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Amin Jalento

JL_Lightning Lad's page

185 posts. Alias of Valegrim.

Full Name

Garth Ranzz




Co legion founder







Special Abilities

Lightning and electrical manipulation; control and absorbtion






Electonics and Artistic; Pilot

About JL_Lightning Lad

Lightning Lad has the ability to generate electricity and direct bolts of electricity accurately. He is also able to generate and manipulate electricity, he can also apply the electricity internally to his own body and muscles, allowing himself to move at a top speed of one third the speed of light (the speed of lightning) and range anywhere in between that and normal human speed. Lightning Lad can use his power destructively, such as to short-circuit electrical items, split boulders, burn objects with precision or shatter walls. Noted to be the among the JL's best pilots.


Infamously known for being the act first-think later founder of the Legionairre, Lightning Lad is a head-strong impulsive hero. In every incarnation of the character he has been romantically linked with Saturn Girl. He is sensitive; caring; quiet; understanding and kind. unlike Superman; LL will like to a villian in the service of good. He likes parties and social gathering and catching movies with his fiance.

Lightning Lad in Action

He can also reduce the force of his bolts so that they will only stun. He can send his electricity through conductive metals. He has a degree of immunity to electrical charge, in fact, they give him more strength to use his power. He (may or may not depending on timeline) have a robotic right arm that is powered by his lightning power.

(info supplied by Comic Vine and Studio Anning legion website)

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