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HinTFishy's page

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Nice Piece Of Kit - Great For Newbies.

****( )

I picked this up in order to use it when running game demos at my local game shop and was immediately impressed when I opened the box. The map is good quality (though I have it under several books at the moment seeing how flat I can get it) and the cardboard standees certainly look good. The books are bright, colourful and well laid out, they should be perfect for introducing new players to the hobby. I could have been happier with the character sheets, but in well over twenty years of gaming I have yet to find ANY game where I was happy with the character sheets so that isn't really much of a complaint.
For what I'm looking for, this box is great. For what it was INTENDED for I would guess it's an excellent proposition. For kids who aren't going to get seriously into the game there is probably enough to last through until they get bored of it, while those who DO become 'serious' gamers are unlikely to gripe too much about the additional expense of buying this box first. Certainly it has enough scope to get your money's worth out of it.
Like all Pathfinder stuff it perhaps feels a little glitzy and power-gamey for us 1st Edition fogies but it's still miles better than anything Wizards have done lately.

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