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I'm sure someone has mentioned it by now, but how do corrupted animal companions work?

Last dino question: does the giga only have a bite attack or does it have some other natural attacks (claws, tail, etc.)?

Feros wrote:
J-Spee Lovecraft wrote:

Does the amargasaurus just have your basic sauropod tailslap attack routine?

Also, does giganotosaurus get artwork and what size is it?

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

Ahhh. So, THAT'S what the spines are for. Does it get art? Also, how awesome are the entomothropes?

Sauce987654321 wrote:

I was kind of hoping the Giganotosaurus' description didn't mention what its length or height was. I understand that they were meant to fill in the gaps of CRs and size categories for prehistoric animals, like James said, but I feel like mentioning its size and weight ruins the opportunity to at least allow people who look at the creature to assume that it could be a much bigger fantasy version of the actual animal.

Mentioning that it's 60 feet long at 35,000 pounds seems like it's only going to confuse people, especially when there are creatures, such as Colossi, that are 60 feet high and 75+ tons at gargantuan. Even other animals of similar sizes, such as the dire shark and crocodile are gargantuan at a much lower CR.

I just really would like some consistency when it comes to a creature's size category, which is pretty much zero. It's not just animals recently, either, it's a problem in every bestiary.

I'm sorry, but the thing you're concerned about isn't relevant at all.

Does the amargasaurus just have your basic sauropod tailslap attack routine?
Also, does giganotosaurus get artwork and what size is it?

Does the titanoboa get anything to make it different from all the other big snakes? And are the megafauna more than just more rhinos and elephants?

MMCJawa wrote:
J-Spee Lovecraft wrote:
What about dinos and devil monkeys? What all special abilities do they have?
** spoiler omitted **

HOLY COW. Awesome. What about megafauna?

What about dinos and devil monkeys? What all special abilities do they have?

Any news on special attacks or abilities of dinos and megafauna? What's the devil monkey like?

Atavar wrote:

Here you go...

** spoiler omitted **...

What's the devil monkey like?

Also, what makes titanoboa different from all of the other snakes from previous bestiaries?

What special attacks do the new dinos get?

James Jacobs wrote:

Please don't take "announcements" from non-Paizo staff members as announcements. Until the book's actual release date, it's best to look to posts from actual Paizo employees or the blog for information.

That includes a table of contents, which is something I suspect we won't release on its own.

Ok. Sorry. I'm just chompin' at the bit to find out about the dinos and megafauna...

Are there very many new dinos? I loved that therizinosaurus got some love last bestiary, and I love how formidable they are. Makes me feel like whoever statted them plays Ark Survival Evolved. :)

Sweet! Yeah, I've always found plant monsters to be underrated.

Cool. Any plant companions?

Mr. Jacobs, I was wondering, what new animals will there be?

Anybody know what animal companions will be in this one?


Do the Beastmorph and Visionary Researcher Alchy archetypes go well together? Like, can a Researcher's friend get feral mutagen stuff and pounce/grab/constrict/etc. from Beasty? I wasn't sure because SRD says this: "If the researcher has discoveries or other abilities that alter or increase the benefits of the mutagen, these apply to the experimental mutagen (though the drinker only gets half the numerical bonus of the mutagen)." The part about only getting the numerical bonus confused me. HALP, I R DUM.

Is there any way to make a vivisectionist/beastmorph alchemist and get bombs without having to burn a discovery? I know beastmorph gets them but vivisectionist doesn't. HALP.

Is there any way to make a vivisectionist/beastmorph alchemist and get bombs without having to burn a discovery? I know beastmorph gets them but vivisectionist doesn't. HALP.

Thanks. I think you're right. Vivisectionist probably works best. What level should I take Beastmorph stuff? 3rd?

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Why does the Annunaki have a bite attack? That's kinda weird.

Nightterror wrote:

Same old crap? You mean Robots, Smilodon, T.Rex, Pixies, D&D Dragons, Minotaur and all other overused stuff you see in every story, movie, book, cartoon ect ect??

I don't think most of Bestiaries 2,3,4 and 5 mythology and cryptid monsters are same old crap.

Wait. Are you talking to me? Because if you are, I think you might be slightly confused. Or I am. Or we both are. I don't know. At least one of us is.

Odraude wrote:
But the monsters are mythic content. When running a mythic campaign, you need mythic foes to throw at your players, especially high level foes. There are always going to be monsters in a bestiary that people won't use. How many are going to use cryptids, or the Japanese monsters, or the occult monsters, or the aliens? The goal though is to have a wide variety of options available to the different types of gamers and games that people run. I'm sure there are people out there that hate all the non-European monsters in the Bestiaries, but at least it means we all have options.

I'm absolutely going to use cryptids and aliens and all that stuff because I like games where the same old crap doesn't get recycled over and over.

I'm making an alchemist who's obsessed with animals and who has a career in taxidermy. Some of his goals include grafting animal parts to his body (the Monstrous Grafts, Tentacle, and Wings discoveries) and animating his taxidermy animals (the Alchemical Zombie discovery or possibly incorporating the Taxidermied template somehow). My only problem is I can't decide what archetype to choose. His obsession with animals could be represented by Beastmorph, but his sort of hacking and grafting style could be best suited to the Vivisectionist (as well as a reluctance to use bombs, as they could damage a subject's skin and ruin the taxidermy process), and yet the Reanimator could work for bringing his taxidermied creatures to life. What do you guys think would work best?

Milo v3 wrote:
J-Spee Lovecraft wrote:

17. Tulpa: "A gray-skinned humanoid with oddly unremarkable features floats ponderously in the air." Unremarkable indeed.
It's a literal imaginary creature.... if you think the sustained by thought and mental form abilities are unremarkable I am sincerely amazed.

For an imaginary creature it has a very unimaginative design.

This Bestiary is pretty awesome. A lot of great creatures. Almost every creature is cool and interesting in one way or another. I love all the different aliens and cryptids that made it in, all of the oozes, all of the new vermin, and all of the new animals are fantastic. The taxidermied template is my new favorite. And even though Megaprimatus could've been beefier, I love the art and its mangling ability.

Having said that, these are my least favorite monsters (in no particular order):

1. Aeons: Meh. Three-fingered, multi-limbed dudes from another dimension just aren't interesting to me. Sorry. Although one of them looks like a doughnut, so that's kinda fun I guess.
2. Astomoi: Faceless, mouthless, shadow people? *fart noise*
3. Azata, Gancanagh: Probably my least favorite creature. Just a foppish elf who can't handle his smoke. It's probably from some myth or tall tale or something, but I don't care.
4. Caligni: I feel like shadow people have potential to be cool...yet, none of them are.
5. Esoteric Dragons: Sometimes, ya just want more out of your dragons, aesthetically-speaking.
6. Drakes: ^^^
7. Duppy: Just a ghost that summons ghost dogs.
8. Egregore: Despite being a monster composed of a buncha brains and a giant eye, the egregore still manages to be generally uncool.
9. Aether Elementals: *yawn*
10. Etiainen: Sad-looking mist monster is sad.
11. Ghoran: I usually love plant creatures, but ghorans are just not vegetable enough for me.
12. Moon Dog: Despite being a Christopher Lee dog, I really hate its design.
13. Scitalis: You would think a neon snake would be cool. You'd be wrong.
14. Seilenos: Just a fat satyr.
15. Shadow Collector: UGH.
16. Syricta: Snake with abs. Not as cool or sexy as one might expect.
17. Tulpa: "A gray-skinned humanoid with oddly unremarkable features floats ponderously in the air." Unremarkable indeed.
18. Turul: A giant magic bird with killer magic feathers only sounds cool in writing.
19. Wysps: Next.
20. Zygomind: Cool idea. I like it. The art just doesn't really grab me.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Oliver Veyrac wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
I kind of wish we could get the 3.0 Kaiju template back, but it's not Open Content.
I thought that was the owners of dragon magazine?

A: No, they were merely producing it under license. None of their Dragon content is still theirs, to the best of my knowledge.

B: The kaiju template is from Dragon #289, which predates Paizo's production of Dragon Magazine in any case.

I still have that issue! It's a cool template.

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Nightterror wrote:

We need Dire Smilodons! Because Smilodon isn't powerful enough! CR 15 Smilodons! Yeah!

Make it happen! :-D

Oh wait...

We actually need Advanced, Giant, Half-Dragon, Fiendish, Nosferatu, Were-Smilodons.

And anyone, to the person who said we should drop it, this is still on topic, as it involves Megaprimatus. I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal and I know I could always change things with homebrew rules, but it just doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, maybe if they gave it some sort of rage ability that boosted its Str and Con, I'd say "yeah, sure, that's fine that it only has a Strength of 29, even though it's bigger than a house." But since it doesn't (it doesn't, does it? I guess I don't really know) I just don't understand the choice on the developer's part. I mean, how the hell am I gonna pit him against my dinosaurs now?! :(

Oh well. It's ok, Mega-P. I'm weak for my size too. I still love you. After all, everything is better with apes.

I just don't understand why Paizo thinks apes are so weak. The first Bestiary suggests using the young creature template on the gorilla (which they only give a Str of 15) for chimps and orangutans. That would put them at Str 10 or 11. Even though the real world animals can be 5x's stronger than a human. And now an ape that fights dinosaurs has a Strength score that's less than an elephant's. I just don't get it.

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:
I like the bestiaries. They always provide me with new things to tantalise the old neural tastebuds with story and encounter ideas. Also now we need to pit a tarrasque or some other kaiju sized thing against megaprimatus, have a bunch of poorly dubbed dragon empire inhabitents(paticularly tein shi) as actors, and we get some gnomes to make a motion camera, and we can have the players making King Kong vs Godzilla in golorian style. While also preventing the real life people and villages from being destroyed by the collosal monster brawl.

Perfect. Also, what is Megaprimatus' STR and how is the art?


What are Megaprimatus' stats, BTW?

Daniel Yeatman wrote:
Not to derail, but it's the same kind of logic that makes base Wolf animal companions Medium that become Large, and Bears are small that become medium. Not everyone wants to travel with Winnie the Pooh, you know! I suppose these creatures probably work fine in their niche, but it would probably be best to not try and draw direct comparisons, even when that would make sense.

That's another great example. It also doesn't make sense that every dinosaur you could have as a pet only ends up at large. Does the polar bear give new stats for using one as an animal companion, or does it say just to use the old bear stats? And WHY can you have literally every animal as either an animal companion or familiar EXCEPT the giant skunk, porcupine, and giant porcupine? WHY, PAIZO?! WHYYYYYY?????????????

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Kain Darkwind wrote:

I do find it odd that a megaprimatus is a Gargantuan creature with the strength of a Large sized dire polar bear, and nearly half the HD of a T-rex. Even assuming Kong was an advanced version (since he defeated three advanced Rexs), this seems to be slightly off.

It's four times bigger than a smilodon, but barely stronger and no tougher. A little disappointing.

Yeah, my only beef with pathfinder is when it comes to animal/vermin stats. Some of them make zero sense. Firstly, they only give the gorilla a strength of 15. The same as a mastiff. And in Bestiary 4, the giant flea and mammoth flea have the same strength score, despite the mammoth flea being two size categories larger. I mean, what the hell, Paizo?

I don't remember if anyone said, but what benefits do all the familiars grant?

Oop. Nvm. Just read the description.

Myth Lord wrote:
Are Wakandagi good (hope not) or evil/neutral (I hope so)?

Is that a walrus thing from Inuit lore or am I thinking of something else?

Ed Reppert wrote:
J-Spee Lovecraft wrote:
There is no evidence suggesting that pachycephalosaurus grew to be as big as a t-rex. And I'm not sure that cave people could easily kill a smilodon. It probably took several cave people and a lot of effort. There would probably be casualties. But that also depends on what cave people you're referring to.

"What's he doing now?"

"He's eating bushes laced with quaaludes, that's what he's doing. MUAHAHA!!!"
--- Bill Cosby

Cosby is a creep.

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:

Um, no. Smilodon was a lethal predator that specialized in bringing down huge herbivores several times it's own size. A single "caveman" would not have been able to bring one down. It would've taken a large group and there would have been casualties. I think one would most likely win in a battle against a Pachy. Pachycephalosaurus was the largest of it's group, which mostly contained small or medium sized animals, but it was nowhere near the size you claim it to be, and a lot of it's length was it's tail. It would actually have been quite a bit smaller than a lot of the massive ground sloths, bison, rhinos, and elephant relatives the Smilodon would have hunted. If they had lived together, I could easily see the Pachy being prey for the Smilodon. Don't get me wrong, Pachycephalosaurus is a formidable animal, but nothing that Smilodon couldn't have handled.

You often get so carried away being opposed to "mainstream" or, more accurately, iconic, creatures that you forget that most of them have very good reasons to be iconic to begin with. Yes, I agree with you that lesser known monsters are just as cool, and I like to see them get used as well. But that doesn't make the iconic ones bad. And you can be really unfair when it comes to accusing the devs of only using the most popular, profitable creatures. Let me tell you something. There would be no Bestiary 5 if that were the case. The monsters in the book that I would say qualify as "iconic" or "mainstream" consist of the three on the cover, the Megaprimatus, the Reptoid, and the handful of robots. Almost everything else in this book is weird, obscure, or completely original. They would not be systematically giving higher power levels to more popular creatures and than make an Ophiotaurus CR 16, and Vilderavn CR 17, and a Glaistig CR 21. Almost any other publisher would have stopped at this point, since 95% of the high money-grabbing monsters have already been used. Paizo did not. Instead, we have a book full of oddball fey, obscure folklore...

Well said. Yeah, some obscure monsters are cool, but there's no need for anyone to be bestiary hipsters.

Myth Lord wrote:
Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
Myth Lord wrote:

But why echeneis, mngwa, nuno, gancanagh, ovinnik and karkadann coulndt be some cr higher too? It would make more sense for those creatures to be higher cr...

Now karkadann is just a rhino...

Umm, only with two of those (Mngwa and Karkadann) could I really see them being higher CR, and low CR is probably far closer to the source material than what you have in mind. But Echeneis and Nuno? And the Ovinnik, which already had stats? Come on, man, look at the myths. These things really aren't supposed to be that strong. And the Nuno's a gremlin, and being so damn cool and creative despite being small and extremely low CR is basically the point of gremlins.

I agree about the Mahaha though. I would really like to see that one see the light of day.

My problem are the real world animals that get insane high CR which make me confused.

Mainly Smilodon and Polar Bear, they have too high stats, no way they can win from magical animals with special abilities and much higher intelligence to take stategic desisions which normal animals can't take mostly.

A Pachycephalosaurus (among the size of Tyrannosaurus) is Cr 4 while the much smaller and weaker Smilodon is CR 8... A pachycephalosaurus would crush a smilodon to pieces and would be a much more dangerous encounter.

cavemen with spears could easily kill a smilodon, and they would be lower than Cr 1. I don't think they could easily kill a charging Pachy.

Also, Ovinnik must be higher CR because the Domovoi and Dvorovoi are gentle creatures with less magical abilities in the myth than the Ovinnik, I think evil house spirits are more powerful than good ones.

There is no evidence suggesting that pachycephalosaurus grew to be as big as a t-rex. And I'm not sure that cave people could easily kill a smilodon. It probably took several cave people and a lot of effort. There would probably be casualties. But that also depends on what cave people you're referring to. Some were smarter than others. Some were better tool-users than others. But I see what you're getting at. Real world animal CR's seem to be kinda out of wack.

Do the greys only attack with their paralysis or can they melee too?

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What all can the grays do? Are there stats for UFO's?

I didn't see the ningen's CR. Also, are they hostile or peaceful?

Are muckdwellers still mud-spittin' salamanders?
And what's with the ningen?

Milo v3 wrote:
J-Spee Lovecraft wrote:
Cool. What's the difference between megaprimatus and a dire ape?
Megaprimatus is king kong iirc.

Can it be an animal companion? Does it only go up to size Large like other companions?

Cool. What's the difference between megaprimatus and a dire ape?

Whoa. How did I miss Skinwalkers? Also, are they like shifters, lycanthropes lite, or what?

Myth Lord wrote:

Oops, I totally forgot about my favorite bird on planet earth, the awesome, dangerous and stunningly beautiful Cassowary!

I also want the giant kangaroo Procoptodon, so big humanoids can ride them. Diprotodon is cool too.

Yeah! Giant roos! Also, marsupial lion should be mentioned as well.

And let's not forget that hooved apex predator, andrewsarchus!

ALSO, did they stat uinatherium kinda like a hippo or rhino? Like, attack-wise.

Myth Lord wrote:

Giant Anteaters! That are awesome real-world animals! Surprised they are still left out though! But of course Bestiary 6 needs cool Animals too ;-)

Pronghorn, Giant-Anteater, Fossa and Maned Wolf are my favorite real-world animals. Make them happen! :-p


Pronghorn = fastest land animal after Cheetah, but it has much more energy.

Giant-Anteater, just look at it being bizarre.

Fossa = Biggest carnivore on Lemur-Island uhm... Madagaskar.

Maned Wolf = Bizarre and beautiful, a deadly combination.

Markhor, Snow Leopards, Gharial, Jewel Wasps, Pangolin and Gilamonsters are cool too!

Agreed! I would also love to see a wombat, diprotodon (hippo-size, mega wombat), echidna, opossum, elephant seal, platybelodon (shovel-mouthed, elephant-thing), cassowary, giant catfish, sawfish, and a TON of other awesome animals, those are just off the top of my head!

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