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Helaman's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,770 posts (14,359 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 18 Pathfinder Society characters. 23 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

Okay - nother Q.

You want me to take over this thread Or start a new one and move it to there?

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

My bones will stay with my minis. These? These will go with the PF adventure CG.

Seriously, hurry and announce set 3, want top prebook all 3 sets.

Grand Lodge


Heading further away down the road and away the town of Hochoch, the Realstream is quickly crossed at a shallow ford, and you follow a wagon track that winds along the south side of a narrow creek. The plains here are flat and grassy. Occasionally, large cottonwood trees grow along the stream, but in general the plain is unforested..../quote]

I couldn't resistt an homage to the boxed texts of the old style D&D... I think I'll keep using this method to maintain the feel

Grand Lodge

So firstly kudos to your GM. He sounds like he did a great job.

I'd like to see a show of hands on if we fight the big fight or allow me to close it out and push to pt 3.

There isn't any wealth to be gained in the fight itself. Not sure if you've been looting the Schloss or not. Do you all feel appropriate for WBL?

Grand Lodge

I've read the games last few pages.

We can go one of two ways. We can epic battle this one or I can fast forward it to the end of the battle and bridge to book 3?

For my own part I'd like to bridge to book 3 as the final battle with be a real tough one to play out.

Your thoughts?

Also do we have a dedicated loot tracker person?

Grand Lodge

Yep - thats the way it will have to happen but a combat style for a single level fighter dip is worth a feat in my mind for what you get.

Grand Lodge

This game was really on hold from July, right?

Grand Lodge

Kimberly Snow wrote:

I may have a DM lined up I just posted for him I can PM him as well but lets give him a chance to see the post first.

link to the GM search thread

I can do it - just need a few things.

1/ a bit of understanding. I am GMing two games ATM plus I tend to lower level play so that moving forward I may need you to help me out on rulings etc
2/ I get involved in international projects a bit. From time to time I may disappear but will give you notice if and when that is necessary.
3/ some one to manage the loot etc via a google drive sheet.
4/ some one to tell me how involved has a certain secret organisation been involved with you or has everything been driven by you as characters.
5/ how content are you (short term) to ride the plot train until I am comfortable?

Finally can someone write me a summary of where you are at as your characters see it.

Grand Lodge


This battle will be worth 102xp when finished.

100 divided by 6 for wave 1 = 17xp
300 * 1.5 divided by 6 for wave 2 = 75xp

Bonus 10xp each for additional risk factor

Grand Lodge

All details are in my character - let me know if you have issues with them or want them written differently. Definetely my "All beings are created equal" pov will drive my elitist family nuts.

Grand Lodge

Wow... that works.

5d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 5, 3, 5) = 24 (16)

4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 5, 6) = 21 (16)
4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 2, 6) = 19 (17)

Stat array unadjusted

Str 17
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 13
Wis 14
Cha 16

With Adjustments?

Str +1
Int +1
Cha +2

Final array

Str 17 (18)
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 13 (14)
Wis 14
Cha 16 (18)

I'll have the backround for you shortly. Anything on half elves I need to know? I have a good background where the character comes from a Half elven dynasty so to speak, a family who runs an 'purity' program of keeping the family breeding as half elves.

Grand Lodge


I'll go half Elf Pally.

4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 1, 6) = 14 (12)
4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 3) = 17 (14)
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 5, 4) = 16 (13)


5d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 5, 3, 5) = 24

4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 5, 6) = 21
4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 2, 6) = 19

Grand Lodge

Mala Salazar wrote:
[dice=Con Save]1d20+2 vs. DC 11 Success! So I only take a total of 8 damage :)

yep fine for now

Grand Lodge

5d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 4, 1, 2) = 1311
5d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 1, 1, 2) = 13 11

4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 1, 6) = 14 12
4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 3) = 17 14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 5, 4) = 16 13
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 4, 2) = 8 7

The dice roller loves me it seems.

Grand Lodge

Generic Dungeon Master wrote:

Well, sure Helaman - we can always use more heroes! And thanks for the compliment.

Daniel, shouldn't your attacks bonus be +6 and not +8?

Any particular character you don't want or do want?

Grand Lodge

Rex is problematic.

The reading of shield is that it goes up as a *reaction* when hit then the +5 AC applies to that hit. Is it automatically going up or at the players choice? Someone help me on this. Irrespective a 19 will hit Rex no matter what the case however.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Are the players prepared/ready to continue?

Grand Lodge

Mala Salazar wrote:

If you would, please invite me to the OP site as well: zizazat

I'm not at all against using flavor for the coinage, but I'd have a much easier time remembering something like:

Royal Crown = PP | Gold Crown = GP | Half Crown = EP | Schilling = SP | Penny = CP

For example.

Decided to run with this after all.

No need for players to change a thing though. Its narrative only.

Grand Lodge

when will the announcement on 3 be? I'll do a single pre-order for all 3.

Grand Lodge

I am soooo buying these.

Grand Lodge

Heres the link to the free rules from wizards in PDF format


Grand Lodge

Adran Liadon wrote:

The "Precise Shot" feat doesn't seem to be needed as it is doing away with a disadvantage that doesn't exist.

I think that the "Courage/Jaded" feat would make sense for my character some time down the road. I mean, after you've tapped into an Elder God, most other stuff is going to seem almost boring by comparison. :-)

Yep - I'll remove precise shot. Forgot about it - That was when I didnt understand the cover / firing into melee thing.

Grand Lodge

I may as well add Borden to the list. He's in a game that I can just feel is dying.

Grand Lodge

Oh, and I LOVE the rules for recovery. I've made a note of it for future games of my own.

A Short Rest is treated as normal. A Long Rest DOES NOT recover all Hit Points, but does recover all Hit Dice (which can be used immediately, or saved for later). A rest of 24 hours, recovers One Hit Dice worth of Hit Points at maximum roll, in addition to the benefits of a Long Rest.

Grand Lodge

Still looking? I started my own PbP for 5th ed this week.

Grand Lodge

Mate, don't sweat the small stuff.

If you're having fun then let me work with you.

At the moment we are playing mapless so all is well for now, as for the spell being wrong? It's no big deal just post a correction in spoilers when able or here on the discussion thread. If maps become a thing later (likely) then delay until you get home or post you are happy to have someone move you with an idea in mind ("I want to blast something" or "I need to get to a position to blah blah") and we can not you or you can wait a day until you can get on line.

I don't think WOTC have released much digital content BUT I think there is a free basic rule set in PDF floating around that you can put on your phone. There may be other alternatives out there - fan sites and such. Google fu may help.

To make it easier for you later - irrespective of maps or rule things? Just type up your spells in a spoiler section of your character sheet or a google doc and cut copy/paste when you cast.

Or simply post in discussion that you need a day time.

We're on a fast tempo ATM. All pbps start that way then slow a bit later. I want to encourage a fast tempo because it sets good habits for later but at the end of the day? It's all about the players.

Grand Lodge

Who is in the party now?

Grand Lodge

Where is our ex watchman urban ranger ?

Grand Lodge

I call dibs on the human Paladin from Lastwall, who has just recently won his spurs. He spent his squire years supporting patrols in the desolate, undead-haunted wasteland that is a part of Ustalav in name only. Young but earnest, he is a dedicated foe of the Whispering Tyrant. He has not become jaded and cynical as he has seen many times among their knights. He was saved from a ghoul attack by Petros when the professor (who was on a research trip) was able to intervene in fighting back the attack which cost the life of Knight that was training him.

If Knight does not fit? I am happy to play him as a squire - I think that would be a cool RP angle. "Oh, sir knight, how are you?" "My apologies, I am still but a squire", sorta like you can see 'Padawans' who are actively able to serve in their own right and are grown up but not yet knighted. It would make for a humbler person.

If you want I can post something more.

Cards on the table: I am running Haunting as a PbP myself as well as a Ustalav themed D&D next/5th ed PbP here on these forums. I can be relied on not to metagame and to stay in character when it comes to making decisions and know the atmosphere you are trying to set.

My plus is that I am an active poster who has been consistent in frequent posting rates across many PbP games.


I've also always held that the best 3 party team was one that was demi casters. A magus, an inquisitor and crypt breaker alchemist. It gives you a bit of everything.

If you are thinking of the trio outlined above I've got a level 1 that I used in a previous Ustalav themed game that I can adjust.

Mathus Kohlheim.


On a final note, having run a few PbP games (either PFS or my own campaigns) I'd suggest you go with 4 rather than 3 if it is the case that 3 is your target number. Drop outs are a sad fact for PbPs.

I run 5 in my Carrion crown game because my target is 4. When we dropped to 3 we could still continue short term while we recruited 2 more.

Grand Lodge

Need me to push the game along?

Grand Lodge *

For me PFS has become stale for me on a personal level. I don't feel a connection to it.

Part of it I havent kept all my chronicle sheets and so I've lost track of where I am at - the work could be done but I lack the motivation.

The lack of motivation came from the faction changes. The loss of the Shadow Lodge and Lantern lodge was a bit of a blow to me as I had a character I committed to the journey and then... it just went away. I moved him to Taldor - only to find that the nation states just went away, also disconnecting me to a few Chellish characters and some other character concepts (I figured that if they were attached to the various states via faction they should have good ties - thats just me. Had I made mercenary types who sold their services to the states then it would have been easier.

In any case I am heartened to see Paizo working to make the overall experience better and I look forward to possibly getting back into it.

Grand Lodge

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Perfect time of the year for this news. Best of luck explaining why you're still single at Thanksgiving and Christmas and Charles Manson isn't.


Grand Lodge

How about dwarves to the front, half elves/arcanists in the middle. Monk and Cleric to the rear. Monk is best to let the front liners take the hit first and then skirmish - but its up to you

Grand Lodge

Check - I think there are 2 cutlasses - one is Cutlass and one is cutlass87... I sent to cutlass

Grand Lodge

Contacts for the village have been added to the research and rumours page

Grand Lodge

Ok... lets go back to standard.

I wanted a bit of flavour with it but I can make that flavour text and just use the standard GP so we track it the old way and flavour is just commentary?

Sound OK?

Also Rex, your equipment package should state your starting money

Grand Lodge

Okay last note.

PP = Gold Crown | GP = Silver Crown | EP = Silver Half Crown | SP = Shilling | CP = Penny

Also there are tuppence (2cp), thruppence (3cp) and groats (5cps). A ha-penny or half Penny exists as well. The Gold 'Mark' or 'Sovereign' exists as well being 10 Crowns to the Mark/Sovereign.

Please convert your GPs to SPs.

Grand Lodge

Someone seems to have played on the 'Prisoners of the Mists' NWN persistent world server.

Yes... there is scary s#*+ out there.

Okay - lets do this.

Some of you (you work out who) are in it for the anti-monster gig. Some of you are doing it to get credit for your church (likely under represented), some of you are just looking to eat. ALL of you have decided to band together (its easier to find work that way). You've been a band for about two weeks and business has not been good.

I'll open the Game play threat

Grand Lodge

6) at this point you aren't hired but the word is out that you are looking for work.

Grand Lodge

Gusteelus wrote:
Here is Gusteelus. He is not yet finished.

Did not see an elf monk coming... Interesting. Elvish spy?

Grand Lodge

Nohwear wrote:
I have an idea forming of what is more or less a ninja. Do we need some one who is proficient with thieves tools?

If you take criminal/spy background then you fit the mold. There are no ninja per se in Ustalav but there are shadowy groups of spies and assassins. If that's what you are looking for then you can be that. If you ABSOLUTELY must be Tien then so be it. I can roll with that - just have your short sword do slashing and not piercing damage.

If human there is a good feat called brawler that will give you unarmed and improvised weapon combat otherwise I have a house ruled feat called acrobat which would let you use acrobatics and not athletics for grabbing etc as well as flips and tumbles. Otherwise your choice.

Grand Lodge

Nohwear has responded to a PM so we should see something soon ish.

Okay - heres a few last minute thoughts.

I typically seed my adventures with NPCs who are ready to become PCs... Meaning that if a player dies BUT still wishes to continue? There is an organic means of doing so that is not disruptive to game play ie 'This is Sir Blah who just happen to appear here' will not be happening. You may however meet 'marvo the scholar' who decides later to drop his duties at his small shop to take up adventuring.

I'd like at least 1 post a day. Exceptions can be made and I will bot ppl as needed but let me know if you anticipate outages that last more than 48hrs. Weekends are free of this obligation but if you post on a weekend? Great.

Players gone for more than 5 days are on probation and their characters will slide into the background. If gone a few more, they're out. I am very forgiving and understanding that life is more important so I am cool as long as you keep me in the loop.

I intend this to be a campaign and have the next few adventures laid out mentally. If players want to characters I'll allow it between Adventures.

In character events do not mean out of character implications. If someone is rude to you IC it's NOT a reflection on how I or others view YOU. Keep cool.

Support each other - post props for what you think was a good idea or good RP. It's a small thing but everyone will try a little bit harder if they know that others appreciAte their efforts.

Try to keep chit chat etc in the discussion thread here. I actively encourage it in fact even if it's talk about non game issues. If making pertinent comments but not in character on the game thread, please use [ ooc] like this[ /ooc]. like this.

PLEASE role play. Get into your character - without RP you are merely bouncing from one combat to another.

Use the resources I give you as much as you are able. Roll20 and the obsidian portal sites are there to help - please use them. In fact from time to time I'll ask for your help with them. Become a member if you can. I know for a fact obsidian portal works on a smart device. I may ask for journal entries - if you do a decent one then I'll throw a reward your way - award To be announced.

Finally be forgiving. Both of myself and others. We are still learning the rules and I am play testing the horror rules. If there are issues? Bring them here to the discussion thread - politely, nicely.

Dice rolls? [dice]1d20 + 4[ /dice]. Please once rolled don't delete them or change their order if it doesn't go your way. It looks bad when you do get caught.

Any last minute issues or questions?

Grand Lodge

If Nohwear doesn't post in the next 10 hrs or so then I'll have an alt drop in.

I think we are nearly ready.

One thing - arcarnists, don't fret about social stuff. Unless you wear a hat that says 'wizzard' or go about throwing arcane bolts in the street you'll be ok. Just consider your target audience. If young? Maybe a young person is best. If older? Maybe an older person would get more respect etc. Ustalav is a xenophobic place. Humans are more accepted but then again they don't warm to outsiders... You get the idea. If you've played ravenloft you'll understand.

Grand Lodge

Nohwear wrote:
I have the book.

Just checking if Nohwear is still in.

There may be an additional slot if he is not.

Grand Lodge

Rex (Sorc) is done. (Wild)
Beckett (Clr) is done (Life)
Malar (Clr) is done (Light?)
Adran (Wlk) is done (Outsider patron)
Grimm (Ftr) is done

Who is missing? I thought we had 6 players.

Grand Lodge

Grimm Warhammer wrote:
I have added a brief background that can be added to if anyone wants to know Grimm from before this adventure. His clan is well connected, but fallen on hard times.

What was the background package you took? Guild artisan? Soldier?

Grand Lodge

Okay all - feel free to navigate around the Ob Portal site and also take a peek at Hammerguard and the known NPCs on the character page.

I'll update you all, in time, over there. If you have art work you want me to use for your character just post a link here and I'll dig it out and post it on the site. Otherwise I'll just use your portraits here.

I want to get game play up and running sooner rather than later so throw your characters up.

Grand Lodge

Rex (Sorc) is done. (Wild)
Beckett (Clr) is done (Life)
Malar (Clr) is done (Light?)
Adran (Wlk) is done (Outsider patron)
Grimm (Ftr) is done


Beckett, who is your diety of choice?

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