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Helaman's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,501 posts (11,447 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 18 Pathfinder Society characters. 21 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

I am due to fly o/seas on short notice for a project - I will have delayed posting for the next 3 days. I hope this does not equal 'No posting' and will try to put something up.

I will do my best to keep things flowing BAU but air travel will chew the next day or so.

Grand Lodge

Matthew Downie wrote:
I'm still not convinced that wolves aren't useless.


Grand Lodge

Great... back in game. You've got a good kid there mate.

Grand Lodge

You could try units of 5 with 1 attack with 4 effective aid anothers, simulating lots of spears/arrows etc. but I agree with two of the posters above. Either just narrow down the combat to a small scale combat and that represents the pivot point of the larger combat or set up a Victory point set of conditions for hitting certain objectives.

Both would work well.

HOWEVER it would be COOL as BALLS! to hack through 50 elite style orcs.

I was once part of such a mass combat and still remember it years later.

Move them in groups of 4. One attack, 3 aid anothers (assuming all can get position). Killing one weakens the unit. Single or dual orcs retreat/withdraw and form a new unit which attacks again... creating an interesting wave dynamic. Make the orcs 20 hps each. Round damage to the nearest 5. Play smart(ish) if its getting so they are too clumped up? Have them withdraw and then try a flanking proposition. Each unit of 4 should be 20ft from the next unit of 4 until they can actually close. This is good against fireballs, artillery etc. Orcs ARE trained to war.

I'd also include a few ogres as shock troops as well and maybe some sort of cavalry style troops.

Your party is 10th level? Then sorry, level 3 orcs are not going to be much of a speed hump even in the numbers proposed. Your wizard should be able to take out 8-12 minimum with one spell.

I recommend an initial wave of skirmishers. Call it about 50 level 1 orcs - use them in units of 10. They'll soak up a fireball and some area affect spells, Get the fighters excited etc

Then send in your first wave of level 3 orcs. Call it about 30 of them. Send in some cavalry as well. Throw in a leader. Have them move in a staggered ragged wave - area effect spells will work but not so much.

Then your final wave. 30 more level 3 orcs with ogres and a level 6 leader or two. Maybe some minor spell casting support like a shaman buffing them with bless etc.

Most importantly? Tell the players to prepare for an all day combat session and set aside 5-6 hours.

Grand Lodge

I dig on E6.

Inquisitors and Bards would do well here. Particularly bards which can have an excuse to use facinate etc as part of social duties.

Don't disregard combat all together though. Sooner or later diplomacy gives way to treachery.

Grand Lodge

The Map isn't layered like some and requires some editing from the GM... normally you can copy the map and paste it into a graphics editor and you lose the A6 etc room numbering here. Thats the case here but the traps/secret doors/side notes etc still appear.

Grand Lodge

Good luck

Grand Lodge

ziltmilt wrote:

Uh oh, Nich, you're not a power gamer, are you? :)

If I were a PF player, I'm sure my PC would be the weakest thing on 2 legs; there's so many freakin options in this game, I get lost trying to figure out what's the best choice.

So so - I am generally a RP-er but given feats are generally pretty awesome I try to get good bang for my buck. I am am ALL for RP feats and have taken a few subpar ones myself at times.

Its just I think Paizo low balled the power level on that feat.

Grand Lodge *

I'll have the character chime in here. Thanks fellas.

The timing doesn't worry me over much as it could have also been done pre-mission in the grey time between games.

Grand Lodge *


How can alchemists craft in Pathfinder Society Organized Play?

Alchemists can use the Craft (alchemy) skill to produce items with their Alchemy ability. Follow the Craft rules on pages 91–93 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook as well as in the alchemist’s Alchemy ability description. Any item created must be properly noted on that scenario’s Chronicle sheet. Under "Items Bought", note the amount of gold spent and the item created. Alchemists are assumed, for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, to carry the necessary items and tools with them to use available resources to create alchemical items. If they have a base of operations from which to do so, they may use an alchemy lab to gain the +2 bonus on their Craft (alchemy) check. Alchemists may never sell any of their created items nor may they trade them to another PC. However, they may allow other PCs to borrow or use items they’ve created (so long as the alchemist class ability being used allows them to do so).

Got it.

Grand Lodge *

I have the following situation

Player A wrote:

Depending on travel time, (Absolom, to Cheliax is about 1000 miles by sea should take just over 20 days) I would like to do a little work on the way there.

Crafting 1d20+6+5+3+2+6
Taking ten nets a 32.
holy fountain firework 110GP (material cost 36.66gp) (material cost 36.66gp)x3 (DC 25) =12 days
Sun cinder 25GP (8.33gp each) x3 (DC 20) 3 days
Ghast Retch Flask 50GP (16.66gp) x3 (DC 20) 6 days

Total time and cost of items 21days, 185gp

Me wrote:
Good thing we have a brief break because I need to think on this. Typically crafting of items is not allowed in PFS with the exception being the gunslinger... let me throw this out to the PFS GMs. Typically - unless the scenario says other wise, the down time moving to the adventure location can't be used for anything more than prepping spells

What is the correct way of handling this? I cant find anything in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play Version 5.0 on the crafting of alchemical items.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
yeti1069 wrote:

The leader, who will go after the dragon, possibly inspiring them to join in the fight (a Knowledge check will allow them to identify him as the prince of the neighboring dwarven kingdom whose father, in addition to being king, was with the dwarf force that slew the dragon's father 200 years ago) will be clad in dragonhide plate made from that dragon's hide, while wielding the weapon that slew the dragon of old. I'm thinking he'll be a 6th level Sacred Shield paladin (and with several epic feats under his belt), which will give the PCs some cover (1/2 damage from the...

Avoid NPCs like this. It takes the spot light away from the characters, allows them to think its the GM giving a hand and confuses things... UNLESS he dies horribly very early. ie Talk him up and his description, make him sound all badass and then have the dragon bite the guy in half!

There is a reason that there are a lot of flunkies fighting in the final scenes of Bond movies. It leaves the spot light on Bond and the villain. I love the idea of dwarves tying up all the kobolds and also commandeering the siege weapons then.

Grand Lodge

The dragons demand has a bunch of 6-7 level PCs against a dragon.

If you have that it may have some ideas. We're nearly through it now and we've heard a few things about what may make the encounter easier including something that may make the dragon 'lose it' and some thing to mess with his allies (hope that isn't too spoilerific).

Not sure what the CR of the dragon is.

Grand Lodge

Man, Paladins are dime a dozen in my area. I've got one now that plays just fine. I've even seen Hell Knight Paladins.

Not all areas are the same and not all players play like Murderhobos.

If you try some online PbP PFS or in another area I think you may find a different experience.

That said people do tend towards 'grey' backgrounds because of what Pathfinders are but I've seen some pretty clean personalities played irrespective of class.

Grand Lodge

Yeah - echoing IronDesk.

Grand Lodge

Hama wrote:
Why woul Canadians evar want to merge with the U.S.? They're so better off not doing it.

Truer words rarely spoken.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

nightdeath wrote:

-Annals of Borden and his horse, Penned by Hotrek-


Grand Lodge

Ok - now we are talking. What reader do you use? What do you mean by dragging them into iTunes?

Grand Lodge

It seems it needs dropbox etc or other round about methods to do what Stanza did all along

Grand Lodge

yes but how do I load all my 300+ epubs into my phone?

Grand Lodge

I've been up MOST of the night trying to get my 300 odd epubs into my new iPhone.

I did have Stanza at one stage but when the phone died, so did that app and its no longer supported.

I don't want to have to email files to myself or use dropbox - it shouldn't be this hard!

I tried Marvin, the mechanism seemed to be the same - open the app in itunes. Drag into the app. Sync.

result? from 300 odd files it recognised ONE. My library was empty apart from that one. That was the most successful.

These files ALL worked in Stanza - buggered if I can find an app that will work to replace it.

Any help appreciated.

Grand Lodge

Thx all

Grand Lodge

I apologise for the reduced tempo from myself in the last 2-3 days. Work, insomnia and family events have conspired against me.

Grand Lodge

Been on the go all day and Aniversary tonight. I may not post something meaningful for about 12-15 hour.

Grand Lodge

search Painlord PbP or doomed hero play by post in the site search menu for a great guide on how to play PbP games.

Grand Lodge

Luck to you all. I'll take Borden off elsewhere :) I am gonna keep trying him until I get him into something. The roguish gad about has gotten under my skin.

Grand Lodge

Dotting with interest.

Also interested if ACG playtest classes are available.

I am running a 15pt P6 version of this atm in the interests of full disclosure.

Grand Lodge

Ohhhh yeah. Dotting but already loving this.

You'll be seeing a vanilla human ex carrion hill guardsman soon. (Urban Ranger) - he believes in justice but he sure as hell no longer believes in the law. He's seen some really rank and rotten things but no where near as bad as the corruption at the top. Given the point buy generousity? This guy will be built like the proverbial brick s*%*-house so good melee potential.

He's looking for make SOMETHING good out of this all and that comes by destroying the evil behind all the politicians.

A hard drinking bitter bar room conspiracy theorist but who is very good at his job. Helps if you think like a criminal but then again, all the best guardsmen do.

Do we start as part of this group, already recruited?
Is it privately organised, religiously organised or governmental? Or a single funder or a small cabal of people who are trying to take the fight against the darkness and hiring us?

Two traits I take it?

Max HPs level 1, half +1 at levels 2 and 3?

I'll have him relocate to Korvosa for a loveless marriage or something similar.


I also have another concept but we'll see how that goes.

Grand Lodge

This bard was made for another pbp

Borden Read..

He's a brawler rough and tumble bard.

Campaign trait I'll update as well with some minor updates in background so I can be attached to others.

Borden is a man's man. He is honest about his dishonesty and unapologetically open about his faults: Ale swiller, b&&*%#*~ artist, whore monger and brawler. Oh, and add to that, 'failed Pathfinder', 'treasure hunter' and 'tomb robber'. He'll drink with any man that will buy a round in return and fight any man that gives him cause.
A native of Absolom Borden ended up here about 2 years ago, not long after washing out of the Pathfinder Society. One too many failed examinations (caused by whatever carousing he could manage to cram into that dreary existence) had led to the Society washing its hands of him but he still had the skills and it wasn't long before he ended up in Varisa looking for Thassilionian relics.

While in Varisia Borden has applied himself with a rigor that would have surprised his old teachers. He has become knowledgeable in the history of the region and has a keen instinct for its artifacts. He is exactly the sort of foreign expat that seems to end up in Riddleport - loud, disrespectful of the local Shoanti (though he is unfailingly polite to anyone who can help him) and with no regard at all for historical claims of ownership when it comes to antiquities.

After scraping through the last few months on the back of a lucky score and paying for drinks at his preferred watering hole by being a colourful story teller, Borden is hoping that with the Gambling tournament he can make his fortune.

Grand Lodge

Luck to the fortunate few - I tried hard but do admit the characters who made it are pretty cool

Grand Lodge

So could you take the skull and shackes characters and use them directly company with Rise of the Runelords?

Also any guesses on the next set after Skull and Shackles?

Grand Lodge

Any chance you can run with 5? I find that APs don't suffer over much with a 5th and in PbP drop outs are not uncommon.

Grand Lodge

Add an additional encounter for the surrounding countryside before the Auction? Robbers, drawn by news of the auction and anticipating a rich haul set up a camp out of town. One potential buyer makes it to town, stripped of their wealth and the Mayor is determined that this sort of thing stops now.

Que up a bandit encounter - make them a tough crew but with mundane weapons and armour so that wealth isnt thrown out that badly.

They've buried the loot taken so far. If the players question them then they can get 1000gp in coin. If they hack and slash through them then its unlikely they'll ever find it.

Grand Lodge

Not sure what you mean by this? You mean setting up 'cells' of Adventurers?

Grand Lodge

I don't know if you guys ever listen to Podcasts of game play but over on the site they have an hilarious grave side scene in Ep1, make a mental note to listen in a month (and please don't listen to them all until HoH is wrapped up) but it pretty much goes....

Player 1: We did stuff - adventures and... stuff
GM: Oookay. Don't want to say more?
Player 1: Not really
GM: Okay Player 2, you're up.
Player 2: (A large male, clearly gay* half orc) The Professor was my first lover, a mentor when I was studying at University.
-Lots of joking follows including Kendra having a small breakdown and 'Are you sure you have the right man?' 'We could always turn him over'.
Player 2: You said to tell a story.
GM: Yeah a backstory, not a back door story.

Matters were not improved when the DM PC, Cleric, told his own stories to distract from Player 2s revelations and inadvertently came out with a few of his own (in the spirit of what just happened)

* I don't have issues with this but in the context of staid Ravengro, the added Orc angle and the unexpected manner of the reply made it funny.

Grand Lodge

Will Cooper wrote:

Alinya gets new spells in her book (took haste and vampiric touch. She could put some gold to good use buying other spells (fly comes to mind.

Also, reminder that she's got Craft Wondrous Item feat and can create cool stuff for cheap :)

I may talk to you on the crafting.

Gold for spells is a great investment - if you dont have it, MW transformation is the BOMB

Grand Lodge

If there was one AP you could play a stereotypical scimitar magus and not feel bad about it, this is it. Surprised there aren't more Magus entries.

Grand Lodge

PM sent to GM

Grand Lodge

Mind if we use this time to buy equipment and spend PP? I didnt need a wand of CLW before in his cleric incarnation.

Grand Lodge

Then I could play Borden for the all bard party. We could form a band. Maybe I need to change my performance? I'd ask who is going to be the 'Front man' but in a party of bards, thats all we got.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

[attenbough]Ahhh The Common Miner Beetle... It likes waiting for the vibrations that signal the approach of its prey.... See how the soil on the edge of the hole vibrates ever so slightly to encourage curiosity?[/attenbough]

Grand Lodge

Just as an example on 'E6' and the game.

Its no secret that 'Broken Moon' is the Werewolf chapter.

To my thinking, this module is perfectly playable with standard werewolves as baseline foes.

Compared to your average level 1-2 Warrior (or even 'Fighters') that make up the foundation of the game world? These things are BADASS - they are VERY capable of chewing through a squad of soldiers, especially if the poor bastards aren't armed to deal with them. A level 3 ranger who has them as favoured enemy may well be able to kill one in solo hand to hand combat- which is what I'd expect from a dedicated werewolf hunter.

You'll likely be hitting level 6-7 at that point but even so, even the basic models are not likely to be one hit wonders and will be challenging in packs (which is sort of the point within the story as written) but at the same time I want a narrative 'consistency' which I HOPE the E6-7 rules will allow for. Trust me, by the time we hit Broken Moon we'll know how viable it is and you'll likely be sick of my E6 soapbox.

The leaders? Fine - they're a different stripe of badguy but if your base line werewolf in BM needs to be 3-5th level NPC with lycanthrope template just to challenge the party at a MOOK level (ie needing a few of them together at that level just to be a speedbump) then it just sort of irks me. I get that the game levels up and in the traditional PF play you sort of need to do that but it just smacks of the world powering up just because the characters are.

Ok... rants over :) I will return you to your regularly scheduled game shortly.

Grand Lodge

Strong competition on the bard side... Though a party of bards, magi and inquisitors would be all sorts of awesome. Thinking of a martial app as well though I REALLY like Borden.

Grand Lodge

Can I throw another in?

Grand Lodge

Eindridi wrote:
Don't forget Nyarlathotep in his form as The Black Pharaoh!


Grand Lodge

it was cool actually, i liked it.

Grand Lodge

Aww - looks like you edited the last bit and cleaned it up. It really fit the drinking theme as it was.

Grand Lodge

A wierd question - If the rogue was made a full BAB character, with NO other changes, would it be a more playable character for you? Would you play it over a fighter?

The whole 'rogues' suck thing has come up again for the nth time and one of the things I did in my house rules was an attempt to give them a bit of 'win'.

Actually, on that note, does the house rules 'fix', actually fix the class in your eyes?

Grand Lodge

You'll need a 5th for my group shifty to take my place in GRR

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