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Helaman's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,822 posts (15,154 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 18 Pathfinder Society characters. 23 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

I dont think Simeon has adjusted his stability yet - with the one for defending the town and another for the sleep he is up 6 stability points or 11 total

Grand Lodge

The side column graphics make the module unreadable in the bottom of the columns when printed black and white. Please stop those little graphical background flourishes that add nothing to the content as a playable module but mess with the printing

Grand Lodge

Dotting to do an in depth read thru

Grand Lodge

Take all the time you need mate. I enjoyed hearing about your Dad - he sounds like a good man. Keep an eye in your mom. She'll next someone to help her through it all, even if it's via phone.

Grand Lodge

Sorry for your loss.

Grand Lodge

Heeeeeeey - be good to have to see you.

Interested in playing a rogue?

Grand Lodge

And you too mate

Grand Lodge

I go with the PG13 approach myself... kissing etc is fine, after that fade to black, action to resume post coital dressing or pillow talk.

Grand Lodge

Consensus seems to be run, but I'll wait on 1-2 others before posting

Grand Lodge

And Glamor for armor - I think its avail for weapons or could be with the right GM.

Grand Lodge

Limited spells is part of their cons to balance the pros but there is a lot of flavour in those domain spells.

Has anyone tried giving them domain bonus spells? Maybe even a lower powered house rule that the domain spells are added to the list of spells the can choose to learn? Even giving the a choice of domain ability OR domain spells?

It would make the class just a bit more nuanced depending on their god.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

At convention this weekend. Will post later.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Why not have a 'rank' system for MOST engagements

1st rank... can attack and be attacked by melee in opponents first rank
2nd rank... cannot melee or be melee'd - firing into opponents first rank gives opponent cover +2 ac. can heal etc ppl in 1st rank.
3rd rank - can only heal etc ppl in second rank.

If you have double the opponents first rank then the opponents 2nd rank can be melee attacked by your first rank.

Spells with range of 30 or less may only strike ranks 1 and 2. Area affect spells of 10 only affect some or all of a single rank. 20 affects 2 ranks. Area of 30 gets all 3. Area 40 may have some over spill :) You may need to play with this a little but its simple ish

Ex, Goblin fighter x 2 = first rank. Goblin archer = 2nd rank. Gob shaman = 3rd rank.

Round 1 we have 3 melee characters - Not double the gob 1st rank... so we can only melee the 1st rank. Our archers and spell slingers can fire at ranks 2 and 3 without issue but a +2 AC cover bonus applies if firing at the gobs 1st rank.

Round 2.

A goblin is killed.

Now we are more than double - one of our guys is considered to have broken through.

Their 1st and 2nd ranks count as rank 1 and the shaman rank 2.

Terrain may only allow for x amount of people in ranks 1 and 2. Rank 3 is more ambigious.

Grand Lodge

Not good unfortunately - Scrolls, sure. Potions ehhhhh.... maybe. Anything else? Thats just a pain.

The events all roll on back to back with little down time, access to labs, workshops etc and the AP finishes in a few months, 6-7 months tops. How do I track days of crafting time vs half days vs partial days etc?

... which brings me to the next point.

How crucial is it to you as a player that Tolvan be a crafter? Is this what he is all about? If not then I am happy for you to change the feat.

If its one of his major hooks then lets nut something out but even with me being on the generous side we are talking many days per item and the number of days goes up with the price... drawing it further out. Even best case scenario you're unlikely to get good bang for your feat buck.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Take all the time you need mate

Grand Lodge

We will want the second character in about a week or two. I'll reach out via PM.

Thanks all.

Grand Lodge

You fools - you are making one of the classic mistakes. The first is never fight a landwar in Asia, the second is never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line - only SLIGHTLY behind that is never trust the GM in a mystery game - mwhahahaha *cough* *wheeze* hahahah.

In all fairness, yes Adran is right - The Priest MAY be a mundane or even a level 1 like yourselves. At the moment there is no way to check it.

ALL Golarion lore is applicable - forget the D&D, its just the rule set. The Game World is Golarion, the place is Ustalav and you are in a small town that has people supposedly going missing in the middle of nowhere.

It could be anything. In case you haven't picked up on it, there is a discordant theme here. Things are sort of okay. Sort of. But there are things that are not quite right.

SOME of it is just local accent.

SOME of it may be something more significant. Dare I say 'sinister'?

Investigate my friends - peek behind the curtain... AND HAVE YOUR SANITY SHREDDED LIKE ROTTEN LINEN!!! Mwhahahaha-hahahaha.

Edit: Lets have a house rule as I have made allowance for Mala to use a scimitar. You can have access to your gods favoured weapon in this Setting - In this case for Clerics of Erastil, its a short bow - Longbows are too hardcore. However the Priestess never said SHE saw the man leaving, one of the people who serve here did and it does no good to have bow proficiency IF one isn't carrying a bow.

Grand Lodge

Andan, your doing what I hope ALL my players do. Think and post their thoughts and theories. Nice work.

Grand Lodge

Yeah, saw your recruitment and was very very tempted but I'm GMing 3 games and involved in 3-4 more so I don't think I can take on another game. The BG game does look good.

Grand Lodge

Okay - no more submissions. I mean it ;)

We are in the final down select ATM but the group consensus may allow an extra player.

Grand Lodge

Ok - map of your Windowless rooms is up.

The rooms are clean, and come with a locking door. The mattresses are likely stuffed with straw but don't smell.

I have Ardan and Rex is room 2, Mala and Grimm in room 2. That leaves Beckett and Gusteelus to share the four bedroom room... room 4.

Would like to see more posting from some of the less frequent posters.

Grand Lodge

Mala Salazar wrote:
I really appreciate the effort on the ASCII map, but I'm failing to get the meaning. Any chance you can draw something on roll20 instead? :)

Yeah ignore that - my bad.

Grand Lodge

My vote of the two paladins is for Oathar The Vigilant

Grand Lodge

I just got this PM.


Hello, I am late to the party, but I came across your thread about the game you inherited. I went to the game and read some of the discussion. I was impressed with how into the game the players were and that they wanted another player with good rp and NOT maximized. I have been trying to get into a serious game with good interplay between characters and not have to be a half-dragon/half-troll/half-gorgon with a vampire template bloodrager/whatever the hot new twerk is character.

I have a couple of long running campaigns winding down.

I have never abandoned a game.

I like posting often.

I would love a chance to try out.

I can play whatever the party would like.

It's 2am and I have to wake up in four hours, but I was engrossed in the thread and looking at what types of players were in the game. Please check out the body of my work in my aliases for references.

I really really wanted to post in the discussion thread, but I was worried it would be rude.

Please let me know.


Anyone interested in giving this guy a go? I think he has the right attitude. Allow him to post a late entry character?

Grand Lodge

Oathar The Vigilant's background is up... waiting on the 4th player to vote

Grand Lodge

Anna Dunsany wrote:

While we're still debating about our fifth, can we slow up a bit at Schloss Caromarc? I think we would have had some pretty big questions for the guy. We found some evidence the Whisperers were the ones behind the attack -- I would love to hear what he had to say about them.

Furthermore, I was looking forward to rescuing Caromarc from the statue thingy. Anna had a rough go when she was trapped inside that iron maiden inside Harrowstone (brief as it was), and rescuing him would be incredibly cathartic. I don't know if Mug had planned for this or it was part of the AP; awesome bit of planning if it's the former, amazing coincidence if it's the latter.

Not sure Anna what was planned for by GM Mugg but in order to give you your moment I'd have to run back through the previous pages of the game play and even then I'd be missing some of what the GM had in their head.

Feel free to post some montages from the moments and I'll do the best to follow your lead, however on the issue of the Whispering Way? I had planned to do that via Judge Daramid.

Grand Lodge

True - my bad. Some confusion there.

We have the uber Paladin (Assimar) - Darien Cedric Espoir, and the Human Pally (without background - I've asked him for one) - Oathar The Vigilant.

One of the players liked the human pally (as do I) because he is solid but not optimised. Background is key - we do need to see it.

The other is a bit too optimised and kitted out. Background is ok for Darien Cedric Espoir.

The halfling got one full vote, two half / secondary votes (one was mine) with one player saying they don't really dig on gunslingers.

I am ok with extending an invite as the ranged component if the player who PM'ed me with their objections is cool with it too.

Finally we have one player who hasn't PM'ed me - this may change things up a bit too.

Grand Lodge

So far Bvhearts Paladin is getting 2 votes, and 2 secondary votes.

We haven't had one of the players PM me yet but it seems the most popular.

Anyone have issues if I extend the invite to Oathar The Vigilant - Human Paladin?

Grand Lodge

We're closing this up in a few hours. If you've posted a concept and not a character then firm up the character with a character sheet/stat block.

Grand Lodge

Only have one lot of votes PM'ed to me.

You can either PM me or just vote here.

Grand Lodge

There is a pirate swashbuckler if you are into 'Scoundrels'

Grand Lodge

Sounds both good and colourful - thanks. Got a link?

Grand Lodge

Your status bar shows you as full hps :)

Grand Lodge

Str 27 Jelani? Is that a typo?

Give your non raging stat block

Grand Lodge

My DM style: Tends to be more democratic than autocratic. I tend to lower power games... this game is not low powered. I post regularly and often.

There was this group lost their DM at the end of Book 2 and they wanted someone to take over the campaign. I am very familiar with the CC AP and thought I'd get some karmic points by helping out and taking over.

I don't think I'll go the whole campaign route (Ob Portal with journal updates etc)


HUGE Thanks Jelani on listing the PCs out and your concept sounds solid but we'd need any character joining to be in Lepidstadt in order to journey with the party and while I have zero issues with nobility we'd need you to be the happy inclusive noble.

A noble would make the tenuous link into the lodge a s%!* load easier but it isn't necessary.


I dont have a complete say in who joins and who doesn't - at best I get a single vote SO don't let my notes distract anyone from a concept they wish to play.

Grand Lodge

Funny me... should have listed it. 25 pt build. Max HPs level 1, half Hp +1 per level after that (like PFS)

Level 6. Also take WBL for level 6 too. When buying armour, rings, amulets and weapons, stick to +1 items for now please. Special materials are fine if paid for.

I think the players are open minded in this game so sure, make it part of your submission, but they are looking for a more physical approach - the 5th player would be taking over the role covered by an archer paladin. If you can fill that gap then fantastic.

They have a:

So find something that can fit.

Grand Lodge

I'm inheriting a PbP Carrion crown game that is due to move to module 3, Broken Moon.

Ideally we are looking for a wilderness type so a ranger would be a good fit, but Pally or Fighter, Barbarian or Slayer would be a good fit too.

Traits - pick any two NON campaign traits.

Any classes and feats from Core, Ult. Magic, Ult. Combat, Adv. players guide and Adv. class guide.

We want someone who can be a TEAM player and is affable - broody lone wolf types need not apply.

Some one with a desire to enter the lycanthrope infested Shudderwood would be good too.

Ideally we are looking to have the applicant start after thanksgiving.

The players will review your applications and select one.

Grand Lodge

I think wouldn't hurt. A ranger (melee or bow or switch hitter) wouldn't hurt. I'll advertise.

Enjoy thanks giving.

Grand Lodge

Happy Thanksgiving for all your North American (Non Canadian) players.

Grand Lodge

Nice one。pity I missed it.

Grand Lodge

Anna Dunsany wrote:

As for the matter of the ring, if that's how I get to keep it, so be it. But I'm not really happy, since I can't use it for the frivolous, playful stuff without fear that I'll really need it at some point. It diminishes much of the roleplaying potential.

A max of fifteen minutes per day, or three combat rounds with a round spent in between to re-activate it... I dunno. I guess I don't agree that it's so overwhelmingly powerful. Expensive, yes. But not every magic item is priced correctly.

So I guess I'm asking you to reconsider, but obviously it's better than no ring at all.

If you want to be playful with it, be playful with it. Not every day is gonna be 4 combats and you gain a real edge.

If I were GMing I'd not have given the magic item to you or made it clear it was a loaner unless the module leaned in that direction but different strokes for different folks. The sign of a good compromise is no one is 100% happy. So seems we're somewhere in the middle.

Turkey day for some of you is coming up and stuff just burst into flames in Australia for me at work so allow me until Mon next week and we'll start then. If you want to recruit I'll leave you to that aspect too.

Grand Lodge

yellowdingo wrote:
Helaman wrote:
Atrocious wrote:
Berselius wrote:

This is probably old news by now but in case nobody knows, Darren Wilson was acquitted. No charges, no trial, nothing. Last time I checked there was rioting in Ferguson and protests in every major american city.

I just...I just don't know what to say. I'm Caucasian but I have three black relatives who share my blood and I love all three of them deeply. Yet I'm scared one day one of them will be shot by a cop just because they black.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

You need a reality check. Statistically it's far more likely your relatives will be killed by another black person than a police officer.

Just as a white person is statistically more likely to be killed by a white person than a police officer or a white woman is statistically more likely to be killed by her spouse than a police officer.

But hey, I'm Australian. Our gun deaths (even via cop) are few.

As opposed to deaths in custody...if you happen to be aboriginal. Take the death of a police officer in the northern territory. He was king hit in a nightclub. What wasnt admitted to at the trial of the killer was that the dead police oficer was drunk, off duty, and had just got done sexually assaulting the daughter of his assailant (he slipped his hand up her skirt for a grope). That along with the CCTV footage of the assault was supressed by the prosecution. The other police officer there with him was not subjected to questioning.

I was more arguing the statistics on Black people need to focus on violence within their own community rather than what happened in Ferguson.

As for the incident you cited or deaths in custody, yep unfortunately power does indeed seem to corrupt irrespective of the country.

Grand Lodge

fun... I will do for you what I wish my players would do for me without me having to bribe them :)

Edit: log updated. Bordens tale is on the Adventure log.

Grand Lodge

Atrocious wrote:
Berselius wrote:

This is probably old news by now but in case nobody knows, Darren Wilson was acquitted. No charges, no trial, nothing. Last time I checked there was rioting in Ferguson and protests in every major american city.

I just...I just don't know what to say. I'm Caucasian but I have three black relatives who share my blood and I love all three of them deeply. Yet I'm scared one day one of them will be shot by a cop just because they black.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

You need a reality check. Statistically it's far more likely your relatives will be killed by another black person than a police officer.

Just as a white person is statistically more likely to be killed by a white person than a police officer or a white woman is statistically more likely to be killed by her spouse than a police officer.

But hey, I'm Australian. Our gun deaths (even via cop) are few.

Grand Lodge

On to maps...

Have you guys used Roll20 before? Any issues with accessing it?

Grand Lodge

No one is being punished.

The Homonculous does indeed have a ring of invisibility. At no point does the module mention that he give it away.

Your previous GM may have given the ring away but I can't discern his actual motivation for doing so. It may have been that it was to make someone more survivable to the Promethean or there may have been some other reason. Maybe the creature would have wanted it back at the end of the combat.

Without me knowing why (the negative side of coming in cold) I can't tell.

There is a bunch of stuff in the modules that is held by NPCs, some of it pretty good, but that doesn't necessarily give the players access to it. Its not penalising you if the NPC in question doesn't give you their magic items.

In this case its a story effect so that the homonculous can keep Cormac alive without being smashed to goo by its bigger 'brother' and communicate knowledge of the Bondslave Thrall machine and notes about the WW.

My compromise is to let the player have the ring (I can feel the attachment) but limit its use to 3/day and 5 minutes at a time.

Grand Lodge

Hey Nevynxxx - reviewed the wiki and found the treasure link but its not on the main page which the link you provided takes you to.

It may be a good idea to change your entry page to just that and have the links etc excusively off the wiki or move the wiki links off and all to the main page - your call. Having some off and some on confuses things.

I've a few campaigns over there if you want to look.

In both cases I've used a header which also helps navigation and put the fluff outlying the campaign on the front page and moved the rest to the wiki.

Grand Lodge

Torvan Wizard
Kimberly Oracle
Dancia Mnk/Inquisitor
Anna Rogue


If you guys want, do you want a 5th? A meat shield type?

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