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Full Name

Heng of Cold Mountain




Ki Mystic Monk







Special Abilities

Stunning fist (staggered) 11/d ( DC 19), Elemental Fist 10/d






Common, Orc, Tien

Strength -18
Dexterity -16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 10

About Heng

Ki Mystic Monk 13/Paladin 1
Init: +6 Speed: 60 DV Perception +20

HP: 138 (13d8+1d10+26 con +13 fav) current: 138
AC: 30 (+3 dx, +3 ws, +4 arm, +1 nat, +6 mnk, +1 dod, +2 def)
Saves: fort +15 ref +14 will +16
Special defenses: Improved evasion, Cold resistance 20

BAB +10/5 CMB +15 CMD 32 (+4 grapple)
+2 frost fist +16/11 (2d8+6+2+2)+(1d6 cold)(imp crit)
>>Flurry +17/17/12/12/7 (2d8+6+2)+(1d6 cold)

Sling +11 ranged (1d4+3) 50’ shots: 5
>>10 +2 shuriken
Feats: Ironhide, Imp Initiative, Elemental Fist, Great Grapple, Imp Crit, Keen Scent
Style: Dragon Style, Dragon Ferocity, Dragon Roar
Monk Feats: Dodge, Imp Grapple, Deflect Arrow, M Wrath
Ki pool: 11/11

Foster Child (Koya)- +2 Geography, now class skill
Outcast- +1 Survival, now class skill

Racial Abilities:
Darkvision 60
Rock Climber (APG)- +1 climb and acrobatics
Sacred Tattoo (APG)- +1 luck bonus to all saves

Class abilities:

Ki Mystic- +2 Knowledge checks; 1 Ki point for a +4 insight bonus to an ability or skill check.
Mystic Insight- 2 Ki points to grant ally a reroll on attack or save.
Mystic Visions- divination through dreams
Presience- +2 AC and CMD
Stunning fist-10+1/Day, fatigue or sicken 1 minute
Ki pool (magic/silver/cold iron/lawful)- add flurry attack/move +20/+4 dodge/+20 jump, slow fall 60
Cure 10 hp for 2 Ki
Abundant step

Dragon Style:

Dragon Style- +2 va. sleep, paralysis, stun; free charge; +1.5 str on first attack
Dragon Ferocity- x2 str on first attack, x1.5 after; shaken on crit 1d4+STR; elemental fist
Dragon Roar- Concussive roar- 2 stun for unarmed attack damage + shaken d4 vs will DC 19

Aura of good, detect evil, smite evil 1/day (+2 damage, bypass DR)

Acrobatic 12/18 (+22 jump [10 cls, 12 spd) (+3 class, +3 dex, +1 race)
Climb 3/10 (+3 class, +3 str, +1 race)
Diplomacy 2/5 (+3 class)
Heal 1/7 (+3 class, +3 Wis)
Fly 2/5 (+3 Dex)
Knowledge (geography) 1/8 (+5 trait, +2 Ki)
Knowledge (nature) 1/3 (+2 Ki)
Knowledge (religion) 1/6 (+3 class, +2 Ki)
*Knowledge (history) 0/4 (+2 boon, +2 Ki)
*Knowledge (local) 0/4 (+2 boon, +2 Ki)

Knowledge (nobility) 1/8 (+3 class, +2 boon, +2 Ki)
Linguistics 1/1
Perception 12/20 (+3 class, +3 wis, +2 enhance)
Sense Motive 10/18 (+3 class, +3 wis, +2 enhance)
Stealth 4/10 (+3 class, +3 dex)
Survival 2/9 (+4 trait, +3 wis)
Swim 1/7 (+3 class, +3 str)

Pouch: sling / 7 bullets/ 10 silver, 25 shuriken/20 cold iron,
Backpack: 6 days rations, silk rope and hook, wooden bowl, martial arts scrolls, climbing kit
Consumables: Eagle's Splendor, alchemist fire (2)
potions: blur (2), displacement
scrolls: seeming, false vision

Silver Scale Talisman:
This talisman is comprised of a single silver dragon scale of a gleaming, near-mirror finish, etched with mystic Erutaki runes.

While worn, the talisman gives the wearer cold resistance 20. Additionally, it provides the wearer's unarmed attacks a +2 competence bonus (per Amulet of Mighty Fists) and the capability to bypass silver damage reduction. Upon command, the wearer's hands are sheathed in icy cold; while active, unarmed strikes from the wearer deal an extra 1d6 cold damage on a successful hit. The cold does not damage the wearer, and remains until dismissed by the wearer.
As a swift action, the wearer can summon a pair of ghostly, silver dragon wings from his back. These wings provide the wearer with a fly speed of 60 ft (average) up to a cumulative total of 20 minutes per day. The wings can be dismissed at will.

Dragonmaw Nunchaku:
Price 29,902 gp
+2 nunchaku crafted of solid iron wrapped in leather and decorated with an imperial dragon motif. 1/day, when the wielder confirms a critical hit with the nunchaku, he can cast confusion on the target as a free action (duration 8 rounds, DC 16 Will save to negate).
Additionally, in the round after a successful disarm with the nunchaku, the wielder can spin the nunchaku as a standard action, creating a curtain of whirling force replicas of the disarmed weapon around himself for 1 round. This functions as a ringed blade barrier with a 10 ft radius, Reflex DC 19. The disarmed weapon determines the damage dice for the blade barrier. This can be done once per day.

Magical Gear
Monks robes-2d8 damage, +4 armor, +1 stun 13K
+2 Cloak of Resistance, 4k
Greater Monkey Belt 18K
blue rhomboid ioun stone- as Alertness, 10k
Ring of Protection +2 4k
Bracers of Armor +4 16K
ring of sustenance- 2 hr sleep, no food req 2500

$: 220 gp

[ooc]Round 1
AC:30, hp:130, Ki 10, Stun 13, Fire 10, dragon style[ooc]

Party Loot:

5 elixirs of fire breath
scroll of cleanse
1 lesser dragon slaying arrow
1 potion of protection from arrows
2 potion of barkskin
3 potions of lesser restoration
5 potions of cure light wounds (1 each)
climbing kit
3 rope and grappling hook
wand of flame arrows (9)
mwk fishing net
91 gold and 203 silver.
collection of 13 glass bottles
clay jug of firewine
525 gp
5 thunderstones

Heng is somewhat small (only 6’) and soft spoken for a half-orc. As a child, his mysterious Tien father covered him with a living tapestry of warding tattoos including a mystical symbol on his forehead and a stylistic view of a mountain across his back with clouds that wrap around his biceps. All this is plainly visible as Heng normally wears only a loose pair of black pants and a cloak. A long jagged scar bisects his left pectoral from a recent encounter with an Ulfen raider's axe. Fortunately it did not mar his warding tattoos.

Heng's mother was exiled from her orc tribe and his father, a Tien hermit, took pity on her as she lay dying in the snow of the Tusk Mountains. He took her in, saving her life and eventually falling in love with her. Both were later killed by her raiding tribe and Heng fled for his life out of the mountains and to the south. He eventually encountered a caravan from Korvosa and Koya Mvashti took pity on the awkward youth allowing him to travel with them. He feels eternally indebted to her and upon learning of her interest in travelling north; he volunteered as a guard in the hopes of finding a way to Tian. He has always wanted to see the land of his father and reclaim the human side of his heritage.

Heng has become very close to Koya and constantly worries about her. Many find the sight of a ferocious half-orc doting on an elderly priestess quite humorous, but Heng appears quite unaware of the oddness of the situation.

A long jagged scar across his left pectoral from an Ulfen raider's axe.
A puckered wound on his lower right side from a troll-kin's pick.