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Dragonwinged Ram

HerosBackpack's page

254 posts. Alias of Cat Daemon.











About HerosBackpack

This is probably going to be a yes and no profile...

Yes, I have gaming material published.
Wayfinder 6
So What's the Hoard Like Anyway? II
Wayfinder 7
So What's the Tavern Like Anyway?
So What's the Riddle Like Anyway?
#30 Evocative Vehicles
So What's the Riddle Like Anyway?II
Wayfinder 8
#30 Portable Rooms
Wayfinder 9
So What's the Riddle Like Anyway?III
In the Company of Medusa
All that Glimmers
Urban Dressing: Theatres
#30 Mercenary Companies
Wayfinder 10
GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing
Wayfinder 12
#30 Magic Tools
10 Kingdom Seeds: Forests
Wayfinder 14
10 Kingdom Seeds: Hills

Yes, I have had non-gaming related writing published too, the easiest of which to access online is this one.

Yes, I do have some unpublished gaming stuff around for viewing, from the Master Storyteller Competitions, and from judging and competing in the Hero Craftsman Competitions and the Master GM Competitions.

I also had a long-running solo campaign write up featuring one Joe Wood.

Yes, I also have assorted non-game writing around that hasn't been published, some of which can be seen here

No, you didn't make a mistake when you read the profile, it says "neuter"

No, I'm not bothered what pronoun you use - I accept anything except "it". "It" is for things, and I'm a person... ;)

So what else did you want to know?

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