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Cruel Instructor

Jack Daniels's page

77 posts (598 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


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The cold weather outfits are available. The only cold iron weapons available in the village are arrows and a dagger.

Merick, I have a way to bring you in, as a friend of Yuln Oerstag, whom the party has already met. He's a northerner too so it makes perfect sense. Unless you can think of something better.

Delweir, I need more help on a hook for you. What would you be doing in this northern village of Heldren?

I've found 2 players already. You can post here prelim stuff and we can get started in full on Monday, if not sooner.

Good idea, Marek. I'm still here. Is Vesna? Should I recruit?

1 response in 6 days does not bode well at all.

2 responses in 6 days....does not bode well.

Hey all, apologies for my long absence (RL + holidays). Just checking if there is still interest in this game or should I just forget it? Thanks and if you have moved on, good luck in your future games.

Hey all, apologies for my long absence (RL + holidays). Just checking if there is still interest in this game or should I just forget it? Thanks and if you have moved on, good luck in your future games.

Hey all, just letting you know that I'm still around. Just RL got quite hectic last week. Expect a post in the in the next couple of days. Thanks for your patience.

Hey all, just letting you know that I'm still around. Just RL got quite hectic last week. Expect a post in the in the next couple of days. Thanks for your patience.

Feel free to continue rp, just wanted to move action along.

Sorry for delay; work got a little busy but I'm back.

I downloaded Google Drive and I shared the map, but how would you move the markers? I use the map on MapTools. I'm not very tech savvy. :)

Okay, need some help/input on bringing the 2 players in. Borden's connection with Abadar and Damrak makes sense. How about Beatrice? Does she know any of the other party members or Borden? I want to bring both Beatrice and Borden in together. Please chime in.

Okay, so thanks to player input, the 2 players selected are:

Beatrice the Witch

Thank you for all your applications and I hope your characters find other PbPs in which to shine!

Players selected please report to the Discussion Thread: Link

Left map on home pc. Will update tonight. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you all for your applications. RECRUITMENT CLOSED. Selections coming shortly.

Any thoughts on Borden, cleric of Abadar?

Thanks for the input Grim and your detailed breakdown Den. I had many similar thoughts.

Okay, no more new applicants will be accepted. I will give Dathom, Azten, and anybody who already posted an interest until tomorrow at 11am EST to finalize their submission. A decision on the two players shall be posted shortly thereafter.

About to close recruitment - would like some input either here or pm regarding applicants.

@Agrona: As I explained in my initial post, the 3 current party members are at the Trading Post. Can you expand as to what your half-orc witch's motivation would be to join the party?

@jimibones: There is already a ranger in the party so he has the necessary survival and knowledge nature skills, so you may stick to sorcerer, but up to you.

@Titian: Thanks, looks good.

Thanks for the applications so far. I will leave recruitment open until Wednesday at 6:00 pm EST.

@Bejan: While the brawler build sounds fun, party is looking more to spellcasters, divine and arcane.

@Faffnyr: Thanks for applying again.

List of applications (Tik-tik was not listed since class has not been narrowed down):

Spirit-Talker Avernus Mildari - Halfling Aetherurgist Oracle of Ancestors
Agrona Rivertusk - Half-orc witch (Scarred Witch Doctor)
Beatrice the Witch - Half-elf witch
Titian Stagson - Human sorcerer

Appreciate the kind words, Den. The new recruitment thread is up. Feel free to comment on the applications, if and when they come in.

Hey all, my Kingmaker group of 6 players is down to 3 and we just lost our wizard and cleric! The current cast of players (all of whom are still 1st level) consists of:

Olo, archaeologist bard
Grimwrath, dwarven warpriest
Dendarial, elven ranger

The game is still early in its infancy. For those familiar with the story, the players set up an ambush for Happs and his men and were successful in defending Oleg's Trading post. Now they're looking to do some exploration, until they gain a level, so they can go take on the bandit camp.

Here was the original recruitment thread: Link

If you applied previously, I will give you preferential treatment.

Any questions, let me know.

I had a feeling. Those 2 appear to be gone so we're down to 3 from 6. Now what? Re-recruit? Let game die? Let me know what you guys want to do.

Uh oh. Did we lose 2 more?

Can Anibeth and Athenasius just report in? I want to make sure we have not lost anyone since the bandit ambush. Thx!

Exploration rules:

One thing is traveling through a hex, which takes certain time depending on the party's speed.

Another is exploring a hex (per your charter), where you detail and map and uncover every nook and cranny for later development, etc. That usually takes 1+ days.

So when you choose a hex, let me know what you're doing: traveling through or exploring. Thanks!

Greenbelt Map added to campaign info tab (will update as you explore).

I am going away for the Easter weekend so I will not update the thread until Sunday.

I am going away for the Easter weekend so I will not update the thread until Sunday.

Not doubting you, Den, just could not find an in-game source for it.

Links fixed, Athenasius.

Den, I don't see how you can reduce the Strength rating because the bow was specifically made for +2 Strength. Recommendation: have new bow made. :)

Done, Athenasius.

Total XP to date: 250 per party member

Yes, I think the best is to roll with 5 for now. Damrak will stay at Oleg's to protect them from bandit reprisals.

If you move the traps, please indicate the new squares.

Den starts at W5
Olo at U11
Grimath at U18
Damrak in stable at N10
What about Anibeth and Athenasius?

To be clear, what I need for your ambush is the following:

1. Where each character is going to be when the bandits ride into the Post (square on map).
2. Hidden or not? If yes, how? What is your cover or concealment?
3. Where is Oleg? Where is Lana?
4. If you set traps, where are they (square on map)? How are they hidden?
5. What spells do you have memorized?
6. Any other details you feel I need to know.

They die at -1 actually; they're staggered at 0 hps. But once they die, their souls are gone, so no worry that you'll revive them.

Let me know when you've settled on your ambush plans and what they are precisely, so I can forward the game to the next morning.

Love out the box thinking...nicely done all of you!

Very creative...I like!!

Athenasius Darrow wrote:
DM: Would a surprise round against the bandit happen before his readied action?

If you could surprise him, sure.

Hello all! Thanks for the selection, BT. I hope to continue the party's successes.

Reviewing the Discussion thread, I see Friar has over 39K of gold he has not spent. Let me know BT if I can spend it. I will proceed without it for now.

I should have a post up tonight. Thanks!

Sure, Den. Done!

Just a small shout-out: loving the rp and the detailed posts re: your motivations!! I'm enjoying the ride, so all of you keep up the good work!! Fantastic start!!

Anibeth Ravenveil wrote:

For the GM, just wanted to double check your interpretation of reach weapon rules (since I know they open up a lot of questions in some peoples opinions. And always better to ask before it comes up in combat.

I believe the following is the RAW:
1) A normal reach weapon (like my glaive) can only be used to attack enemies in 12 squares.
2) Enemies in those 12 squares are threatened, excepting normal things that negate threat (such as cover between me and the target -- most notably an ally of either mine or the enemy in the intervening square).
3) Reach weapons can flank, if they threaten the enemy and are on the opposite side for the enemy from another threat. (in the diagram below, if there was a non reach ally at C2, and an enemy at c3, I could threaten from b5,c5,or d5.
4) An enemy, two squares away, on the diagonal is not threatened (because RAW they are 15'), but they do trigger an AoO if they move directly in along the diagonal.

The 12 squares I could attack, from c3 are the ones that are letter/numbered -- the double xx would be unthreatened by me.
XX A2 A3 A4 XX
C1 XX C3 XX C5
XX E2 E3 E4 XX

1. Yes

2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Unless the enemy takes a 5' step, since the first diagonal is 5'.

Athenasius Darrow wrote:

We must also take into account that it is a large quadruped, which makes its effective strength for carrying 27 X 3=81. 81 give us 3 X 4^8 = 196608Ib for light load, then X 2 for large size = 393,216Ibs.

Also I discovered weather is Knowledge Nature and maybe Survival, so no roll for me.

Actually, you multiply the values on the table x3, not the Strength score! That's how I arrived at 3120.

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