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Gelatinous Cube

IronWolf's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 179 posts. 11 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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I would like to cancel my AP subscription and my Pathfinder Tales subscription.


A GM/player is thinking that the Alchemist Discovery Explosive Missile also allows the character to avoid AoO's when firing in melee. This does not sound right to me, but wanted to run by folks here.

His logic chain is that Discoveries are a Supernatural ability. Supernatural abilities do not provoke AoO's. Explosive Missile says as a standard action the alchemist can infuse a single arrow, bolt, or one-handed firearm bullet with the power of his bomb, load the ammunition, and shoot the ranged weapon.

His belief is that the entire action is done under a Standard action, but since it is the supernatural ability of explosive missile that allows you to do multiple actions under one standard action then the action is treated as only using your supernatural ability, therefore no AoO when firing the ranged weapon in melee.

I am more inclined to think the multiple actions still retain their normal action type and it is simply the supernatural ability that lets you do more than one of them in a single standard action, so the firing of ranged weapon in melee still provokes an AoO.

Anyone want to weigh in?

Great news! Can't wait to try them out on the iPad!

Paris Crenshaw wrote:

I loved reading your article, IronWolf. Your son is obviously a talented and clever young man. You must be very proud. Congratulations!

Definitely very proud. He has a great time with it and we have a regular family game running now which is great!

Vic Wertz wrote:

I'm really thrilled by how many people are using the Beginner Box to introduce their daughters to gaming!

My daughter always enjoys sitting at the table and even at age four recognizes the Pathfinder logo on sight! Of course it leads to some really interesting questions from her at times.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have been playing several sessions with my kids with the Pathfinder Beginner Box. This past weekend my 8 year old son took a try at running a game. He did awesome and with minimal questions of me! He designed his own adventure and did a great job running it. I did a write up over here:

The Iron Tavern: The 8 Year Old GM

Mission Accomplished!

Does encumbrance factor into arcane spell failure? So if a wizard is wearing just robes and is carrying a heavy load is there an arcane spell failure chance?

Carrying Capacity wrote:

Encumbrance Effects. A medium or heavy load counts as medium or heavy armor for the purpose of abilities or skills that are restricted by armor. Carrying a light load does not encumber a character.

That could be read to indicate that it does. But what ASF chance would use for a medium encumbered character? a heavy encumbered character?

Or is that not rules as intended?

Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback for those of us that didn't make the cut. It is one of the great things that make this exercise so valuable! Here is what I submitted, I look forward to the feedback.

The Dawnflower Candle
Aura faint conjuration and abjuration; CL 3rdSlot —; Price 450 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.

This tall, gold colored candle made of the finest beeswax is roughly two inches in diameter and frequently found with an embossed sunburst on the side. Lighting the candle offers potent healing powers to those within the radius of its light while they rest.

When resting within the light of the candle the individual recovers hit points and heals ability damage at twice the normal rate for eight hours of rest. The individual is treated as if under the effect of the Remove Sickness and Resistance spells while the candle burns.

If an individual is resting within the light of the candle and receiving long term care they recover hit points and ability damage at four times the normal rate for eight hours of rest. The Remove Sickness and Resistance effects continue as before.

The Dawnflower candle will burn for eight hours. While possible to extinguish the candle simply by blowing it out, placing the candle in a lantern protects the precious flame from drafts. This will not interfere with its magical properties. If the candle is extinguished the effect is canceled and the candle’s magic is consumed. A cleric of Sarenrae can rekindle a prematurely extinguished Dawnflower candle and restore the candle’s magical properties, but this does not increase the time left to burn before the candle is consumed.

The individuals receiving the effects of the candle must remain in the candle’s light (5’ radius) for the entire 8 hours. Up to four individuals may benefit from these effects simultaneously.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, resistance, cure light wounds, lesser restoration, remove sickness, deity Sarenrae; Cost 225 gp

Valandil Ancalime wrote:

Could you make her a Simulacrum of Nyrissa?

Wish I had thought of this idea when I dropped this module in. It is a great one.

I would wait. I am in a similar position. I bought it for my son's birthday in early December. So it sits high up on a shelf in a brown cardboard box unopened, though it calls my name beckoning me to open it. So far I have resisted.

I did order the PDFs though, so I'm ready to run it as soon as IronPup opens it! I figure let him have the fun of opening it and discovering the contents. we can punch out the pawns together and such as part of game prep.

Exiled Prince wrote:
Will this really be good for a 10/11 year old ? It seems a little complicated.

I will be running this for my soon to be 8 year old. Of course I've already introduced him to Pathfinder Core with the rules toned down a bit and he does well with that. I expect the beginner box to be a piece of cake for him.

Kyle Olson wrote:

Right now I'm heads down on the iPad version so it probably won't be soon.

An iPad version will be awesome!

Adding my +1 for a Barbarian pre-gen.

I recently wrote a couple of blog posts on tips for success with a Play-by-Post game. You might find some of them helpful:

cooneypete wrote:

Also, for those interested in PFS Online play, please visit my Yahoo Group:

Online PFS Play

There is also a fairly established group for online VTT gaming called the Pathfinder Society Online Collective. Fairly active group, always looking for GMs.

Mark Garringer wrote:
In related news, don't tell the paladin you are going to murder someone with poison.

And this seems the most obvious to me.

If your faction mission is something that is apt to be problematic for someone in your group (paladin or not, but they do make a good example since they are at the extreme side of things) then do not do the act in front of them or present them with an opportunity to disrupt.

If your character tries to get the paladin's permission to poison someone don't be surprised that they will object. In this scenario I would side with the paladin.

However, if your character does the deed in a subvert manner or just acts without asking for permission, sure the paladin will object, but now your character has completed their mission and can make up any number of excuses why it was called for.

Congrats! Well deserved!

uriel222 wrote:

I read paizo PDFs on an iPad, and even just zooming in so that i can't see the margins makes a big difference. I'm not sure how hard it would be to take them off for a "tablet friendly" version, but it seems a lot simpler than reflowing the document.

If you read them with GoodReader, it has a crop feature that lets you custom crop the PDF. I use it all the time to crop out the margins, it then applies that to the rest of the document automatically. Works great with Paizo PDFs.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

Paladin, Druid, Draconic sorceror. They're decent characters but there are only three of them. The first bandit encounter almost finished them off -- it was a close-run thing.

1) Any suggestions for running with three?

Not too bad of a make up for three characters. Experiences players or new players? Assuming the druid brings an animal companion to the table that can help a bit.

What made the bandit encounter at Oleg's difficult for them?

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

2) More generally, any suggestions for the first module? Stolen Lands looks like fun, but I can see some possible problems already. (Don't love the wandering monster table, for instance -- and it's a key engine of the game.)

Wandering monsters shouldn't be too bad. If you roll up something way too powerful you can give them a chance to avoid it. Maybe they just saw troll tracks and not actual trolls. Or maybe they hear the trolls moving through the forest some distance away leaving them an option to avoid the encounter or sneak closer and then realize they might want to avoid it.

Nimon wrote:

Thanks for your insight, I knew I couldn't be the only one affected by this. Your post reminded me of a recent mod we played with no counter to invis, that almost cost one guy a ressurrection fee.

A bag of powder from the Adventurer's Guide can help with this and isn't class dependent. Not quite as good as glitterdust or a dispel magic, but adequate.

Doug Miles wrote:
We could really use Venture-Captains for Milwaukee & Columbus! A lot of other places, too, but there's an under-served gamer population in both areas.

I wish I made it to the game stores just a little bit more often for gaming. I could meet so many of the other responsibilities with ease...

One can get some unusual tables in PFS play, but really the self-sufficiency goal helps a lot. Even my fighter carries a wand of cure light wounds and I don't think I have sat at a table yet where there wasn't somebody that could use that on him when needed.

Are there situations where a certain class would excel? Certainly. But does not having that class hurt that much? Not usually.

Dorje Sylas wrote:

Well, what do you know. GoodReader finally gets "recently viewed" Tabs.

Yeah - great update! The tabs are going to be very useful!

Had a great time at Origins in the Pathfinder room! Had Wes for a GM on Thursday night, Chris Mortika for my Shades of Ice series on Friday and Kyle for Midnight Mauler on Sunday morning. All great GMs and a great time was had. Very fun con for me.

Thanks to all the GMs who put in all the work in the Pathfinder room to make it a great experience!

Congrats guys! Thanks for all the work you do!

Dorje Sylas wrote:

I'm not sure about the Android PDF readers, but in GoodReader for iOS you can "crop" a PDFs page area. A very handy trick for Paizo PDFs in general as they do tend to have a lot of margin space. Check your PDF viewers and see if you have that option exists, basically a force "zoom" area. If your new to "tablety things" you may want to watch for this kind of option as it can make the difference between comfortably readable and not so nice.

Oh man! How did I go this long without knowing about this crop feature! I already loved GoodReader, but this makes Paizo PDFs even better on the iPad. Thanks for the tip!

Callarek wrote:

There is still a problem with certain character builds, then.

Archers and tanks, as an example, would take even longer than now to be able to actually start getting to their initial build points.

I think by definition if one chooses a slow advancement track that it is to be expected that the build points will be further out. As the whole point of slowing advancement is to spend more time at each level.

If interested people join the Patfhinder Society Online Collective google group you will find a wider pool of people to coordinate a game with for playing PFS via a voice chat program and VTT.

William Ronald wrote:

It might be too hard to make changes now, and there would likely be a LOT of grumbling from players.

That is what is sort of cool with the idea I threw out there. If you and your group are happy with the current system, you choose the fast advancement and nothing changes.

If you are one that wants to slow the advancement, switch to the slow track of advancement and now it is taking twice as long to level up. If you choose this, you get 50% of the gold awarded at the end of the scenario instead of full to keep wealth levels within the guidelines. (Not 100% sure how to handle PA for the slow advancement track...)

Todd Lower wrote:
IronWolf wrote:

Good Stuff

Fast = 3xp per level
Slow = 6xp per level

More Good Stuff

The problem is that those on the slow track will have twice the PA and gold with which to equip their characters.

Rats! I knew it seemed too simple.

Not sure how best to handle PA with the above method, but for gold, how about if your character is on the slow XP advancement route the GM running the scenario halves the amount of gold awarded for the chronicle for your character? (Disclaimer: just thinking out loud, I have not given substantial though to the ramifications.)

I know I like the current amount of XP required to level as I only get to play quite sporadically. And I can see how people that get to play 4 to 6 games a month think things go too fast.

I wonder if something like this would work. When you create your character you choose an advancement track - fast or slow. That gets registered when you register your character so you can't change back and forth. If you choose fast you use that for the life of the character and same with slow.

Fast = 3xp per level
Slow = 6xp per level

This way everyone pretty much gets to level at the pace they want, chosen when the character is created. This keeps any one group that plays at a certain pace from being alienated. Now groups that play together when likely need to decide which pace they want or some characters would be leveling twice as fast as others in the same group - but I suspect groups that play regularly are like minded enough that this decision would not be too difficult.

Nice blog post by zizazat on Beginning Pathfinder:

Their Facebook page has had a couple of people looking to share a room.

hogarth wrote:

It's mentioned, but not in the list:

"Given a perfect world: #5, #4, #33, #35, #39, #29, #24, #7, #30, #6, #49, #41, #48, #51, #52, #02-11, #02-01, #02-02"

True, but mentioned in the main portion of the post with sufficient information to know why one was chosen over the other to allow a new GM to change the starting module as they see fit. A new GM reading that post would at least see that they might want to consider including Silent Tide in their new to PFS campaign.

hogarth wrote:

It's reasonable, but it's missing my favourite: Silent Tide.

It is mentioned in there. And it is a great module!

The press release says "for use with" which doesn't necessarily translate to mean "included with". Still excited to see pre-painted Pathfinder minis though!

Jason S wrote:

I'm thinking about going to Origins, but I have the following questions.

1) Are there any player spots open for level 2 characters from Friday afternoon to Saturday night? Gencon is basically full except for high level play, is it the same?

2) How does the Origins dealer hall compare to Gencon? (In other words, should I bother reserving any time for it)?

3) What are the other things Origins does well?

4) Does anyone have a spot in their room I can buy? I'd consider getting a sleeping bag and sleeping on the floor, but it looks like rooms are really cheap there.

Thanks in advance. Even if I don't attend this year, I'm going to plan to attend next year.

From what I have heard and what others have said here generics can have good luck getting into PFS games.

The dealer hall can be fun and is decent sized, but not like the one at Gen Con. As others noted WotC does not attend anymore nor does Paizo ( :( ). There really wasn't a whole lot of Pathfinder material last year. Still a fun trip through though as I find it fun to "window" shop and see all the cool geek toys and games. So worth a trip through in my opinion.

Open gaming usually seems to be pretty successful at Origins. I think they have a beer haus again this year? Near Origins is North Market - great food and a very short walk from the con. And also Barley's is a great local brew pub to stop by, right across the street.

I always enjoy my time at Origins.

I was able to reg for the PFS games I wanted. So I will be there, looking forward to it!

Yeah - the work is one of the big reasons I didn't want to hide the info from the players. One of our players has stepped up and does the heavy lifting between sessions for the kingdom building phases which would have been a fair amount of additional work for the GM between sessions if the rules had been hidden from the players in my opinion. It has been working well for us so far.

I let the players see the kingdom building rules. So they know what stats buildings impact and everything. I trust my players though, so they haven't worked to "min/max" the system and have been building a reasonable kingdom.

It has worked well for us so far - though really it is one player that has really run with the kingdom building rules and the others sort of follow his lead.

I think you want this thread. ociety/general/armoredKilt

I don't hand out XP for the game I am GM'ing. I use the rough guidelines in the book and approximate those depending on where the group is in the AP. It has worked out pretty well so far and we are just now going into the 4th book.

Neil Spicer wrote:

In my original turnover for Blood for Blood there was a lot more foreshadowing of Nyrissa. But it had to go for space reasons and other factors. Basically...

** spoiler omitted **
My two cents,

Okay - that rocks! I will be stealing that for my game. Good stuff!

Cintra Bristol wrote:

Does anyone have a handy list of the NPCs who have been influenced by Nyrissa?

** spoiler omitted **


Hargulka the troll was visited by Nyrissa in a dream.

Mediate, read the link axemurder0 linked to. This rule is more for pricing as others have noted in this thread as well.

Just have to sort out some scheduling with Mrs. IronWolf and I should be in for four slots.

ntin wrote:
Hero Lab also has numerous bugs that they never seem to fix. Monster CR does not take into account monster’s role when adding PC levels, rage prophet PrC has several bugs, bonus’ from some cleric domains/subdomains stack or do not stack when they are supposed to, to name a few. My group used Hero Lab enthusiastically for a while but with all the small bugs we are starting to hand write again.

I always had good response getting bugs I reported fixed.

I do not. Only two of my four players are really into texting. And I would find passing a note faster than texting in our case. Maybe one day.

DeathQuaker wrote:

- You need to be online because of the license/DRM

I think you only need to be online to register it. Once it is registered I believe it functions okay without an Internet connection.

As someone else noted, customized output of the character sheet has been requested frequently and is supposed to be coming in the next release which is supposedly coming soon.

The biggest downfall is the price is a little high in my opinion, but with that said it has worked well for my needs, though I don't buy as many supplement packs simply because of the price.

I have been using my iPad more at the gaming table. Last session I probably did 80% of my GMing from the iPad. I primarily used Goodreader for PDFs and it works quite well. I also add bookmarks to the PDFs for sections I know I will need to reference frequently.

I use the Atomic Web browser with several tabs open to the PFSRD and also a special bookmark folder to creatures that will likely see action in a given night.

I use an initiative tracker that works very similar to a magnetic combat board would.

I also have NotesPlus with a stylus for scratch notes, keeping track of HP, etc.

The setup seemed to work pretty well. Gaming again tomorrow night and we will see how things go and see if last week was just a lucky session or if it will continue to work well.

Dorje Sylas wrote:
Haunter of the Dark wrote:

I'm all for rolling dice and working out effects etc, I don't wish to move away from that, but what I'd like from Paizo and other table-top based RPG's is a piece of OFFICIAL software where maps can be viewed on a PC/Mac/iPad for use on linked applications such as a projector, 2nd monitior, online if required without the need for physical flip-maps and minatures. It's a bind having to draw the maps out in advance and cover over areas that the characters have yet to see/explore. Plus my drawings are a bit naff and the minatures never resemble what they ought to!

I think that's where you'll want to look at MapTool which has one port now to iPad (MaPnakotic) and will run on any other platform that supports Java (Mac/Windows/Linux/Android). Although I'm not sure if someone has made an Android version yet. MaPnakotic is still 1.0 and buggy, but it's there so VTTs are possible cross-platfrom.

Agreed. What Haunter of the Dark has described is pretty much what MapTool does. Definitely worth taking a look at.

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