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Hound of Tindalos

IxionZero's page

45 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists.


I've never been a fan of "OK, everyone levels up" type of progression, and I wanted Sandpoint and the area to be more of a sandbox, so I put everyone on the slow xp track and let them explore and interact and fight stuff mostly on their own, with a little guidance from NPCs and the Help Wanted board at the Rusty Dragon. Don't forget about that, random quests and such can easily be introduced by starting out as a posting on that board.

I actually printed out a page of wood grain texture with a burnt looking "Help Wanted" on top and use sticky notes as the postings. Been a good way to spend the sessions where people have bailed or otherwise not managed to show up.If I still have the file for it, and if anyone actually wants it, I'll post it to the community created stuff thread.

I finally got the printable pdf together without an inexplicable drop in image quality despite the settings I chose! Hopefully it actually prints out as intended, I just printed my version from the source Photoshop files and don't really have the ink and photo paper to waste on a test. So someone who prints this out let me know how it looks in the end!

Place as you go, printable PDF

I want the Oliphaunt of Jandelay!

I actually had an idea of a possibly decent way to handle absolutely massive creatures. Make them as miniature-scaled, high-detail stuffies! Sure, it won't be as cool as a full sized, fully detailed plastic prepaint, but it would also not cost anything close to what a colossal plastic mini would and would be easier to store/harder to break!

Leo_Negri wrote:

Even without an Iron Gods AP themed set, I still want a set with a Gargantuan Annihilator Robot as a case incentive though. ;-)

You and me both, heh.

I was thinking of possible future homes for Numerian miniatures... Pathfinder Battles: Forbidden Technology would be a happy set. Spread out across mainly things from Numeria and Alkenstar, but also including a couple minis from ancient Thassilon and some Lovecraftian critters that fit the theme... Mi-Go being the first to spring to mind. Then we can get a Gargantuan Annihilator Robot :D

A humanoid only set meant for generic NPCs/PCs would probably work best in a format like the builder series. Players could buy singles to widen their PC choices, and DMs would buy cases to fill out NPC roles for the entire campaign. Options for PCs are weirdly lacking in PFB... want to play a gnome monk? How about a male catfolk anything? Heck, just half-orc cleric is next to non-existant in the mini world, not just PFB. Things that are relatively common in PFS would be great, a halfling cavalier on riding dog would probably make a lot of people happy.

I am on a very limited budget, and since I can't buy cases or bricks, I have to collect a couple boosters at a time. In this way the builder series has been 50% successful for me. The goblins builder series was vital in filling out my collection to properly run Burnt Offerings. Unfortunately the undead set was next to useless except for the female ghoul. I think the problem stems from the wide range of CR the undead set had. "Cool, I got a vampire and a lich... too bad my PCs are level 3!"

In my mind the builder series should have stayed the way it was in goblins. Every mini can realistically be dropped next to any other from that set in a single encounter. The goblin "PCs" made for great variant creatures too to spice up encounters. But the undead set had far less utility. It was kind of just a random collection of undead. A kobold or orc set would likely be just as useful as goblins was. Every campaign needs to start somewhere, and killing some relatively cohesive tribes of low CR baddies is always fun. Anyway, WizKids have their sales data, so any speculation or anecdotes that say otherwise are moot.

In the end, I just want cool miniatures to use for my game. I like impressive larges, and I like detailed and dynamic mediums and smalls. As long as you guys keep making them, I will buy what I can!

My Sorshen is actually one of the best Shattered Star mediums I have. The only complaint is the edging on the hair is a bit off, but it is no problem for me to fix. I've seen some pretty bad ones online though... off kilter stances, no lust rune on her midriff, warped weapons. But mine was in pretty great shape.

James Jacobs wrote:
There aren't any plans for an Iron Gods minis set in the near future. We're currently stepping away from doing simultaneous minis/AP releases due to the friction and hardship and frustration that causes both teams.

Hm. Kind of a shame on one hand, but probably for the best way on the other. I liked the AP themed sets, but there is no way to fit a representation of every unique thing in an AP in a 55 (well, 45 now) figure set. People have gotten upset enough about the contents of the fantastic AP pawn sets, and there are far more slots available for oddball stuff in there.

In addition, last week's blog cleared up a lot of production questions and whatnot, so I can totally see the wisdom of the decision. However... I want me some tech, and I am not alone, so Iron Gods AP set being off the table, will we be seeing any Numerian prepaints in the future?

Anyway, thanks for the response :)

How's this for the smuggler's tunnel?

Smuggler's Tunnel

Yeah, to be honest I never got why there were three points of entry either. The storeroom way just begs the PCs to go straight to the cathedral IMO. Taking out the cave room and storeroom way is just a couple minutes of clicking, I could whip something up soon.

Callum wrote:
What I'd really like for the Catacombs of Wrath is a map of just the cave (B1) and rough tunnels that give access to the catacombs, including the bit above B6 (that's just indicated by a dotted white line in the Paizo map). Has anyone done this?

I do not believe anyone has done this. The source files for my map are all still layered and whatnot, so it would barely be any work to make just the tunnels as a map. Info would be appreciated though, are you using VTT or printing it out, and did you want the part above the prison to have a PC-sized hole (which seems to be indicated on the map, but not actually mentioned anywhere in the area descriptions)?

If you intend to print, the PDF that I still have not had a chance to put together has everything in sections, including little 'shadowed' area caps to indicate more tunnel/corridor to be explored. It does not have the part that is physically above the prison however.

Isn't the Scepter of Ages already a card in the Artifacts deck? Could have sworn I already have one...

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Happy day! Lasers, and forcefields, and power weapons and computers and spaceships and TECHNO-BARBARIANS!!

*head explodes*

All I have to say is... COOL!

Can't wait for Iron Gods, should be so much awesome!

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Ok, so finally have the Catacombs of Wrath ready to go! For VTT users and owners of large printers/those who can get poster size stuff printed, I have 150 dpi versions of the catacombs.

Catacombs of Wrath with grid
Catacombs of Wrath no grid
Catacombs of Wrath no grid, no lighting

Later I will have a 200dpi pdf that is designed to be printed at home and meant to be played in a reveal as you go type of way... once I get this pdf creation thing down.

For the record, I would but the hell out of the set. Sci-fi and fantasy mashed together is the height of awesome to me :D.

I saw (and fully understand) the trepidation of including modern and some wonky otherworldly minis in Reign of Winter, and I know Iron Gods would be an even more niche and oddball set. So just how likely are we to see techno-barbarians, androids and aliens in prepainted plastic?

My players constantly forget things and names. Knowledge(local) is my way of having them remember. Rather better than getting frustrated and telling them OOC :P.

My theory is if they have been in an area long enough to gather useful rumours, they gather a ton of useless information as well. But useless is a relative term. At the start of the campaign, knowing Nualia was the assumed dead adopted daughter of the last priest who died in a fire might seem useless, until after the Glassworks.

As far as how local is local, my PCs can do any check in Sandpoint without penalty, two of my PCs (who are from Magnimar) can do Magnimar without penalty, while everywhere else in Varisia, until we do some work around there for a couple sessions, will be a penalty for everyone. Not the most intuitive skill to use RAW, but I've personally found it useful.

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Grimbold wrote:

Damn you, IZ. I'm now going to have to find a reason for the players to use this map!

Might have a hidden opening in the rocks that leads to a small shrine - occupied, of course, by something suitably nasty.

I'm always happy to make more work for GMs everywhere ;)

Here's one I forgot to post a while ago. My PCs did a little "Help Wanted" board quest for Ameiko which involved bringing her fresh reefclaw claws and the reefclaws have been known recently to congregate around the wreckage of a ship that had washed ashore a few weeks ago north of Sandpoint... not specifically RotR, but good for any beach encounter along the Lost Coast.

Lost Coast Beach with grid

Lost Coast Beach gridless

I've got everyone on the slow track for various reasons, and I've so far done a hunt for Reefclaw claws for Ameiko using a map I made and will post in the community content tread, searching Sandpoint for a missing enchanted spyglass for the Feathered Serpent's owner using the map from the first issue of the Pathfinder comic just upping the CR a bit from the encounter written.

Also did the Shank Shack encounter from the second issue of the comic with the added idea of using a combination of a random "deck" of forest path tiles and a max set of encounters and survival checks at intersections to get there.

The first run of the comic was a great resource for side quests around Sandpoint, I'm going to wind up using them all at some point.

I'm also gonna work in the Thornkeep dungeon (at least the levels on the flip mats) as an optional multi-level dungeon for my PCs to do outside the main plot. Though that might be a little much I think unless you are on slow progression too.

Not really, other than giving my players somewhere to actually play out the RP encounters (I find they RP more when they can see more in the environment, and you can always whip up quest hooks from the bits that are around when they look at the map), but for my campaign I do plan on having a bit more stuff going on in Sandpoint and Brodert disappearing and having a home infested by ghouls might happen to my players at some point... also could be useful in the stone giant attack for a combat encounter now that I think about it.

Grimbold wrote:
Very nice, IZ. Any chance of a copy without a grid for use in VTT?

Not a problem :)

Full res gridless Sandpoint Sage

Hey folks, haven't had the time I was hoping for to work on stuff lately and so my CoW map has languished. I can put out multiple versions if people want, was always planning on having just an image one as well as a printable one in PDF format in the end. But in the mean time, I made a map for the Sandpoint Sage, home of Sandpoint's favourite (read: only) Thassilonian expert, Brodert Quink!

Sandpoint Sage

Damn, just when I thought I had a good idea, someone who has far more access to technology and clearly more planning beat me to it.

This is actually such a well planned and fleshed out idea, I think I will back it. I've never felt there have been suitable miniatures for a lot of player builds, and a service like this could make that complaint evaporate fully.

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Gwee-hee-hee... You're up the creek without a paddle! And I'm not gonna let you through! ... Does that make me a bad octopus?

Obviously, all PCs are ta'veren. Only way they could continually affect the world just by being there!

*waits for confused people who have not yet read Wheel of Time to Google the term ;)*

Are there gonna be any more sample images? Kinda hard to judge the coolness factor of the set from those two samples.

I could see blacks not getting an evolutions pack if they get a large black sometime soon in the regular Pathfinder Battles line. I just find it somewhat ironic that the only dragons we have gargantuan minis for are also the only chromatic dragons we have no other models for in small to large!

I really want to see blues next, I love the design of the slim Pathfinder blues, and we are going to the desert with the next AP, so here's hoping!

Anyway, I look forward to picking these guys up!

Iconics in Wrath of the Righteous are uncommon too, I guess they wanted more people to pull these characters, which makes sense since they are so iconic and all...

Depending on the AP, some enterprising individuals may have already made mini-scale maps as free community downloads (what with the community liscense and all) and while the quality can be all over the place, there are some very stunning community made versions of AP maps. Rise of the Runelords is a fantastic example - nearly every location you go to (and some that are optional!) are available as printable maps from book one to three.

Though, the newer the AP, the less likely you are to find community battle maps... not to mention the cost of printing them to be quite high depending on the printers you have access to.

I started my group with the Beginner box with the intent of doing Rise of the Rune lords after a few sessions... but my players didn't want to roll their own characters! I put them on the slow track to keep them within a reasonable level to begin RotRL (we started with three level 3s, a level 2 and a level 1 who levelled after the Sandpoint assualt, been increasing CRs where I see fit to deal with it) and I am liking the amount of freedom the slow progression gives. Though I am wondering about the wisdom of my descision once we get to chapter 3 and beyond...

Modulock's point is fairly in line with how I'm thinking- my players are all new to tabletop RPGs and definitely need time to figure out their spells abilities and items. Though I am not sure about an AP set to slow by default. It might require too much material for the AP format to move things along at a steady pace. Maybe a sandbox-themed AP would benefit from it more than a tightly story-driven one.

I equate the progressions to television media- fast being the completly focused miniseries, medium being the "British brevity" style semi-episodic but largely arc based 13 episode season while slow is more the American style 24 episode season, there may be an overarching plot, but there is a lot of other, not always related stuff going on.

Meanwhile in Numeria...

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Well, what does Rovagug make his spawn from? On paper, spending eternity with your god is one of the less horrible fates for evil souls, unless of course Rovagug fuses thousands of screaming, mad souls together over the course of centuries to mold into its world crushing spawn...

Although trying to break the prision through critical mass is an interesting idea too!

7 people marked this as a favorite.

Very accurate. "Think of the children!!" Is the worst argument you can give to defend bigotry. Children are quite fine with many things until adults tell them it is morally reprehensible and start rewarding them for thinking the same way.

If followers of the Great Old Ones wind up demon fodder most of the time, what about Rovagug's own followers? Being chaotic evil as a matter of fact, they would wind up in the Abyss would they not? Or does Rovagug collect those souls to prevent more demons arising?

Forgive me if this is answered somwehre obvious, I need to do more reading up on the gods of Golarion.

In my RotRL campaign, it is actually Nyarlathotep that wants Mhar to awaken. He appeared to the denizens of Leng in disguise as Hastur and ordered the Leng Device completed. He also gave a handful of curious artifacts to spread around Varisia seemingly at random as part of a far reaching plot to control Mhar's waking rampage and steer it on the path Nyar wants.

The party has found one, what appears to be a rune-covered black candle that breaks the rules of death while lit. Unfortunately my party does not seem to care about it, since they have not even bothered to find out that the runes are NOT Thassilonian. Maybe when the cleric holding it fails her third Will save and the dreams of the Black Man begin they will do something about it, but she has rolled strangely well each night :P.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Heh, that is a good question. Being that the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods don't give a fart in the wind about the 'soul economy' that most deities are involved in, I would assume their worshippers wind up trapped in Purgatory, but maybe they will be judged for their actions and sent to Hell/the Abyss/Abaddon? Or maybe worship of such things destroys anything resembling a soul and they get the sweet reprieve of nonexistence? Seems hardly fitting for the madness and atrocities that they would spread in life though.

I agree with Belegdel on the item cards, they do add a lot to the game, but can really add a lot of work to a GM's already heavy burden. I use sticky notes stuck to the "notes" section and kept in with cheapo clear sleeves for resuability, but I really can't be arsed to do it for every masterwork or +1 item they get, so I only really do it for consumables they are not familiar with the spell the effect comes from and items with more than one enhancement.

Just grabbing the RotRL item deck is gonna leave you with way too few cards, I'd also recommend grabbing a Hero's Hoard or Relics of War booster box or two if you want to have any hope of tracking your party's items. The essentials deck comes with a good spread of stuff, but relatively few consumables.

I plan on it, though I am unsure if I should do the map as printed or add some corridors and dead rooms to make more use of the wonky properties of the dungeon.

Ok, so almost done with my version of the Catacombs of Wrath.

Catacombs of Wrath WiP2

Needs minor detailing, doors and lighting. I am planning on making standee doors and to cut it into individual rooms so I can reveal as I go, but I want to make this map as useful to the community as possible, so I ask those who use digital tabletop software how I could make this better for that type of play? The platform and bridge in the prison actually stand in a layer over a drain and four more cells and the covers in the pit room are also a layer over the pits. Is there a way to set that up easily for digital play?

Great news on all fronts :D

Woah, an incarnation of Warhammer that I actually have the time, space and funds for? Cool!!

The game mechanics seem interesting and varied without being overly complex, should be good to just pick up and game with. Hope it sells well enough to merit some suppliments, WHFB is an epic setting and the more of it we can get the better.

I've been working on a Catacombs of Wrath map for a little while, I wanted to do a really cool detail version for my group while also cutting down on what I feel to be some unnecessarily long 5-foot wide hallways. I have a little preview to see what you guys think. tlemaps/CoW_iximap_WiP1.jpg

Though while I was making the statue for some reason I thought it was made of ruby instead of red marble, but I like the way it turned out and so we have a faintly glowing ruby statue of Alaznist instead.

Still got lots of work to do, though my group probably won't be getting to the Catacombs until after xmas, so I have some time.

Also, glad my office map is of use :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So I find my PC's talking to Kendra Deverin relatively often and they respond much better to visual aids, so I whipped up a printable one-panel battlemap of her office in the town hall, hope someone else finds it handy :) tlemaps/mayorsoffice.png

Also have a sheet of standees I use for NPCs, though it was very hard to find a suitable image for some, I'm looking at you Lonjiku :\. needless to say they are mostly copywritten images so are for personal use only! tlemaps/pawns.png

Awesome. It is as bizarre as it should be, and even larger than expected, looks like the new set is gonna be good!

Any other Lovecraft beasties working their way into the Shattered Star set/AP?

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