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Drazmorg the Damned

I'm Jo's page

364 posts. Alias of Galstak.

Full Name



Human (Cheliaxan)


Barbarian/Brutal Pugilist 2

HP: 24, AC: 16, Tch: 11, FF: 16 F: +5, R: +1, W: +0, Init: +5, Per: +6




7'5" 350lbs



Special Abilities

Fast Movement, Rage, Savage Grapple, Rage Power - Superstition






Westcrown, Cheliax





Strength 20
Dexterity 10
Constitution 15
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 12
Charisma 7

About I'm Jo

Feats: Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike

Traits: Westcrown Firebrand (+1 Init), Bullied (+1 on AOO w/Unarmed Strike)

Init: +5 (+1 for Firebrand Trait)
BAB: +2
Melee Attack: +7
Ranged Attack: +2

CMB: +7
CMD: 17

Hit Points: 24
Armor: Chain/Scalemail
A/C: 16 - - Max Dex Bonus is +3, Armor Check Penalty is -6
Weapon: MW Earth Breaker +8(2d6+7, x3); Unarmed Strike +7(1d3+5, x2)
Fort: +5 Will: +1 Reflex: 0

Rage Mods:
Rounds - 9
A/C - 14 - - Max Dex Bonus is +3, Armor Check Penalty is -6
Modified HP - 28
Modified to Hit - MW Earth Breaker +10(2d6+10, x3); Unarmed Strike +9(1d3+7, x2)

Fort: +7 Will: +3 Reflex: 0

Starting Money: 35gp (Jo has spent none of it)

Acrobatics -5
Escape Artist -4
Fly -5
Intimidate +3
Perception +6
Ride -5
Sense Motive +2
Stealth -5
Swim +0

MW Earth Breaker
Piece-meal Chain/Scale-mail
Necklace with goblin ears
Healing Potions (3)
Coin Sack - 20gp

Jo is a misfit. Jo is too big and too strong. Jo is not too smart. Jo has a good heart. But Jo is angry.

Jo did not have the best upbringing. He is the bastard son of a whore. He was born so big that his mother hemorrhaged and did not live more than a few hours past birth. Jo was handed off to an orphanage.

He required two wet nurses to satisfy his enormous appetite. He grew like the summer rushes of the Dhaenfens. By the time he was 3 he was nearly 4 foot tall and strong. He became the bully of the orphanage. If he wanted something, he usually got it.

When Jo was six, a low-life handiman named Jahat took note of his size and strength. He planned to make use of it for his own gain. He offered to adopt Jo and give him a home. Jo was happy. So was Jahat…

It was not long before Jahat had Jo in the fighting pits near his home on the edges of Parego Dospera. All kinds of fights took place in the pits from dogs and birds to kids and adults. Gambling was prolific and Jahat planned on making a killing. With papers proving his age, Jo was entered into fights against vastly inferior competition. He dominated.

Home life was not as good as life in the pit though. Jahat drank heavily and beat Jo regularly. Using whips and boards with embedded nails, Jahat took out his own aggression on Jo. He said it was a form of training. That he was “toughening” Jo up for the pits.

When Jahat was not whoring with the winnings Jo won for him, he was usually sleeping off a hard binge. Jo would take these opportunities to escape for a while. Jahat taught him nothing. He never even saw a book. He would wander the area near their home in search for knowledge. There was not much to be had though. The streets near the northern quarter were rough during the day and deadly at night. He favored the banks of the Westchannel. He liked looking at the different boats from all over Golarion. He also enjoyed the small riverside meadow and it’s wildlife of birds and insects.

In the pits he was undefeated. They cheered his name even at eight years old. Although he tried not to kill, opting for a yield from his opponents, he had taken several lives. Sometimes anger at his father and his situation was just too great and took over his sensibilities.

Then one day defeat came. A newcomer to the pits, a kid someone called a Shoanti Barbarian took all of 30 seconds to have him yielding. Jahat was incredulous. He beat Jo senseless that night, breaking his nose and fracturing is left forearm.

After the loss, no one cared about Jo. The new Shoanti was the new favorite. Jahat’s income was in real jeopardy. He decided to take matters into his own hands. A few months later Jahat requested a rematch against the Shoanti Champion. His request was granted.

Jahat ordered Jo to avoid getting hit the first round of the match. Between rounds Jahat slipped Jo a potion he acquired for this occasion. The potion contained an enlarge person spell. As the second round began the potion took effect and Jo began to grow. When Jo realized what was happening he began to resist the spell. With all his energy he fought the effects of the magic. Although his fight held some of the magic effects at bay it could stem them all. Jo grew to over 7 foot and nearly 300 pounds. Anger filled his head when he looked at his father and realized what was done; he attacked the Shoanti with new rage. The 9 year old barbarian did not stand a chance. Jahat laughed as the crowd booed and threw trash. Jahat’s underhanded maneuver had him banned from the pits.

Jahat had not realized that the potion he gave Jo was also imbued with a permanency spell. Jo would remain over seven foot and three hundred pounds forever. A nine year old in a 7’ body.

Banned from the pits Jahat found other uses for Jo. He hired him out for other work like moving things, construction, anything that require brute strength. Jo’s low intelligence did not lend him too well for most kind of work. He could not hold a job.

When Jo was fourteen, Jahat bought his way back into the Pits. This time Jo had to fight opponents his size. It was not easy but his incredible strength usually had him on the winning end even against men years older.

The next three years Jo continued to fight, improving in his prowess. He graduated from bare handed to weapon fighting. The last year he was undefeated favoring a huge hammer with metal spikes embedded in it. He swung the hammer with gusto and loved to hear the crack of bones.

Still he was angry. There was something wrong in this world. The city he lived in was cowed from its oppressive government. Life was hard and frightening. It was not fair. When the time was right he would try to make a difference in the city. If he had to smash every lowlife to do it he would. This is the Westcrown Firebrand Trait.

One night, he returned from one of his regular wanderings into the southern quarters to find Jahat dead. He was murdered in his own house. It did not really surprise Jo as Jahat was a bad man. He held no love for him and felt relief that he was gone. What to do now? Jahat’s stash of gold was gone. All he had was his hammer and piece meal armor. He tired of the pits and actually feared it without Jahat’s guidance.

He decided to seek out an acquaintance he had met recently. He was not sure if the guy was on the level or not. Right now he needed money to survive and hopefully this guy could help.

Note – If this acquaintance happens to be another member of the party – a rogue type then so be it. It will be harder to fit the likes of Jo into a happenstance party. I am willing to work in that Jo is the muscle for any other character.

Jo is huge. 7’6” and over 300 lbs. He is barrel-chested and muscular. He does not have a lot in the way of clothing and much of it does not fit well. Jahat shaved his hair shaved for the pits so Jo tends to keep it that way when he finds time to shave. He has several scars all over his body from his time in the Pits and the beatings of his father. Basically he is a big ugly mountain of a man making his Charisma nonexistent.

Jo has no religion yet. He was kept that way by his father. He believes in Gods but none have ever shown favor on him so he will not on them.

Jo has very little intelligence as he was kept in the dark for all of his life. He has street wisdom from the trials of life. Life away from the northern quarter will be full of wonderment for Jo.

Jo is Chaotic Good. He is good at heart and wants to help people out of trouble but his lack of social grace, understanding of society, and temper make his actions unpredictable.

Starting Money:
I am opting for Monk’s starting money as this fits Jo’s background. He has some items by default such as his hammer and armor. The rest of the money he will just “have”.

By the way he was raised Jo is a Barbarian. His background was written for the Barbarian class with the internal rage and such. But if you will not allow it we can just make Jo a fighter. The Character as built is Barbarian class.

Jo’s Role:
Jo wants to help the city and the world. But he needs help doing it. Someone needs to point him in the right direction and say go that way. He knows nothing of demons or gods. He knows how to fight and will most likely be a thorn in the side of the party at times due to his low intelligence and Charisma. But he will be a boon in the front lines. I know this is difficult and will be a challenging role playing a really stupid character but you did say “Have Fun.” Trust me – Jo will be fun swinging his giant hammer when he is not staring at the pretty butterflies.

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