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It was directly based on the spell-replication effect of wish, as it says, so it should be about as abusable as using that once per day. ^_^

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The Mad Comrade wrote:
With 1600+ feats from Paizo alone, finding feats is easy. When all else fails passive feats abound.

Creating monsters for publication is, admittedly, a tighter process than something for a home game. A monster from something like Planar Adventures simply can't reference a feat from a random Player Companion, or it creates a significant barrier to usability. The PRD exists in part to serve as an available reference document for this sort of thing, and even then, CRB feats (and Bestiary feats) are considered most appropriate for the majority of monsters.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
You don't have a creature ostensibly at the same CR as a PC's level but with twice as many HD as the PC has levels (which then led to double the skill ranks, double the feats, and so on).

These are powerful truths. The longest and most bothersome part of any high-level monster statblock I've ever created is trying to find ten or more suitable feats, trying to keep things to the CRB where possible, without throwing off too many of the monster's other statistics in the process, and still allowing for easy customization by GMs. And then trying to find enough appropriate skills for them to pour their skill ranks into, especially with outsiders and dragons. (Or, in some cases, just having their extreme Perception modifier.)

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As someone with experience creating monster statblocks for both systems*, I look forward to seeing how the actual numbers are generated - I know it won't resemble PF1 monster creation all that closely, but I'm curious how much like Starfinder monster creation* it'll be. ^_^

*Full disclosure: I worked only with prerelease materials for Starfinder, and it's possible things have changed significantly since then.


Ralzeros the Overwatched, as a prideful and obsessive wizard, originally had far more expository dialogue. Development trimmed his ramblings down to a more manageable amount. ^_^

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Shadow_Charlatan wrote:
Personally I liked Kinetic Invocation, wish it would have made it into a RPG Core book with an updated and expanded list, a couple pages could hold a lot of spell/invocations listed this way.

Kinetic Invocation tangent:
It's worth noting that, due to the various limitations on Kinetic Invocation, valid spells are actually pretty tricky to find. (Expanding its list to non-PRD sources might do a lot, but that's a bit too complicated from a publishing perspective.)

That said, an updated version would give the opportunity to potentially take another look at the races that gain automatic access. In particular, wayang should be considered for the void element, while lashunta could be granted access to the aether element. ^_^

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I think some of these posts are longer than my first work for Paizo...

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Prince Setehrael wrote:

I'm hoping that the CR 30 Creature is the Oniodaemon.

Dis they already reveal what it is and did I miss it?

They haven't. There's a thread somewhere with some folks' guesses, though. ^_^

Also, it's not an outsider, so it seems unlikely that it would be the Oinodaemon.

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In my shower thoughts yesterday, I brainstormed up "paladin" variants for each of the good and evil alignments, complete with unique themes and playstyles. They still need a lot of refining, but I think I had enough for proof of concept. ^_^

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Arachnofiend wrote:
It would have been easy to do in PF1 if Paizo hadn't made the unarmored archetypes universally terrible for no reason at all.

If it helps, the blossoming light wasn't intentionally terrible. I still quite like it... though I understand that losing domain spellcasting goes against what a lot of folks are looking for in their "divine wizard" class. ^_^


I'd take a stab at helping out with it if it does become a reality. ^_^

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Mark Seifter wrote:
As to rapier/main gauche, personally, I feel like a good main gauche specifically for parrying was one of the few oversights in the incredibly wide diversity of PF1 weapons (there were options like a swordbreaker focused specifically on anti-weapon hijinks, but not really a main gauche).

I tried to create something like that in Adventurer's Armory 2 with the dueling dagger. ^_^

But I'm not a historical weapons expert - and probably more importantly, couldn't revise the game's fighting system in a single weapon entry - so I don't know that it came out very well.

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Weather Report wrote:
Orcish Sphinc-Jabber

Another one I missed in Adventurer's Armory 2. ^_^

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dysartes wrote:
And when we see a PF supplement for whatever Ranma is meant to be

makes a note

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The Sightless Swordsman wrote:
Friendly Rogue wrote:
I'm still waiting for when Paizo finally adds stats for sword pommels, but odds are they'd likely be too OP, what with them being able to completely demolish entire villages and what not.
Yeah. Unfortunately you have to homebrew that sort of thing. I'm running a shenanigan-type game and I told my players that they should try throwing the pommel of their sword sometime. They've yet to do it, but that's probably a good thing. More likely than not they'd wind up causing a TPK. Negligent pommel throwing is one of the leading causes of death among adventurers, after all.

What I'm hearing is that we need a new style feat chain. Something like... Pommeling Style? ^_^

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There's been a lot of delays for various reasons. The Aethera team is very small (and largely employed at day jobs), so when things get bumpy for someone, it makes a big impact. To the best of my knowledge, though, those books are still going to be available in time. ^_^

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Huh. That's certainly a rare situation you've run into! ^_^

By RAW, the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat won't help you for a modified exotic weapon:

Adventurer's Armory 2 wrote:
An exotic weapon that receives modifications cannot be wielded without the Modified Weapon Proficiency or Weapon Adept feat.

That said, Pathfinder Unchained systems like dynamic item creation are, by their nature, experimental and flexible. So I'd consider what you think the best or most appropriate result would be for your campaign.

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I really want to see it now, for... reasons. ^_^

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
One of my hopes is that since anyone can put a floating bonus in a "raw power" stat like strength or intelligence, that now we'll be less hesitant to print ancestries with any combination of stats. I know that Str/Int (one kind of Dhampir) and Con/Int (bupkiss) were the rarest phsyical/mental stat pairings in PF1.

There is one Con/Int race: the yaddithian. ^_^


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I'm afraid not, since they both alter the larger domains class feature. In a home game, this is exactly the sort of situation for which the Archetype Stacking FAQ suggests houseruling; however, in PFS, it's best to stick to the general ruling.

Sorry. ^_^

(True story: I'm a huge fan of the divine paragon. I originally designed the blossoming light to include a similar system, gaining deific boons at an accelerated rate. However, because it's part of the RPG line, it sadly couldn't rely on content from the Campaign Setting line.)

Lausth wrote:
Why Aspexia's mysticism would be a paradox?

The events that led to that talent's development and teaching are a direct result of the aftermath of the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. Thus, having it at the start of the Adventure Path would be paradoxical. ^_^

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I just want to note that a character possessing Aspexia's Mysticism in a Council of Thieves Adventure Path campaign unquestionably represents a time paradox. Be prepared for aeons and inevitables knocking at your door! ^_^


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That was as much ego as anything - I wanted to reference the one race I've written. And if anyone on Golarion would be the one to speak it, it's Ralzeros. ^_^


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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
...was so strongly fighting the urge to mention the Maraquoi, because... I think some brains just exploded somewhere...

I maybe should have included something in the AA entry about trans or gender-nonconforming maraquoi, but space was pretty tight. It's a pretty interesting topic to consider, though... maybe there'll be a good opportunity to expand on them down the line. ^_^


Make sure she doesn't have any special qualities modifying her initiative. The statblock went through significant changes from my (frankly, way overcomplicated) original version, but I think she originally had one. At the very least, the initiative modifier may have slipped through when her feats got changed around.


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You may not be railing for drow, but I gotta say... I'd hand Paizo back a fat slice of one of my paychecks for a Redeemed Drow charity boon. ^_^

Those descriptions are written from the perspective of the Material Plane, with the looseness that the CRB often contains. I trust Planar Adventures over it (though I don't remember if that book will have a glossary of terms or anything similar). For already-released books, Occult Adventures and the GameMastery Guide come to mind as more detailed sources. And if I wanted something that really nails it down, I'd look back to 3.0's Manual of the Planes or Rules Compendium.

Derail aside, there's nothing "ethereal" (mechanically speaking) about the invisible stalker, unless it's actually on the Ethereal Plane. Ethereal status has no impact on the situation in this thread. ^_^

Writer of the archetype here. (Hopefully that's enough to persuade your wayward friend!)

The specific infusions granted by Elemental Blade are in addition to, and completely separate from, the infusions you gain at every odd level. You gain those normally, except where replaced by Knight's Resolve.

The phrase "alters infusions" has a different effect here. Per the Archetype Stacking FAQ (which someone will hopefully be kind enough to link, as doing so is tricky on a phone), an archetype ability that alters an entire class feature precludes you from selecting other archetypes that replace or alter any part of that class feature. So a kinetic knight can't select other archetypes that replace or modify the infusion class feature as a whole, nor can she select other archetypes that replace any one infusion.

Hopefully this clears things up a little. ^_^

"Ethereal creature" is a description of a creature's planar location (e.g., on the Ethereal Plane, coterminous with the Material Plane) and is unrelated to the flavor of a creature's physical makeup. ^_^

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Much more military than religious. ^_^

It's a class feature of the Westcrown devil prestige class, from the Adventurer's Guide. ^_^

Starglim has the right idea - classically trained changes how you use the longsword, not its innate properties. So it doesn't open up agile longswords.

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pad300 wrote:
More cultural diversity for races other than humans would be nice. We have "nations" of humans which are massively diverse - tian vs avistan for example, but all the nonhumans have only 1 or 2 cultural backgrounds, for example, there are stereotypical dwarves, and the pahmet desert dwarves, and that's about it... Seems just a little unrealistic.

I recommend subscribing to the Player Companion line before July. ^_^

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Minor silksworn occultist derail:
For the record, the silksworn occultist was originally conceived as a variant occultist from the courts of Nex (albeit with significant influence from Vudrani mystic tradition). This is, among other things, what inspired the switch from psychic casting to arcane casting. Though they admittedly make excellent Prophets. ^_^


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I see the art turned out lovely. ^_^

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Serisan wrote:
How is it that you wrote like...all of my favorite things from that book?

It's a gift. ^_^

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I actually tried to do this once for PF1. It didn't work out well enough for the final product, though.

Augunas! shakes fist

Thank you. ^_^

Hm. I was confused about the thread topic - that's what I get for posting right after waking up. I was referring to the unchained rogue's finesse training class feature in my previous post. Between that and classically trained, a Westcrown devil should be able to get Dex to attack and damage with a longsword. ^_^

What is "Rogue's Finesse" from, anyway? It's not ringing any bells.

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True story: I specifically wrote the Westcrown devil to work with unchained rogue. In the original version, it even let you retrain your choice of finessable weapon to longsword when you gained the ability.

It lost that bit of text in development - if I recall, it was a mix of "cutting things for space" and a development policy of treating unchained classes other than summoner as purely optional. If I were your GM, I'd allow it without a second thought. And even if not, retraining should be an option.

Hopefully this helps. ^_^

Oh, right, blossoming light. I knew I was forgetting something. ^_^

Derklord has the right of it. The Mother sidereal arcana lets you stack your stargazer levels with cleric levels for the purpose of the channel energy ability, which includes the additional dice, the DC to resist its effects, and any other effect which cares about your cleric level. That line only applies to channel energy, however - that's why it's listed in a separate sentence at the end of the ability. (If it affected the entire sidereal arcana, it would say "if the stargazer possesses levels in cleric, his cleric levels stack with his stargazer levels when determining this arcana's benefits".)

Hopefully this helps clear things up. ^_^


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At the risk of sounding narcissistic, I'd love to see the heritor knight on a Chronicle sheet before the campaign shifts into second gear. ^_^

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I'm definitely interested in seeing your section, Jacob. ^_^

(Especially after flaking out during the process...)

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Well, if we're doing this...

The sections on Iadara and Magnimar were all mine! ^_^

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I'm a very big fan of traits as well. ^_^

I didn't know what all character customization options were planned, so I went with a feat for my example. It could easily be a background instead, depending on how much investment they want it to require.

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For the record, since someone mentioned "antisocial characters who are good with magic items" earlier: it seems like the easiest design in the world to create a feat to handle this type of character.

Studied Artifice (General Feat)
Lacking the force of will to drive magic items, you've studied their underlying principles and figured out how to make them work.
Benefit: You use your Intelligence modifier in place of your Charisma modifier when determining your available resonance.


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Also, congratulations to Mr. Sayre!

I look forward to seeing what exciting new ideas you bring to Organized Play. ^_^


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All my stuff made it in! ^_^

Now to wait anxiously for the Campaign Clarifications to update...

What do you think of it? ^_^

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Perpendicular to the topic at hand, I've seen miscibility tables come up a lot so far. If you'd like a bland-but-serviceable one, I wrote one for alchemical concoctions - you can find it in Adventurer's Armory 2. I expect it'll work in PF2 with only minor tweaking. And yes, Counter Monkey fans, it can cause them to explode inside you. ^_^

If you'd like a more exotic and chaotic table, I'm sure there's one out there. I don't have one like that for you... at least, not yet.

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