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IllusiveViper's page

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Is Pack Flanking supposed to be available for animal companions or is it only supposed to be usable with class features?

Unless there's a way for animal companions to get their own animal companions that I don't know about


If the players return the real stone, but killed the the lich, would they qualify for either boon? Feeling like no, but hate denying them based on what they wanted to do.

As a telekineticist using Kinetic Blade, you may transfer the power to an object held in your hands. If this object happens to be a monk weapon, does it retain it's monk property? If so, does that mean you can flurry with it?

Right, in the monk and UC monk's case, these lists are modified at certain levels so at level 10 you would have an expanded list to select from

From how i'm reading the retraining rules, the feat has to be chosen from the pool of feats that the feature granting the feat gives access to regardless of the level you currently are. So I guess the real question is more the question of are the additional feat options added to the pool even though you would never normally gain access to them.

If you were to play a UC monk of the mantis to level 10, would you be able to retrain your 1st lvl bonus feat to something like medusa's wrath or snatch arrows?

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