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Helaman's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,596 posts (12,859 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 18 Pathfinder Society characters. 21 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

NP mate

Grand Lodge

I'll use Nighteyes take 20 here. Map updated

Moving to the front of the building Nighteyes notices that the ivy and grass have been cleared along the edge of the building where the foundation meets the ground.

Looking closer and investigating you find a series of sinuous runes has been etched along the base of the wall and then smeared with blood. The runes would seem to go around the entire length building’s foundation on the front of the building save for the northeast corner, where part of the building has flooded and the foundation has crumbled away.

The runes themselves are written in Varisian, and among numerous magical incantations, repeat the name Lyvar Hawkran dozens of times.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Metamagic - Superior Summoning (Benefit: Each time you cast a summoning spell that conjures more than one creature, add one to the total number of creatures summoned) or try Arcane discovery of Fast Study

Grand Lodge

GM Helaman wrote:

School holidays have sodded me up. I've been doing minimum posts for one of my PbP games.

Chronicles to follow tomorrow - promise.

Long bloody story here but it shouldn't matter as I have been massively delinquent in getting these out.

Here is the link.


Megferra is up. The others will be up in the next bit or so.

Apologies on the delays all. Inexcusable but hoping you'll forgive me.

Grand Lodge

I will check mine again later and compare against chronicles but I envy the guys who kept it all in spreadsheets. Would be a lot easier for me.

Edit: found one with a double claim for the Confirmation but I believe its a multi play for level 1s and that you can play it once with a level 2. Have emailed a report back via the link on the sessions page.

There is some missing credit for recent events but I am unsure if thats because they haven't been reported yet or not.

Grand Lodge

Mr. Bubbles wrote:
Oh boy, here's me not wishing it was a "Legacy of the Empire" type campaign dealing with Taldor and Qadira.

That would be cool

Grand Lodge

Atrocious wrote:
Sounds like they're fishing for Against the Giants nostalgia here, but it is just such a generic title... Not impressed, especially not after Iron Gods.

Hopefully it will get a rename.

I can't help thinking it would be a better format if started level 4 and went to level 20 or a mid level large page module like the Dragons Demand.

Grand Lodge *

My report was sent US Thursday - that said it was sent once mislabled as Dalsine. I immedietely sent another email clarifying it was in fact day of the demon.

Grand Lodge

You should email it in and they do the rest.

Grand Lodge

Big thanks.

Grand Lodge

Cedric, whats your RL first name for reporting purposes?

Grand Lodge

on travel for 12 hrs

Grand Lodge

Impressive stuff. Love the JPEGs.

I'd look into finishing the cards then publishing this for a small sum as a pdf if you can get a hold of some artwork that is open or has artist permission.

Unfortunately the toughest part is the art work if one wishes to publish for money and art work is likely the costliest investment but loving your stuff.

Grand Lodge

Great stuff - thanks

Grand Lodge

I may well run this down to the print shop after I fiddle with trying to get the most bang for my buck arranging the cards... thanks Rob.

Been saying that there is a potentially great market for 3rd PP to offer PDFs to show owners how to get another round or two of play out of their boxed sets.

Love the work on it but can't help feeling that punters will find it easier and cheaper to print professionally if these are arranged into a pdf and sized either to print at A4 or A3.

Grand Lodge

great to see homebrew adventures. There is a market here for a set of 3rd PP PDFs that show owners how to recustomise their sets to get new adventures etc.

Grand Lodge

Missing a few tables - player AND GM credit both but I trust its being worked on later in this month after PaizoCon so no biggie - just calling it out.

Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge

Sent a few PMs Elidals way - not asking for her to post but just general "How ya doin?" ones. No response.

I get that everyone has points of stress/depression in their lives (dealt with it myself a few times) and so I'll hold on another week or so before reaching out for a replacement but I do need to consider the possibility that she won't be coming back.

If thats the case I'll look around for a 5th while you four press on. I feel a 5th is the most stable of arrangements for PbP - we're looking at two drop outs since start if Elidal goes, but as the core of four is still there, the show can go on.

If you have any friends that wouldn't mind trying the Pharasmin senior acolyte (Warpriest, Inquisitor, Cleric or hells, I'll go Paladin with Oath against Undead as a special case) or a town deputy (Pick a non magical class more or less but slayer and swashbuckler probably wouldnt fit), a female alchemist (tricky as Jorminda is not meant to be a PC but we can bring something into it that will work storywise) or the senior student of the teach at the Unfurling scroll (Wizard, Magus, arcanist or even sorcerer... it drives him nuts and he's trying to convert the character to wizardry :)) or even a VERY late arriving friend of the Professor then let me know in about a week.

If Elidal later returns? There will be a place for her. I've enjoyed her RP and gameplay and would be glad to have her back in the game.

Grand Lodge *

Not far beyond that. Its a dungeon crawl after a party.

The dungeon doesn't need to change at all. Hell, the intro only needs to change to eliminate the Lantern lodge reference (as she is still a factor in the PFS just more focused on the Tien side) and remove the reference to the sword all together.

Grand Lodge *

I wish they'd just edit the intros of 2 and 3 and re-release them. It's only fluff and not crunch that retired them... Well apart from a certain jade katana. But that mcguffin can be replaced with another.

Grand Lodge *

Look for the 4.5 and 5 star reviews of the modules working through each season.

I'd go a bit lighter on Season 0 and 1 and 2 however unless your area and friends doesn't have PFS running simply because a lot of ppl have played these before.

Grand Lodge

what map?

Grand Lodge

LoneKnave wrote:

An alternative to this is to have all casters use all the casting stats.

Wis for spells/day, Int for spells known, Cha for spellpower/DCs/Rounds etc.

Oooooh - interesting. Will need to meditate on this as I've faffed around with Int/Cha or Wis/Cha but not all 3... though all 3 means that Clerics, which tend to be a bit MAD would suffer more.

Grand Lodge

Great stuff. Thanks for that - is this in the Errata for the product yet?

Grand Lodge

MagusJanus wrote:

"No, no, tying him to a wooden stake and setting him on fire won't work... Asmodeus requires you to cut out his heart first and replace it with a special piece of burning coal that has been soaked in virgin's blood. Man, where are the virgins going to come from?"

"Why, hello minister. What are you doing with that crucifix and bottle of water?"


I know one lay minister who games regularly who would likely get a raised eye brow from some of the congregation if they heard some of his gaming stories.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

the Queen's Raven wrote:
there is a ghost wizard as the bbeg in the haunting of harrowstone

I think he's CR7

Grand Lodge

Vampire Spawn is CR4 but can be a good adversary

Grand Lodge

Search for this... Fate Points and Aspects for d20 (OGL)

Grand Lodge

Purplefunk wrote:
Haha. I love the suggestions! I probably won't kill unless they do it to themselves . I say punish but that's probably because I'm in the middle of reading the dresden files. Jim Butcher just punishes dresden. A more accurate way to say it is how can I use this low charisma in funny or creative ways to help grow their bond with their character.

I think its $3USD or something but there is a product that is D20 and the fate system or something like that.

The Dresden files RPG uses the fate system too.

Basically you have a bunch of positive and negative 'aspects'.

If you act 'in character' with the aspects then the GM will give you some points to be used in a later roll or some sort of plot related advantage (ie a convenient exit door), if you act out of character with your aspects then the GM gives you a plot disadvantage or throw some points into an enemy roll or to negate your roll.

Worth checking out.

Grand Lodge

Yes... progress?

Grand Lodge

Looks like I am wrong. I thought I played the confirmation with the kid but its not the case.

I may be up for something more. Level 2 is when swashbucklers get their finese feat.

Grand Lodge

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I don't have a good answer on that to be honest... apart from OCCASSIONALLY using illusions to mask immediete threats.

GM: You detect Magic.
Him: I concentrate. The party should know to halt.
GM: While standing there 4 crossbow bolts come out of the wall that you were detecting the magic from. You are all flat footed.

This doesn't STOP the behaviour but it stops them from getting in a rut.

Then you can try putting them on a shot clock. If they take extra time all the time looking for magic? The villian succeeds, the mcguffin gets stolen etc.

Grand Lodge

Apologies all. Some tough stuff happening locally. Gimme another 24-30 hrs.

Grand Lodge

The Limnorn fight each other with not much by way of excuse. I'd think a hobgoblin would be on the bottom end of your spectrum.

Why does the character want a Hobgoblin? Is it the 'power' factor (really not that much of one)? Is it the 'snow flake' factor - them just wanting to be 'special'? Is it the thrill of playing a monster (the Gorumite angle seems to indicate they aren't trying to soften or civilise their character).

How tied to their desired level of 'fun' is this character? Could they have the same fun if you offered a customised half-elf or human or something that gave much of the same features or does it have to be a Hobgoblin?

How tied to 'fun' is your desire to stick to some verisimilitude to the setting? If it grates you the wrong way, will it still be fun for you?

If you don't give a toss? Or its meh? Then just throw in a background feature that from time to time small groups of Hobgoblins go civilised and move to the human lands, selling the only commodity they have - their skills at war, and become Mercenaries. They are rare but not unheard of.

Then you can hang in the ignore or cold shoulders region most of the time.

It boils down to the why does the player want to do this, what do they want to do with this and will this blow your fun. If its just for fun and rule of cool? And its not going to rain on your parade? Sure.

Just set some ground rules that you are both comfortable with. Afterall the land of the Limnorm is populated by the Golarian equivilent of Vikings and Hells Angels (in Longships), so him thinking he is so badass may not end up so well for them - they should be warned.

Grand Lodge

I resent the hell out of modules like this. The society really need to pay for camels. Sure we can walk but really? The metagame tells me that we will travel at speed of plot but in reality? We'd camel up. Its a 80gp tax on my level 1 character AFTER I resell everything back. At level 4? Its not such a big deal but it hurts at my lower WBL.

The Endure Elements is a funny one - 50/50 on resenting that.

Grand Lodge

Apparently not.

Grand Lodge

Eris the Drunkard wrote:

[dice=Day job: Craft (alchemy)]1d20+16

[dice=Boon check]1d20

Dont have your PFS#

Grand Lodge

Sorc/Palad is a good mix. I find Oracles are wierd as blasters but if you can find a mystery that works for you so be it. Mind you, oracles do get more in the way of special abilities.

Start as Pally for the PFS HPs etc.

Take it to level 2 for the saves.

Move to Sorcerer or oracle

It will take you to level 6 to get 2nd level spells so you will be behind the curve there. By level 7 pure sorcs/oracles will be getting level 3 spells while you will be only getting them at level 9.

Thats MOST of your career as a pathfinder.

Dragon Disciple works for if you go the Sorc route to buff HPs and stats but will keep you off the curve for a bit. Not sure if it fits the Fist of God blaster thing you are thinking of though.

Grand Lodge

Ooops - wrong thread

Grand Lodge

Scratch that

"At the conclusion of each game, the GM and the players will all roll a raw d20 in the virtual presence of the GM, only at the time the GM indicates, and in the game thread. (Alternatively the GM is allowed to roll for all the players as a public list of rolls on the Forum they are running the game in, instead of allowing the players to roll individually themselves.)

Anyone who rolls a natural 20 will get the boon of their choice (see selection below).

Anyone who rolls a natural 1 will get a random boon, determined by the GM rolling a d4 and matching that with the Boon number below.

(As stated above, the GM is also allowed to participate in this boon roll to also have a chance to win a boon in each game.)

** The post with the boon rolls should not be edited after the initial roll is made. **"

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Kid moves to flank Larkin and give him a good thrashing.

Attack 1d20 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 + 2 = 5
Damage 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

No hitting the Lady!

Grand Lodge

I too like it so far.

The 'Magic' aspect for weapons confuses me.

So the IB6 +1 weapon bonus is a non magical effect and you need a magical effect (such as flaming or cold or keen) to make it 'magical' for DR purposes or Magic Weapon spell?

Just curious on the 'why' of this.

I tend to lower powered games so I am ok but just curious.

Grand Lodge

Mark Sweetman wrote:

I've briefly scanned over the altered history - and wondered if a welsh / gnomish pastiche would be appropriate?

A Gnomish Swashbuckler perhaps?

Level 3 is when they start to come into their own. That said, a lot of things down here tend to ignore precision damage, which is a lot of what buffs up the SBs damage output.

Grand Lodge

1d20 ⇒ 11

Grand Lodge

Nice! Gimme a bit

Grand Lodge

I mod pretty much everything I run except PFS games. Whether it be because I don't like the encounter, NPC or loot or plot point or because I want to tweak the story or feel the players would respond better to changes, I move things around.

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