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Male Human in Jungle

Irizati Calhoun's page

12 posts. Alias of TheRonin.

Full Name

Irizati Calhoun




1 - Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)






Atheist (Sarenrae was worshiped by his parents)


Common, Azlanti, Keleshite


Shield Marshel

Homepage URL

Strength 11
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 16

About Irizati Calhoun

A Human Gunslinger of mixed Keleshite decent from Alkenstar. (more to come...)

Stat Block:
Irizati Calhoun
Human Gunslinger, Level 1, Init +3, HP 11/11, Speed
AC 16, Touch 13, Flat-footed 13, Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +0, Base Attack Bonus 1
Pistol (Bullet (standard)) +4 (1d8, x4)
Focused Aim (deed) +4 (1d8+4 x4)
Longsword +1 (1d8, 19-20/x2)
Studded Leather (+3 Armor, +3 Dex)
Abilities Str 11, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 16

Skills: (with ACP of -1)
Acrobatics +6
Bluff +7
Craft (Alchemy) +6
Intimidate +7
Knowledge (History) +3
Knowledge (Local) +6
Knowledge (Nature) +3
Perception +4


Irizati Calhoun or "Eerie" as the Cheliaxians tend to pronounce it grew up near Alkenstar, along the edges of mysterious phenomenon known as the "Mana Wastes". A strange and harsh land. Although the standard of living in Alkenstar is itself quite good. Growing up in a small desert town Irizati lived with his father an 'Alchemist', someone who creates Gunpowder. and skilled gun fighter and his mother and his younger sister. His mother was, if the rumors were to believed originally a prostitute years before he was born. Irizati never asked his parents if these rumors were true but suspected they likely were. As a child teasing and tormenting, often to led to fights. Irizati was easily provoked and the normally quiet child had a nasty temper once roused. Though as he aged he learned to keep this under control and focused his passion towards other pursuits.

When Irizati was 13 A bandit raid claimed his father's life. He died in a shoot out protecting the small town. Though with his dying breath he reloaded his pistol, took aimed and killed the bandit leader. Afraid more gunfighters were waiting for them the bandits fled. Saving the town.

At 15 he left for Alkenstar. Eventually joining the Shield Marshels. He was every bit the gunfighter his father was, some say he was even faster. He ultimately wished to return to his home town, or a similar town and work as an officer of the law much like his father did. However during his 19th year a mysterious and deadly fever broke out in his home town, killing nearly everyone, including his mother. A handful survived, including his younger sister who had taken a liking to a local boy and was off with his family on a trip to Alkenstar. With only a handful of townspeople left the town disbanded and was left a ghost town.

Irizati was finally assigned to a similar town named Sunwhite, after the way the sun would whiten the bones of animals that died in the desert around it. He was working directly under the fearsome and beautiful Shield Marshel Shirin. Around this time hIs sister finally married the young boy she liked and they settled in Alkenstar.

Campaign Hook:

From the notes of Irizati Calhoun Shield Marshel of Sunwhite in the Wastes

He was called Nicolo Cosma, an odd man, a foreigner. Curious though, and knowledgable. I still remember that first meeting. He was clutching papers that supposedly told of a lost secret or some damned thing, I ran right into him. Startled me so bad I drew on him. I was green then. Very green.

I was working under Shield Marshel Shirin, in a little town called Sunwhite. Fresh faced I had been sent by the Grand Duchy to assist her and help keep order in this lawless region. The old texts call this whole region the 'wastes' and it's not far from the truth. There is much out here. If my badge had not meant so much to me I would returned to Alkenstar. Well my badge and her. Gods she was beautiful. She could hit a bandit from 100 yards with a pistol. With a long gun? Well we never quite found out, we never had to. The way she held herself, presented herself. It took one smile and one shot from Shield Marshel Shirin and I was in love. A crush, I told myself, it was only a crush, I was hardly more than a school boy back then. So it was not unheard of, I told myself it was nothing serious. I lied to myself.

Which brings us to Nicolo Cosma. Nicolo was an odd sort, He was out here looking for some damned trinket. Ancients believed it had super natural powers. Shirin seemed to agree it was possible. I would ask her how she could believe in such things when I could gather enough nerve. She would never talk about it. She had seen things she said. But she would never elaborate. At any rate two local families had been taking the law into their own hands so Shirin decided it was best if I escort Nicolo deeper into the wastes while she stayed behind. Even if I was not bound by duty to obey her I likely would have. Saying 'No' to her was simply not possible for me.

We were gone for weeks. I had always been one to value my speed, my physical strength. Nicolo on the other hand seemed quite knowledgeable, as if to prove me wrong his bits of knowledge, some random, some less random constantly turned up. Again and again he'd get us out of a jam with some factoid or scrap of information he could remember. I had clearly underestimated the value of a sharp mind. I also underestimated the value of a sharp blade. Which he also showed me.

Our investigation, if you could call it that, took us deep into the territory of a self styled bandit king. They got the drop on us. I finished one off with a clean shot to the chest. And while I reloaded Nicolo cut down several on his own with his sword. Firing again I holstered my weapon and drew my long sword.

It was a bloody night, and I will never forget it but we made it out. We even found his damned artifact.

But now... I sit staring at a piece of paper that tells me he is dead, and is inviting me to his funeral. I have to go. I after nothing here. This will be the second funeral I have attended in just under a mo-- no... gods how long as it been, weeks?


Over a year. Shirin died over a year ago.

I need to leave this town, I need to leave these memories, if not Alkenstar City then Egorian. Its a long trip. I think I will leave in the morning.


Irizati "Eerie" Calhoun is a pragmatic and rather skeptical individual, Raised in Alkenstar he had little time for superstition or religious beliefs. He has spent several years as the defacto sheriff of a small town in the wastes outside of Alkenstar. A job he describes as years of bordem punctuated by short minutes of terrifying violence. Irizati secretly wishes there was more to the world than engineering and history seem to indicate however he has not yet seen any evidence and he will remain very stubborn about such things until he is proven wrong.

Irizati is both a symbol of law, and lawlessness, unlike in Alkenstar City law is rather unofficial in the wastes. Its a chaotic place where the strong often prey on the weak. He tries to help those indeed, but he has had to make difficult choices. He has lost people and this is hardened his heart to the suffering in the world.

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