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Anxious Buyer

Ishmell's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 189 posts (381 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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I second the Klingon idea for orcish songs of Gorum. I'm pretty certain you can find a few examples with a quick Google search.

Also the first thing that came to my mind is "The Trooper". It would need to edited a bit as I believe it is based on "The Charge of the Light Brigade".

If you fill up too much on determination you're gonna have a bad time.

Anybody got a link or source for this archetype?

william01692 wrote:

I was hoping to have a PC kill a NPC. in essence I was using the dark brotherhood start quest from skyrim for inspiration. so you could just call it a contract killing and resolve it like a combat. but I didn't know if it would relate to a specific skill check or mechanic. also at the moment we only have the starter set and don't have all feats, skills or classes available to us. although we are looking to purchace the core book after our enjoyment of our first few games.

It all depends on how the assassin wants to kill the target. If they're sleeping coup de grace is good. Using a poison is another option. My favorite missions from the dark brotherhood were when you could make it look like an accident. (Weakening supports on a balcony) But in the end it really should be up to the playerto decide how they approach the problem. Your job is to give them a problem to solve and maybe hints on how it can be solved, then taking their solution and interpreting proper skills/abilities to use for it.

Ex. Disguise to make yourself look unassuming
Stealth to follow him from the pub.
Bluff to lure him into a dark alley.
Silence spell to muffle any sound of a struggle.

I had assumed this was npc on npc violence and op was just looking for a mechanical excuse to have an npc 'just die'.

The assassin prestige class.

Sure they read as separate feats, but the intention remains the same. Also since they are separate and not just one feat being modified, you get to choose which one you want to use. (in the unlikely event you want to do less damage)

Moonrunner has the long and short of it.

Your situation reminds me of an old saying.... something about wanting to have cake and wanting to eat it? idk

There be some serious dark magic at work here....

Thus using poison against a lawful good ally (herself).

The Paladin stole fortyseven cakes.

Sorry, whats your question? I cant find it. It seems like you want to ask if having a monstrous npc help the party rules legal. To which the answer is yes...mostly.....

It really depends on how you classify "monster". Is something a monster because it's in the bestiary? it's non humaniod? low to no mental stats? lack of sapience or consciousness?

Controlling the thing would again depend on what the "monster" is specifically.
Animal-Handle Animal
Something with consciousness or sapience- Diplomacy, bluff, intimidate, or ???
Anything else- up to the Gm

What it really comes down to is DM discretion. Does the DM want the party to be able to befriend a monster.

This just sounds like a case of the group wanting a sillier game while you want a more serious game. Neither way is wrong and if you can't handle their playstyle you probably did the right thing by leaving.

If it's a class ability the standard is half class level plus ability modifier plus ten.

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Rynjin wrote:

The simplest wish would probably simply involve going "I wish I no longer had X, Y, Z weaknesses" (name all of them explicitly). Maybe won't give you everything you want (being alive again, for instance) but it gets rid of the downsides (need to feed, sunlight destruction, running water, etc.).

It's hard to twist that without looking like a dick. If your DM twists that into something that doesn't do exactly what the wish says ("Hoydee doydee you're no longer a vampire hahahehehoho") then your GM is simply going to twist ANY wish you make, no matter how well worded, so you may as well not bother.

Magic (and by extension wishes) are inherently lazy, usually going for the simplest answer. If someone wishes to lose the negative aspects of something, the simplest answer would be to lose all of that something instead of having to separate several intrinsically linked things.

To the OP: Make sure to write your wish down specifying all terms and conditions that come with the wish. Bonus points if you word it like a legal contract.

double bonus points if you get a contract devil to write it for you. (no way that could backfire....)

Cantankerous Old Grognard wrote:

Best. Homage. Ever!

There's a difference between a knife and a dagger. A stone knife wouldn't be a very effective combat weapon (at least in my opinion) due to its small size and fragility. It's more of a tool.

Most teamwork feats say the ally must be adjacent to you, broken wing does not. Fascinating..

The only thing that grants access to that deed is the archetype. So no you can't. Saying "it doesn't say I can't" is not a reasonable justification.

Goblin Squad Member

You can't cage the world, it's too big for anyone.

As it would happen, I too have been toying with a similar idea for a while and would like to coordinate some ideas. There is a wiki out there (i think) somewhere that has some rwby roleplay info as well.

In other words: You have my axe! (that's also a gun)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, seugathi.
Mind for combined with an aura of madness. Throw it in a cave and u got a tpk, or at least a really annoying encounter.

Frankly I'm concerned with the "gravol sandwich" comment above. Drugging kids like that is all kinds of effed up.

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It can't, unless otherwise noted you can't purchase the same evolution more than once.

I suppose it would depend on what class he is, a fighters armor training would make the mithril plate kind of obsolete.

ZanThrax wrote:

3: The armour check penalty is a penalty that is applied to a variety of skills. If you wear the armour, you get the penalty. Proficiency doesn't prevent it, but if you're not proficient, you also apply the armour check penalty to your attack rolls.

Specifically any strength or dexterity based skills take the penalty.

Goblin Squad Member

<Tavernhold>Malrunwa Soves wrote:
Is that a monk or aristocrat weapon?


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phantom1592 wrote:
Cheapy wrote:

Pretty good list, although #4 is misleading. You can only do that if you're holding the charge, which is specifically for the round after you cast it.

Still pretty nifty, but not the same as the Magus.

Add in that having the wizard punch someone is a whole separate level of problems.

You always COULD spell/punch someone... but without the stats/build/BAB... WHY would you?!?!

Obviously sir, you haven't heard of Punch Wizardry. It uses the techniques passed down the Armstrong line for GENERATIONS!

I blame the rap music.

Goblin Squad Member

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Gol PotatoMcWhiskey wrote:

If the community has the incontestable right to slander and villify Golgotha and it's membership then we have the incontestable right to defend ourselves.

That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Or, if you need it more simply.

The onus is on our attackers to prove their claims, the onus is not on us to disprove them.

heh, you said onus....

Goblin Squad Member

Lam wrote:
Which real name?

The one written in the deepest recesses of your soul.

Probably so you could be summoned easier...

Goblin Squad Member

Preach it Brother!

So.... no petition then?

I've always been a fan of "Rocs fall, everyone dies."

Goblin Squad Member

Sounds like an easily corruptible organization with no accountability is looking for patsies which could used for the opposite of the proscribed effect without them knowing.

I'll admit, the sound of joining a secret society that protects the world tickles my fancy to no end, but I can't very well put my trust in someone just because they named themselves after a trustworthy deity.

So the question is: Why should you be trusted?

By raw it would depend on if the growl is distinctive enough or how well the symbol is described.

Loving it all so far. real wiz stuff.

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I'm currently playing in a shadowrun game as a charisma mage who considers himself something of a "lady's man". I'm looking for the cheesiest pick up lines you can think of.

Bonus points for:

Making it magic related
Making it somehow shadowrun related

remember, the cheesier the better.

I thought we'ed be talking about foam covered sticks.....

Goblin Squad Member

I would imagine that you aren't able to see someones name right off the bat, but someones guild (or settlement, etc.) would be visible at a glance. Due to them searing some sort of signet or some such.

This was discussed at length around the time of the kickstarter (can't remember which one..) and I think the general consensus was similar to this.

edit: and of course i get ninja'd by Stephen.... this is why i usually just lurk.....


Goblin Squad Member

It's my understanding that rep will be a bottleneck from joining the better settlements and learning the better skills.

low rep = little/no skill training
high rep = best skill training

Do you feel that this isn't enough? or am I just not understanding what you're trying to say?

Goblin Squad Member

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separate yet equal....

They use it every day for work, but not for combat. The farmer is going to be using it nearly the same way every time they use it. In a combat situation it needs to be wielded in a variety of ways for it to be effective.

but right now I'm just arguing for arguments sake (mostly), it's 7am and I'm a bit tired and loopy. So good night/morning(/afternoon maybe?) and whatever you choose to do may it make the game you play more fun.

Me thinks the reason behind the lack of simple slashing weapons is that they are inherently more dangerous to the user. Bladed weapons tend to have a large cutting edge taking up the majority of the weapon. The smaller handle that comes with that leaves you with less over all control(which is where proficiency come in).

I think subbing a short sword works well for the machete if you change the damage type. It's not the same but it works well enough.

As for you wanting it to be simple, yes it is a tool but so is the scythe.

just my 2c, please take with a hefty dose of salt.

Goblin Squad Member

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Steelwing wrote:
"Andius wrote:



Yeah but "alchemical components" does not equal alchemist fire (or acid flask or any variation there of).

Creating, throwing, and the damage of the bomb are a supernatural effect and therefor(e?) subject to antimagic.

so.... useless then.

Goblin Squad Member

Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
This game is called PATHFINDER online and yes alignment shifts with benefits as well as drawbacks are pivotal in the IP.


Trolls are for slaying, not forum posting.
Lol, I was about to post the perfect retort to this, then decided I'll wait a few more days b4 getting hit with the ban-hammer.
Sure you were. I'm amazed you haven't been banned yet honestly.
Oh I was, it involved a troll, someone getting slammed, and someone's guild affiliation. And I have been banned, 3 times. You didn't know that of course, since youre brand new to the forums. You and Gaymeon.

I'm sorry, who?

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bluddwolf wrote:

There are only two flags remaining at this time, Criminal and Heinous. The system of "Hostility" has replaced the Attacker Flag, or at least the Devs have not explicitly mentioned that the attacker flag still remains, along with the other two.

Just a quick note: The attacker flag is still in place as mentioned here.

Alignment and Reputation Blog wrote:
When a character attacks a character who was not Hostile, the character making the attack gets flagged as an Attacker. If the character with Attacker hits their target again in the next thirty seconds, they become Hostile, and lose Reputation. Note that Reputation is lost on striking a target twice rather than on death; this means Reputation is lost when your intention to kill someone is made clear rather than if you are successful.

*bold is mine

Goblin Squad Member

JDNYC wrote:
Qallz wrote:
JDNYC wrote:
This game is called PATHFINDER online and yes alignment shifts with benefits as well as drawbacks are pivotal in the IP.


Trolls are for slaying, not forum posting.

oh snap!

Goblin Squad Member

Just curious about whether rep increases will continue while logged out/using an alt or will only go up while logged in on a certain character.

and a follow up: if I have to be logged in, what are the consequences of sitting afk in a relatively safe starting town?

The eversmoking bottle has saved my bacon more times than I care to count.

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