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The Mazeflesh Man

Hondo Heru's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent, Australia—NSW—Burwood. 17 posts (77 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.

Shadow Lodge

Been trying to do what the Subject line says but I keep getting a message that my shopping cart is full, I am only about half way through the list of Miniatures I wish to buy. The cart is prompting me to contact you guys about if I want to add more items to the cart, is this possible? and if so whats the procedure here? I would prefer doing this in one order rather than splitting it over multiple orders if at all possible.

Thanks in advance

The Exchange

Okay looking for some verification i am building a Polearm Master fighter/Hellknight, 5 levels of fighter then down the Hellknight path, its a PFS character so i am a little worried about Class features stacking and such.

Core question in the case of POle fighting/Steadfast Pike/Polearm Training, the bonus/penalty increase/reduces every four levels beyond the level you gain the feature so if I move to Hellknight at Character Level 6 i don't get the reduction in the penalty of pole fighting.

Any help greatly appreciated and links to othe posts or quotes from the rulebooks even more greatly appreciated

The Exchange

Okay i have been trying to create this character for a when i get it finished, i find something wrong; then i take it apart and start from scratch and i am driving my self nuts, so i will put it out here and I am looking for some input it stands like this at the moment

Human not sure male or female yet

Str: 18 Int: 14
Dex: 14 Wis: 7
Con: 12 Cha: 12

the plan is for Fighter 5 then heading down the Hellknight PrC till the 12 cap with the extra points for the stats to be sunk into wisdom

Defender of the Society
Sargavan Guard

The plan is for him to wear the Hellknight plate and i wanted to get a leg up on the Ac and ACP problem early, i am also planning to make him a order of the godclaw and take the pentatamic faith discpline and go for the travel domain to get the extra 10ft movement

H. Combat Expertise
1. Improved Trip
F1.Exotic Weapon: Fauchard
F2.Fury's Fall
3. Power Attack
F4. Intimidating presence
5. Weapon Focus: Fauchard
7. Greater Trip
9.Tripping Strike
11. Unsure

The Fauchard is to be the major weapon, i did consider Heirloom Weapon and Ancestral Weapon to get the use of it but the traits i selected above looked too good, the intent is also to maximise the trip chances, damage output and Intimidate aspect

any help ideas suggested and such greatly appreciated

The Exchange ****

above question,
A quick clarification on the situation that leads to this question; a friend of mine agreed to run some PFS for a local store, problem is he doesn't have as much time to do this than he had when he offered. So i asked him if he would like me to run the occasional session at the store for him, he said i couldn't because i did not own any of the scenarios and he had generated the event so i couldn't report it; so i would have to buy the scenarios and create a new event/
I have been looking through the msgboard and the pfs guide and i cant find anything to say his position is valid, so can i please get some clarification, can i borrow the scenarios from him, run them myself and report them myself or do i need to buy them myself and create the new event?

Many thanks

The Exchange ****

My new Pfs character is an elf raised by gnomes so has the adopted trait, and has the above trait but a quick question; the bonus language that the traits allows needs to be taken from the racial bonus language list or can it be any of the allowed regional languages or other monster/racial languages,i did find the joshua answer that you can choose regional languages, but there is nothing about this trait many thanks in advance for the help

The Exchange

5 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Okay checked everywhere for a bugging little question, can not find a proper answer, my question is as follows, hyperthically, is this Bob has an Arcane Bloodline socerery and learns identify at Lvl 1, at level three he gets identify as his bonus spell, now i know you can retrain spells at lvl 4 and such, but does Bob know identify twice till he reaches lvl 4 and can swap the lvl1 gained identify, for something new but still have gthe spell on his spell list from the bloodline bonus. Okay i think thats clear, i am aware that this could be circumvented by house rule, but this connects to a PFS sorcerer i am trying to put together, so if someone knows a pfs answer or if Josh or another knowledgeable one can point me to a pfs complaint answer or such

thanks and apolgies for any unclearedness, not much sleep and many hours already awake are ruling my brain at the moment

The Exchange

Okay, guys, girls and everything in between, I have read pretty much every relevant post and text but I need some questions answered; if anyone can help thanks in advance
1. If an Eidolon has two primary attacks, can it use both in a single round and if so under what circumstance can it?
2. Summoners can wear light armor, if I cast mage armor on myself would the resulting AC bonus's stack (I think not but the brain is in neutral at the moment) or how should it work if I cast it on my eidolon?
3. I am having difficulties picking his known spell list for the level 1 slots any suggestions or personal favourites??
4. I believe that the summoner can communicate with the eidolon through the life link telepathically, but I read it speaks as well, can an eidolon verbally speak or is all the telepathic communications in the spoken language chosen, and if the summoner knows more than one language can he choose?

As a side point I may be using this character in a pfs setting, if this changes any of the answers, please enlighten me

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