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Icyshadow's page

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I am sorry to hear of what happened Rosita. I hope you find closure sooner than later.

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Evening shift today, evening shift tomorrow.

At least it's a nice change of pace compared to the morning shifts.

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Disgaea style campaign to level up and become Overlords.

I actually was once in one game like that, it was a modified 3.5e run.

And I have to say it was easily the most fun time I've ever had playing a TTRPG.

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I allowed a player character in my Kingmaker campaign to become a Lich and keep his Lawful Neutral alignment.

Unless I remember incorrectly, at least one Pathfinder book mentioned a non-Evil Lich living in one of the Outer Planes.

And no, letting him become a Lich did NOT destroy the campaign, even if one or two encounters became a tad easier for the party.

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Wait, I've given the leaders of the Fey trouble in both Pathfinder and in GURPS now. I wonder if it'll happen in a third game system as well.

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Very long GURPS campaign with some US friends got finished today.

I kind of want to do a recap series of that too, but I need to plan that ahead.

Also, just for a taste of the epilogue, we survived a potential TPK with clever moves and a bit of luck.

Our group managed to change the world (for both better and worse), and my character technically became a demigod.

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...oh joy, the bed bugs at my parents' apartment block survived the first extermination attempt.

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Considering how Nergal and Ereshkigal met, I can't help but find the former to be a bit of a carefree type with other deities. He didn't bother with proper etiquette to begin with, and that's what led to them getting together. XD

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I've grown rather fond of Nergal from Mesopotamian mythology. Could very well see him as Chaotic Neutral rather than Chaotic Evil, despite his sinister titles and epithets.

Then again, I have a gripe with most Ancient Mesopotamian myth figures just being Evil in D&D / Pathfinder in general, more so when they were not so in the actual source materials.

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Anunnaki ? Color me interested...

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Heck, in my own setting the deity of death is Lawful Neutral, in the harsh but fair kind of way. The deity of undeath is Neutral Evil, but that does NOT mean all Undead are Evil.

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Since I was asked to give the recaps for other campaigns I've had, I took the time to gather up a list of them.

- First Generation Cyber GURPS

- Cyberbikers (Sequel to First Generation)

- Space GURPS Saga*

- The Wuxia GURPS

- World of Mustard (Classic Dark Fantasy)

- World of Mawiois (Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy)

* = Spans Multiple Campaigns

They're all GURPS campaigns, and quite fun indeed. Let me know which one you guys want me to recap first, so I can get some kind of order to these.

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I've seen better days. Writing is more or less stuck, I am still down with a flu (worried my boss will make mention of my week-long sick leave), family situation is still basically one step away from open war (and I suspect I will be dragged into it), and I managed to make a fool of myself to a friend, who doesn't trust me anymore. I might be able to make amends with my friend (he hasn't cut me off yet), the flu will pass eventually, but I don't know how the war between my dad and the rest of my family will turn out. And I need to get to writing now that I have the time and energy for it.

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I kind of want to give recaps for the previous GURPS games we've had with my group thus far, but I feel like I should focus on Pathfinder. XD

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How well-acquainted are you with non-Norse mythology? Celtic, Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

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Recap of the second session for Carrion Crown is here!

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Last session was yesterday, and thanks to sick leave (I caught a flu or something similar last evening it seems), I can give you folks a recap.

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 2:
After doing their research and gathering some equipment to combat the ghosts of Harrowstone from the false crypt, the four adventurers decided to make their way towards the haunted prison itself, only to run into Gibs Hephenus as he tried (and failed) to sneak past them and smear more blood on the memorial. Noticing the bloodied razor in his hand, they question him only to get the voice of the Splatter Man responding to them.

The possessed and cranky farmer lunged at Dampé as he stood closest to him. His razor dealt a nasty cut to the dhampir's face, and the four soon started to pummel Gibs with non-lethal damage, though Maeve shot him in the knee with an arrow. Dampé then lifted his scythe, smacking Gibs with the blunt end of it. He rolled a critical hit that dealt enough damage to leave Gibs one HP away from actually dying outright. Celeste quickly casted Stabilize on him while Malthazar called for the sheriff, who proceeded to take Gibs away.

After a quick break to recover, the four began to make their way towards Harrowstone. Before they could pass through the doors to the courtyard, a group of six skeletons approached them, haunted by the spirits of the prison's guards. Two of them were clad in armor and armed with swords, their bodies partially in flames. The ensuing battle was catastrophic, as both sides rolled a critical fail multiple times. Just for laughs, we used the GURPS critical fail table (I had the GURPS GM Screen up instead of the usual D&D one) which led to a rather hilarious kill.

Malthazar swung his quarterstaff, which flew off his hands. While that was a result of a critical fail, the staff then hit one of the flaming skeletons and critically hit it, turning the unlucky roll into a lucky one unintentionally. The group got a good laugh as Malthazar stated bluntly "I meant to do that!" before fetching his staff. Dampé took a few heavy hits and Maeve got a cut, but they managed to put the skeletons to rest. One of them managed to say "No, the warden is already..." before falling apart, leaving its sword behind.

The four carefully approached the prison complex itself, running into a few haunts on the way to the first floor (and attempting to gain a bit more information with the Spirit Planchette by using it at the warden's house) and giving the second floor a quick glance before they began searching for the ghost of Vesorianna. After dodging some animated manacles and the branding iron haunt, they walk into the workshop to find Vesorianna's ghost, who seemed surprised that they knew her name and proceeded to explain her predicament as well as tell them how she could help in defeating the unruly ghosts haunting Harrowstone.

However, before the four heroes could set out to search for the items that belonged to the five prisoners, they realized they had not prepared as well for the ordeal as they had thought. The session ended with the player characters planning to return to Ravengro before getting back to work on the prison.

Next session is planned on next week's saturday, unless I recall incorrectly. I am looking forward to how things will develop from here. Harrowstone is a surprisingly large area.

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Second Carrion Crown session on Sunday. I am excited!

My novel is still going forward as slow as a slug, but I won't give up.

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Arakhor wrote:

Much of Loki's bad rap comes from the Christianisation of the old Norse sagas, which were still mostly stored in oral form I believe. By the time they were written down, they'd mutated to have a much more clear enemy, with Loki as the revealed Satanic figure.

After all, after Ragnarok, Baldr is released from Niflheim (the god of light comes from the dead?) and the last two humans alive are named Ask and Embla.

I wonder how much Christianity had altered the character of Hel. She's always been an intriguing one due to that dual depiction thing she had going on.

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There's just one flaw in your argument, 137ben.

Those cultural heroes you're referring to? THEY ARE GOOD by the standards of the cultures they came from.

Why should they abide by modern standards, which our player characters are part of? That is, assuming the DM runs the game that way.

If you went to an ancient Sumerian / Babylonian / Mesopotamian and told that person that Gilgamesh is a villain or anti-hero, you'd be mocked at best or beaten up at worst.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:
I am vehemently against that idea. The dissolution of open discourse is a horrible idea.
Would you notice? It doesn't seem like it would impact on anyone any more than just ignoring a poster (as we can do now). Or is it more a matter of principle?

For me, it's a bit of both.

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How big is the dragon's ego? If it's incredibly proud of itself, that can be used to gain an advantage against it.

Dang it, RDM managed to ninja me regarding that. But yes, if the dragon is an arrogant one, then it might fall due to underestimating the party.

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Cheers for that!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I dislike Pathfinder, but like parts of it.

Games I prefer over PF are mainly D&D 3.5e and GURPS.

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I don't think that this kind of adventure can be run with Pathfinder, considering the way levels work.

Pathfinder / D&D characters are far more powerful than Call of Cthulhu ones, so the fear is harder to bring out.

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Related to my earlier post, I find it ironic that my mother is less judgmental about who I am, but is also a homophobe and mildly racist.

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Welcome aboard, Aniuś !

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Kthulhu wrote:
Blazej wrote:

So options for them are either evil or incompetent. Even in the best possible light those are the only options available to describe them.

It brings to mind similar banter about WotC working on 4th edition. Then for Paizo working on Pathfinder RPG. Then again on WotC working on 5th edition. Why should I care about defending Paizo from you if I had long since found it pointless defending WotC from others? Is this alright because you villainization is right and theirs was wrong?

I have a friend who can say nothing good about WotC no matter how I tried to convince him and eventually, I just have to give up even though he is a friend. What do I say to a stranger in defense of a company that they just don't like?

Like I said, I TRIED to come up with other options, but I'm just not seeing any. I don't WANT to think of Paizo as either evil or incompetent. I'd love it if they were so good that Pathfinder was, at the very least, among my most favorite RPGs, instead of one that keeps slipping further down the list.

I want to like Paizo. And hell, in terms of adventures and customer service, I do. The rules design, however, is making me like even the adventures less.

If I didn't want to like them, I probably wouldn't be as vocal in my criticism. I'd just say "Eh, Paizo sucks anyway" and move on to a game that doesn't seem intent on sabotaging itself.

Same here. As much as I give negative feedback, I really WANTED to like Paizo, and still kind of do.

I also find it mildly amusing that I'm agreeing with Kthulhu on things, considering how some past discussions had gone. XD

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Apologies in advance, this is going to be a big one. The recent few days have made me realize just how frustrating the combination of things fate has tossed my way feel. My father is a staunch traditionalist and a mildly chauvinistic jerk who thinks a "real man" is a boisterous, woman-charming jerk. He also is at least to some degree religious. I'm an asexual agnostic, and neither of those facts even compute in his mind, which made my high school days rather miserable. I felt like I was worthless due to not meeting those standards, but I also dismissed them as stupid but wasn't given the chance to voice that complaint out.

Sorry about venting it here, but I feel like I needed some place where I'd be heard, where I feel I'd belong.

But perhaps that's why I tend to take exception when the topic slips off to the "free speech" thing. I still think that nearly everyone (there are exceptions) deserves to have their voice heard, even if their opinion is an unpopular one.

Oh, but I'm not done. There are so many superstitions and assumptions about Jewish people too that it's laughable. Especially ones related to the genitals. So not only am I "broken" in society's view at large (at least Finnish society), but from my Jewish roots I'm "broken" for not having the drive to go and find a woman to marry. It's just an utter mess, and I'm not surprised that I'm constantly on edge when I think about it for a moment. It REALLY doesn't help that a lot of times I bring it up someone either says "guilt complex" or "Jewish card" as if it was as bad as invoking Godwin's Law, if not even worse, to point out oppression of the Jewish. Dismissal laced with mockery is the worst kind of silencing, so far as I am concerned.

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One of my two groups has dropped Pathfinder in favor of GURPS, a system I highly recommend to people here.

The other one is going to be playing through Carrion Crown before we switch back to good old D&D 3.5e for at least one future campaign.

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I have been skeptical about Pathfinder for a long time, and I am sure I've made that clear before. The recent direction only makes me wanna go back to 3.5e that much harder.

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The tone of a text can be harder to read than the tone of a voice.

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I've played 3.5e and Pathfinder for quite a while, and come to the conclusion that you can't nerf casters without snapping the game in half.

Thus far the only real solution I've seen is buffing the melee classes, but there are so many opposed to the idea that it just probably won't ever happen.

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Casual Viking wrote:
Right from the get-go, Pathfinder has been written by veteran players eyeing a solid business case and the opportunity for self-realization. Not only are the Paizo writers not great game theorists, they have repeatedly and consistently shown on this very forum that they are ardently opposed to all forms of theoretical analysis. They write some good Tier 3/4 classes and some engaging characters, but there is no Richard Garfield or Uwe Rosenberg at Paizo.

I'm getting flashbacks to the Pathfinder playtest threads...

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Exactly why the "you can just houserule it" argument is a fallacy.

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I think the race age tables in pre-nerf ARG are a carry-over from 3.5e D&D, but just happen to clash with the established canon of Golarion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I forgot the name of the fallacy you are invoking...

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I don't play PFS, but those who do have my condolences.

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I still use the pre-errata table, because I ignore most errata. They're usually stealth nerfs or nonsensical anyway.

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When freedom of speech as an ideal is threatened and when a debate is turned into an echo chamber, a conversation might have to put "basic consideration" aside.

You are free to disagree with me on that, but I am quite sure both your posts and mine (or just mine) will be flagged and removed some time before this thread gets locked or something. I've seen many a sensible conversation around these forums get taken down simply because some staff member and a few people didn't agree with a person's opinion or mistook it for discrimination or something. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and has a right to express it, with some exceptions. I am not in a majority in many ways (I am neither cis nor white for one), yet I do not demand people approach me like they were approaching a mine field when talking with me, neither here nor in other places.

Also, are you trying to speak on behalf of all trans and other minority people by yourself, Ambrosia? It's unwise to try and do that, since I am quite sure there are people in those groups that disagree with you as well. I am just one of them.

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I blame Cosmo for me not losing any weight!

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Paycheck get! Now to take care of some bills and debts...

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For those who didn't check the preparation thread, here are the player characters.

- Maeve Oakwind, Elf Ranger. Lawful Neutral.

- Celeste of Jalmeray, Aasimar (Normal) Cleric of Irori. Lawful Good.

- Malthazar Therahel, Aasimar (Archon-Blooded) Zen Archer. Lawful Good.

- Dampérenovich, Dhampir (Moroi-Born / Svetocher) Kinslayer Inquisitor of Pharasma. True Neutral.

Players Not Allowed:
Maeve Oakwind has not revealed that she is in fact not a normal elf, but is actually a lythari, which is basically a non-evil elven lycanthrope that can shift between humanoid and wolf form but has no actual werewolf form. The race is originally from the Forgotten Realms D&D campaign setting, but I decided to let the player try one out since she wanted to and it didn't seem too far-fetched a thing to find in Ustalav. The only one that currently knows about this is Kendra Lorrimor, and even she doesn't know all the details. Professor Petros did, but he's kinda dead. Maeve's nature as a lycanthrope might come up in Broken Moon, if not earlier in the campaign.

And on a side-note...

Maeve and Dampé have no plans to multi-class or take Prestige Classes.

Celeste plans to take levels in Monk and Paladin so she can become a Champion of Irori.

Malthazar aims to take a level or two of Sorcerer (Archetypes possible) and become an Arcane Archer.

Lastly, the tiefling priestess of Pharasma, Sotiria Spiros, was meant to be a DMPC back when we only had three players for the campaign. Once the fourth joined, she was changed to an NPC.

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I made a separate thread, but might toss in updates of some kind here too.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I was not sure where to place a session recap, but I recently started a Carrion Crown campaign with myself as DM. I had a preparation thread for it here.

And now, the recap itself!

Haunting of Harrowstone:
Our tale begins as the four player characters, all either friends or at least acquaintances of Petros Lorrimor, arrive at Ravengro in the evening to attend to his funeral. While getting ready to bring the professor's coffin to its proper place, the four were asked if they wished to help carry him. All but one (Maeve) volunteered as pallbearers, carrying the coffin until the group runs into a bunch of rowdy locals telling them not to bury "that necromancer bastard" in the graveyard. Celeste managed to solve the issue peacefully, appealing to sense and respect for the deceased with a Diplomacy check. Gibs Hephenus, the ringleader of the bunch, was confused as the crowd dispersed, but reluctantly left the scene as well.

Father Grimburrow and his gravediggers buried the dead professor, while a tiefling priestess named Sotiria gave the last rites to the man before stepping aside and letting the people in attendance give a speech. The four saw a man in fine clothes give a speech, respectfully referring to professor Lorrimor as a good man and an even better teacher, informing the group that he must depart to attend to something right after. Kendra holds a speech of her own, and then explains that the man they saw was Adivion Adrissant, a nobleman and wizard who was a student of Petros back in the day. She seemed as confused about his presence and sudden leave as they were, but then invited the four over to read the professor's will.

While waiting for Councilman Vashian Hearthmount to arrive, the player characters had some food and drinks while introducing themselves to each other. Dampérenovich insisted that he simply be referred to as Dampé due to the length of his name, but Malthazar remarked that if they learn his name well enough, he shouldn't worry about needing to have it shortened every time. As the councilman arrived, he found himself bemused by the fact that all four of these guests were clearly not human, but then proceeded to read the will, letting the four pick up the key while he kept reading. After finishing the job, he bows and takes his leave. Kendra then brings the chest that the key goes to to the table, letting the four check its contents.

They open the chest to look through its contents, with Malthazar picking up the professor's journal and reading the circled entries. Funny enough, Lorrimor's handwriting caused people to take turns reading the journal, with Celeste and Dampé taking turns while Maeve glanced through the other books, putting them away in disgust once they realized the contents of the dark tomes. After they had checked through them all, Kendra decided to call it a night, as she had run out of steam by that part. Maeve did the same, and the other three soon followed after trying to do some research concerning the Whispering Way.

Once dawn arrived, the four wasted no time and quickly went to do some more research on Harrowstone, the Whispering Way, and the Five Prisoners, making good use of the Temple of Pharasma as well as the Town Hall, both of which they got to with a bit of luck and rolls. Not only did they get the last bits of info they were looking for, but they also discovered the name of Warden Hawkran's wife Vesorianna, which coincided with the mentions of a bloody smear in the shape of a "V" letter marking the local stone monument to the guards of Harrowstone. They then proceeded to fetch the items from the False Crypt, having received permit from the clergy of Pharasma. While one of the giant centipedes managed to surprise Maeve, nobody was seriously harmed in the encounter. As evening began to set in though, strange things have begun to occur, a song about murder related to the five prisoners echoed in the wind, and many have noted that the air around Ravengro feels strange.

At the end of the session, the four inheritors of the professor's will had found a locket that belonged to Vesorianna herself, and decided that they will try and find who's behind the blood ritual (since they realized it seems oddly similar to the Splatter Man's method of killing and Vesorianna's the only person who's name starts with a "V" associated with Harrowstone), as well as perhaps preparing for the trip to Harrowstone itself.

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First session of Carrion Crown was today. I will recap when I can.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe try making your own brand of "vision" they have, kind of in the middle ground between Blindsense and Blindsight?

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