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Icyshadow's page

7,175 posts (7,605 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 aliases.

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I made a separate thread, but might toss in updates of some kind here too.

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I was not sure where to place a session recap, but I recently started a Carrion Crown campaign with myself as DM. I had a preparation thread for it here.

And now, the recap itself!

Haunting of Harrowstone:
Our tale begins as the four player characters, all either friends or at least acquaintances of Petros Lorrimor, arrive at Ravengro in the evening to attend to his funeral. While getting ready to bring the professor's coffin to its proper place, the four were asked if they wished to help carry him. All but one (Maeve) volunteered as pallbearers, carrying the coffin until the group runs into a bunch of rowdy locals telling them not to bury "that necromancer bastard" in the graveyard. Celeste managed to solve the issue peacefully, appealing to sense and respect for the deceased with a Diplomacy check. Gibs Hephenus, the ringleader of the bunch, was confused as the crowd dispersed, but reluctantly left the scene as well.

Father Grimburrow and his gravediggers buried the dead professor, while a tiefling priestess named Sotiria gave the last rites to the man before stepping aside and letting the people in attendance give a speech. The four saw a man in fine clothes give a speech, respectfully referring to professor Lorrimor as a good man and an even better teacher, informing the group that he must depart to attend to something right after. Kendra holds a speech of her own, and then explains that the man they saw was Adivion Adrissant, a nobleman and wizard who was a student of Petros back in the day. She seemed as confused about his presence and sudden leave as they were, but then invited the four over to read the professor's will.

While waiting for Councilman Vashian Hearthmount to arrive, the player characters had some food and drinks while introducing themselves to each other. Dampérenovich insisted that he simply be referred to as Dampé due to the length of his name, but Malthazar remarked that if they learn his name well enough, he shouldn't worry about needing to have it shortened every time. As the councilman arrived, he found himself bemused by the fact that all four of these guests were clearly not human, but then proceeded to read the will, letting the four pick up the key while he kept reading. After finishing the job, he bows and takes his leave. Kendra then brings the chest that the key goes to to the table, letting the four check its contents.

They open the chest to look through its contents, with Malthazar picking up the professor's journal and reading the circled entries. Funny enough, Lorrimor's handwriting caused people to take turns reading the journal, with Celeste and Dampé taking turns while Maeve glanced through the other books, putting them away in disgust once they realized the contents of the dark tomes. After they had checked through them all, Kendra decided to call it a night, as she had run out of steam by that part. Maeve did the same, and the other three soon followed after trying to do some research concerning the Whispering Way.

Once dawn arrived, the four wasted no time and quickly went to do some more research on Harrowstone, the Whispering Way, and the Five Prisoners, making good use of the Temple of Pharasma as well as the Town Hall, both of which they got to with a bit of luck and rolls. Not only did they get the last bits of info they were looking for, but they also discovered the name of Warden Hawkran's wife Vesorianna, which coincided with the mentions of a bloody smear in the shape of a "V" letter marking the local stone monument to the guards of Harrowstone. They then proceeded to fetch the items from the False Crypt, having received permit from the clergy of Pharasma. While one of the giant centipedes managed to surprise Maeve, nobody was seriously harmed in the encounter. As evening began to set in though, strange things have begun to occur, a song about murder related to the five prisoners echoed in the wind, and many have noted that the air around Ravengro feels strange.

At the end of the session, the four inheritors of the professor's will had found a locket that belonged to Vesorianna herself, and decided that they will try and find who's behind the blood ritual (since they realized it seems oddly similar to the Splatter Man's method of killing and Vesorianna's the only person who's name starts with a "V" associated with Harrowstone), as well as perhaps preparing for the trip to Harrowstone itself.

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First session of Carrion Crown was today. I will recap when I can.

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Maybe try making your own brand of "vision" they have, kind of in the middle ground between Blindsense and Blindsight?

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Totes McScrotes wrote:
Mr. Bubbles wrote:

Pathfinder straight up has a Misogyny Demon Lord and Misogyny Devils. For a setting that's supposedly super gender-neutral you have a lot of stuff associating men with domination, violence and oppression, especially towards women.

I definitely agree, but I'd say that's balanced by Calistria's inclination to scheming and petty revenge, and Gyronna's outright psychopathy.

I wonder, now. Would there be a statistical adjustment for a female character being late-term pregnant?

Zhangar wrote:
The general vibe on Golarion is that a society that actively discriminates against its members, for whatever reason, often has something deeply wrong with it.

Which is so we, in the 21st century, know who the good and bad guys are. Andoran = America (F**K YEAH), Cheliax = devil-worshiping Nazis whose national anthem may as well be "We're The Bad Guys."

There's a time and place for moral complexity and shades of gray as well. Maybe for all the Eagle Knights' bluster, Andoran could be hypocritical or even backwards in some ways, favoring some groups over others unfairly. Maybe Cheliax could have some kind of legislation preventing truly horrendous mistreatment of slaves, or could be helping out against the Worldwound in a "lesser of two evils" kind of way. It's doubtful this will make it into canon either way, but it's a possibility for DMs to run individually. And again, time and place, sometimes just plain old good guys vs. bad guys gets the job done where ambiguity would slow everything down, not everyone prefers Game of Thrones over LoTR or Harry Potter.

I really have no idea what point I was making originally, but all in all it's the brass at Paizo's decision what makes the cut for canon storylines, and individual DMs' discretion how to play that out (and personal responsibility not to start going Draco In Leather Pants/Ron The Death Eater to the point where the story stops engaging the players)

Falcon's Hollow said hello...

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Wasn't this thread supposed to be about trans men, though?

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Nice job reinforcing the stereotypes...

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I'm tired of being DM for D&D / Pathfinder on both tables I frequent. Kinda wish someone else was DM for once so I can play one of my many characters.

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No offense taken. They tried to make a lot of creatures to be playable, but the base "playing a monster" rules in 3.5e were rather broken, to be honest.

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Question for Blackbloodtroll:
Would you backstab your party in a horrific way, too?

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Woah, the GURPS session today was intense...

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I had a meeting with a potential new member for my second Pathfinder group.

She seemed fine with the other players, so now I have a party for whom I can run Carrion Crown!

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Hama wrote:
Icyshadow wrote:
Hama wrote:
Like I said, if you want suicidal depression, either watch Bokurano or Evangelion.
Be warned, the latter is rather melodramatic as well.
Yep, but the Bokurano kicked me right in the teeth. I was beside myself for a few days.

Good thing I learned to freeze my heart when it comes to shows like that after reading the Elfen Lied manga unprepared.

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Okay, my birthday was a tad uneventful but not bad at all.

I got some money as a gift from my parents, and a chocolate cake I love.

Something tells me I will have a few belated gifts sent my way in the near future too.

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Yay for birthday!

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I just find it funny that the material cost can be bypassed with Eschew Materials...

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By the rules, there is no concrete effect when you cast a Good spell or an Evil one. The only reason those labels (along with Lawful and Chaotic) exist on spells by RAW is to limit the repertoire of Clerics and Inquisitors (and other classes with alignment restrictions), who are not allowed to cast spells of opposing alignment. There really isn't much more to it in the Core Rulebook. And unless someone can provide me with proof to the contrary, I will stick with my stance on this, since it is supported by the rules in the actual book.

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You might want to warn the person doing this in advance if you suddenly decide to add negative effects. Surprise punishments aren't exactly a nice thing to pull off on one's players.

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Two days till my birthday, and I feel tired.

Anyway, since I have some spare time on hand, I will go ahead and give that recap I had under way.

So, where we last left off, the heroes had been granted titles and a guildhouse of their own after helping rescue the crown prince of Elefris as well as finding the artifact that had been stolen from the church of Metrean.

However, the great city of Valche was still in need of heroes. The church of Zarus had sworn revenge against the locals for going against the deity's teachings and may be plotting a rebellion, a red dragon named Savrinox has awakened and has his eyes set on the city, and assassins have been targeting the local nobility as of late. Naming their guild the Firestarters (due to their favourite tactic to dealing with threats), they set off to investigate the threats.

After some investigations (and fights against undead), they find out that the assassins are being led by some noble named Lord Talador, who turns out to be a vampire. Meanwhile, the dragon Savrinox demanded the city hand over riches and maidens within three days of time, to which the heroes planned accordingly. Eventually, the vampire was dealt with, but he managed to bite Seo Yoon, who unfortunately became a vampire as well. This set her off the deep end, which is worrisome.

The heroes then went to fight Savrinox, which almost ended up a TPK but the plans of the heroes paid off, and the dragon was slain.

Now, the problem is that aside from Sage and Heglash, everyone in the group has turned Evil. The heroes of today seem to be turning into the villains of tomorrow.

Apologies for losing pace near the end, I am really tired and I don't even recall which details were worthy of noting.

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Went to see Mad Max: Fury Road. It was pretty damn good.

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Leg o' Lamb wrote:
I wonder if this King wore yellow robes and a mask that was not a mask.

...or then it was a guy who has a thousand more masks.

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I disagree with one of Zhangar's statements concerning Rise of the Runelords...

...because I can see Nualia being redeemed by a party that works hard enough on doing so.

That said, I agree with most of the others, but things don't always go exactly by the book in every gaming table.

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I blame Cosmo for the fall of my Paladin !

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As much as I am fond of the Cu Chulainn example that Kirth Gersen provided earlier, I think it doesn't help as much as it could here.

Why? Because the Celtic hero being spoken of was a demigod. The breaks from reality only become acceptable because he has a supernatural element to him despite his Fighter levels, so to speak.

It isn't really a viable solution to slap on a magical template to every melee class. That is (correct me if I am wrong on this) the general consensus when it comes to possible fixing of classes like the Fighter.

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Drow worship Lamashtu as well as the other demon lords, right?

For all we know, that crazy demon goddess has blessed them with fertility...

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I do not mind DMPCs at all, so long as they are used well.

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You raise a fair point.

And a Sargon of Akkad style Dwarf sounds awesome.

Not exactly Assyrian, but still a very badass Mesopotamian.

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Vikings without ships and raiding are like dwarves without beards. Something of a paradox.

Scottish? Yes. Angry? Yes. Short? Depends on who you ask from. Boring? Not if they are played right.

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The iconics tend to pull off stuff beyond their level quite often.

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Bandw2 wrote:
I still enjoy the idea of a sentient maze creeping across the land.

Reminds me of an old D&D module that featured mimics (normal ones and some larger than average ones as well) disguised as an abandoned village.

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Doomed Hero wrote:
Castilonium wrote:
Every single time I see this topic online or in real life, people give themselves very high int, moderately high cha, and low wis. Glancing at this thread, the trend continues.

I was going to say the exact same thing.

This whole thread is like a case study in why it is a bad idea to do "play with yourself" campaigns.

How lewd...

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p-sto wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
If the drow were extinct, then the game would lose one of its most interesting and iconic villains. Therefore, they are not extinct.
I'll grant you that they're iconic but if you don't mind me asking from a designer's perspective what makes them interesting. Granted that I haven't read all the way through Second Darkness but from what I've seen in Pathfinder scenarios the Drow are a more or less homogeneous violent society that as villains are nearly interchangeable with Derro or Duergar.

I actually wish people did more with the Duergar. All I get from most campaign setting books comes down to just a quick glance at them that boils down to "Dwarves but angrier and with more magic" before moving on to the Drow. There's so much one could build on with them, it's annoying how they are just thrown away like that. Even the Deep Gnomes got more love! But hey, at least one can build them up in an interesting way in homebrew settings. Better than nothing, I guess.

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Ahh, 12 more days till my birthday. Kind of exciting!

Sleep schedule's a mild mess, but I got my newest blog entry done.

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You always say "yes" if someone asks about the Paladin falling.

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I got the results of my University entry exam today.

No studies for me this year. I passed, but didn't score high enough.

Sure, I feel a bit down, but there are things to look forward to, like my birthday on July 14th.

Besides, I don't need a University level degree or diploma to publish books, so it's a minor setback.

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I am glad I will finally be rid of money troubles for a while starting next week.

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I told myself I'd get past page 12 this week.

And damn it, I need to start working on the next blog entry!

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Woah, a slight adjustment in work schedules mixed my head up pretty badly...

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Hama wrote:
There is brutal and then there is sadistic.

I try my best to keep things going on a pace the players are good with.

That calls for occasional brutality. Sadistic glee would distract me from being a fair DM.

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Also, I would not be surprised if Microsoft buying Skype means it won't be free anymore.

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I got careless yesterday in the morning and sliced my index finger open.

Let's just say that I'm going to make sure I am properly awake next time I try slicing bread.

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I really need to get to those recaps for my campaign.

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If they choose to do so, why should we oppose their own choice?

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Demisexual? Pardon but that's a new one for me.

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Vacation's over. Could have used my time better, but at least I didn't slack off throughout.

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Good news and bad news.

Good news is that he's alive.

Bad news is that he's got no money for rent.

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Alright, last day of work before two week long vacation.

I really should get myself motivated on writing my novel alongside my studies, since it's been stuck on page 12 for a long time...

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