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I'm Demon-Focker's page

2 posts. Alias of Dudeacles.

Full Name












Special Abilities





Common, Abysmal

About I'm Demon-Focker

Demon unwittingly saved the life of a Pathfinder while collecting fresh Orc Skulls.

The Pathfinder introduced him to members of the Grand Lodge where he was welcomed, though his savage look and crazed demeanor took some aback.

But "He may be one nasty son of a hellspawn.., but he's our nasty hellspawn!"
was the saying that followed him through the society.

He seems to respect his friends, but lays waste to enemies as if they were arts-and crafts projects... Innards are splattered to the left and right.

Heads are shrunken, and worn from his belt, and he seems to also enjoy licking the blood off his sword.

He's a savage psychopath. Your friend and mine :D

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