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Standard Bearer

Izumi Chosokate's page

382 posts. Alias of FireclawDrake.

Full Name

Izumi Chosokate


AC 17/To11/FF16, HP: 30/37 Human (Varisian/Tian mix)


Cavalier 4








Lawful Good



Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Izumi Chosokate

Izumi Chosokate
LG Male Human Cavalier (Standard Bearer) 4

Trait: Childhood Crush (Ameiko)
Languages : Taldan, Varisian, Tien

Combat Details:

Str 18 (Base 15+1 + 2 racial)
Dex 13 (Base 13)
Con 12 (Base 12)
Int 13 (Base 13)
Wis 10 (Base 10)
Cha 14 (Base 14)

Initiative Modifier: +1 (+1 dex)
AC: 22 (10 +1 dex + 9 armor + 2 shield)
Touch AC: 11 (10 +1 dex)
Flat-Footed AC: 21 (10 + 9 armor + 2 shield)
CMD: 19 (10 + 4 BAB + 4 str + 1 dex)
CMB: +8 (+4 BAB + 4 str)
Current HP/Total HP: 30/37 (31 {10+10+5+6} + 4 con + 2 favoured class)
Fort Save: +5 (+4 base + 1 Con)
Ref Save: +2 (+1 base +1 Dex)
Will Save: +1 (+1 base)
Speed: 30 feet
Mwk Katana to hit: +9 (+4 BAB + 4 Str + 1 enhancement)
Mwk Katana Damage: 1d8+4 (+4 Str)
Warhammer To hit: +8 (+4 BAB + 4 Str)
Warhammer Damage: 1d8+4 (+4 Str)
Mwk Shortbow To hit: +6 (+4 BAB + 1 dex + 1 enhancement)
Mwk Shortbow Damage: 1d6


26 ranks (16 + 4 int + 2 favoured class + 4 human)
Climb +3 (1 rank + 4 strength + 3 trained - 5 armor check)
Craft (Weapons) +11 (4 ranks + 1 int + 3 trained + 3 skill focus)
Craft (Armor) +7 (3 ranks + 1 int + 3 trained)
Diplomacy +9 (4 rank + 2 cha + 3 trained)
Handle Animal +7 (2 rank + 2 cha + 3 trained)
Knowledge (Nobility) +6 (2 rank + 1 int + 3 trained)
Knowledge (History) +2 (1 rank + 1 int)
Perform (Oratory): +7 (2 rank + 3 trained + 2 Cha)
Ride +3 (4 rank + 1 dex + 3 trained - 5 armor check)
Sense Motive +4 (1 rank + 3 trained)
Survival +1 (1 rank)
Swim +2 (1 rank + 3 strength + 3 trained - 5 armor check)


Campaign: Skill Focus: Craft (Weapons)
Human: Daisho proficiency
1st: Combat Expertise
Tactician: Escape Route
3rd: Power Attack

Class Features:

Banner (Ex): Morale bonuses to allies within 60ft.
Order of the Lion: Sworn to service of Ameiko, rightful Empress of Minkai
Tactician: Escape Route (1/day)
Challenge: 2/day, +4 damage
Lion's Roar: Standard action to instill courage in allies (bonuses against fear, re-roll saves vs. fear. +1 Attack bonus as well)

Consumables (Arrows, Potions, etc):

2x +2 evil outsider bane arrows.
7x +1 Flaming Arrows.
30x arrows
1x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
1x Potion of Lesser Restoration.


Monk's Outfit, -lb, worn
Warhammer, 5lbs, holster
Mwk Katana (Chosokate clan heirloom), in sheath
Mwk Composite Shortbow, Core Rulebook, 2lbs, disassembled, on back, string in beltpouch
Mwk Banded Mail, 35lb, worn
+1 light fortification light steel shield bearing the image of Castle Brinewall.
Bedroll, Core Rulebook, 1sp. 5lb, attached to Backpack
Trail Rations (2 days), Core Rulebook, 2lb, in Backpack
Sashimono (Lonjiku mon), 3lbs, attatched to banded mail with special holder
250gp of raw crafting materials

Containers: Backpack, Core Rulebook, 1ft^3 or 60lbs, on Back.

Carrying Capacities:
Current Weight: 66lbs
Light Load: 100lbs
Medium Load: 101-200lbs
Heavy Load: 201-300lbs
Lift over head: 300lbs
Lift Off Ground: 600lbs
Push/Drag Load: 1500lbs



With his mixed blood, Izumi is not a tall man. Standing just over 5'8", some may even consider him rather short, though working in the forges has certainly made him brawny. Weighing in at 215lbs, Izumi is anything but scrawny. His skin tone, cropped black hair, and dark eyes mark his Tian blood quite evidently. He can often be found wearing simple clothing of white or grey.


Izumi is a well-spoken, polite individual. His father taught him the importance of manners. Though oft-times outspoken, Izumi would never interrupt someone, or deliberately offend someone. Around Ameiko this is a different story. Izumi is alternating brash and shy, either speaking loudly in an attempt to impress her and throwing around his weight, or acting extremely meekly so she won't judge him harshly.


Born of a strange alliance of Tian and Varisian blood, Izumi grew up in Sandpoint. His father was a retainer to the Lonjiku family, who had accompanied them from distant Tian all the way to Varisia. Izumi's mother was a simple Varisian woman - a seamstress. The pair had met at an inn in town - what is now the Rusty Dragon, owned by Ameiko Kaijutsu. Izumi grew up alongside Ameiko, and though they have since drifted apart, Izumi's heart still beats faster when he speaks with her.

Growing up, Izumi's father would tell him tales of Tian - the beauty, the honour, the glory. Life there seemed so wonderful that Izumi wondered why he would ever leave. Though Izumi enjoyed the people in Sandpoint, he's always longed to see Tian firsthand, to make real the stories his father told.

The chief reason Izumi never really left Sandpoint was Ameiko. She was beautiful, funny, smart and brave. When she left adventuring, Izumi was crushed. Almost feeling betrayed, Izumi decided to set out himself. If Ameiko was going to leave adventuring, Izumi would show her that he was just as strong and capable. His father had taught him something of the sword, and of battle. He was determined to make earn Ameiko's respect. He left Sandpoint behind, taking only a katana - a gift from his father, food for the journey, and the clothes on his back.

Three years went by - Izumi had ventured into the world, visited many places: Ustlav, Taldor, Absalom among others. He supported himself when times were tough by taking on work pounding metal in a forge. He had a keen eye for swordcraftsmanship. How could he not? His katana was a marvel of crafting. Nothing brought him any closer to Tian, honour, glory, or anyhting that would attract Ameiko's attention. Deciding he had dallied long enough, Izumi began his trek home.

From travellers on the road coming out of Sandpoint, he heard of the problems with the goblins. Seeing his oppurtunity, Izumi seized it recklessly, charging head-first into the swamp, before even returning to Sandpoint. He barely got out alive. Alone, he was almost killed by something which lurked in the muck - though it was no goblin.

Shamed by his defeat, Izumi returned to Sandpoint, having lost his prized Katana to the creature in the bog. His return to Sandpoint was a sad one. He discovered his father had passed last year, and his mother has wept herself to death over his grave. Izumi's inheritance had been mostly used up for funeral costs, though he did find his father's old sashimono, emblazoned with the Kaijutsu family Mon. Using the remaining money, Izumi outfitted himself for another, less reckless expedition, hearing that a group may be forming to enter the swamp. He intended to recover his sword and impress Ameiko, who had returned and now ran the Rusty Dragon tavern.

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