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Icyshadow's page

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Choon wrote:

This thread can never die. It's like a fine wine. After an energetic and fast paced beginning we are now entering the stage where everyone sits back, savors, and adds meaningful comments or support as necessary while enjoying the palpable feeling of lethargy.

Then, invariably, someone does something particularly stimulating and the cycle begins again.

Well said indeed.

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I blame Cosmo for my roommate's antics.

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Samsaran and Changeling.

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I'm starting to lose my patience with my roommate's spending. He owes me quite a sum of money, and now told me he doesn't have enough to pay his half of the rent. So, I'm planning on issuing him an ultimatum. Start saving up your damned cash (and learn some impulse control) or I'll have to take drastic action. I do not know what this entails just yet, but either I kick him out or I move into a new apartment, leaving him to deal with his own mess.

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And I thought I was the only killjoy around here...

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I try to be this way whenever it works to make the game more fun for everyone at my table.

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Poldaran wrote:
Splode wrote:


Gods don't have to like everyone.
So what you're saying is that slapping Pharasma's backside as you get resurrected may be a bad idea even if it's totally in character?
Totally worth it

In the unlikely event that I meet an untimely demise, I will certainly make sure that I get the chance to do that before I return to the realm of the living.

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Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Actually, Cthulhu requires that you use his treasure. He took Craft Wondrous Items. Presumably he's making something with that.

Making the assumption that an Eldritch Abomination thinks like a human. Lovecraft is rolling in his grave.

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Orthos wrote:
Set sums up my opinions on the subject and the way my games are run pretty much 100%. As usual.

While I did already comment here, I am seconding this.

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20 Wizard / 20 Paladin.

Just to wreck a lot of people's days, especially if they are evil.

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Wait, it's actually possible to make a non-caster capable of defeating Cthulhu? The end times have come!

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For me, it's a Sunday monster!

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I need to move next week, but I don't want to...

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Kthulhu wrote:
What this thread really proves is that a player can beat anything if his GM is spineless enough.

It takes a lot of guts to put Cthulhu on the table if you ask me.

And really, a GM who absolutely refuses to let the players beat the precious Lovecraft monster is a cheater.

So yeah, I'd much rather have a "spineless" GM than a control freak who wants to derail the PCs to their demise instead of playing fair.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Two assumptions people missed:

- Cthulhu's trapped on Earth, not on Golarion. It says so canonically. How did he just suddenly get out of R'lyeh and into Golarion?

- Does the DM want you to have a chance at winning, or does he think the party is up for a Call of Cthulhu style ending for the player characters?

Judging from some of the responses here, actually defeating Cthulhu is badwrongfun and anyone (DM or player) suggesting that such is allowed should be kicked out of the group and then be run out of town.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The decision to include Cthulhu is already a "willing to throw game balance out the window" scenario for a lot of people.

How do I know this? This thread is the only proof you need. If it wasn't an issue, this thread would have died out quite a while ago.

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I'm amused by how many here simply say "well the DM should come up with more houserules to make Cthulhu truly unkillable" in response to people actually using tactics against Cthulhu instead of kindly lining up to die at the hands of the octopus faced alien who got wrecked by a steamboat, of all things. As a DM, I am more willing to reward my players for pulling off something thought impossible instead of arbitrarily punishing them for my own decision to add Cthulhu into the campaign. Being a jerk to your players just generally doesn't seem like a good way to DM if you ask me.

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If it has stats, it can be killed.

Sorry, but that's just how it works around here.

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Today is my birthday, which I shall soon go celebrate!

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So, finally gotten around to it.

Rushlight Tournament and an Epic Twist:
So the session begins with the invitation to the Rushlight Tournament as well as the general laying out of the rules. Pondering on who participates in which event, the team chose Kiriv as the one for the archery contest, King Vesket of the Lizardfolk to chop the logs, Sage to do the boast and finally Wilda for the joust. They checked how things were going on in general, and then set out towards the festival grounds themselves.

As they arrive, they of course go see the king himself, though they are understandably wary of him after hearing of his enmity with Brevoy and figuring that might lead to problems later on for their county. However, they decide not to cause trouble there and then, though Vesket likened Irovetti to a court jester which was almost caused an unwanted scene. Either way, the tournament went pretty smoothly from then on. Kiriv won the archery contest after a tie-breaker, and the cheater was caught red-handed. Vesket easily beat the rest of the competition when it came down to chopping wood with an axe. Sage got to a good third place in the boast, and Wilda beat the joust but was injured by Villamor during their round in the ring.

This led to her showing up and actually tossing the gauntlet at Irovetti's feet during the award ceremony, a move that Sage and the others were not anticipating. While Irovetti shrugged it off at first, the crowd began to see him as buckling down as Vesket and others joined on goading him into accepting the challenge. He chooses to have Villamor duel Wilda. Lucky criticals and Smite Evil gave the victory to the Paladin, and Villamor yielded. Irovetti had a bit of a breakdown due to such, and called the Greenbelt County leaders barbarians. Sage was enraged by this. He swiftly and loudly denounced Irovetti, calling him out on the hypocrisy of first denying a knight the right to an honorable duel after humiliating them, and then having the gall to call said paladin (and her allies) barbaric when things don't go his way. The crowd was about to seize Irovetti after the speech riled it up, but Irovetti took a Wand out from a hidden pocket and was about to Teleport away. Sage and Irovetti rolled Initiative.

Sage won on Initiative and cast Hold Person, and Irovetti...

...rolled a 1 on his Will Save.

That changed everything. The king was captured, the part I was hoping would run for a few sessions ended there and then, and his troops were quickly rallied and defeated, with Pitax itself being given time to restore itself to how it was before the tyrant showed up to cause trouble. The session ended with a return to the county, news of Varnhold disappearing suddenly and the player characters pondering what to do with the fallen king who's now their hostage. And yeah, to think a few twists and turns caused by NPC reactions and a lucky (or unlucky) roll made the campaign take such a dramatic turn. I was at first vexed that it didn't go the way I planned, but then I figured it's even more exciting this way. All I need to do is try and recalibrate the rate at which I should hand out EXP, as Irovetti's capture gave them an instant level up. I'm sure I will figure something out, and I am very much looking forward to the next session since I have more twists and turns in mind, especially regarding Drelev and Vordakai.

Sorry about the length of this. Also, I wonder what you guys think of what happened. XD

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They alwas pick on the kobolds. But some day, the kobolds will have their revenge.

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Chaotic Good, though I usually play any Good because I see enough Evil behaviour IRL to have my fill of it.

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It will, which is why it's good news for me.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

I might be moving to a new apartment next month!

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So, Kingmaker as of last session...

...we finished off Rivers Run Red now (story below) and are going to move to the next part, though I have a surprise in store for the group in that regard.

Anyway, the session starts with the four heroes looking at the damage caused by the monster that had run amok while they were taking care of the trolls and other threats in the south. From what they were told by the local populace, a giant owlbear had gone on a rampage around Stagshelm for some reason, only to retreat south soon after. The casualties were buried and repairs on damaged holdings were started immediately.

Meanwhile, the players give chase to the beast and find the large cavern filled with filth and mushrooms, contending with a few violet fungi before the giant owlbear itself emerges to attack them. After a fight where Sage would have died (again) had Ciaran not staggered the owlbear with a well-timed Frigid Touch spell, they investigate the rest of the cavern, finding some dead bodies, a cursed ring with some nymph hair woven into it and starving owlbear cub next to its dead mother, which they later gave to the local druids. The lair itself was given for the kobolds to expand upon, possibly giving them a second lair to work with given some time and effort.

Returning to the capital and restoring peace there, they then begin to take care of other distributions of land among the races that live in their territory, the old lair of the trolls being given to the local dwarves and gnomes (though the kobolds objected to this decision at first) while the lizardfolk have considered expanding their territory to the nearby swamps, west of their village. The kobolds still reside in their own area for the most part, though the expedition sent south to the owlbear's lair cleaned up all the waste from there and are already working on the designs of a more complex tunnel system, which is eventually going to connect to the Sootscale caverns to the north.

At the same time, Kiriv has begun training some of the kobold soldiers in the arts of a gunslinger while Sage had taken time to help those of a more sorcerous bent with their spells as well as keeping track of the progress his two apprentices Euphemia and Tatiana have made. Oruda spent his time sparring with his clansmen, while Ciaran practiced his martial prowess alongside his casting. Eventually, the party took some time to craft magic items with the help of Sage. While the items were completed in time, a minor mishap happened when the wizard was crafting a Headband of Vast Intelligence for Ciaran, as the item ended up cursed. Rolling on the curse tables, the item led to the magus ending up from male to female. Ciaran herself found this to be merely a mild annoyance, so it's not sure if she plans to change back or not once a Remove Curse spell is found.

Our party is now debating a commission for a picture of this mishap.

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My mind is full of kobolds right now for some reason.

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Ilja wrote:
Vlad Koroboff wrote:

In other news:In Moscow,"March of Peace"demonstration against russian involvement in Ukraine somehow ends without a single arrest.

That's what happens when you actually notify autorities beforehand,as required by law.
Also MUCH more people this time.In thousands,i'd say.

Any law that requires a permit to protest is to hell wrong, and as a socialist you should no doubt oppose it. Not saying that's a uniquely russian thing; we have those here in Sweden as well, and I know they exist in the US, though at least in my country you can't get arrested just for attending a permitless protest (just for organizing one, and even that's very rare). Getting harrassed by the police is another thing though.

But I can't fathom why a socialist would want that kind of state power over the people.

Yeah, same kind of law here in Finland too.

What's the point of a protest if you have to ask for a permit to do so?

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Dad was away for one day, and I realized it was much more peaceful here when he's absent...

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I finally got my Monster Orphanage entry on the Minotaur done!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Better late than never!

Reccomended Deities: Cayden Cailean, Chadali, Desna, Kurgess, Rowdrosh, Sarenrae
Reccomended Environment: Urban, Rural

The size, strength and generally aggressive temperament of a minotaur makes raising one an increasingly dangerous endeavor which may require multiple caretakers and a lot of preparations, all of which will pay off if all goes as planned. As they tend to form communities with a clear pecking order, it is highly advised that a given caretaker takes the top rank in the eyes of a minotaur before a situation can turn violent. Once the hierarchy has been set, the minotaur should be raised to slowly shed away this world-view of "the strong and the weak" in favor of a more egalitarian one as well as one less focused on the use of brute force.

Making use of the minotaur's fascination with complexity is highly reccomended, as a more intellectually inclined individual could spend quite a lot of time debating the nature of a riddle or solving a difficult puzzle. However, one should always have some healthy outlets for aggression nearby due to the general temper of the beings. Failing to solve a problem can lead to frustration, a feeling that a minotaur is likely to vent out with violence if the issue is not addressed early.

As many minotaurs have shown sympathy to beasts of burden, giving an individual the responsibility over a herd of cattle or sheep has been used as a way to give the minotaur both a way to spend time productively as well as teach it about coming to the defense of those in need. Where a normal shepherd would stand little chance shielding his sheep from a hungry wolf pack, a minotaur would have a much easier time doing so. These links to livestock also make both Rowdrosh and Erastil attractive options as deities for a minotaur, even more so if the individual has been raised in a more rural environment where their worship is common.

Since minotaurs are known for their great strength as well as a nearly supernatural degree of cunning, raising one to be an artisan of some sort is an easy way to giving one a chance to be accepted in a given society. Anything from carpentry to locksmithing can put both the brawn and the brain of a minotaur to good use, which in turn gives people all the more reason to receive them well. Those not content with staying in one place for extended periods of time work well as guides, bodyguards or even couriers, as it is more or less impossible for a minotaur to get lost. This trait all but ensures that they find themselves in the right place sooner than later.

When it comes to religion, Chadali is one of the best choices for a minotaur to venerate, as her followers are free to ponder over the complex maze that is life while setting themselves on the path of good. The fact that her favored servants include half-celestial minotaurs reinforces this link the race has to her. Another good option is Sarenrae, as her faith is generally suited well to giving the "monsters" a second chance and the passion of her followers translates well to a minotaur's mindset. Kurgess is a great replacement for Erastil or Rowdrosh in more urban settings, as his followers are taught to compete in a healthy manner and to use their power to protect others instead of using it to rule over them. Those who believe strongly in freedom but have been taught not to misuse their talents sometimes turn to the worship of Cayden Cailean or Desna instead, the choice mostly depending on individual tastes. Mentions of Lamashtu and Baphomet are to be avoided except in the most exceptional situations.

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Last day of work, and I'm slacking off. XD

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LordSynos wrote:
Icyshadow wrote:
Tomorrow is my last day of work...
In the good, "on to bigger, better things" way I hope?

Yup, aiming for University again.

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Just read up on single gendered species due to one of my homebrew D&D races being one.

I can't help but feel both intrigued and somewhat terrified by my findings. Nature is awesome.

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It's the skin OF A F***ING SHARK!

How is that not awesome?

How is that NOT automatically better?!

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I feel weird, albeit in a good way. My mind's been filled with mecha ever since two pals invited me over to a collaboration story inspired by Super Robot Wars and the Mecha genre in general.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

104) I will not challenge the Player Characters. Most campaigns assume they win anyway.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is it really the Fighter that's the threat, if that's the case?

The threat level of a decked out BBEG Fighter drops significantly after you Sunder or use some other method of breaking his armor and weapons. BBEG Wizards do not have this problem, since they rely mostly on their spells. Also, someone mentioned giving the BBEG an Artifact to fix the problem. Isn't that just a way of saying that the idea doesn't work without some form of DM Fiat?

And yeah, I have less problems with a Rogue, Ranger, Barbarian or Anti-Paladin being a BBEG. Forgot to say that earlier.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Why is the only way to counter a Caster exclusive to Casters to begin with?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In a world where a Wizard beyond level 8 can pretty much pose a major threat to entire armies of Fighters, a BBEG who happens to be a member of a non-casting class just isn't a viable threat. Decking him in powerful gear isn't exactly an option either, since the best gear is magical and thus subject to the effects of an Anti-Magic Field. Toss one over his/her head, and your BBEG just turned into a glorified version of the cannon fodder you've been beating down throughout the campaign.

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Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:
Guy Kilmore wrote:
Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Precisely. Aaron does indeed sound too good to be true. I have a hard time seeing anyone tolerating a barf bucket.

Well he is useful as trap fodder, send his characters through a minefield, and literally, every mine in the entire minefield will trigger while they cross in their proximity.

He is also useful for repelling unwanted elitist rules lawyers because a lot of them are obsessive about hygiene, but, at the same time, he is bad to deal with.

What!? This guy is making people barf and costing them financially, not to mention inflicting some kind of trauma on others. How does an elitist rules lawyer in any shape equal that? There are easier way of getting away from those types then hanging around with a money sucking, barf inducing, sexually harassing, stink cloud that this guy is. This doesn't make any sense.
I forgot about that. Sorry. I have dealt with him so long, that he seems so difficult to remove, and any change in Venue is going to either cost more to rent a room, or cost more for gas, and we would have the same problems if he stalked us, which I am sure he will.

Yeah, a restraining order on this Aaron guy sounds good considering he might be stalking your group outside the game, too. Seriously, this guy shouldn't just be kicked out of the store you hang out at. He should be put into some kind of mental institution, because he's clearly off his fat rocker. Either that, or prison. This guy's clearly been doing his fair share of damage to the people around him (whether it be broken chairs or minds disturbed by his harassement), and he should pay for all of it. How nobody has done anything about him for that long is beyond me.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So, have they decided who's going to be replacing Sean?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I bet the Joker was here.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Freehold DM wrote:
Orthos wrote:
MagusJanus wrote:
How do you handle Nergal?

I don't believe we've used Nergal. I didn't import the pantheon wholesale, just kind of cherrypicked the ones I liked/the ones I needed for a particular slot. For example I grabbed Atargatis because I specifically wanted a deity of civilization and protection. The addition of merfolk to her portfolio (and the resulting in-setting backstory of her being the first and progenitor of the race) was an adaptation to add more of the real-world Atargatis to the setting.

I might keep the Paizo version of him, where he's a lesser demon lord of sun and heat, or I might just ignore him entirely.

I prefer to make up my own gods. I do draw inspiration from those that came before the and have no problem with filing the serial numbers off some of the popular and even more obscure gods to an extent.

I keep a mixed bag, creating my own deities while also taking old ones and giving them my own spin.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In other news, Icy has been reading up on Semitic and Mesopotamian mythology, planning to work them into one of his story settings.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Implying my personal view on the condition of our species is just a phase that will pass is pretty rude, you know. I find the people who think we're the best thing to ever come to existence rather obnoxious myself, but rather than mock them by claiming their view to be a phase (which is an ad hominem anyway), I instead present arguments to counter their views. I also find it hilarious when some people get upset about the fact that humans are animals too, and not this chosen glorious master race some random God handpicked as the rulers of this world and those beyond. Aside from the way our brain is structured and our capacity for destruction (both towards the environment as well as towards animals of all kinds), we're not really that different from the rest of the beings living on this planet.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
carmachu wrote:
Hama wrote:

I don't get it. What is the problem of humans being the dominant or most widespread race in the setting?

Everyone wants to be a strange special snowflake. People think being human or human centeric takes away from that.

Considering that even clones and identical twins of people differ from each other, aren't we all special snowflakes in real life anyway?

Different is not a synonym to special. However, on some days I consider human and evil to be synonyms, and seems Zarus from 3.5e D&D agrees.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Speak all you want about human spirit and other virtues that make you people prefer humanocentric settings. I will just go back to reading about all the atrocities we have committed against one another and against other beings that live on this planet while you do so. For people like me, who find humanity to be scum of the Earth (and considering history, can you really blame me?), the fantasy of a humanoid species (or even non-humanoid one) with an intelligence but vastly different way of thinking (for better or for worse) is massively more appealing than playing D&D the same way I "play" real life.

I usually let my misanthropy drown among other thoughts, but threads like these just bring it all back up again.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe take some ideas from Legacy of Fire? Kelmarane and Katapesh are good sources for lore stuff.

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