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Sajan Gadadvara

Inikai's page

1,053 posts. Alias of Bill Lumberg.

Full Name





Binder 11 |Init +7 |HP 68/102 |AC 19 FF 16 T 13| CMD +8 | F+10 R+10 W+9 Percep +8














Chelexian, Shoanti, Taldane, Varisian, Dwarven, Giant, Ebonian*


scribe, adventurer, person of questional character

Strength 15
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 13
Charisma 18

About Inikai

Verify HP and Skill points


Inikai was born in the city of Magnimar to a low-level priest of Nethys and his Shoanti maid-servant, a woman of the Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan); he shows signs of his mother's heritage in his slightly ruddy skin and his close-cropped hair. When Inikai was fifteen years old his father was sent to Sandpoint to collect texts that the church of Nethys considered heretical and carry them to Magnimar for suppression. Inikai intended to follow in his father's footsteps and lead a quiet life of religious study. The calm of Sandpoint seemed to present a perfect environment for his apprenticeship to the clergy of the All-Seeing Eye.

For the first few years that he resided in Sandpoint Inikai proved to be, at best, an indifferent student. Though he was fascinated by magic he displayed little inclination for learning the dogmatic tenets of Nethys's faith. That his father was a distant, taciturn man in his teaching even more than he was in his parenting did little to endear Inikai to the path of the church.

Everything changed for Inikai when he found the forbidden books that his father had gathered. The youngster was instantly consumed by the thought of wielding power that is denied to mortals. He hid his study of the banned tomes from his father and secretly made copies of them which he then concealed. Inikai neglected his religious studies in favor of this secret pursuit. His father did not hide the disappointment he felt in his son's failure to master the priestly rites and the two grew more estranged.

Inikai's father was killed by Chopper two years after arriving in Sandpoint. Inikai has supported himself by assisting Ilsoari at the Turandok Academy and as a scribe since then. His ambition is to amass a library of magic tomes so that he can command greater powers. It will require more gold than a scribe makes to fulfill this dream.

Perception: +7



Normal AC 19 (chain shirt +1,+3DEX, +1 ring)
Flat Footed AC 16
Touch AC 13

HP 80[/ooc] current

Speed 30

Initiative +7 [ooc]Dex +3, Improved Initiative

BAB +7 +8 due to pact augmentation/Grapple +9/Missile +10
CMB +8
CMD +9

Saves +9/+10/+8 +10/+11/+9 with cloak
Immune to fear when bound to any vestige

Slippery Mind: If a rogue with slippery mind is affected by an enchantment spell or effect and fails her saving throw, she can attempt it again 1 round later at the same DC. She gets only this one extra chance to succeed on her saving throw.



City Born(Magnimar)



Improved Binding
Improved Initiative,
Lightning Reflexes,
Expel Vestige [4th level binder bonus feat]
Rapid Pact Making
Skilled Pact Making
Empower Supernatural Ability?



~class~ [ranks + trained + ability modifier]
Bluff 2+3+3(Cha)=9 10
Craft 0+1(Int)=1
Diplomacy 2+3+3(Cha)=8 10
Intimidate 4+3+3(Cha)=10 13
Knowledge (Arcana)5+3+1(Int)=9
Knowledge (Religion)4+3+1(Int)=8
Linguistics 3+3+1(Int)=6
Profession 0+
Sense Motive 3+3+1(Wis)=7

Acrobatics 0+2(Dex)-2(armor)=0
Appraise 0+1(Int)=1
Climb 0+2(Str)-2(armor)= 0
Disguise 2+3(Cha)=6 6(9 with disguise kit)
Escape Artist 0+2(Dex)-2(armor)=0
Perception 8+1(Wis)=9
Ride 0+2(Dex)-2(armor)=0
Stealth 5+2(Dex)-2(armor)=5
Survival 0+1(Wis)=1 3
Swim 1+1(Str)-2(armor)=0
Use Magic Device 2+3(Cha)=5 7

Binder class features:


BAB and saves as a cleric
2 skill points per level
Light and medium armor proficiency
Simple weapon proficiency
Class skills: Bluff, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (All),Linguistics, Profession, Sense Motive

Pact augmentation-at levels 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 the binder can draw extra power from a vestige that he is bound to while the pact is in effect. The binder can choose from the following benefits:
+5 Hit Points
Resist Acid 5
Resist Cold 5
Resist Electricity 5
Resist Fire 5
Resist Sonic 5
+1 Insight bonus on saving throws (one saving throw?)
+1 Insight bonus to AC
+1 Insight bonus to Attack rolls
+1 Insight bonus to Damage rolls
+1 Insight bonus to Initiative checks
Damage Reduction 1/-

Binders get a bonus feat that relates to their class at levels 4, 11 and 18.

Soul Guardian: The vestiges take a greater interest for the safety of the binder. At 6th level the binder is immune to fear. At 9th level the binder gains the slippery mind feature. At 13th level the binder is immune to energy draining attacks. At 19th level the binder is immune to mind-affecting effects. These benefits are lost if the binder is not bound to a vestige.



Necklace of Fireballs:3x 2d6. In haversack
+1 Chain shirt
Handy Haversack 5Lb
Headband of Aluring Charisma +2 2000 gp
Ring of Protection +1
+1 Longsword Gift from Romon Claus
Cloak of Protection +1 Gift from Marak
Amulet of [i]Shield Self: 3/x day forge a link with target to share half of all HP damage Inikai suffers, 7th level 70 foot range, Will save DC 19 negates, if target moves out of range the effect is broken.
Belt of Strength +2
Morning Star (1d8)6LB
MW Longsword 4LB Taken from "butler" doppleganger, kept in haversack
Dagger 1LB
Book of vestiges
Bandages to draw signs of vestiges on so they can be kept on his person at all times
Pouchbelt .5Lb
1 torch 1Lb
Waterskin 4Lb
Disguise Kit 8Lbs
2 Candles -
4 pieces chalk -
2 Inkpen -
2 half pound bags of flour

vial of anti-toxin 50gp 0lb
2 vials of Alchemists Fire
Potion of CLW (one discounted 50%)
Potion of Mage Armor Given to Muchorak
Potion of Protection from Arrows

Goblin dogslicer (left in house as a souvenir)
Studded Leather Armor 20Lb (in house)
Scholar's outfit 6lb (in house)
Composite Shortbow (+1 Str adjustment)taken from Tsuto 2lb and 18 Arrows (taken from Tsuto) 3lb [in house. Give to Muchorak or Romon]

Souvenirs: Head of a sin-spawn preserved in brine, dead vargouille preserved, skinsaw cultist mask
49 LB light encumbrance

Notes for me


Rotten apples and hellknights, a bet with Romon
Youthful run-in with the hellknight aspirants in Magnimar
Father's friendship with inquisitor of Nethys

- Buy an armored coat to store in the haversack. It will be useful when waking up and armor must be donned right away. Armored Coat 50 gp AC +4 Max Dex +3 Skill Penalty -2 Arcane Failure 20% Speed 20 ft. Weight 20 lbs. Can be donned as a move action. No "don hastily" option.

Current powers


From Zceryll:

Alien form: While bound to Zceryll, the binder gains the pseudonatural template (page 161 of Complete Arcane).
Zceryll Reference:
Pseudonatural Template (Complete Arcane, p161):
Can be applied to any corporeal creature
Size and Type: Type changes to Outsider
Special Attacks: Once per day, a pseudonatural creature can cast True Strike on itself as a supernatural ability.
Special Qualities: Resistance (Ex): A pseudonatural creature has a resistance to acid and electricity based on the base creature’s Hit Dice, see table below.
Damage Reduction (Ex): A pseudonatural creature gains damage reduction based on the base creature’s Hit Dice, see table below.

Hit Dice Acid, Electricity DR
4-7 5 5
8-11 10 5/magic
12+ 15 10/magic

Spell Resistance (Ex): The creature gain a SR of 10 + Base Creature’s HD (Maximum 25)
Alternate Form (Su): As a standard action, a pseudonatural creature can take the form of a grotesque, tentacled mass (or another appropriately gruesome form, as determined by the DM). Despite the alien appearance, its abilities remain unchanged. Other creatures receive a -1 morale penalty on their attack rolls against a pseudonatural creature when it is in this alternate form.
Abilities: Same as base creature but Intelligence is at least 3.

Alien Mind: The binder's mind is alien and does not work like that of a normal mortal. He is immune to Confusion, Insanity, and Weird spells. In addition, the binder receives a +1 bonus per four binder levels on saving throws against mind-affecting effects.

Bolts of Madness: The binder can fire a ray that dazes an opponent for 1d3 rounds. The binder must succeed on a ranged touch attack with a range of 100 feet + 10 feet per binder level. A successful Will save negates the effect. Once the binder has used this ability, he cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Summon Alien: The binder can summon any creature from the Summon Monster list that a sorcerer of his level could summon. Any creature the binder summons with this ability gains the pseudonatural template. Thus, at 10th level the binder could summon any creature from the summon monster I-V list. When the binder reaches14th level, he can summon any creature from the summon monster I-VII list. The binder can only summon creatures that can be affected by the pseudonatural template. Once the binder has used this ability, he cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Telepathy: The binder gains the telepathy ability with a range of 100 feet (as described on page 316 of the Monster Manual) and the Mindsight feat (as described on page 126 of Lords of Madness). Benefit: A creature that has this feat can detect and pinpoint beings that are not mindless (anything with an Intelligence score of 1 or higher) within range of its telepathy. This works much like blindsense - the creature knows what square each thinking being is in but it does not see the being and the being still has total concealment unless the creature can see it by some other means. The creature also perceives several observable characteristics about each being detected with mindsight, including the being's type and Intelligence score. The creature need not take any additional or special actions to gain this information; it is as obvious to mindsight as the being's race and clothing would be to eyesight.

Normal: Telepathy offers no special ability to sense other minds. The creature has to know that a being is there to communicate with it telepathically.

From Shub-niggurath:

Scavenging Gullet: The binder gains the Scavenging Gullet feat from Lords of Madness. This allows him to eat almost any organic material and gain nutrition and find any such 'foodstuff' quite palatable. In addition, he is immune to nonmagical ingested poisons and diseases.

Great Constitution: While bound to Shub-Niggurath, the binder gains a +4 bonus to his constitution and gains bonus hit points accordingly. These hit points are treated as normal hit points, not bonus hit points.

Lesser Call Dark Young: The binder can call upon the powers of the dark young of Shub-Niggurath. He can create the effect of an Evard's Black Tentacles spell, with the following changes: only one tentacle is summoned at a time and lasts for one round per two effective binder levels, for every round someone remains grappled he takes five points of cold damage and there is a 50% chance the creature will take 1 point of wisdom damage. The binder must wait five rounds after this power ends before using it again.

Foul Breath: As a standard action the binder can give off a breath of foul, green gas. This gas stinks of rotting meat and vegetation. The breath is a 30-foot cone of gas with two effects. All creatures caught in the area of the cone take 1d6 points of acid damage per two effective binder levels up to 5d6 at 10th level. Victims are allowed a Reflex save for half damage. All creatures with a constitution score that breathe must make a Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1d4+1 rounds. This power can be used once every five rounds. This does not count as a use of a natural breath weapon for creatures such as dragons that must wait after using their own breath weapons.

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