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Hikusenba's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 18 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


Sovereign Court

Worked pretty well. Shot a raven with a paintball and then couldn't hit anything with the blowgun for the rest of the adventure.

Sovereign Court

But at this moment, until a GM or Venture Captain or the Lord James Jacobs himself shuts me down, my gnome is probably going to make sure to get a couple of Dye blowgun darts into the fight inbetween bombs, and at some point when the GM's defenses are down, out comes the Splintercloud darts. Slowburn darts when I can afford them and Raining darts when I can compensate for the -2 on the ranged attack bonus.

Sovereign Court

Kyrie Ebonblade, wrote:

Been wanting a Alchemist with a good sleight of hand and that feather quill wrist launcher from Ultimate intrigue. Add in explosive missile

"I dunno what happened, he was yelling something about some guy...then he blew up""

I did a very bad thing and made a gnome alchemist who kind of childishly wants to be a dragon. So as part of her starting equipment bought her a monster mask and a pocketed scarf (which boosts Sleight of Hand!), but I'm making it that the pockets on either end of the scarf she can put her hands into, like one of those hats for kids, and use the ends as her dragon wings or claws or whatever.

I decided I would find a way to use Sleight of Hand on this character, but she's definitely going to be...unique.
Then again, maybe not so much with what I've seen from other Pathfinders, thus far.

Sovereign Court

technarken wrote:
Rule of Funny, man. Rule of funny.

That's my gnome alchemist, firing dye darts for zero damage, but leaving the victims bright-pink.

Or using regular darts, rolling 1d1, and shouting, "YES! Max-damage, every time!"

Sovereign Court

I've found the one post where he's commenting on alchemical ammunition, but it really only mentions the price for other ammunition.

Blowgun darts, while I feel technically legal, just seem a little absurd, is all.

Though if they're legal I'll definitely go that route.

Sovereign Court

In the Alchemy Manual there is an entry for making alchemical ammunition. For example, the Raining Arrows that deliver Holy Water splash weapons.
Since the text states this can be applied to ranged ammunition that does piercing damage, could I apply something like the Raining ammunition type to a blowgun dart? According to the text these should be allowed, but then I picture a Trip dart fired from a gnome-sized blowgun.

Sovereign Court

Jack Brown wrote:
Who knows, we may see the tier1 gen Con GM's with it soon

If I knew anything about the goings-ons of conventions, I would suspect this.

Sovereign Court

Would be nice. The image on page 9 of Legacy of the First World is pretty nice. I like the armor and the tree-wings.

Sovereign Court

Quoting from the new Additional Resources document published August 10th, "Class Bonuses: The favored class bonuses in this book are legal for play except the gathlain’s kineticist favored class bonus."
From my interpretation of this, the other Gathlain favored class bonuses are legal. But the Gathlains themselves are not society-legal?

Additionally, Additional Resources says all Additional Racial Traits and Feats are legal, and doesn't list the Gathlain material as excluded.

Are there any Gathlain boons, am I missing something, or is this a hint at changes to Season 9?

I've only been playing Pathfinder since March, and there is a lot of material spread out all over, so it's entirely possible I've missed something.

Sovereign Court

Squirtle squirt!

Sovereign Court

Well I clarified that I was purchasing vanities, not items, to the Venture Captain and he said it was legal. So yay, vanity shopping sprees.

Sovereign Court

I don't think you could do both the 1PP and 2PP purchases, since the 2PP says 750gp or less and the 1PP is 'or less', but I don't know.

Even then, some of the vanities are OVER 2PP and since there isn't another 'free item purchase' above this, I don't see it applying to the higher cost vanities.

Sovereign Court

The other night the Venture Captain told me that I could only purchase one thing at a time using Prestige points. I had made multiple purchases of vanities, not realizing there may have been a limit.

Checking the guild guide, on page 22 there is a reference stating that a GM can limit the spending of Prestige if it obstructs gameplay, making it sound like Prestige can be spent multiple times.

The Venture Captain pointed out that on page 21, there is a note that only once per chronicle may you spend 2 Prestige to purchase an item worth 750 gold of less for free.

As I'm purchasing vanities (such as multiple vanity followers, titles, and businesses) and not items with an explicit gold value, I don't see this as applying to the free item purchase limit.

Any thoughts?

Sovereign Court


Sovereign Court

I don't know, it still sounds like you're going to have top dig through all your Chronicle sheets to look up your boons, even if you're only selecting specific ones to activate.

Sovereign Court

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ChrisLKimball wrote:
Flamethrower weilding spacerat bounty Hunter with adorable robot companion, I am in!

COMPANION? The last sentence CLEARLY lists Scout as in-charge!

Sovereign Court

I feel this is pretty lazy cropping to call it "Standard", "Widescreen", and "Mobile". I can tell my devices to crop and resize to fit as needed and it would do the same thing.

Sovereign Court

Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
Can we get some indication of size on the ships? Are those one inch bases?

There are a few videos online of gameplay from a video interview during one of the recent game conventions. They have the ships on the table during the game.

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