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Red Dragon

Ian Woods's page

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Hello its been awhile since I posted, but now that I am DMing a group again and I need a little advice. I am getting to run a group of four players through the Dragon's Demand module. I do have a concern though largely due to the inexperience of the party and the lack of a... standard party, I guess you would say. The group consists of:

Ifrit Bloodrager - Inexperienced player, has only played two campaigns in which he died.

Human Slayer - Moderately experienced but has a tendency to become far to nutty and wrecks things. Kinda the "I do what I want attitude." (Carrion Crown AP leaps upon the coffin of the doctor guy at the start causing it to smash into the ground exposing the corpse.)

Gnome Alchemist - Moderately experienced but is used to playing Clerics and Paladins. Gets side lined a lot because others look down on her in real life, but tends to have the soundest plans in game.

Human Wizard - His first game ever.

As you can see I am worried mostly about the healing situation as well as other things. I was thinking maybe passing out some Cure Light Wound potions to help ease the first few levels until the alchemist can get Infusion and start kinda healing people. How many potions would you give? Or do you have another idea that would help the group?

An hour per spell level to copy into his own book. Maybe its because I learn differently but writing something in a book doesn't mean I learned it fully. I have to try something multiple times before I learn it. So I suppose this is a difference in learning.

However my question is answered and I thank you. Thread over.

Reviewing notes is quite a bit different then memorizing complex motion/incantations/proper spell components for several dozens of spells.

Alright thank you very much.

Is that RAW (if so source/page) or RAI?

Okay I understand that Druids, Wizards, Clerics, etc... prepare their daily allotment of spells after 8 hours of rest and then 1 hour of prayer/study. I also know that they have a daily spell limit and bonus spells per day that are added via their spellcasting stat.

My question is how many spells can they prepare in that one hour allotment? I haven't been able to locate a chart or anything on this. I would find it hard to believe that they can prepare all their spells in that short amount of time.

I am utterly excited to see this book. Some of my most favorite times roleplaying was with a Half-Gnoll Cleric of Orcus. As for the name I just figured it was meant as a play off the original 3.5 book "Bastards and Bloodlines" so I saw the title and immediately thought halfbreeds oh yay!

I would say overall wealth for future posts as Razmir is just interested in the actual amount he can grab from an area, not how big the populace of an area is.

Okay including the Inner Sea Regions and the Dragon Empires of Tian Xia what countries would have the most 'liquid' wealth in your guys opinions? (Anyone that doesn't know the term; it means wealth that could be quickly and easily converted into hard currency such as coin.)

(Reason for asking: I plan on having Razmirian agents in the upper levels of banks/governments siphoning off large sums to help fund the Living God's decadency. Examples of Ramzir's Usages: Sun Orchid Elixir purchases, buying off a massive hobgoblin army from Kaoling, bribing Chromatic Dragons, etc... )

I would find a way to up your int extremely fast as Bane was a genius (in the comics and the newest movie) Otherwise focus on unarmed and grappling abilities.

I was planning on giving him Madness Bombs to simulate the fear effect Scarecrow's canisters have.

As for the actual lead up to him I was figuring on have several rooms where the 'gas' is being leaked into, doing subtle perception and fort checks as it begins to bend the parties minds and start manifesting their characters deepest fears. Each check getting progressively harder as the nightmares get worse. As long as they keep making their saves they advance through the rooms easily but each trap releases a cloud of the gas with a harder DC.

At the very worst I figured I'd have the characters go unconscious and be trapped in a horrific nightmare, until one of the other PCs shakes off the fear affect and does a heal check to wake the other. Though I am pretty sure I need more then this to make this encounter worthwhile.

As for the boss fight I figured on having effigies of the boss himself as well as important people in the characters life. But I am not 100% on how the boss fight should go down.

I am trying to make this a truly unique encounter, as this is something my group has never dealt with before, a psychological challenge for their characters, beyond simple morality based decisions.

Alright my campaign is focused around bringing down Razmir the False Living God. At around level 15 the party, 5 players Magus, Rogue, Monk, Alchemist, and a Cleric/Witch/Mystic Threuge, will be sent to Thuvia to stop Razmir's supply of Sun Orchid Elixir. Well I was planning on having poor old Artokus Kirran the creator of the Elixir dead and Razmir's own personal alchemist running the show.

Now I know its an idea rip but I have recently been getting really into Batman in particular the villain Scarecrow. I want to ask you fine folks for ideas on how to flesh out the concept both in fluff and raw wise. I figure he would work well with Razmir as fear would be a powerful tool to keep people oppressed. As the basis for the Fear Toxin I was thinking about using "Insanity Mist" poison as the base for it. What else would you GMs do to make it into a truly disturbing, frightening, and challenging encounter?

James Jacobs wrote:
Filby Pott wrote:

Ooh, Norgorber!

This will be the last article covering one of the major gods of Golarion, won't it?

Correct. Starting with Shattered Star, we're moving on exclusively to deities and demigods beyond the core 20.

Finally a section with some bits of Norgorber info! With aphorisms I am hoping, though by my count that leaves Torag and Desna without aphorisms. (Desna had a section in RotRL but didn't get aphorisms, unless it was updated in the anniversary release.)

EvilMinion wrote:

Are you missing 2 ability increases? You put 3 in charisma, where are the other two?

The damage on the breath weapon is wrong (its based on the eidolon's HD, not the summoner's level)

The damage on your physical attacks is wrong too.
(only half strength on the secondary attacks (tail slap/wing buffet). As well, the wing buffets are a 1d6 (not a d8)

His strength should be 30, not 22, and the natural weapon damage should therefore be +10's on the primary attacks (+5 on the secondary). Not srue where you got the +8 from.

You've assigned all its Armor Bonus as a straight up armor bonus, but you get the option to make it either an armor bonus or a natural armor bonus. You might want to consider pumping it all into natural armor. Then you still have the option of adding an armor bonus some other way (like from bracers of armor, or magical vestment). Don't think there's any downside to loading up natural over regular. Something to ponder.

According to the Chart in APG he only gets 3 ability increases from levels, and then I boost it by 4 with the evolutions. 11 (Base for Quad) + 3 + 4 = 15. Edit: OMG my brain fried on math >.< 18

Misread on breath weapon and Wing Buffet my bad. So only 15d6 for breath and 1d6 for Wing Buffet.

I apparently couldn't add the night I wrote this up! XD lol 30 STR

From the APG "An eidolon cannot wear armor of any kind, as the armor
interferes with the summoner’s connection to the eidolon." so adding armor is a no go, as for switching it to natural I will have to look into that.

The character concept I want to play is simply having a massive dragon fight my battles for me XD.

The reason I gave it mount is for transportation reasons not riding into combat upon a dragon.

@ Cheapy As a group we don't allow custom classes or third party additions, we play it pretty much straight vanilla Pathfinder.

@ Dragonamedrake I wasn't aware that you could make a continuous ES item. You can do that or is it a with DM permission type thing? o.O

I am attempting to make a character for a future game, the character its self I already know what I am doing its the eidolon giving me issue and I want opinions on it. It is meant to be designed almost exactly like a Copper Dragon in stats.

Also according according to my count the max evolution points is 35 (correct me if I messed up) with feats and favored class bonus. This is what it should look like at level 20, want to see if you agree with the choices think something should be changed and maybe an order of what evolutions to get when, as well as skills.

Copper Dragon
Chaotic Good Meduim Quadruped Speed 40

HD:15d10 HD

AC: 34 = 10 Base + 5 Dex + 16 Armor Bonus +4 Natural Armor - 1 Size

Init: 5

Fort: 14=9+3+2
Ref: 14=9+5
Will: 7=5+0+2

Str: 22=14+8+8
Dex: 20=14+8-2
Con: 17=13+4
Int: 7
Wis: 10
Cha: 18=11+3+4

BAB: +15 - 1 Size
CMB: 22 = 15 BAB + 6 Str + 1 Size
CMD: 37 = 10 Base + 15 BAB + 6 Str + 5 Dex + 1 Size

Bite (2d6+8/19-20) [Free Evolution]
Claws (2 1d6+8) [1 Point]
Tail Slap (1d8+8) [1 Point]
Wing Buffet (2 1d8+8) [1 Point]

Other Abilities:
Breath Weapon (20d6 Acid 60 ft Line DC Ref 10+7 Half HD+3 Con=20 1/Day) [4 Points]
Flight (80 Speed Average Maneuverability) [2+2 Points]
Spell Resistance (31 SR) [4 Points]
Damage Reduction (DR 5/Evil) [3 Points]
Immunity (Acid) [2 Points]
Frightful Presence (30 ft DC Will 10+7 Half HD+4 Cha=21) [3 Points]
Mount [1 Point]
Pounce [1 Point]
x2 Ability Increase (Cha) [4 Points]

Physical Evolution:
2x Legs [Free Evolution]
Large [4 Points]
Tail [1 Point]
Reach (Bite) [1 Point]

Feats (8)
Flyby Attack
Improved Natural Attack (Bite)
Improved Critcal (Bite)
Vital Strike
Improved Vital Strike
Power Attack
Great Foritude
Iron Will

Alright so what now have figured is Aioran's stats and magic items for Razmir figuring the items would bump his CR up to maybe a CR 21. Making sure he has all buffs in place and prepared to throw plenty of summoned minions between himself and the party.

Allowing the Golem, Dragon, Kyton, and other minions to eat at them slowly. I see him as being the cowardly type to hide behind his minions unless forced to do otherwise.

I plan on upgrading the Ancient White Dragon to a Great Wyrm bumping his CR up to 18 using him to harry the foes as they attempt to advance toward Razmir. Maybe using Ice Tomb to trap the Cleric to hinder the party's healing abilities, if not them then the Wizard to help slow their damage output.

The Golem, a fluff altered Adamantine Golem CR 19, I am thinking he will bull rush and trample the Fighter to lock him into combat and force him away from Razmir. I want to keep him and the Fighter engaged for as long as possible, as I am sure a stiff strike on Razmir from a Fighter would take a good chunck of his HP out.

The last one is a Kyton Eremite CR 20 that has been brainwashed into following Razmir, using him to blitz the party in fast full round attacks. though being the "strongest" using him as cannon fodder allowing him to take full round attack so he may in turn gain a grapple and eviscerate them with his claws.

Or did I just over do it with the Kyton. o.o lol XD then again I've been low balling it this entire time.

Well they are near the Starstone Cathedral so I could easily produce any type of terrain imaginable as they attempt to stop him from ascending to Godhood. What spells should I have Razmir already cast such as Shield or Mage Armor etc... Since Razmir will know they are coming he should be fully prepared, if not also having his minions ready to ambush.

What about upgrading the White Dragon to Great Wyrm making him a CR 18? Then the Pit Fiend which is CR 20 summoned and controlled, with the supped up giant Mask Golem with Fluid Form CR 16.

As for Razmir I was thinking of epic gear such as Staff of the Magus, and the like.

At the end of my next campaign I want a epic brutal end battle. The party will be level 20 Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, and Rogue. This will bring them to the steps of the Starstone Cathedral facing off against Razmir and a couple of servants.

Now my question is first off what equipment should Razmir have on him? I am figuring him to be a venerable Human level 19 Wizard. A stat tree for him would also would be cool to include if you wish.

As for one of his two minions I am thinking about a Masked Golem increased size and abilities, maybe bumping him up to a CR 15. What abilities would you suggest adding to it to powering him up?

The other minion is a mind controlled Ancient White Dragon with Gold Trimmed Scales CR 15. Or would the dragon, the golem, and Razmir be to much for a level 20 standard adventuring party to handle?

An interesting thought with the Synthesist Summoner, but isn't an eidlions max size huge, thus make him pretty much weaker after he reached a certain age? (Depending one which type of dragon he is.)

Son of the Veterinarian wrote:

I wouldn't boost anything at all, as the lack of scales either from torture, disease, or birth defect would be a severe disability for a dragon.

I'd suggest lowering all of his stats and defensive abilities due to his disability/injuries and having him compensate with some combination of class levels, magic items, and/or minions.

I could certainly see your point fully for the magician removing his scales or a birth defect, however when I said "born with it" I was referring to a natural adaption which means usually that he lost the scales but gained something that evolution thought would give him a better chance at survival.

Which as many people have been giving great ideas, maybe the scaleless dragon won better hunting grounds over his scaled brethren because of being more magically inclined, being much faster and a better flier(I'm sorry but the lack of weight added by scales would make him faster and make flying a bit easier.), or having some enhanced stealth abilities.

As for the addition of minions if I did lower his CR as SoV suggested, by how much though, what minions would you add to keep the CR of the encounter in line, Kobolds had been mentioned but at a CR 1/3 it would take a few I would think. XD

Well I was bouncing between the idea of him being born with it, in similar line of E. E. Knights Dragon Champion as Hgsolo mentioned, and the other idea was he was captured by a magic user who used his scales to fuel his magic and finally escaped but lacking all his scales.

Using the magic user line could also explain any extra magical powers he might gain in lieu of losing his armor. I had a durp moment and forgot dragons had DR as well thanks for mentioning that Blue_the_Wolf. How much would one of you boost his dex, or his skills such as fly etc...

What spells would recommend adding as well. As a reference I want to try and keep his CR in line with other true dragons so 15-20 at Ancient.

I am thinking of adding a scaleless dragon as an enemy in my next campaign, how would the rules for one work? I am assuming a massive drop in natural armor and an equal increase in DEX with an increase in movement speed and flying capabilities? How would you handle this creature and the roles you would use them in?

Well the reason I said aberration as well as it used some DNA found on the Silver Mount (I am using the idea it was a crashed ship) and using magic and tech to enhance and fill in the holes that the DNA had in it. So that's maybe why I see it as possibly all three of those types. So its a constructed alien biology and intellect infused with magic?

I am getting ready to GM a group in August so I am doing the base line work. I currently have the games major plot devices set up, and the games 5 major bosses. One of these is an Elven Alchemist, with ties to the Technic League in Numeria who has been using a combination of tech, alchemy, and magic to create a savage new monster, known by the codename "The Beast", I realize that's a lame name and will most likely to change later on. My issue is what would he be considered Magical Beast, Construct, or Aberration? With my idea the Beast would fit all three types extremely well since he is of alien thought and biology, was constructed, and infused with magic. Just looking for ideas, and thoughts. He is meant to be one of the games higher end bosses pushing CR 19-21.

Yes I do, I am also saying though I think retrieving items from a backpack or belt would be impossible as well.

Googleshng wrote:

Prehensile Tail (2 RP) (Needed something with more flavor than use.)

Ratfolk with this trait have unusually long and flexible tails. The added balance and control over their actions grants them an extra 10 foot base movement and Weapon Finesse as a free bonus feat. Additionally, their tails may used to hold small items or retrieve them from a backpack or belt as a swift action, but cannot be used to wield weapons or otherwise function as an extra hand (playing an instrument, untying ropes, uncorking flasks, etc.)

I have to disagree with these two honestly, while a rat's tail is partially prehensile they have very limited grip with it and mainly use it for balance. This is of course coming from a person who fancies rat and is talking from a completely scientific place and using its rules in a fantasy setting.

Mirrel the Marvelous wrote:
He will be a second class citizen, no doubt about it. Not because he's a tiefling or a Witch, but because he's alive!

Today the undead essentially are Gebbite society, with the remaining humans and other living creatures growing more and more marginalized with each year that passes.

Mortal necromancers remain an important exception to this dynamic, guarded as they are by spells, amulets, and rituals that grant protection from the undead, if not outright control of them.

(Copied from the Inner Sea World Guide. They would be exempt due to being a Necromancer if I am reading it right.)

Alright I am currently writing up a character for a standard Pathfinder game. I am aware of Tieflings tend to be almost second class citizens in every nation (notably worse in Cheliax. However how would Geb feel if one of the Blood Lords birthed a Tiefling "Necromancer" (Playing a Witch with the Gravewalker archetype)? Just looking for thoughts and advice.

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