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Baby Chimera

JAF0's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 192 posts (10,806 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 33 aliases.


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You said core only for classes - I'd like to play an oracle... is that allowed? (- you did say yes to cavalier) :)

"I see your point Sterling, and learning their language would be a boon though not essential... However I'm not sure altering the balance of power between them and their enemies is necessarily a good thing... just saying... " Luna shrugs and continues walking along with the others.

I have a question about the Pack Lord's empathic link ability. In the rules, it simply says the pack lord has this ability and it replaces the 6th level second daily use of wild shape. It does not definitively state WHEN the pack lord gains this ability. We have a druid in our party who is using it at second level, because RAW do not state he doesn't have it yet. However it seems logical to me that it wouldn't kick in until the level of the ability it replaces, so I'm asking for RAW to state that, or at least a definitive statement here to do so, thanks.

happy birthday, GM bold strider!

no problem, I'll wait til another low level game pops up.

I have a lvl 2 paladin or a lvl 2 investigator, either one is free for a game...

- ok... I just got word... Varian's current game has not gone nearly as far as I was hoping it would have by now. We have a lot of ground left to cover, and that said, I will have to drop out of this game with Varian. I hope you can play with one less, or better yet, recruit a replacement. Thanks for accepting me into the game though... I look forward to playing Lore in City of Golden Death with you and maybe getting Varian into one of your games at a later date!

Good gaming to all!

Varian is currently in a game - I have asked the GM how much we have left to play and if the game is likely to continue beyond the 13th, I will let you know asap so you can recruit a replacement for me... sorry for any headaches this may cause... I HOPE I can finish up that scenario and then play here, but I won't overlap them because I'm sure that's against the rules lol...

"You surround yourself with a sphere of power with a radius of 5 feet per caster level that negates all forms of invisibility."

So 30' radius sphere (60' diameter) is pretty big, and will just get bigger over time as Maelchar goes up in levels.

perc aid: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (3) + 11 = 14

"no dear...look over there."

perc: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12


Raevin wrote:

pfs # 52335-4

faction: the Exchange
Anne Sidell

Hi... I'm here and watching the thread too... Can't wait to see who applies and who gets selected.

I think I'd like to play a lunar oracle. Would you approve of the changeling race? Not sure what role to fulfill... something requiring high charisma for sure.

Hi.. I'm the proposed new player.. I've been reading through the discussion thread and thinking about making an arcanist for this campaign, since that is what you seem to be in most need of (my previous S&S character was a rogue but would be redundant here). Give me a bit to make a character, and I'll re-introduce myself and give you all a chance to review and make a decision.

You know when you dot the gameplay thread for later, you can delete the dot and thegame will still stay in your campaigns page. Just saying, so there's no need to leave your 'dot' posts in the 'in character' thread.


I read somewhere once that it's better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one. Does that apply here in this instance do you think? Should I overwrite Sterling and Neri's signs with my own do you think? Will that make a difference when I make this judgment I'm 'sposta make?

Luna stands looking at the man while she muses to herself, hoping the voice in her head can offer some insight. While she waits for either an answer, or an epiphany of her own, she addresses the man. He showed some reaction to her previous words... perhaps he can communicate somehow.

"Tell me honestly about your life... What did you do with your life? What has happened to you to bring you to this fate? Talk to me, as your final judgment is upon you and I am the one to make it... state your case to me if you can."

me too

You also start off with bonus ranks based on your attribute modifiers. You get 4 free ranks in Strength skills, 3 free ranks in Dex skills, and 2 free ranks in Int skills; based on your ability mods. Otherwise, loving the submission :) My favorite so far! (No offense intended to others, of course! In all fairness, Lina had my favorite background of any of the other characters, soooo... I was sad to see them disappear, and would love to see them return. I also, as a player, greatly prefer characters staying in the same vein of who they were before the swap :))

Does this apply to all the characters? Because I don't think I applied these to Luna when I created the character sheet for her.

ah... I will consider those, thanks... I didn't include them on the first build.

I've done a sheet for Luna and posted it here. Let me know if you need more info.

I don't see Neri's stats listed anywhere... I'd like to know what they are - or can I build the character with points? and what would that total be if that's possible?

I'm interested in playing either Luna or Neri... which would mean table B I guess.

Neither character's profile lists anything about feats or in LUna's case, rogue talent, or anything of the sort, so I'm sort of at a loss as to how much I can build - a little guidance would be handy.

As far as Luna is concerned, I'd take mythic trickster path, finesse rogue for 2nd lvl rogue talent, and Perhaps dodge and mobility as 1st lvl and human bonus feats, would need to pick a 3rd lvl and a mythic feat, but would like to know a little more before I pick those.

For Neri, I need some guidance on ORIGINAL stats, and then do the subtractions/additions from there, and information on the dual paths taken.. trickster and what else? archmage or champion maybe? or can I take my own choices?

This sounds interesting.... haven't read everything yet, but might be interested in Neri or Luna if they are still available. Keep me in mind while I do a little reading, thanks.

Werewolf!!! I love this game, but unfortunately am involved in too many pbp games to add another right now - have fun all!


if Kristofer doesn't show, tiefling monk would still love a spot! ;)

for those who made it, congrats and have fun!!! Please keep in mind my tiefling monk if an opening comes up due to attrition or something! thanks.

I'd like to put in my bid for a spot with a tiefling monk. prefer LN but I can do LE if that would be preferred.

I started a WotW game with a similar character but the GM disappeared after we got out of the prison. I'd like to try again, as the game was a lot fun.

I have a great backstory idea, and ready to do stats and make an alias if chosen. My posting rate is usually multiple times per day depending on the pace of the game, and I can post 7 days a week.

I am interested I have a 1st lvl kitsune rogue - Seijiro Saketa

Awww... sorry I didn't get picked, but congrats to those who did... Please reconsider me if you have another opening... I also have a rogue who played through book one and the game died, so if you lose your rogue, I'd love to play again.

Are you sure you want Kenji? He's the monk, you said the paladin (Hakime) would be a better fit... I'm easy, I can go either way.

I have a level 1 paladin or a level 1 monk, either one is available for play... would love to join this game with whichever character would best complement the party if there's a space available.

The characters are Hakime and Kenji Nishida - both profiles are complete in my alias list.

awesome, thanks Luke.

Can we play this if we've already played another module? I thought In Search of Lore had to be your first mod... if not, then I have 2 characters I can play - either a paladin or a monk... I'd love to play either one but both have 1 xp already.

They are both in my profiles list - Kenji Nishida or Hakime. Whichever a party would need the most.

Any new low level games starting up? I have 2 1st lvl characters that could use some adventure time!

If anyone else drops out.. please drop me a line by pm, I'd love to play!

Bleyz holds his breath and tries to move on out of this room to the next one if possible.

Remember, he wetted his scarf and tied it around his face as well, so if he inadvertently takes a breath, maybe a bonus to save? lol

rolling for a new character - just needed a board to roll it on, lol... this is Raevin, btw.

Rolling for Kenji

tiefling table: 1d100 ⇒ 78
tiefling table: 1d100 ⇒ 53
tiefling table: 1d100 ⇒ 6

ignore this... lol

Rolling for Hakime:

tiefling table: 1d100 ⇒ 90
tiefling table: 1d100 ⇒ 97
tiefling table: 1d100 ⇒ 42

Just needed a place to roll these for a character - ignore it lol

Well, as much as I wanted to play my remaining PFS character, Kenji, in this game, the party doesn't need a second monk of the four winds, so I made a new character... Raevin... who isn't a duplicate of anyone else as far as I can tell...

that would be awesome... I'd love to play!

hmmm... hi all... I didn't realize this was a pfs scenario, i thought it was just a normal pbp... I only have a 1st lvl pfs character who isn't involved in a game currently... is that okay? or do I have to play a pregen to start him/her at a higher level?

that sucks in its own way... I'm gonna miss Kali

Ahiko screams in vain, calling out to Kali... and then, recalling the need for some degree of stealth, begins cursing the monster softly in a stream of Minkaian invective.

She watches Vermundr swim back to the boat with Lothi, but can do little from her own boat except watch, now in silence, tears streaming from her eyes.

If she can help maneuver her boat closer, she will extend her hair,then grab and lift Lothi up out of the water and into the boat.

If he's still alive, she will then touch him with a healing hex.

healing hex (CLW): 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

agreed w/ pakak re: heal.

No fishing, no floundering.... just thought I'd toss that comment out for the halibut.

Per the PRD.

Size and Magic Items

When an article of magic clothing or jewelry is discovered, most of the time size shouldn't be an issue. Many magic garments are made to be easily adjustable, or they adjust themselves magically to the wearer. Size should not keep characters of various kinds from using magic items.

There may be rare exceptions, especially with race-specific items.

Armor and Weapon Sizes: Armor and weapons that are found at random have a 30% chance of being Small (01–30), a 60% chance of being Medium (31–90), and a 10% chance of being any other size (91–100).

So, clothing and jewelery re-size, armor and weapons don't.

No floundering here... nope... not allowed.

since I can see the map now, Maelchar would have moved to C9 to a) get away from the fog, and b) not be on the edge of the chasm.

Thanks for resetting the campaign page to vertical listing... much easier to read! :)

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