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Before you get too excited, Henry... if they can't manage the space for a full set of nine (or even four), I think expanding the present paladin to include more options might have to happen. I may prefer lawful good paladins, but I can't say it'd be a deal-breaker for me and Pathfinder Second Edition.

As always, that's just my feeling... your mileage may vary. ^_^

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Arachnofiend wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:

I think it's pretty likely we get the 4 corners knights in this edition, since it seems like the best compromise solution. I just hope we don't call the CG one a Paladin (I like "Elysium Knight" or something).

Give the CG one more offensive and fewer defensive powers too- Chaos gets to break stuff, it's Law that's invested in keeping it from falling down.

Frankly, if Paizo was ever open to CG Paladins then the Virtuous Bravo would have been it. They're doing a very careful job of not particularly lying about it but they are definitely stringing us along by pretending that alternatives to the LG Paladin are a possibility.

So I couldn't really talk about this before, but now that Planar Adventures is out...

I approached the design of the swashbuckler archetype in that book, the azatariel, from the perspective of "how would I want a chaotic good paladin equivalent to be portrayed and to fight?" It's not perfect, as the swashbuckler chassis is very different from the paladin, but the combat styles and special abilities should give you a good idea of what I mean. (The four style feat chains from that book are also good references for this.)

This largely sums up my philosophy on paladins of other alignments - they shouldn't exist as a generic, one-size-fits-all chassis, but a set of distinct designs that exemplify a vision for each alignment. The paladin is lawful good, a knight in shining armor; the chaotic good azatariel darts recklessly among foes and tricks them into striking each other down; and so on.

Of course, this presupposes enough space for nine different classes... something we certainly can't presume will be available. It's a nice thought, though, and it's my preferred solution. ^_^

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Voss wrote:
Or become part of a treacherous, exiled group of women that dabble in slaving. Whichever. It's probably the same thing.

It's worth noting that not all Gray Maidens are ruthless mercenaries or Erinyes Company zealots. The Scarlet Rose was built by Gray Maidens seeking to turn away from their cruel origins, giving a heroic option for such characters. ^_^

You might want to seek out a particularly powerful sentinel of Xoveron. ^_^


There's a sapphire ooze boon!?

Want: Sapphire ooze boon

Have: lots of stuff... may return with a proper list once I have my boons on hand ^_^

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
I believe it's canonical that the Grey Maidens welcome trans women, isn't it?

As much so as I can make it. Having a trans woman as one of the "subfaction leaders" hopefully helps. ^_^

PossibleCabbage wrote:
I figured it was just the sort of club that people who don't identify as women wouldn't want to be part of.

It's made somewhat complicated by the nature of the Gray Maidens, especially their origins. Lots of forced recruitment and such.

The Adventure Path doesn't give a lot of detail, since it's not terribly relevant, but I believe the original set would have included anyone who identified and presented as female, and met the Queen's standards for beauty and strength and such. Post-Ileosa recruitment, to whatever degree it occurs, presumably differs by subfaction, with the Scarlet Rose being more open-minded and the Erinyes Company holding tighter, more misandristic standards. Either would accept trans women as readily as cis women, though... a woman's a woman.

Arachnofiend wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
Amaranthine Witch wrote:
Also, his divine realm is in Elysium?
I always figured that was a forward bulwark for a war he figured was inevitable or similar aggressive gesture, not "he likes it there".
That's incorrect. In Inner Sea Gods it's said that Gorum was given his realm willingly by the natives of Elysium. It's unknown why exactly they did this but it's assumed to be a reward for joining forces in a now-forgotten conflict.

More details on this situation (though no explicit answers) can be found in the recent Planar Adventures. ^_^

(Though I'll certainly note that a deity living in the chaotic good plane, while not accepting chaotic good worshipers, is an interesting situation.)

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Obakararuir wrote:
In other words, where are all of the ethnicities for the other races ancestries besides human?

Here. ^_^

(I don't know what's in the Playtest, of course. But those ethnicities do exist in the campaign setting.)

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Secret Wizard wrote:

Blasting Paladin. I want to be a spell-less Paladin, a chosen champion from a specific deity, with the ability to blow up stuff from range too.

In 1E, I NEED archetype + multiclass combinations that allow me to pull it off, and then I'd still have a crappy 1d6 blast for the whole game.

Not necessarily, at least depending on your choice of deity. ^_^

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The intention, when writing Sisterhood Style, was that the targets would not need to meet the prerequisites.

As always, this isn't an official ruling, as I lack the authority to make such rulings. Merely an author's statement of intent. ^_^

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
...that GMs will rule it that way instead of, for instance, ruling that that Healer's Hands just overwrites the benefit from Clockwork Surgeon, leaving TDW as a full-round action. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be tempted to rule it that way.

Indeed. I almost included this in my previous post. ^_^

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There is no official rule for this type of undefined interaction; expect table variation between GMs' rulings.

Personally, I'd have Clockwork Surgeon reduce it to a standard action. ^_^

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CorvusMask wrote:
Its probably because in corebooks they have never told Golarion names for dates and days(its in innersea worldguide book I think) so they decided to not use those in planar adventures because it would confuse players who haven't bought campaign setting material

This was my assumption as well.

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Kytons predate Zon-Kuthon's transformation by quite some time. When Asmodeus first led his conquest of Hell, the kyton demagogues were among the native entities that opposed him. You can find some relevant information in Pathfinder Adventure Path #107: Scourge of the Godclaw, in the article on Geryon. ^_^

Hmm. The form of the dragon approach is efficient and has existing precedent. It only really addresses the natural weapon issue, but without a more complete list of potential acquirable special abilities, it's hard to say how worrisome the rest of the spell is.

I'd be loath to submit something based on CR in an official product, due to the dissonance with existing polymorph spells, but it's certainly a direct method. ^_^

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Well-written - you have a good grasp of formatting!

There are other considerations at play, of course. Could the combination of available abilities be most optimally acquired from a specific form, creating an overpowered option? In addition, when creating polymorph spells, remember that they grant all natural attacks of the chosen creature... and outsiders are notorious for pouring a lot of power into a relatively small body. The lilitu demon, for example, offers four 2d8 claws and a tail slap that targets touch AC, along with 60 ft. speed both on land and by air, all at Medium size. And that's just pulling the first thing I thought of from a hardcover Bestiary, without scouring the entire canon.

Hopefully this helps shed some light on the process. ^_^

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I did briefly consider something like this when working on spells for Planar Adventures. The main problems I saw are:

  • There's far too much variance among outsider shapes and qualities to make all-purpose, one size fits all form of the outsider spells. "(Size) outsider" is an incredibly broad category, and I didn't want to sort through every outsider in existence to see what might be at risk, nor risk any newly released outsider breaking the spells. In addition, with SRD culture being what it is, I didn't want false assumptions about what constitutes a "non-unique entity" for the spells' purpose. See, for example, d20pfsrd's "harbinger daemon", or arguments about whether the Great Old One Yig is unique or not. And then there's the question of what qualities the spell would grant, both in terms of power level and extreme diversity among outsiders. The polymorph spells have to specify every ability you could gain, after all.

  • I also, briefly, considered trying to make subtype spells - angel shape, etc. Beyond what's mentioned above, the enemy here is wordcount... there's only so much space in the book for this, and these would have gobbled up a huge chunk of it.

    I settled for creating a native outsider variant. Hopefully you find it reasonably interesting. ^_^

  • I took a stab at doing that with the devil binder summoner from Adventurer's Guide (though it doesn't really change the summoner, only the eidolon). While it's devil- and Hellknight-specific in the book, it's modular enough that variants for other outsider types should be easy enough to manage.

    Hopefully, if and when summoner hits PF2, that sort of option will be baked in and made more versatile. ^_^


    At the barest minimum, I think an additional +2 circumstance bonus is in order. Beyond that, I'm not sure... it's a somewhat abstract system, and a cantrip probably shouldn't unbalance it too much. ^_^

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    Product Description wrote:
    she's a graceful elven samurai from Jinin

    I'd love to play one of those someday. ^_^

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    I'm always happy when someone remembers that Phantom Ally exists. And this looks like an awesome use for it. ^_^

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    Mark Seifter wrote:
    KingOfAnything wrote:
    PossibleCabbage wrote:
    Xenocrat wrote:
    Milo v3 wrote:
    I'll probably end up needing to ban this class in my campaigns since it looks like they still want to restrict the fluff to musicians who have magic for no discernible reason.
    I'll probably ban Wizards since they still want to restrict the fluff to heavy readers who have magic for no discernible reason.
    I might ban Clerics since they still want to restrict the fluff to clergy who have magic for no discernible reason.
    I'll probably need to ban Druids since it looks like they still want to restrict the fluff to defenders of nature who have magic for no discernible reason.

    Even though I do understand Milo's point, I feel we have to complete this cycle now with the final casting class. Maybe something like this?:

    I have a feeling I'll have to ban sorcerers since it looks like they still want to restrict the fluff to the results of interspecies romance fanfic who have magic for no discernible reason.

    Well, now I'm being called out. ^_^

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    PossibleCabbage wrote:
    I wonder if the bard is endlessly extensible via printing "additional muse options" like how the sorcerer is sure to get a bunch of bloodlines.

    I certainly hope so! ^_^

    I'm not sure, to be honest. That feat was one that was requested by development, and I was writing it blind to the possibility of rules for such existing. The only place I can think of to check would be the Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path (specifically, The Inferno Gate), which had an article on the subject. But I doubt a hardcover source would be referencing that.

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    For all the folks talking about "commander" characters, I did try to get one into the game in the form of the sister-in-arms cavalier. It's just an archetype, though, so it can't do that much.

    We know that Gray Maiden character options will be a part of PF2. Maybe we'll see a more thorough approach to the sister-in-arms when the new system builds up some steam. ^_^

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    1: Yes, with the combination of certain aasimar and tiefling boons.
    2: We don't know yet, as none of the material from Planar Adventures is legal yet; at present, ganzi uses the statistics presented in Distant Shores.
    3: No; the material needs to be legalized for PFS first (at which point, the Campaign Clarifications document will presumably address this).

    In the interest of full disclosure, the ganzi predate my writing, having originally appeared in Distant Shores. ^_^

    The relevant text differs from my original turnover, so I don't have much input to offer here. Allowing ganzi to ignore other prerequisites certainly wouldn't have been my intention (and I doubt it was the intention of the developer); however, I'm afraid I don't have any insight into the subject.

    I recommend keeping an eye on PFS Campaign Clarifications to see how they handle it, if at all. ^_^


    The entire library subsection got redesigned from my original (much more complicated) version, so I'm afraid I can't really offer any insight here.

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    Derklord wrote:
    Isabelle. Should've know that feat was written by you. What else in that book sprang from your mind?

    This was a pretty major project for me! Let's see...

    Planar Adventures contributions:

    Azatariel swashbuckler
    Chronicler of worlds bard
    Dreamthief rogue
    Gloomblade fighter

    The whole darn chapter

    The whole chapter here, too

    Ethereal Plane
    Demiplane, Cynosure

    Argent warden
    Moon hag
    Sapphire ooze

    I'm very proud of it, obviously. ^_^

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    Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

    Isabelle, Isabelle, Isabelle Lee,

    Let rest thy pen and hark to me!
    If our question here were put to thee
    What would thy truest answer be?

    What's the intent of the Planar Heritage feat?

    Honestly? Just to create a Planar version of Racial Heritage and see what came of it. I knew the results would be very open-ended, and I've been following these threads with some interest. It's definitely been interesting seeing what folks come up with.

    This situation is well beyond my rules lore - I suspect it may defy ruling altogether, unless that ruling were designed with a specific (presumably restrictive) result in mind. Fortunately, we have GMs for this exact reason; I've always been a supporter of GM authority.

    With that in mind? Whatever your GM or your table decides upon is the right answer. I didn't have any specific intention beyond seeing what could happen. ^_^

    Just a Will save; nothing more, nothing less. ^_^

    There was a prestige class back in 3.0 (the master of chains, Sword and Fist), but that's a little antiquated at this point.

    You might try wearing a chain coat (Adventurer's Armory 2) or selecting the Chain Mastery feat (Book of the Damned). You'll still need a way to negate the oversized two-weapon fighting penalties and two spiked chains, though.

    It's not perfect, but we do what we can. ^_^

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    You can indeed move at full speed while wearing Gray Maiden plate if you have Agile Maiden and armor training 1.

    The masked maiden can take advanced armor training options in the same fashion as any other archetype that receives armor training; this was an intentional part of the design. They wouldn't be able to select the feat without some way to meet the fighter level prerequisite (such as the combat skill vigilante talent), though.

    PFS hasn't stipulated the expenditure of PP for the armor upgrade, so as far as I know, it's not necessary. Same for renown and defining an area. That's not my own area of expertise, though.

    The archetypes can't be stacked because they both modify the same class feature. Even looking at things from a pre-FAQ viewpoint, they wouldn't stack because you must choose avenger, and you can't choose avenger if you don't get a choice.

    Hopefully this helps. ^_^

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    Farewell, Ms. Frasier. You've been an incredible inspiration to me, both in game writing and life in general.

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    I'm glad you like them! ^_^

    Robert Brookes wrote:
    That said, as I'm seeing the full product now, I am legitimately surprised there's not a single archetype or new base form for summoner!

    A little odd, I'll grant. There's a new feat that should open up some new opportunities, though. ^_^

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    Yes and no, respectively. ^_^

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    The unchained rogue occasionally creates complications with rogue archetypes. I can't go into much detail here for professional reasons, but almost everything changes in development, for a wide variety of reasons. But you're right that unchained rogues are left with a loose end, and if there's one thing rogues dislike, it's loose ends.

    Someone in the thread suggested having it apply as part of the dreamstrike; I'd probably expand that to "if you dreamstrike a creature that you're flanking or who is flat-footed against you, apply debilitating injury as though you had made a successful sneak attack". Just an (unofficial) idea. ^_^

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    Healer's Hands is primarily a buff for the Heal skill, which was always wildly outclassed by actual spells. I did what I could for it. ^_^

    As for Tempting Bargain, there was interesting and trope-heavy design space there. So I filled it.

    Improved Plane Shift was mandated by development, so I can't offer as much insight there.

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    Minor clarification: dreamthief doesn't actually gain a slam attack. (You'll need to tap into the Abyss for that!) Instead, it lets you treat one melee attack per round as a slam attack for the purpose of emotional focus abilities that only apply to slam attacks. Fun with technicality! ^_^

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    Lots of interesting thoughts there! I'll try and remember to get back to this when I have more time (and more sleep!) ^_^

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    PossibleCabbage wrote:
    I mean, I know I am going to have to wait to play my Astomoi "GentleThing Thief" in the new edition, but I'd like to do so eventually.

    On a quasi-related note, if you crave sneakattacklessness, you might want to have a little look at Planar Adventures. ^_^

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    Collasus wrote:
    A shame really. To abandon all that work artistry and dedication, only to almost instantly make it obsolete with a new system. Can't buy anything right now as in a few month's time.. it will be old news and a product of the past.

    Even if things do turn out as gloomy as all that... there's something to be said for going out with a bang. I devoted almost twenty years to learning this system (and two years to writing for it), and I couldn't be more proud of this sendoff. ^_^

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    Excellent! I'm glad my efforts weren't in vain. ^_^

    (The gloomblade fighter was one of my four archetypes, alongside the azatariel swashbuckler, the chronicler of worlds bard, and the dreamthief rogue.)

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    Zolanoteph wrote:
    Random question: Does this INT based bard swap out bardic performance? It's a long shot but I was looking for another non performance bard.

    It does not. I wasn't ready to go that far. ^_^

    Mekkis wrote:
    Can you include the HD too. Planar binders are eager to know.

    If I recall correctly...

    ...the empusa and cynosoma may be relevant to your interests. ^_^

    Darkthan9800 wrote:
    Does anyone know the monster that is on the front cover? My guess is that it is an Astradaemon, but I'm probably wrong.

    You are correct - Mr. Jacobs said elsewhere (maybe in this thread) that he wanted a Pathfinder-specific monster featured on the cover. ^_^

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    Dragon78 wrote:
    It's a shame you loose wild empathy but otherwise sounds interesting.

    There's an app for that. ^_^

    7 people marked this as a favorite.

    Really looking forward to seeing peoples' thoughts. ^_^

    Personal Ramblings and Egotism:
    This was a huge project for me; I contributed all of the new feats and four of the archetypes, among other things. So I'm definitely interested in the topic.

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