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Berserker Cannibal

Holgur's page

662 posts. Alias of Bill Lumberg.




Ranger-Skirmisher 3 | HP 30/30 | AC 16 FF 12 T14 | Saves +5/ +5/ +1 | Init + 8 | Perc + 6 | BAB +2 CMB +5 CMD +17




Neutral Evil




Port Peril



Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 12

About Holgur



HP 30
Initiative +8

Speed 30 feet

AC 16/FF 12/T 13

BAB +3/grapple +6/missile +5
CMB +6 CMD 18

Saves +5/+5/+2

Class Abilities:


Favored Enemy: Humanoid (Humans)
Wild Empathy
Two-handed weapon combat style
Favored Terrain: Jungles

Ilizmagorti Native: +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks, and Sense Motive is a class skill for you. In addition, your familiarity with the pirate's life allows you to make untrained Knowledge (local) checks regarding pirates or the region of the Shackles.

Reactionary: +2 on Initiative

Pirate: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Profession (sailor) and Swim checks, and Swim is always a class skill for you.

Improved Initiative
Cleave (ranger combat bonus)
Power Attack

~class~ [ranks + trained + modifier]
Climb 1+3+3(Str)=7 -4(Armor)
Handle Animal +1(Wis)
Heal +1(Wis)
Intimidate 2+3+1(Cha)=6
Knowledge (Nature)1+3=4
Perception 2+3+1(Wis)=6
Profession (Sailor)2+3+1(Wis)+1(Trait)=8
Ride +2(Dex)-4(Armor)
Sense Motive +1(trait)+1(Wis)=2
Stealth 1+3+2(Dex)= 6-4(Armor)
Survival 2+3+1(Wis)=6 +2 to track = 8
Swim 1+3+3(Str)+1(Trait)=8 -4(Armor)

~non-class skill~
Acrobatics 0+2(Dex)=2 -4(Armor)
Appraise 0
Bluff 0+1(Cha)=1
Diplomacy 0+1(Cha)=1
Disguise 0+1(Cha)=1
Escape Artist 0+1(Cha)=1-4(Armor)

Rosewood Armor 50gp 15LBStored
Light Wooden Shield 3gp 5LB

Flail 8gp 5LB
Short Sword 10gp 2LB
Dagger 1Lb
Longbow 75gp 3LB
20 Arrows 1gp 1.5LB
Tar Bomb 15 gp 2LB
Tanglefoot Bag 50gp 4LB
Acid Vial 10gp -
Tindertwig 1gp -

38.5LB Light Encumbrance



Holgur is a native Ilizmagorti sailor who fell out of favor with the crew of the Ravening Maw, a pirate Pirate Traitship that he served on. Holgur sided with Chag, captain of the Maw in a controversial decision to attack the Taxman ,another freebooter ship, over a minor dispute that the captain had with his rival. The attack was a disaster and the Ravening Maw and its fellows were routed with heavy casualties. The victorious captain, Kessen, made the few survivors of the beaten crew swab the deck of his newly acquired vessel while he sat in the shade and drank rum. Holgur and his companions were to be sold into slavery when the ship made port in Riddleport.

One day into the journey for Riddleport the Taxman began to take on water from the damage it had suffered against the Maw. Kessen's crew advised him that the Taxman was beyond repair and he was enraged that his beloved ship was now lost to him. He ordered his crew onto the Maw and the prisoners to be switched over to sink with theTaxman. Holgur and the other crew watched their former ship sail off and prepared to die.

But the Taxmanwas still seaworthy enough to nearly reach Port Peril before it sank within sight of the harbor. The surviving crew made it to shore in lifeboats and called a truce because both factions had fought their enemies valiantly and had worked together to get the Taxman almost to port. The two sides split up after foreswearing vengeance on each other. But soon after the parting of the ways the captain seems to have accidentally slit his own throat while shaving and Holgur decided to seek his fortune on another ship before he meets the same fate. Never trust pirates to keep their word.

Holgur is a large deeply tanned man with quick reflexesreactionary trait and a quick temper. While he is far from the brightest of minds he is intelligent enough to know his limits and that he must restrain himself in some situations. However, he has a keen memory for wrongs done to him and he savors exacting revenge when the opportunity arises.

Advancement Notes:
Level 4
Level 5 feat:
Level 5 Skirmisher trick:
Level 6 ranger combat feat: Furious Focus

Rigging Work


Rigger Tasks
1 Rigging Repair: The ship’s rigging frequently gets
damaged and must be repaired, requiring DC 10
Climb checks to reach the rigging 30 feet up, followed
by a DC 10 Profession (sailor) or Dexterity check.
2 Line Work: Hard work hoisting and lowering sails,
requiring a DC 10 Profession (sailor) or Dexterity
check. The PC must also make a DC 10 Constitution
check to avoid being fatigued at the end of the shift.
3 Upper Rigging Work: Work in the upper rigging, 50
feet up, requiring DC 10 Climb checks, followed by a
DC 10 Profession (sailor) or Dexterity check.
4 Rope Work: Handling the ship’s ropes, including
coiling them, stowing them, and securing them to
cleats and single and double bollards, requiring a DC
10 Profession (sailor) or Dexterity check.
5 Lookout: A climb to the crow’s nest 60 feet up,
requiring DC 10 Climb checks followed by a DC 10
Perception check.
6 Mainsail Duties: Tough work raising and lowering
the mainsail, requiring a DC 10 Profession (sailor)
or Strength check. The PC must also make a DC 10
Constitution check to avoid being fatigued at the end
of the shift.

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