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Belkar Bitterleaf

Ironwing's page

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Looking for a couple players (don't be shy if you want to DM!) for 3.5 Rules D&D game - more story oriented than combat is desirable. We have two in the group right now. Weekly game is what we were doing before we lost players due to a move.


Plageman wrote:
To me 3.x has already busted the "classic" D&D feeling so, well 4th is only a step further in this direction ^_^

More like puts a dagger in it. I just read the pdf from the first post - 4e looks to be all about combat - just look at the categories they have for PCs. They may as well have just called it a new edition of the miniatures game. I think someone wrote in an earlier post that 4e is like a book version of a video game. I agree from what I have seen to this point. I was almost curious enough about 4e to buy the PHB but I will not even waste my money now.

From what I have seen, 4e is not to my tastes - not to mention the huge investment I have made in 3/3.5 materials.

First, it seems like a power-gamer's dream (nothing wrong with that - just not my taste). Also, I have more than enough material to last me for years. I see no reason to abandon that investment or do all the work to change them to 4e.

I realize 3.5 is not perfect but it basically works with some tweaks. I don't want to make the financial or time investment for learning a new system, and having to figure out what does not work and tweaking it. Face it - no way that a perfect system can be made.

I understand that WOTC is trying to get more folks playing D&D, but I am happy with what we have now.

There is no article there Mike.

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