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Irish Wet Dog's page

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How do you import from herolab?

I can't seem to find an export option in herolab that makes a .cmx file.

I just found this program. Wish I'd found it a year ago.

And Rikkan. Still wish I knew which book that sentence was in.

Makes sense to me. Thanks alot Saltfish.

I've tried to find the answer but I can't so I'll ask here.

Today there was a question on a fight involving a Bone Devil.

PC has had stoneskin cast on him.
So the PC has DR 10/Adamantium.

He gets hit with a Bone Devil's tail.
The tail does 9 damage.(The tail does 3d4+5 plus poison)

PC says that he shouldn't have to worry about the poison because the damage didn't overcome the DR. Basically he says that the stinger didn't get through because of the stoneskin spell since it didn't overcome the DR.

I felt like it was good argument so we rolled with it, but I still don't know if that is correct.

So, do you have to overcome the DR to inject a poison?

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Radovan is dead dead, but somehow escapes the afterlife. Pharasma makes Salim go find him. Varian finds that the only way to make Radovan not dead dead is to reunite him with his big knife. The Winter Witches have the knife (Long Story). So: Varian hires an adventuring party to go get it. The party includes: Elyana, Gad, Krunzle, Alaeron, and Luma. To get to Irrisen, the party has to take a ship that has a Naga Navigator. While they are waiting at the inn for the ship, they meet a halfling named Tantaerra, and a Goth kid named Isiem. Kagur wants to go with them as well, but they don't let her because a mammoth on a pirate ship would be just ludicrous. Later we find out that Rodrick is also looking for the big knife because (get this!) the big knife is actually intelligent AND Hyrm's long lost son. Hijinks ensue.
Also, somebody from that new dagger book shows up, but I haven't read that one yet, so could be anybody.

Or I like books about clerics and gods, where the gods are characters, A Cayden book would be cool, but I digress.

Bump so I can find it and for new CC GM's.
Pretty Please with Sugar.....STICKY.

Anybody ran the submarine Vs. gutaki yet. We'll be there next session and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. I hate running air and underwater battles, and this one adds a vehicle and an underwater spellcaster into the mix. A heads up on how it went in your group or some tips would be appreciated. Thanks

My monk was at an area of equal height with a flying wizard. He could easily make the jump to where the wizard was and he wants to grapple it. What rules should get applied to this, and what happens if the wizard is grappled or pinned. (He's using the fly spell, so no wings or anything). Can it even be done. Seems like a pretty heroic thing to do and I like it when PC's do stuff like this.

Secondly, (and I think the answer to this is apparent, just doesn't make sense to me) when a bad guy get's grappled and has a touch attack (Lich's touch). You just run it like it a normal touch attack scenario right? (With any modifiers of course). It just seems like a bad guy should be able to touch the guy grappling him, but in this case it's a monk and his touch AC is super high.

Thanks in advance.

Just to clarify a disagreement. The way I read it a magus can attack then five foot step to a square that's not threatened then cast his spell without worrying about an AOO or a concentration check. Am I right?

Name: Hargon Rethos
Race: Human
Classes/Levels: Cleric of Pharasma 3
Adventure: Haunting of Harrowstone
Location: Harrowstone Dungeon
Catalyst: Father Charlatan
The Gory Details: Hargon thumped Father Charlatan's skull with the holy symbols the father had used to fool people in life. After being injured in an attack by an ectoplasmic creature, Hargon found himself in a coffin tended by a red haired priest of Pharasma. After moments of failed battles of wills, Hargon succumbed to Father Charlatan's trickery. Hargon's companions, despite their efforts were unable to assist him. They were forced to watch as ghostly chains strangled Hargon's mortal body and sent him into Pharasma's embrace.

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Had to post this. One of the PC's is a sweet artist. And he drew everybody's character, which I then made into minis. They've pretty much only got the Splatter Man left to kill, so I used the time I'd usually use for prep to make this.
Go to Group Photo. L to R: Human Cleric of Pharasma; Half-Orc Barbarian; Half-Elf Monk; Elf Ranger/Cleric of Erastil.

It now hangs on the front of my GM screen.

Killed my first PC today. The party had used up their haunt siphons. And the cleric thunked Father Charlatans skull with the holy symbols. A battle with some ectoplasmic dudes, some bad will saves and a bunch of high damage rolls later and he was done. When the only healer/Positive energy dealer in the party is the one in the other room, Father Charlatan is a bad man. I let him roll up a new cleric and just made him one of Father Grimburrow's flock. It really wouldn't hurt to have 2 clerics in a party in this AP and my guess is that one of the other PC's will take a scoop of cleric at their next level up.

I removed them. Apologies.

Here's some paper minis for Carrion Crown I threw together.

- If this is somehow against the rules. Please remove.

Go to Minis.

I use 3/4" binder clips for the bases. (with the metal levers removed)

Read Through the adventure and think it's great.
The only complaint I have is that the interior Harrowstone map is 10 ft. scale. I realize the space concerns to keep it one page, but it makes it a pain to get it to 5 ft. scale

Seems like the links broken. Is there another link anywhere?

Good stuff. I like everything about it.
I don't know if it was your inspiration, but it's basically one of R.A. Salvatore's battlerager dwarves.

Wow. almost 200 posts. I appreciate you judges for taking the time to do this.

Mackilarney’s Mobile Masonry

Aura: Moderate Conjuration
Slot: -
Weight: 5 lbs.
Price: - 36,000
CL: 13

This item appears to be a normal masonry brick.

When activated by speaking a command word, the brick grows to form a 10 feet long by 5 feet high brick wall. Placing the brick on it’s end causes the wall to form 5 feet long by 10 feet high. The wall is 1 foot thick. If activated in a space smaller than the wall’s size, the wall forms to that space’s dimensions. The brick is deactivated by speaking a different command word.

The brick wall forms in just 1 round. People and creatures nearby (except the owner) must be careful not to be caught by the wall’s formation. Anyone so caught takes 2d10 points of damage. A reflex saving throw (DC 19) halves the damage taken.

The brick wall has 100 HP and a hardness of 8. The wall cannot be repaired except by a wish or a miracle, which restores 50 points of damage taken. The wall cannot be tipped over.

The owner can push the wall in any direction he wishes as a full round action. This is possible due to the fact that the wall levitates just off the ground when touched by the owner. While pushing the wall the owner moves at half his normal speed.

Craft wondrous item, Wall of Stone, Levitate, 18,000

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