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Island Hopper19's page

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More Use for Ki, oh yes....


Well, it was bound to happen and now it is here. More variants ideas for those who like to use that growing Ki pool.

Now, Monks indeed have more flavor, and more flavor means MORE fun!!!!

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One of the Best....


I have collected my fair share of GM screens, over my 23 or 24 years of gaming.

This Pathfinder screen is indeed very top-notched in my book.

To the staff, and the artist, a excellent job, well done.

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Review #2..Pathfinder 3'.5', revisited


I wasn't involved in the Alpha and Beta Testing, but I kept abreast to what info was out in public, and listen eagerly, to those inside sources, to what they permitted themselce to say.

But I saw the finished the product, I saw it first, at a airport, while I was on my way to Gen Con. someone had a copy with them, so I surveyed sparingly through some pages.

I liked very much to what I saw...

Then at Gen Con 2009, I bought my own (x2), and again, I scanned sparingly. Then at home later, I read...50 percent.

Everyone at Pazio, have done an EXCELLENT job, staff, outside consultants and testers.

Thank you.

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The Evolution Continues...

It can be said, a true design will reach it's end run. All possibilities have been explored, all avenues have been walked.

But sometimes, those who believed, believed in giving one last HURRAH! Can say in earnest, the exploration is not done...yet

Now...another journey has begun.

3.5....lives on, in Pathfinder.


Be there!

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