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Aeteperax, Green Dragon

Itchy's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Modules, Tales Subscriber. 1,005 posts (1,191 including aliases). 29 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.

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A really fun module!


This is a review by a GM who used the module as intended during the first book of the Carrion Crown adventure path. Spoilers for both the module and the first book of the AP are contained below. You are warned!!

I am currently GMin'g a Carrion Crown game and I decided to use this plug in to keep things interesting for my group. I had noticed that they were starting to get a little tired of all the "investigation" as they were trying to win the hearts of the townspeople (trust points) and complete all the research prior to entering the prison. In order to spice things up, I dropped this module on them.

In order to prepare them for it, I have had caravans of wanderers come through town and play fiddle music early in the morning. That way my players were not on high alert as soon as I introduced something "new" in the form of morning fiddle music.

One of the hardest things for me as the GM was waiting for them to WANT to go shopping at the store so that I could open the module as intended. Once things got started though, my group had an absolute BLAST. We took two sessions to play through the module, though I could see more efficient groups getting through it in just a single session.

A testament to how well this module was written is that my group started out completely rested. After the battle with the zombies, the shadow, the hands and the Skeletons at the posting pole, they were running very low on HP. At that point, however, they met the cleric who helped them out in that department. By the end of the module, everyone was nearly out of resources but having a great time!

At the end, they were shocked to learn that this was NOT actually a part of the AP as written, but that it was a 3PP plug in adventure. We had a great time, Greg vaughn NAILED the feeling of the town. 5 stars.

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Back to the Basics

****( )

***Warning!: This review contains minor spoilers from preceding Tales!
I remember hearing an interview where Dave Gross described his elevator pitch for Hell’s Pawns as, “A fantasy Sherlock Holmes story where Holmes is a half-elven noble and Watson is a Teifling.” This story brings the boys back to their roots.

While travelling from Ustalav back to Absalom to bring the Lacuna Codex back to the Decemvirate, the Codex is stolen. While Radovan and the Count investigate, murder strikes on the boat. Everyone has motive and Count Jeggare and Radovan must sort through the clues.

The mystery is fun, the clues and misdirections are believeable and not transparent. Count Jeggare’s explanation of all the loose ends is very entertaining. Overall, this is a highly entertaining mystery story.

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A Young Varian Jeggare

****( )

A Lesson in Taxonomy gives us the story of Varian Jeggare's last excursion before completing the Bestiary which earns him the rank of Venture-Captian in the Pathfinder Society. For Maximum effect, it should be read AFTER Prince of Wolves.

The opening line, "No reprobate more taxes my patience than a drunkard," is wonderfully ironic, given what we know of Count Jeggare of Cheliax.

This story is quite short, with only two chapters. However, in that short time, Dave Gross manages to develop four characters into fairly well fleshed out people. The story is fun and filled with betrayal and trickery.

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Pirates! Treasure! Ghosts! Sea Battles!

****( )

This Piratey Digital Novella is the 6 chapter story that was published in the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path. This stand-alone story tells the tale of Challys Argent, a Pathfinder pirate captain and her crew of buccaneers. They are seeking a treasure called Far Thallai, racing to get it before the Monster Captain, does. We see land battles, thefts, drowned ghosts, sea battles, and boarding parties.

One of the most interesting elements of this story is the four main adjutants serving Challys Argen. Each is a powerful pirate captain in their own right, but are bound under a spell by Challys Argent’s sword, Siren’s Call, to serve and obey her. They are not puppets, though. They are sentient and free willed, within the confines of the spell. They work very well together, but Argent has to be very careful as they each want very badly to kill her.

The story is fun, the battles are fairly cinematic. I enjoyed the description of how a fireball spell fired into the water might effect a group of Sea Devils (fish people). Hint: It’s pretty horrific.

The art is all black and white, but it is good quality nonetheless.

If the only part of the AP’s that you read is the fiction, I think that the $4.99 price tag is worth it to be able to slap it into my iPad and read on my commute.

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Lots of shop ideas


What you get: Two black and white pdf’s each 13 pages long. One is formatted to provide a quality printed version of the document, the other formatted for viewing on a tablet device. Two pages of covers, two pages of OGL and ads, one title page, one page credits, and one page Table of Contents and Foreword, leaving 6 pages of content.

Artwork: The two pieces of black and white artwork were both of good quality and fit the theme of the product.

Layout and Editing: Layout was two column standard. Editing was excellent, with only one “her” that should be a “his.”

Overall Impression: There’s a very good reason that this product is sold as a “GM resource.” There is almost nothing here for players. For GM’s this is a gold mine of tables of ideas for making your shops more unique and interesting.

The first table is 100 interesting characteristics to make shops memorable. Some are as simple as, “a small wooden shop that smells of fresh baked bread.” Some are complicated enough to give a rough idea of the shop’s Ikea-like layout. If you don’t want to roll percentile dice to decide what a shop looks like, you can still cherry pick shop descriptions for your game.

The second table is 100 different traders and craftsmen that could be working in a randomly picked shop that the PC’s walk into. Other than having a nice list of craftsmen that might be in a medieval-fantasy town or city, I struggle to see what use I could get from this table in my game. However, I can see where other GM’s might find it useful.

The third table consists of 20 hooks or complications that PC’s might encounter in a shop. These could be used as plot hooks to entice the PC’s into investigating a possible quest, or they could just be something that keeps a PC from shopping in that shop. Generally, these are some sort of trouble going on just as they arrive (shelf fell over, shop owner in back complaining of having been bitten by a patron, etc.). This was the most fun table to read, as each entry inspired my inner GM to invent quests for each of these.

The final set of tables consists of 8 table that, used in sequence, allow a GM to quickly roll up an interesting NPC. You get gender, name, race, appearance, mannerisms, purpose for being in the shop, and rumors. This set of tables, could be used by a player as idea seeds for a character, though I’m sure there are better resources available for that sort of inspiration. The prepared GM would use these tables to provide NPC descriptions ahead of time. In a pinch they COULD roll up an NPC at the table with these tables.

Final Rating: This product is darned useful, even if it’s not the most riveting set of tables I’ve ever read. Even a GM running a published adventure is left to their own devices for 90% or more of the material when faced with PC’s in town looking to spend money. This product combined with a copy of one of the “So What’s for Sale, Anyway?” documents would make the prep for a town worlds easier. Despite the dryness of the material itself, this product accomplishes what it set out to do, and accomplishes it well and thoroughly. 5 stars, and I want to check out more of this line of products.


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