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Guy getting beaten by undead

Icaste Fyrbawl's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 258 posts. 7 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


Typing on a phone but wanted to ask the community. Last night after clearing hook mountain a player used judicious use of stone shape to unearth the rest of the blue Dragon skeleton and cast animate dead. Then after leveling up we returned so he could animate the rune giant body as a zombie. Gm wasn't phased and let it roll. We're actually pretty excited at the prospect of hiding the Dragon in thistletop and the giant in the ocean nearby. What are your thoughts on the situation as a whole?


Hey all. I'm typing on my phone so bare with me.

We're about to start rise. I ran this up to right before Thistletop and the group had some infighting and I left for two months for a job.

We're back but much smaller and another player wants to run this. I'm super excited.

However I usually run, so I get the "what the hell do I play" syndrome.

We have me, an unknown race (likely half Orc) paladin and a human magus. I know how the entire adventure goes, so I know they would benefit from a bard, cleric of Desna, or wizard/sorcerer/arcanist of some sort. However, having never played and wanting the others to shine in their respective realms I want advice on what else could benefit the party of paladin and magus.


I posted a thread in general discussion about which AP's are good for one player. This one came up and I really like the story for serpent's skull. So for those who have played it or ran it, I'd like your advice on what you would change in each chapter to accommodate one player. I've reviewed a bit of Souls for Smuggler's Shiv so these are the changes I've decided to make already.

-NPC castaways will help for mutual benefit during SfSS.
-PC will gain max HP each level
-Drinking a potion will be a free action as long as it's readily accessible (Plan on mixing in the Masterwork Potion Belt from Forgotten Realms)
-Player will have relative control of NPC's during combat situations, with a short Morale/Tactics list for each so they can act accordingly.

I plan to have one NPC in each book/location that is can act as a relatively powerful but situation NPC that has to leave the company of the player after they traverse too far. This is just to add a bit of spice to the mix and I've always enjoyed this element in Console RPG.

I do not know yet what the player will be playing, but I imagine Ranger or Druid will be high on their list. I've only got the chance to talk to her about it for a little bit, so I'll update this post as I find out information.

Any advice is welcomed!


What is the best adventure path for a single player? I'm also looking at these options when considering them
-NPC help
-Character focused story
-Starting at a higher level to compensate
-Avoiding AP's that are party focused and require more attention than a single individual can give (Kingmaker, I'm looking at you.)

So what would you suggest as an AP and what changes would you make to compensate?


I am planning a short campaign to explore previous historical events for my players. They include meeting Professor Petros Lorrimor on one of his expeditions (the catalyst to Carrion Crown), exploring Thassalonion ruins so they are familiar with the theme, and taking part in the Chopper Murder investigations. With that in mind, I've been drawing heavily on stuff from Rise of the Runelords (hence why I'm posting here). My intention is to run that campaign after this one. However, I ran into an issue with the Sandpoint Hinterlands map. It just doesn't match up with the map of Varisia in any angle. I come close, but the lack of detail on the Varisia map hinders my progress. Does anyone have any advice as to how to better relate areas to my players with both the Hinterlands map and the larger map of Varisia (both of which I have due to owning the Map Folio).


Please cancel my subscription. I've found I will never have time to run these campaigns myself and have sold a few of my adventures to pay bills. Keep up the good work writers.


Beyond the Doomsday Door was shipped on Nov 21. The last tracking lists it in the Springfield, IL Post Office. I received my Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Deluxe Collectors Edition today and still have not received the regular AP shipment. I assume this is an issue with the Post Office. What should I do?


Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Collectors Edition.

I need to cancel this preorder. While the awesomeness will be missed, it doesn't outweight my daughters first birthdays awesomeness :)


It's been 13 days since this order was received in Auburn and has disappeared in St. Louis. I'm curious as to where my order is. This is most unusual and I know it's not your fault, but you may have more resources as to finding it's location than I do. Any help is appreciated.


I intend to preorder the rise of the runelords deluxe edition. A while back I was in communication about getting store credit for selling some mini's. Buuut then my daughter was born and I completely forgot :) So my question is this: if I preorder today, and then get the store credit, can I apply that before it ships?


Hey guys and gals!

I have a question for you all regarding my daughter. I have a few of the pathfinder adventure path books (Rise of the Runelords, Kingmaker, Carrion Crown) and was curious as to your opinion on the Pathfinder journals. I haven't actually read them (and am currently away from them at the moment) but was curious as to whether you all thought they would be age appropriate reading as bedtime stories?

Please, opinions only from people who have read them. Preferably people who have children (although non-parents can definitely relate as well!)

Has anyone done this? I would love to hear your experience!


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I'm curious as to the nature of interaction between Arcane Bond and a gun in PFS.

Wizard takes Gunsmithing as his first level feat and chooses Arcane Bond (Pistol).

By doing this, does he acquire a masterwork pistol?

I've searched the archives and found this question briefly touched on but haven't found a definitive answer. If one exists, please link me to it. Otherwise, discuss

P.S. I'm aware of the inability to properly use said pistol without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat (-4 attacks) but since spellslinger is not a viable option I was curious if this was.


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Ok, I'm almost certain this has never been mentioned. If it has, PLEASE direct me to that thread so I can read the ideas! :)

I recently started a new campaign for my players. They are level 6. I decided I wanted magic items to be rare so I only gave them 10,000 gold. In return for the reduced magic items and reduced gold, I decided to use the Epic Fantasy (25 points) point buy.

Even more ideas sprung from this "reduced magic" idea. A friend had an idea to use "Achievements" for his campaign in a similar way that Xbox 360 games have achievements. He was going to use experience points as a reward. However, I want this campaign to last so I decided to go another route.

For example, the party fighter went toe to toe with a Huge Fire Elemental. He took tons of fire damage (refusing to attempt to put out the /Burn/ damage, because he's a man like that). I had made it clear I wanted ideas for achievements. He asked if he took enough damage over the course of the campaign to virtually kill him twice (without actually dying) if he could gain Fire Resistance. I loved the idea and agreed.

Another example I came up with was improving magic items using achievements instead of the usual "I have this much gold, I want to go from some master crafting wizard and have him improve my armor". I really hate that, because if you're trying to have a working campaign, there aren't that many wizards/clerics/etc. that just stop adventuring, open up shop, and hope for business. So I thought it would be better if their weapons improved based on how they used them and their armor improved based on what they were successfully being protected from.

The group's cleric has +1 light fortification scale mail for instance. I told him if his light fortification successfully prevented 20 critical hits, it would improve to medium fortification. He agreed and liked the idea.

The reason I'm posting is because I wanted to hear your feedback on the idea and if you have achievements of your own that you'd like to throw out there, I'd love to hear them (as I am but one GM and can't possibly think of everything you bright minded people can come up with)


So I searched the boards and was unable to find anything relating to this subject. Hope this is a good place to put this.

So, Maquettes. Those evil things that never get put to use but just sit there and mock you with their awesomeness. What could mock you with awesomeness more than a Maquette of Karzoug?

Should it be made?

Would you buy it?

If so, would you have a suggested retail price?

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