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JaceDK's page

671 posts. Alias of Jacob Trier (RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16).


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Huzzah! Way to go, Julius.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
Pact Stone GM wrote:
But I may have misread and Jace was just talking in character and wants to be talked out of this?

I was indeed talking in character, as befits a half-orc berserker spoiling for a fight. But I also just wanted to float an idea to the group. I'm not particular about which path we pick, as long as we try to keep ourselves as one group this time around.

This post on ENworld has some good links to articles about both equipment selection and a handy arrow-pack check-box sheet for archers.

I'm tinkering with an archetype and have some other ideas on the backburner.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
Kip Bendybrook wrote:
Very nicely done Jacob!

Thanks - and once I've gone and pissed the council well and truly off, I can say "Oh, and Malthir expected me to muck this up, so here's a nice letter explaining what I really meant. :-)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Neil Spicer wrote:
Tom Phillips wrote:
...I'll try to post some of my notes and toss-away ideas from my 2010, 2011, and 2012 Superstar runs.
Don't forget you'll be a guest judge this year for Round One. And it might be worthwhile for you to do some sharing ahead of time, just to prepare those who'll compete for the 2013 title. Same goes for the rest of the Top 4 and other competitors. Do what you can to give back.

Yes...listen to the nice man and toss out some wisdom for us poor dregs going at it again.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

Learned something today that I thought I'd share: You can name your dice rolls the same way you name a spoiler tag.

Like this:
[ dice= Attack roll - longsword (power attack) ]1d20+6[ /dice ]
[ dice= Damage - longsword (power attack) ]1d8+4[ /dice ]

Looks like this:
Attack roll - longsword (power attack): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
Damage - longsword (power attack): 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

Learned something today that I thought I'd share: You can name your dice rolls the same way you name a spoiler tag.

Like this:
[ dice= Attack roll - longsword (power attack) ]1d20+6[ /dice ]
[ dice= Damage - longsword (power attack) ]1d8+4[ /dice ]

Looks like this:
Attack roll - longsword (power attack): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
Damage - longsword (power attack): 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

MerManiac wrote:
I think this a bad idea. Doesn't this same website have contests based on this exact same creative theme? Create a new magic item, create a Cleric variation, create a villian? Withthatsaid, I'm in!!!

I assume you are thinking of RPG Superstar. I can assure you that doing stuff like this is in no way discouraged. In fact, it is great practice if you would ever consider trying your luck in RPG Superstar (which you should, cause it's a great contest).

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

RonarsCorruption wrote:
But, on the bright side, that means I won't have to compete against any of you next year, improving my chances. Huzzah! ;)

Hate to burst your bubble, but getting an item published in a paizo book does not automatically exclude you, as long as they don't stick your name on the front page.

RPG Superstar Contest Rules wrote:
1. The contest is open to the general public, with the following exceptions: Employees of Paizo Publishing, their immediate family members, and persons with whom such employees are domiciled are ineligible. Anyone who has been employed full-time as a designer for a game company is ineligible. Anyone with a cover credit on a hardcover RPG book is ineligible. Designers who have cover credits on print editions of Paizo's Pathfinder or GameMastery products are ineligible. The top 8 finalists of all previous RPG Superstar contests are ineligible. Contestants must provide their real names on their account. Legal identification must be produced on request.

On the bright side, this means more awesome stuff in the contest if any of these guys decide to run again.

Will do. I'll probably wait until after Gen Con, so you all have one less e-mail waiting for you once you get back. :-)


Words fail to describe the sheer awesomeness of this.

Anyone using these should record it, put it online and post a link here.

Gary Teter wrote:
Since you're requesting a swap to or from your real name, customer service can take care of that for you. I've moved this thread into the customer service forum so they'll see it.

Thanks Gary, much appreciated.

Matthew Morris wrote:
I've never had this problem, myself. :-)

If only I had your foresight when I registered my forum account years ago, Matthew. I did not imagine that I would one day find myself in a position where I'd prefer name recognition over the safe anonymity of my trusty interwebz alter-ego.

I'm interested.

Hi web team,

Since I'm both a RPG Superstar finalist and a PFS venture-lieutenant, my avatar displays my real name several places on the site.

Is there any way to change it, so my real name is displayed everywhere? I have an alias with my real name, but I'd like my main profile to display my name, and I can't change that on my own.

Thank you in advance.


The rumors of my defeat are highly exaggerated!


Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
Jervaise Toppington wrote:

After careful consideration, I would like to get the following potions, instead of a cloak:

Fly x2 (325 x 2 = 750) *due to the 50% off from Devarre.
Youthful Appearance x5 (50 x 5 = 250)
Spring-loaded Wrist sheath x2 (10)

link, Youthful Appearance

link, wrist sheath

I was not aware that I was using obscure sources; I take everything from the PFSRD...

Those changes are fine.

And I'm just teasing you about the obscure sources. I just found it interesting that I have had to look up both your prestige classes (Steel Falcon and Chevalier) because I was not familiar with them. But totally not a problem, since I love discovering new aspects of the game.

Epic Meepo wrote:

And here it is...

#30 Variant Dragons, written by yours truly and published by Rite Publishing.

If you're looking for a new spin any of the ten standard dragon types, or for some inspiration for a true dragon NPC to add to your game, feel free to check it out.

Congratulations, both on this and the AP monster!

Your body of work is truly impressive, and it's about time we started seeing some of it published.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Jacob Trier wrote:

Now I just have to keep telling myself that the Sunrise shawl would totally have made the list if UE hadn't already been deep in development during RPGSS 2012.
Ultimate Equipment wrote:

Matt Banach (master’s perfect golden bell)

Chad Bartlett (gloves of reconnaissance)
Jesse Benner (snapleaf)
Alexander Bennett (dust of darkness)
Benjamin Bruck (steadfast gut-stone)
Will Cooper (ghostvision gloves)
Ethan Day-Jones (eye of the void)
Scott Fernandez (nightmare boots)
Jim Groves (seducer’s bane)
R. C. Higgins (waters of transfiguration)
Erik Hindley (shadow falconer’s glove)
Brian Hoffman (stone of alliance)
Sean Huguenard (smuggler’s collapsible robe)
Jerry Keyes (martyr’s tear)
Samuel Kisko (migrus locker)
Carl Klutzke (boundary chalk)
Joseph LaMothe (ampoule of false blood)
Elizabeth Leib (haunted shoes)
Jacob Manley (dust of weighty burdens)
Jonathan McAnulty (stubborn nail)
Matthew McGee (batrachian helm)
Tom Phillips (iron collar of the unbound coven)
Nicolas Quimby (goblin skull bomb)
Erik Randall (gloves of the shortened path)
David Ross (clockwork conscience)
Marie Small (verdant vine)
Neil Spicer (last leaves of the autumn dryad)
Matthew Stinson (school of eyes)
Paul Worthen (ancestral reliquary)

Well, don't I feel foolish...way to represent, fellow 2012'ers. I'm man enough to admit I feel a little bit jealous.

I've encountered this several times too.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Thanks, Veiled Nail - and a big congratulations to everyone who got their item published.

Now I just have to keep telling myself that the Sunrise shawl would totally have made the list if UE hadn't already been deep in development during RPGSS 2012.

@Eric Hindley - I'm especially pleased your Shadow falconer's glove made the cut. It is one of my favorite items from all the past RPGSS's.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Cool - Can someone post a list? I can't get my hands on a pdf of UE for another week.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

hargoyle wrote:


I'm new to this Wondrous Item designing. Never done this. Sure, I've made some items to my homebrew but not with so much detail. And never critiqued anyone either about their items.

But still, I want to do this. Badly. Because it feels like fun! So just you wait, I'll begin my practice with The Beard Braids of Sustenance! ..which are not yet ready, but soon!

Welcome hargoyle,

It is definitely a fun contest to participate in, the atmosphere on the boards is real friendly and you can learn quite a lot, even if you don't make it into the Top 32.

There is a lot of great stuff hidden in the various threads from past years, so better start reading. I'd say that you can find everything you need to make a great wondrous item right here, if you have the ability to absorb all the fantastic advice that is distributed from judges and participants alike.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Thanks a bunch for your feedback, Thomas. I adjusted the items based on your advice. I just posted the final versions in my Realm of the Fellnight Queen game. In case you are interested, there is a link to the game in my profile, and lurkers are always welcome.

Summon Monster II -> Small water elemental

Water elemental stat block wrote:

Drench (Ex)
The elemental's touch puts out non-magical flames of Large size or smaller. The creature can dispel magical fire it touches as dispel magic (caster level equals elemental's HD).

Problem solved.

I gotta say Shattered Star has got me super excited, to the point where I reactivated my AP subscription when it was announced. That meant that I also got all of Skull and Shackles, even though I'm most likely never going to run it. But that's ok, it's a great read and I can cherry-pick interesting stuff, like monsters or NPC's, from it to my hearts content.

The more I read on the foums, the more I regret canceling my subscription in the first place, because the discription of Serpents Skull, Jade Regent and Carrion Crown didn't appeal to me. I got into PFRPG around the time Kingmaker came out, and I'm slowly building up my collection, grabbing the odd volume here and there, or jumping at the chance when Paizo put out a new edition of RotRL or puts Second Darkness and Legacy of Fire on sale for five bucks a book.

With the variety presented in paizo's AP's, I would be amazed if everyone found each new arch as appealing as the last one. But I suspect most people can find something they like in almost every single volume.

Oh, and obvious troll is obvious - please don't feed or resort to namecalling. Top props to JJ for his classy response above.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

Big congrats, my barbarian friend! Welcome to the fun club of holy matrimony.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Hi guys,

I have thrown together these five items for the PC's in my Realm of the Fellnight Queen PbP. While these are specifically tailored to the characters, and not all together up to Superstar quality, I'd still like to hear what you think of them. Note that the price of each is just a very rough ball-park, and that I have not judiciously prof-read them.

Badge of the Faithful Companion:

Badge of the Faithful Companion
Aura faint abjuration and enchantment; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This circular disk of darkwood features mithril inlays depicting a hawk soaring over a crescent moon. A small pin on the back allows it to be fastened to a cloak or shirt. It functions as a holy symbol of Ketephys.
If a worshiper of Ketephys is wearing a Badge of the Faithful Companion while casting shield other on his animal companion, the bonuses to AC and saves granted by the spell are doubled. In addition, the caster is granted 10 temporary hit points, which may only be used to negate damage taken through the spell.
RequirementsCraft Wondrous Items, aid, shield other Cost 4,000 gp

Feyfriend Circlet:

Feyfriend Circlet
Aura faint abjuration and transmutation ; CL 3rd
Slot head; Price 8,000 gp; Weight -
This delicate silver circlet is decorated with images of various fey creatures engaged in frolic. It is usually presented as a gift to non-fey to better help them participate in fey festivities.
If the wearer of a Feyfriend Circlet possesses the Iron Will feat, he is treated as having Improved Iron Will. This includes instances where Iron Will is gained through temporary means, such as magic items or the adaptation ability of a ranger with the infiltrator archetype.
In addition, a Feyfriend Circlet grants the wearer a +2 bonus to diplomacy when dealing with fey.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Iron Will, eagle’s splendor, resistance, Cost 4,000 gp

Helm of brutal discouragement:

Helm of brutal discouragement
Aurafaint necromancy; CL 3rd
Slot head; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 4 lbs.
The visor of this metal helmet is wrought to imitate a fearsome demonic visage. When worn, it amplifies the wearers ability to weaken the resolve of his opponents.

If an opponent that the wearer has succesfully made shaken through the use of demoralize attempts to directly attack the wearer, even with a targeted spell, it must first make a DC 13 Will save. If the save succeeds, the opponent can attack normally. If the save fails, the opponent can't follow through with the attack, that part of its action is lost, and it immediately becomes frightened for the remaining duration of the demoralize.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, sanctuary, scare; Cost 4,000 gp

Stormcaster gloves:

Stormcaster gloves
Aura faint necromancy; CL 5th
Slot hands; Price 8,000 gp; Weight -
These fine grey gloves are adorned with five clear gems on each hand. Whenever the wearer casts a spell with the [sonic] or [electricity] descriptor, one of the gems on each hand fills with a swirl of dark clouds.

Once all five gems are filled, the wearer of the gloves can activate them as part of spellcasting to apply the Thundering Spell metamagic feat to that spell. Using the gloves in this way does not change the slot of the altered spell, but a spontaneous caster must still use a full-round action to cast a spell in this way. Once the spell is cast, all five gems turn clear again.

Alternatively, the wearer may expend just one active gem when casting Gozreh’s trident to give the summoned bolt the thundering special ability. Using the gloves in this manner does not count towards charging up a gem.

If the wearer removes the gloves, all gems turn clear.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Thundering Spell, blindness/deafness; Cost 4,000 gp

Necklace of Arcane Resonance:

Necklace of Arcane Resonance
Aura faint evocation; CL 5th
Slot neck; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This exquisite necklace is crafted from dozens of tiny, brightly colored crystal rods. When worn, the rods seem to resonate softly whenever the wearer speaks or sings.
If the wearer uses a spell trigger or spell completion item while maintaining a bardic performance, he may as a free action expend another daily use of his bardic performance to increase the save DC or the caster level of the item by two.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Harmonic Spell, arcane concordance; Cost 4,000 gp

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
Pact Stone GM wrote:

OOC: It took me some study to figure out why Gandel wanted to come off delay and use his action instead of taking an attack of opportunity. I figured if he used his attack of opportunity he could trip his opponent and then come off delay and bonk him on the head. If I have it right, the answer is that Gandel does not have the Improved Trip feat and if he tries to trip his foe while he’s adjacent he’ll draw an attack of opportunity himself. This way, he remains invisible and let’s the guard pass (say 10 feet away) and then trips him by coming off delay, which won’t draw an attack of opportunity.

..or it could just be the fact that Gandel was not wielding a melee weapon at the time and thus didn't threaten and couldn't make AoOs?

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
DM Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:

Hey Jacob, you still with us?

Sorry for slowness on my part. A trip to my mother in weymouth has proven to be far busier than I anticipated.

Sorry for the delay - had a busy weekend preparing for our son's birthdayparty. Post is up in main thread.


This AP certainly sounds like it would be perfect to integrate with PFS play, but my fellow VO's have already given lots of good reasons why that wouldn't be practical.

I think the best way to combine the two are:
- Use the existing sources about the Pathfinders (Seekers of Secrets, Pathfinder Society Field Guide etc) to brief players before character creation and to add extra background info about PFS.

- Use PFS scenarios as side-quests during play of the AP. This may require some adjustment of either, especially to account for treasure and xp.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
Lydia of Sothis wrote:

Gah! Why do I keep burning up good rolls on cooperative NPCs! The Scarab will go on delay until after Gandel has moved the zone of silence away from her, in case she needs to cast.

Do not believe this master of misdirection for even a second. I'm confident "Lydia" here is just waiting to drop some nasty surprise on us, Thalia-style.

Yup, paranoia-level is pretty high by now.

Awesome...I've been looking forward to this one.


Dragnmoon wrote:
Looking forward to is being used in either a Blog or added to the Community Use Packages so I can add it to our page.

It's used in this blog post - grab away, people!

Great story - and anyone who would like to meet those two again should definitely check out Entombed with the Pharaohs.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

Tomb raiding can be tricky business.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah Rasmus, you try any of that stuff at my table, I'm going to shake my head and look very disappointed before I tell you no.

I agree that the wording is a bit clunky, but I don't think there can be any doubt as to RAI here.


Welcome to the Society, hargoyle!

If you feel like heading a bit further south, we have lots of PFS going on in Denmark too.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
DM Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Don't be offended if the add takes me a while. In fact, by the time I have internet access sufficient to make MSN work (my grandma is with BT and its awful- 0.24mbps downspeed...) I'll have to dig around for your e-mail. Add me-


Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

I'm back - hand over those keys, Beetle.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

Heads up - I lost access to my MSN account - please add me as a contact with my new one - jacob.trier(a)

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

Greetings from Scotland. No sign of Nessie so far. About to visit Urquart Castle. Will say hello to Phrip's ancestors. Welcome aboard Mr. Exciting.

Thanks for the swift reply, Cosmo (and Crazy_cat). I'll get right to ordering, then.

Unfortunately, even books are subject to VAT here in Denmark, and as soon as a shipment exceeds about $13.50, VAT kicks in, and the mail service charges a $26 fee for processing your shipment, so getting stuff shipped gets expensive REAL fast.

Hi awesome Customer Service people,

I'm strongly considering grabbing a bunch of books from the 10th anniversary sale. However, due to the limits on Import Tax from outside the EU, I have to make sure the value of each shipment does not exceed a certain amount.

As such, I'm going to be ordering multiple orders of two books each. It is very important that each order be shipped separately, and not combined with other orders. If that happens, the Import Tax + fees will cost me more than the actual products + shipping.

How do I make sure that doesn't happen?


Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7
Meycho wrote:

Meycho asks the fey to enchant his elven armor...1.000 gp

Done. Adjust your sheet accordingly.

Male Human Writer 2/Dreamer 7

Just a heads up, even though everyone look ready to go, I'll wait until after I return from Scotland to advance the story.

I'm also working on a little surprise I hope you'll like.

So keep checking in every couple of days, but don't expect any major developments before August 1st.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16 , Marathon Voter Season 6, Marathon Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:

I tried to keep from overanalyzing my item this time and keep it simple.

Headhunter's Elixir
Aura moderate necromancy and transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 5,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This clear, noxious substance has small golden flakes of amber floating within. When applied to a dead creature, the head shrinks to 1/4 of its normal size. The body of the creature shrivels up and is sucked into the head cavity. Applying the elixir takes one minute while a command word is chanted repeatedly. The remains of the creature do not decay while shrunken, but revert to normal size and begin decaying after 30 days have passed or a second command word is spoken.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose, shrink item; Cost 2,500 gp

Nice item, but a lot like The Shroud of Old Souls from RPGSS 2008.

Good, evocative description. Can't find any obvious template errors.

Not sure it is nessesary to chant the command word over and over. What happens if you are interrupted? It also creates confusion, since command word items are usually standard actions to activate.

There is a typo in Creating NPCs

The Racial Ability Adjustment table indicates that halflings get +2 Int, this should be +2 Cha.

Already answered, but in case you need the actual rule quote:

PRD wrote:

Some individual items, notably those that just store spells, don't get full-blown descriptions. Reference the spell's description for details, modified by the form of the item (potion, scroll, wand, and so on). Assume that the spell is cast at the minimum level required to cast it.

It's in the chapter on Magic Items, in the Magic Item Description section.

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