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Icyshadow's page

7,380 posts (7,830 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 aliases.

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Fun fact. The Finnish language has a gender neutral third person pronoun.

You'd have to go out of your way to misgender someone around here, really.

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So, your face became Uboa?

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My groups usually start our sessions around 1 PM or 2 PM.

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Two more hours, and I can go home.

Three things are on the agenda for the night.

1) Prepare for tomorrow's Carrion Crown.

2) Play some Undertale.

3) Pray that the Tablet Driver gets installed properly this time so I can try it out.

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I think I found the name of the artist for The Miskatonic. It's apparently a guy named Jack Cayless.

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Why do we say Polish instead of Polander?

Or Finnish instead of Finlander?

Makes as much sense to me as the actual question here.

Most languages have some hard rules and certain exceptional ones.

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...oh, looks like I got naked earlier. *Puts hat back on*

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And here's that blog post that made my day. Lovecraft themed Horror Comedy Visual Novel sounds like a good premise to me. I do still wonder when The Miskatonic is coming out.

Some of my artist friends keep mentioning the artist for the game, as if I'm supposed to know who it is. Anyone here know more than I do about that? The art style is actually not familiar to me.

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It's a quirky, very meta RPG that takes a lot of inspiration from Earthbound and a few other series.

To my surprise (and frustration), it had a Kickstarter back in 2013, while I still had cash to throw around. I would have gladly pledged if I had known about it.

But on the bright side, I saw an update on the developer blog of another Kickstarter-funded game (which I did pledge to), where my character was drawn. What made my day was the dev mentioning that she's one of his favourites :)

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In other news, Carrion Crown this Saturday!

Also, Undertale is definitely Game of the Year material.

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I was up late to have my turn at a Pathfinder / Custom D&D Session, since we switched from Play by Post to a chatroom.

But the stuff that happened was so dreary and dull compared to what the other players got to do that I now feel like I deprived myself of sleep for nothing.

Now I also saw that nobody (at DeviantArt at least) took up my offer to do little short story commissions so I can raise a bit of extra cash, which means more struggling with money.

I'm frustrated, angry and want to take my anger out on something. Doesn't help that I haven't been able to write much on the novel. It's still not past the 50 page mark, just to name one problem.

But I know there's nothing I can do. So I'll just have to fake a smile a bit more till work's over, and then go home.

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Okay, so I uploaded part 1 of that youkai story I mentioned in passing some time ago.

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Wait. It's already the 6th of October? Time is going way too fast.

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My paycheck is 10 days away.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Monday at work was fine. Here's hoping this week will go well in general.

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That seems likely as well. Oh well, I should get to writing before I go to GURPS today. Starting a new campaign; Zombie Outbreak in 90's Germany.

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Seems like people didn't like my latest blog entry, since it hasn't gotten any likes or reblogs.

Nobody has responded to the question I asked on said blog either. *Sigh*

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It's Friday already?

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Despite feeling disappointed about it, here's my newest blog entry and probably the last that'll tackle a specific species for a while. I figured I could approach the actual main plot in the next one.

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Note to self - Do NOT bring up politics nor religion at the workplace break room.

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Oh, blog's deadline is approaching. Better get to it when I can. That is, after work.

Also, more family drama to come today due to mom buying a dog behind my father's back.

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That says more about the adventure than it does about the player choices...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm the DM for a game where one of the player characters is a Dhampir Inquisitor, and he plays nicely with the group.

He resists the urge to drink blood, and whatever anger he has he just channels into killing undead. He's a tad boring, but reliable.

And a lot of people misunderstand the rules. They are not healed by Positive Energy, but channeling to heal the living will NOT damage them.

Channel Positive to damage undead (not heal living) will hurt a Dhampir, just as using Channel Negative to heal undead (not harm the living) will heal a Dhampir.

Blakmane wrote:

Wait, why are clerics using channel in combat again?

Dhampir buys a wand of infernal healing/ILW. Problem solved.

Yeah, Clerics don't always specialize in Channeling. Also, an Inflict Wand would solve (almost) all the Dhampir's healing problems. Many of the complaints regarding Dhampir seem to come from misunderstandings.

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In good news, I finally got my paycheck, and I have a GURPS game tomorrow.

In bad news, I still feel grumpy and a tad exhausted, but also have an evening shift.

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F*** this week.

- My paycheck is going to be three days late.

- Sickness hasn't fully left my side since Sunday.

- I've started to feel depressed and angry at myself at my lack of accomplishments.

All I have is a meager blog and a DeviantART page of questionable quality (and content), while my other friends are already publishing books or making video games.

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Here's a recap of Carrion Crown. Better late than never!

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Okay, I had been taken down by illness once more, but now it's time for a recap!

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 3:
So, after meeting the ghost of Vesorianna and having a little chat with her about Harrowstone and how to stop the five main causes of the hauntings, the heroes proceeded in exploring the first floor a bit more in an attempt to find the storage room. After fending off a few haunts and finding the local chapel infested with spiders (I actually don't recall when in the session this happened exactly, but they killed one of three), they picked up the cursed belongings of the prisoners and headed back to Ravengro in the dead of night.

Once they arrived, they found the town hall to be rather crowded despite it being rather late. The councilmen were having a meeting concerning the haunts, and they ask the player characters to tell what they've found at Harrowstone thus far. Then the ghosts strike, setting the building on fire. Malthazar immediately started directing people out, while the others went about to put out the fires with the help of the sheriff and some Create Water spells courtesy of Dampé. The flaming skulls that flew into the building injured the sheriff mildly, but were no match for the four heroes, going down within a few rounds of fighting.

Their troubles weren't over yet, though, as the locals noticed that Kendra was absent for the whole meeting and for most of the evening in general. Recalling that her safety was part of the professor's will and that there were rumours of undead roaming about, Maeve rushed ahead to check on her house, the other three quickly following suit. Outside her house, banging on the doors were two ghouls and two zombies, which the four managed to surprise and quickly slay before getting in. Kendra stepped over to greet them, exhausted and with stains of blood on her dress. On the living room floor lied a zombified Petros Lorrimor, whom she asked to be buried again after this tragic mess.

With the corpses disposed of, the heroes rested for the night before heading off to the local stores for supplies. During said trip, they were handed over a Flesh Golem Manual belonging to someone at Lepidstadt, and managed to buy some items they would find useful on their hunt for some undead. They were also told by Sotiria that since there were subtle signs of a certain nercomancer cult called the Whispering Way playing a part in all this, they should expect worse things to come on the horizon.

Returning to the haunted ruins of the prison, they carefully checked through the first floor a second time, finding the entrance to the lower cells blocked. This led them upstairs, where they found the ghost of a certain Piper floating about. His dirge paralyzed Maeve, and he soon moved into drain her blood, but was stopped as the heroes blasted his haunt into submission with magic, causing Vesorianna to seal him away. Not soon after, the haunt of Father Charlatan tried to sneak up on the heroes, only to be undone by one of the spare Haunt Siphons they had left, though Vesorianna's presence made sure he wouldn't come back either way. The giant stirge hiding in the room also attacked them, but they pushed it back, causing it to get caught in the web of the spiders that had made their lair at the chapel. The two spiders the players had spared proceeded to devour the blood-sucking bug.

With both the main floor and the upper floor checked, the players now had to find a way to the lower cells and to the three ghosts that remain.

We have the next game scheduled for the 10th of October.

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This might have been a tougher question if we replaced Ifrit with Efreet.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I might get someone to help me learn how to draw. I just need a tablet.

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Seems I've gotten sick. The headaches continue, and my body feels cold.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I need to get to the Carrion Crown recap tomorrow, if I can.

Spent most of today suffering from a rather persistent migraine.

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Speaking of going, I am heading to the UK for a few days next month. I was invited to a friend's wedding!

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There are mass protests here in Finland tomorrow, and they're going to stop all public transport (and other things) for the day. I'm going to have to find a way to get to work before that happens.

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I got an idea for the tale of an old youkai character of mine, but it's getting quite dark.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For my own part, I can explain Karnax's lack of hate for gnomes.

He honestly believes himself to be a dragon, and thus considers such rivalries beneath him.

That said, the GM also seemed to imply that the whole "Kobolds vs Gnomes" thing isn't even super prevalent in all places.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

An addendum to the recap above, I am playing as Karnax.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Okay, I've been busy again, but I could give the recap of the Skype Pathfinder.

The adventuring party includes...

- Karnax "the Great Wyrm", Kobold Sorcerer and self-proclaimed dragon.

- Alaizia, a Gnome Bard / Sorceress who was raised by Varisians and worships Desna.

- Sorbin the Ogre (!) Fighter, who seems to be less vicious than most of his kind, but not very bright.

- Sir Underhill (?), a halfling Brawler / Cavalier with a thick accent (of some kind) and a professional air to him.

Unusual Andoran Adventure:
So, this campaign begins in Darkmoon Vale, where Thuldrin Kreed was replaced as leader of the Lumber Consortium by a morose man named Roland. Judging from some lore stuff, this campaign takes place after the Kobold King saga and such. The place has become slightly less bad to live in (but still a bit dangerous), and the population has had a surprise surge of eager dwarven lumberjacks along with the local humans and such. However, lumberjacks have begun to disappear in the woods and business as well as general morale throughout the town have begun to suffer as a result.

At least one group of adventurers was sent to find the missing workers, but none of them have come back thus far. One day, a kobold named Karnax (who was exiled from the Truescale tribe before the Kobold King's demise) steps into town, a smug look on his face and a spark of curiosity as he noticed how lethargic the locals were. He then found himself looking for information at the local tavern, where he was informed of the crisis in town. Seeing a chance to earn some fame, Karnax offers to help find the locals, a quest he undertakes alongside a somewhat exotically dressed Gnome Bard named Alaizia and a scruffy Cavalier / Brawler (not sure which) only known as Sir Underhill (Not sure if that was the right name). After meeting up with Roland and negotiating about a reward, the three set out to the woods to find the lumberjacks. To their misfortune, Sir Underhill (assuming that was his name) disappears, leaving Karnax and Alaizia to wander by themselves.

During their trek through the woods, they run into a tall, gaunt man who seemed to be minding his own business until the two decided to ask for directions. After a brief conversation with the eccentric man, Karnax receives a wand from him after demonstrating his abilities as a Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer. Before the man decided to disappear, the two realized he might have been none other than Bigby of Greyhawk fame. Why he was in the woods or what he was doing is a mystery to the two. However, Karnax and Alaizia continued their quest and got to knowing each other a bit better as they traded magic tips and just had a bit of a chitchat. They eventually arrived at what seemed to be some dwarven ruins, where they find an ogre asleep by a nearby tree. As he woke up, the ogre yelled out asking where the "choppie chop men" are, and noticed Karnax and Alaizia nearby.

Mistaking the two for someone else, the ogre roared and flailed in anger as it approached. Alaizia backed away in fear, while Karnax eventually got the ogre to calm down with an angered growl. After a moment of miscommunication, the two found out that Roland had also sent this Ogre (named Sorbin) to find the lumberjacks, but it seems his group left him behind after he fell asleep on the way. After the ogre decided to accompany the two on their quest to find the missing lumberjacks, the session ended. We have no idea where our brawler disappeared, but that will probably come up later. No idea who might be behind the disappearings, though quite a few places we ran by have had large wolf paw prints around them, so at least werewolves are in the list of suspects.

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And another weekend just flew by with little done.

I had the online Pathfinder game on Saturday, and GURPS on Sunday.

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Granted. Instead of damaging the cards, this method damages your hands.

I wish I could teleport.

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
beyond that, the incarnation of Tiamat as a five-headed dragon is 100% D&D, and if we HAD gone with keeping Tiamat in our game, she would have had to be entirely different, and that's a shame.

You're kidding right? that would be awesome!

From the wiki, there are two sides to her: a beautiful 'glistening' female or a massive sea dragon... scholars don't always buy the dragon shape part (i.e. see above wiki link, which in part says "While the Enûma Elish does not specifically state that Tiamat is a dragon, only that she gave birth to dragons and serpents among a more general list of monsters including scorpion men and merpeople, other sources containing the same myth do refer to her as a dragon.")

That wiki goes on to say that the multiheaded thing was mainly due to D&D in the 70's. Since dragon are 'her children', in a world where there's only 5 colors of evil dragons that would maybe make sense, but in a world like Golarion that's full of other types of dragons, linnorms, asian dragons etc. I wouldn't mind a return to a more ancient/fundamental massive sea dragon or beautiful naked glistening dame kinda Tiamat... in fact, I'm not exactly sure why she was made evil in the 70's D&D iteration. Does she have to be? Golarion already has an evil monster mother (Lamashtu) so perhaps Golarion's Tiamat could be a neutral even perhaps good 'monster mother' figure. (I haven't read Great Beyond in its entirety yet but upthread I saw those non-god power figures referred to as 'empyreal lords'... anyways if she's no god she could perhaps even predate them in Qlippoth kind of way, but from a neutral or good plane.)

Or evil. I'm not biased. I tend to agree with you James that evil and good don't need to be in equal numbers and that it may even make a setting more interesting. Based on my quick reading of the wiki (which doesn't tell the juicy bits of her story) she doesn't really spring to me as an all evil queen of dragons. There...

In my own setting, Tiamat actually IS Chaotic Good, though leans a bit more to Chaotic than Good half the time.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Zoroastrianism is pretty cool. I'm reading a book about it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's unfortunate, but doesn't really stop me from putting my version of her in Golarion, though I'll probably just keep her in my own setting.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

There are so many things I could mention in this thread that I don't know where to start...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This day is finally over, and I do not miss it at all.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oh good, I always wanted more internet drama. *Sighs while sifting through inboxes*

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Heh, reminded me of the tradition we have with our GURPS group of watching silly TF2 videos before and after the game session.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.
James Jacobs wrote:
Icyshadow wrote:
I'm not exactly for nor against a Good Lovecraft deity, since I am quite sure that at least one is canon in the greater scope of the Cthulhu Mythos. You can deny their existence all you want, but they are still there.

Not everything everyone ever wrote for the mythos is equally good. A fair amount of it is pretty awful. Part of my job as Creative Director is to curate what does get into Pathfinder/Golarion, to ensure that things that aren't worth running with aren't made part of the game/world.

That includes elements of the mythos that aren't appropriate for the game.

I did not mention nor give focus to the quality of said works, so I'm not sure why you'd bring that up. And I doubt everyone that read them hated them.

And like I said in my first post, I'm honestly neutral about the whole thing. I am fine with the line-up as it is currently in-game, but I probably wouldn't mind other additions either.

Pretty much all I was saying was that the material is there for those who want to make something of it. There are quite a few series and franchises that have something unpopular but canon in them.

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I was invited to an online Pathfinder game, a Rise of the Runelords one in fact!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You know, I hate it when I think a friend is on the same wave-length with me, but then ends up disappointing me by doing something stupid.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am sorry to hear of what happened Rosita. I hope you find closure sooner than later.

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