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Gelatinous Cube

IronWolf's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 179 posts. 11 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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Another excellent installment!


The Varian and Radovan books just keep getting better and better! Add in the wonderful Golarion lore and once again Dave Gross has another win with Queen of Thorns. I look anxiously look forward to the next novel with this pair!

My full review is available at The Iron Tavern:

Queen of Thorns Review

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Another Fantastic Issue!


Yet another excellent issue of Kobold Quarterly with their Autumn 2012 Demons and Devils issue. I really enjoyed Pages from Asmodeus by Ed Greenwood, one of the feature articles this month. Also an article on Selling your Soul to the devil for the AGE system, but plenty of useful parts for any system. The art work is once again top notch.

My full review of this issue can be seen at The Iron Tavern.

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Another Excellent Addition to the Pathfinder Tales line

****( )

The Pathfinder Tales novels continue to deliver giving the readers interesting characters and a further tour of the world of Golarion. Following a trio of people on their journey to the ruins of a fallen city from the sky seeking to pay off their debts to a crime lord the reader gets a look at several major regions of Golarion along the way.

With excellent pacing and interesting characters Tim Pratt succeeds in drawing the reader into the novel. Well worth adding to your Pathfinder Tales collection.

See my full review at The Iron Tavern - Review: City of the Fallen Sky.

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The Standard for City Supplements


I finally made it around to picking this product up in preparation for a campaign that is starting up shortly. This is the bar for all city book supplements to meet. With the city of Kaer Maga brought to life this book was an excellent read with interesting districts, factions, people and geography.

See my full review at The Iron Tavern - Review: City of Strangers.

Our Price: $12.99

Out of print

Impressive Pre-painted Minis


The Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes Miniatures Set is a very impressive initial offering from WizKids. The excellent paint job and attention to the little details are not something I am accustomed to seeing in pre-painted minis. From detail on Ezren's robe to Merisiel's tattoos to the markings on Valeros' sword these minis do not disappoint. An excellent set of pre-painted minis!

I have posted a full review as well as an unboxing with more detailed photos at

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