You may gain more Item Slots as one of the options on the Refinement ability (page 182)—but you may only buy Refinement for that purpose. All items created for those slots must be in keeping with the elemental theme you’ve chosen for your power.

Ritual [–2]
Description: “Ritual” covers the ability to do one particular application of thaumaturgy—such as crafting or wards—to the exclusion of any others. The application isn’t always a technique so much as a subject matter: for example, some ectomancers have this ability, giving them a wide range of thaumaturgic abilities, but restricted only to spirits and ghosts.
Musts: You must define which single application of Thaumaturgy your spellcasting is limited to at the time you take this ability.
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction, Lore.
Ritual. You are able to use Thaumaturgy as described on page 261, but your use is restricted to one particular application or
thematic subject matter. You must define this limit when you take the ability. For an idea of the options, see page 272.
Item Slots. Ritual comes with two free Focus Item Slots (page 278). You can design the items that fit into these slots now, or later on during play. A single Focus Item Slot may be traded in for two Enchanted Item Slots (page 279). You may gain more Item Slots as one of the options on the Refinement ability (page 182)—but you may only buy Refinement for that purpose. All items created for those slots must be in keeping with the single application you’ve chosen for your power.

Wizard’s Constitution [–0]
Description: You are a wizard, or are like a wizard—incredibly long lived for a human, able to recover from injuries just a little better than the next guy.
Note: This ability is replaced by any Inhuman or better Recovery or Toughness ability, if any such abilities are taken. In terms of game effects, the uses of this ability are so minor that they’re really almost cosmetic; hence the zero cost.
Skills Affected: Endurance.
Total Recovery. You’re able to recover from physical harm that would leave a normal person permanently damaged. You can recover totally from any consequence—excluding extreme physical ones—with no other excuse besides time; simply waiting long enough will eventually heal you completely. (Many wizards use this ability to avoid hospitals, where their tendency to disrupt technology can put others in serious danger.)
Long Life. As a side-effect of your improved ability to recover from injury, your lifespan is significantly extended. In game terms this will rarely have relevance, but it’s why the Senior Council of the White Council of wizards can talk at length about the events of the American Civil War (many of them were there) and several can go back even further than that.

Cloak of Shadows [–1]
Description: You and the shadows are as one. You’re able to melt into the shadows with ease; the cover of night offers easy concealment.
Skills Affected: Stealth, perception skills.
See in the Dark. Perception skill rolls are not penalized by darkness.
Melt into the Shadows. You’re more effective than most at hiding in a reasonably sized area of darkness or shadow. Under the cover of darkness, you get a +2 bonus to your Stealth rolls.

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