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Anxious Buyer

Ishmell's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 153 posts (344 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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I thought we'ed be talking about foam covered sticks.....

Goblin Squad Member

I would imagine that you aren't able to see someones name right off the bat, but someones guild (or settlement, etc.) would be visible at a glance. Due to them searing some sort of signet or some such.

This was discussed at length around the time of the kickstarter (can't remember which one..) and I think the general consensus was similar to this.

edit: and of course i get ninja'd by Stephen.... this is why i usually just lurk.....


Goblin Squad Member

It's my understanding that rep will be a bottleneck from joining the better settlements and learning the better skills.

low rep = little/no skill training
high rep = best skill training

Do you feel that this isn't enough? or am I just not understanding what you're trying to say?

Goblin Squad Member

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separate yet equal....

They use it every day for work, but not for combat. The farmer is going to be using it nearly the same way every time they use it. In a combat situation it needs to be wielded in a variety of ways for it to be effective.

but right now I'm just arguing for arguments sake (mostly), it's 7am and I'm a bit tired and loopy. So good night/morning(/afternoon maybe?) and whatever you choose to do may it make the game you play more fun.

Me thinks the reason behind the lack of simple slashing weapons is that they are inherently more dangerous to the user. Bladed weapons tend to have a large cutting edge taking up the majority of the weapon. The smaller handle that comes with that leaves you with less over all control(which is where proficiency come in).

I think subbing a short sword works well for the machete if you change the damage type. It's not the same but it works well enough.

As for you wanting it to be simple, yes it is a tool but so is the scythe.

just my 2c, please take with a hefty dose of salt.

Goblin Squad Member

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Steelwing wrote:
"Andius wrote:



Yeah but "alchemical components" does not equal alchemist fire (or acid flask or any variation there of).

Creating, throwing, and the damage of the bomb are a supernatural effect and therefor(e?) subject to antimagic.

so.... useless then.

Goblin Squad Member

Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
This game is called PATHFINDER online and yes alignment shifts with benefits as well as drawbacks are pivotal in the IP.


Trolls are for slaying, not forum posting.
Lol, I was about to post the perfect retort to this, then decided I'll wait a few more days b4 getting hit with the ban-hammer.
Sure you were. I'm amazed you haven't been banned yet honestly.
Oh I was, it involved a troll, someone getting slammed, and someone's guild affiliation. And I have been banned, 3 times. You didn't know that of course, since youre brand new to the forums. You and Gaymeon.

I'm sorry, who?

Goblin Squad Member

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Bluddwolf wrote:

There are only two flags remaining at this time, Criminal and Heinous. The system of "Hostility" has replaced the Attacker Flag, or at least the Devs have not explicitly mentioned that the attacker flag still remains, along with the other two.

Just a quick note: The attacker flag is still in place as mentioned here.

Alignment and Reputation Blog wrote:
When a character attacks a character who was not Hostile, the character making the attack gets flagged as an Attacker. If the character with Attacker hits their target again in the next thirty seconds, they become Hostile, and lose Reputation. Note that Reputation is lost on striking a target twice rather than on death; this means Reputation is lost when your intention to kill someone is made clear rather than if you are successful.

*bold is mine

Goblin Squad Member

JDNYC wrote:
Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
This game is called PATHFINDER online and yes alignment shifts with benefits as well as drawbacks are pivotal in the IP.


Trolls are for slaying, not forum posting.

oh snap!

Goblin Squad Member

Just curious about whether rep increases will continue while logged out/using an alt or will only go up while logged in on a certain character.

and a follow up: if I have to be logged in, what are the consequences of sitting afk in a relatively safe starting town?

The eversmoking bottle has saved my bacon more times than I care to count.

Goblin Squad Member

Not to die until Q3.


if your going nonmagical (or just partially magical)I can't recommend master spy enough.

The thing about it is that extracts last a day while potions last damn near forever. That may no seem like a lot at first glance. It's quite the difference when balancing a magic item.

If your dead set on combining potions you might be able to tweak the words of power system when the potion is made. Something like two 1st level spells in one potion would count as a 3rd level potion for crafting purposes. (maybe a 4th level to balance out that words of power tend to be weaker than standard spells)

I've always loved the idea of a goblin lancer paladin using a goblin dog as a mount. not optimal at all, but fun as hell.

Goblin Squad Member

Neadenil Edam wrote:
Qallz wrote:
Lol, I'm not sure black puddings count as a "weapon".

oh most definitely ...

Black Pudding combat

duf**k I just watch......

Goblin Squad Member

The Gnomish Battle Ladder for sure.

Sounds like a interesting read.

1d20 ⇒ 17

Chalk, great for marking your path, finding invisible creatures, or proving that your plan is just plain mathematically better.

I have a friend who ALWAYS picks up soap. Why? you ask... soap bubbles......goram soap bubbles

1 person marked this as a favorite.

huh........ some sort of dingo usually shows up by now with a petition. Must be running late.

I think there needs to be a way to expel them if need be. Something like a remove disease spell check. and/or possibly a heal check (surgery)

Fun fact, you don't actually need to be proficient in the weapon you coup de grace with. That being said, Katana sounds like a good choice.

What makes it really stupid is when you use it with simulacrums.

I always imagined ghost sound producing a wala like noise. you know its there, but can't quite pick out the words.

we be goblins.

that is all

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

One more for the pile of nits to be picked.

The Lamia Matriarch's attack bonuses are off. According to my calculations all of their attacks are one lower than they should be. it is as follows:

PRD wrote:

Melee +1 scimitars +14/+14/+9/+9/+4 (1d6+6/15–20 plus 1 Wisdom drain on first hit each round) or

touch +16 (1d4 Wisdom drain)

They have a base attack of +12, a strength of 20 (mod of +5), two weapon fighting (with 2 scimitars) -4, weapon focus scimitar (+1), and 2 +1 scimitars.

12+5+1+1-4= 15 for the weapon attacks (first 2 attacks)
12+5= 17 for the touch attack

I second what the wolf said.

looks like you need spell focus conjuration, you know because its a prereq for all the other summon monster goodies.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Whats the tldr?

It's all up to how the gm wants to run it. You could suggest a profession herbalist/survival roll and the "gold" gathered from it could be refined into scribing materials.

Goblin Squad Member

You had me at Smurf-berries.

A Sorcerer is born with innate magical abilities. It's in their blood. Does that make them a race? no. The reason they are Sorcerers(the class) is that they discovered that ability within themselves and learned how to utilize it. Doing that takes time and practice and they get progressively better at it. (<- leveling)

So this means that a Sorcerer can use a wand of magic missile without a UMD check even if they didn't choose the spell as a spell known? Because it's on their list of spells they can learn?

Just want to clarify.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

We recently had Samsaran die in our Kingmaker game. While discussing if we should resurrect him, we couldn't if we could.

In the prd is says:

Whenever a samsaran dies, it reincarnates anew as a young samsaran to live a new life.

Does that mean that if we tried to use say Raise Dead on him that it wouldn't work because he's already alive in a different body?

and to make this even weirder, what would happen if we tried to cast Reincarnate on him?

your thoughts?


I'm looking to make a Lich as unkillable as possible, so I'm thinking about taking the existing spell deathward and changing its effect from negative energy and death protection to positive energy and life protection. Seeing as this is a spell with a duration in minutes, I think this is fairly balanced and wont break the encounter too much. but seeing as I could be wrong I implore you, the community to tell me. Is it balanced or gamebreaking?

Would it be possible to make an item out of this or cast permanency on this? how gamebreaking would that be? How much would they cost?

Vulnerable to Fire wrote:
Malleus Maleficarum wrote:
WHAT KIND OF GM RUNS 1ST LEVEL CHARACTERS INTO A DRAGON's DEN? I would get up and leave as soon as the encounter happened because just the idea of it is so friggin asinine.

The dragon's den exists in the world. It's not the DM's fault if the PCs stumble upon it, it's not the DM's responsibility to fiat away the dragon and replace it with a baby goblin, and it's certainly not the DM's fault if the 1st-level characters decide attacking the dragon head-on - instead of sneaking around, or running away, or poisoning it, or doing pretty much anything else - would be a wise course of action.

Does your world just not have dragons until the PCs hit a certain level, at which point dragons suddenly spring to life fully-grown?

Actually it is your fault that the PC's "stumbled" upon a dragons nest. You're the one who put it there. While they were out looking for goblin eggs in the forest (or something else equally ridiculous) you decided to put a dragons nest there. While what happens to the PC's after they "stumble" on is completely up to them, them finding it is completely on you.

As far as I understand it an aoe spell (lets say fireball) that hits a group of creatures is going to do the same amount of damage to a medium creature (occupying 1 square) and a large creature (occupying 4 squares). Even though the large creature would be hit by 4x as much of the fireball as the medium creature.

I understand why this is as far as mechanics and balance goes, but how do you explain this in the way of flavor.

RadiantSophia wrote:
O.k., then the other way to read this is as a female-bodied gamer, I should not be catered to, while males are. Is this what is being asked? If so, that is even more sexist.

no that's not what is being asked. from what I understand the op wants to be able to choose a male representative of a class where they have only found a female version of it. He is not asking for a stop to the printing of female models, only for an alternative option.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have my own system for crits and fumbles that's been adapting over the years depending on the players needs. After reading this thread I've gotten a few ideas that I'd like to implement.

I don't think of fumbling as a way of punishing, more like a way for balancing. 20 is always a hit while 1 is always a miss. Following that a confirmed 20 is always a crit while a confirmed 1 is always a fumble of some kind.

Aldaara: I like this idea for a spellcaster fumble/crit system, but what happens for aoe effects?

Stome: I see where your coming from and I can respect your opinion, but please stop with the poorly veiled insults. They only serve to distract from any constructive discussion.

Everyone: A more respectful tone goes a long way. (sorry for being so preachy, I don't know whats come over me)

Goblin Squad Member

Zaszamonde wrote:
IronVanguard wrote:

...because dragons can breed with anything.

'Cause magic.

And alcohol.

Is there anything elves wont breed with?

They do get other "0" level spells as "1st" level spells.

Scott, buddy, I think it's time to calm down a bit. Take a step back. Relax. You've become a little too invested in this thread now.

Picking apart a comment and replying to each sentence individually like you've been doing is a classic hallmark of aggressive thread behavior.

You've already made your points and others have made theirs. It's pretty clear that neither you or the others are going to change your position so now is a good time to call it a draw.

Oh and everyone else: Stop feeding the trolls. (their fat enough as it is)

5 bleed damage, not 5d6 bleed damage. bleed damage isn't normal damage, if you take it you take that much damage every turn until you are healed.

level 10 would be 5d6 neg energy damage and 5 bleed damage every turn until healed.


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