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Helaman's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 5,108 posts (20,286 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 20 Pathfinder Society characters. 30 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

Gm niles rocks- you will enjoy it

Grand Lodge

Thanks for the good times and for running the game Zilt.

To everyone else, its been a blast.

I am finding myself playing 5E lately. Gives me a retro-esc feel with good semi PF/3E bolt on's.

Grand Lodge

The Dragons Demand has a particularly nasty battle with Kobolds who were slinging from prepared elevated positions that needed climb rolls to get up while other kobolds speared any climbers. That was a tough battle... we got some breathing space via a fog cloud/obscuring mist before assaulting the positions.

It wasn't tuckers kobolds bad but it was tougher than it should have been.

Grand Lodge

I missed the opening crawl which I think should be virtually mandatory.

I loved the movie but the CGI Leia and especially Tarkin freaked me out - they were very good. Tarkins voice was only a TAD off but not by much. What it heralds is CGI actors that are as good as living ones. This has implications for movie making in the future.

Grand Lodge

What boo/bestiary are deep one stats found in?

My players don't know Thrushmoor from a bar of soap so I can use deep ones without issue

Grand Lodge

Still in a depressive slump but climbing out of it day by day

Grand Lodge

I owe you guys an update.

I've upped my meds by 50% as per the doc's instructions - I am 'wait and see' mode at the moment.

I've found myself barely able to function these last 2 weeks and sleeping away my life when I am not hiding from it by being in bed just avoiding it.

I am not saying the game is over but for the moment I think I need to announce by hiatus from it for at least another week or 10 days. I'll leave the game thread open and PM you all when I am back in the hopes that you guys are available.

I want to thank you for your support and the grade A play you guys have put into this as well as your understanding of my faults.

Grand Lodge

5000 posts. Thanks guys for making this happen.

My posting has been no where near as fast as when we started all this - this is mostly with my ongoing battle with depression which has claimed me yet again. Thank god for anti depressants but even these aren't dragging me out of my latest slump.

I'll try to get the action restarted tomorrow as I am coming through the far side of the blackness.

F*+%ed if I know what I have to be depressed about - I have a good job (but anyones guess about when I may lose that thanks to my latest bout that kept me off work for the last 3 days), great family and even a house full of puppies but its something that I really struggle with. I want to thank you all also for putting up with the delays in posting etc.

Grand Lodge

DM Default wrote:

[dice=Razz Miss chance]1d10

Though Impressive as hell, Razz is practically sure that he has someone in his grasps, yet, when his fingers squeeze he comes up empty in the middle of the darkness.

Sheva's rapier lashes him in the darkness, the pain almost amplified by the darkness. And though you knew you didn't want Sheva as an enemy, this situation is a perfect example.

Grappling rules are really only skill contests in 5e. I'm just altering the rules a bit since darkness is in play and Sheva can see in the darkness.

Sheva, you only need to roll concentration when you take damage.

Vasillios is up, followed by Razz.

If she's on the ground doesn't she get disadvantage and wouldn't I find it easier to find her? She isn't a moving target

Grand Lodge

Elidal will drop her target, Jaru will only damage his

Grand Lodge

We don't see enough of him as a character so the homage could be to Van Helsing as played by Cushing.

Grand Lodge

I'd be careful of them chasing Zebra's - it may frustrate the players ultimately.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I've posted this elsewhere but I believe you need to keep the group INITIALLY away from the Prison. It should be a place of fear.

This is what I did:

1) I made visiting the prison illegal - the reason was it was unsafe... look at Lorrimor who was killed by falling gargoyles on the wall. Going there would result in loss of trust and villager accusations of necromancy if they stirred something up
2) In addition to the diary, Lorrimor left the party a letter encouraging them to do their research before attempting the prison
3) When the Paladin attempted Detect Evil close to the prison I had her nearly throw up, so palpable was the feeling of strong evil. It scared them silly.
4) They attempted the spirit board/planchette a few times near the prison, in addition to the ONE question they get a day, I had them tap into random spirits and the results/messages were not nice.
5) I've written up dreams from the five (actually the six, I added another because there are 6-8 players in most sessions) that I prepped SMS'ed to the players. The dreams were written to be deeply disturbing.

I've went to a LOT of trouble to set up relationships between NPCs and PCs to anchor them in the town and then spent time TRASHING those relationships gradually as the trust mechanic slowly erodes the players footing. The players know that the town is becoming seeped in evil.

Gibbs (no spoilers here) was made a dichotomy - I gave him positive points in some parts of his personality and made him a hateful spiteful prick in others. It makes him human. I started the Sheriff as neutral but the relationship has deteriorated as they players step on his toes more and more.

The return of a certain person to the Lorrimor home I made a lot tougher - and he nearly beat one person to death before he was taken down. I actually set the players up for this... Every time I had the irate sheriff knock on the house door I knocked on the table. This happened 4-5 times... when the person returned I knocked slowly, rhythmically on the table... Bang... Bang... Bang.

The players didn't think twice about opening the door unarmed and unarmored, assuming it was the Sherriff again.

Ravengro needs to be more than just a place to rest and sell loot - played on it can be a mirror of madness and don't be afraid to kill of or drive insane their ally NPCs. When I killed old river (whose blood was used on the monument) the whole party was "I can't believe you did that! You killed the towns dog!" I've plans for Zolkar, his son and some of the Children of Ravengro that will scare the crap out of them or at least make them feel loss... and they will be further victimised by the superstitious of Ravengro.

To answer your other questions, I have the fiddlers lament but decided not to use it - I am roleplaying the hell out of the inhabitants of the town.

They are yet to enter Harrowstone and we are three 6 hour sessions in... they are praying they will be level 3 when they enter... and thats not gonna happen so they'll feel out of their depth and all the while the party are losing trust (tracking it individually) and the end is coming nigh as more letters appear on the monument.

Grand Lodge

The new app is good and I'm enjoying it a lot.

Chapter 3 seems to be bugged with the Here comes the flood scenario. The monster is meant to count NPCs eaten as its score but instead its counting ALL cards eaten as part of its score... meaning that the player who only gets points for rescuing followers can never hope to beat the monsters final score.

Grand Lodge

Venali Auondril wrote:

Frostbite again, I know, it's getting old.

I am glad you've helped me out with this cantrip.

Grand Lodge

S$&+ happening but GUARANTEED post tomorrow

Grand Lodge

You ok mate?

Grand Lodge

Now that you are more or less finished with the area, the adventure has you fighting the golem. I thought that made little sense and did not reveal Caromarcs genius. What was left was something that was potentially threatening but was also available as a RP encounter that raised as many questions as it answered.

I think this worked out better overall for the adventure.

Grand Lodge

Been furiously ill for the last few days. Bear with me for another 24 hours.

Grand Lodge

need a few hrs... standby

Grand Lodge

Not I said the wolf

Grand Lodge

Whats the latest count of characters/classes accepted for consideration?

Grand Lodge

I'm going to go for a VERY non standard bard. Lets see how it plays out.

Grand Lodge

Wish they'd turn on the 'Buy' button.

I am soooooo buying this!!!

Grand Lodge

Anything on Sanity pls? Again I dont want a cut/paste etc just an overall breakdown on how it would work. What drains sanity - how is baseline sanity determined?

Grand Lodge

I'll whip up an option or two. Love 5th Ed and loved I6 from 20+ years ago. Will post a single character completely stated up within a few hours.

Edit: Any additional money for armour, equipment, weapons?

Decisions decisions.

I've not played a 5th Ed Bard before but not sure if the Melee is sewn up (that said there are a Barb and Paladin on new offer), and then there is monk (which is on my 'haven't played' list but I don't think it fits the Ravenloft.

Grand Lodge

Nac Mac Feegle wrote:
Voomer wrote:
To bring up another topic, it seems strange to me that no one suspects that Caromac is the Beast's creator. Clearly many in Lepidstadt would know that the Beast is a flesh golem that must have a creator. It seems unlikely that Caromac could so thoroughly have concealed his long-term experimentations -- especially since he has been bringing in outside workers to build up the Castle. The brilliant recluse in the castle with a grudge on all of Vieland seems like a pretty obvious suspect. How have other GM's handled this? My PCs have been asking around to find out if any one has any suspicions about who the Beast's creator is; I'm feeling a little silly saying no one has any idea.

Have you read Rule of Fear? It states that Henri Moritz is believed to have created the Beast. He was involved in the peaceful uprising against Caromarc back in the day. The Beast was created as a tool of Caromarc's revenge, so I find it safe to say he used it to kill Moritz. (Not sure if that's outright stated somewhere.)

I decided he was a scientist too, and I had people tell my group the first time the Beast was seen was when it ran from Moritz' house, where his body and a weird laboratory was found, so everyone figured he created the mad monstrosity and it killed him. I had Kendra go on and on how disappointed everyone was one of the leaders of the democratic movement turned out to be a crazy monster creator.

I just ran the first half of TotB / sorry I missed this.

Grand Lodge

Had my pen and paper group for HoH and stole a lot of stuff from our game but it's bogged me down - will post tomorrow

Grand Lodge

can i get an overview on the sanity rules when they go up? don't want cut and paste obviously but how it basically works.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
TheMask wrote:

Nope, if you play your wolves right you may just kill the entire party.

8 characters lvl 2 is imo APL 4 (maybe 5 is they are optimized).
so a CR8 encounter would be really really tough. Dont forget wolves trip on their attack, and prone is a real bad condition for your PC.
I would go for 6 wolves and an alpha male for a tough encounter, and maybe get the wolves to flee if 4 get killed.

Okies. That sounds better. I'll go for a round 8 total including Alpha. That will hurt em considerably.

The party will be fresh before the combat so that should fly ok.

I really love these forums because of the aid people provide. A big thanks to everyone.

Grand Lodge

final bump

Grand Lodge

Its a rustic setting so decided to go with 10 wolves and 2 advanced template wolves (Alpha male and Alpha female.

Action economy is on the side of the wolves. The terrain is open but with a bridge nearby that they can make it to in order to avoid being flanked.

According to herolab 12 wolves is a CR8 encounter. The party is CR8 - have I balanced this right?

Grand Lodge

I'd do a pack of wolves then... that seems organic AND it allows me to throw a large number of foes at them.

Thanks for the aid everyone!

Grand Lodge

Are there any monsters who inflict slow healing wounds/healing resistance to the wounds it inflicts, if so how does it work and what would be the CR bonus for adding that template/ability?

Grand Lodge

I am thinking a single Yeth Hound (at night) may be a suitable foe. Its CR3. How will this stack up?

Grand Lodge

man, thats a good question. I'm not familar with the new research rules... hoping some one else can chime in

Grand Lodge

dotting again

Grand Lodge

Marking this for later

Grand Lodge

Amen to that

Grand Lodge

Yeah - there needs to be motivation. It can be gold, it can be personal.

Start them off on a pirate hunting raid (Hermea is an island, presumably the dragon can't be everywhere... hence pirates - or better yet, slavers who want genetically more beautiful slaves) - hit the island. The players are involved in the rescue mission.

Have the rescued inhabitants be very err.. physically grateful... for the rescue. They offer to let them be the village leaders (as part as the local committee at any rate) who will enjoy the benefits of station etc.

Now the players are invested - they got something.

And now? Take it away from them.

Have a duegar scouting party make a raid or even monsters fleeing the approaching dark dwarves... or a fey uprising etc.

Now they are the leaders of a dead village (or at least a reduced village)... and there is a dragon that wants answers, a dragon that is interested in results, a dragon that promises them wealth and position for success and certain agonising fiery death (or worse... "I believe in pursing perfection for my people. One aspect that I prefer not to advertise is that I, on occasion, hire certain specialists to test my people - the priests of Zon Kuthon who reside here are VERY good at their trade. You would find the price of failure to be... exquisite")

Now they have a) lost something they care about b) have a motivation to look for solutions (both stick and carrot)

Grand Lodge

Both... very similar if you took weapon focus: Shortsword and used two shortswords.

Grand Lodge

Evidently lack of hand rails etc are a sure sign of power and evilness... Either that or the guys who do work safety checks are the same guys who check the Death Star

Grand Lodge

I want the conversion notes after you run it.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Huge fan of 5e here. Most of the PbP games I am in ATM are 5e

Theres still room for me to play PFS at tournaments and run a Carrion Crown campaign. Liking one doesn't mean I need to give up another. Hells, I'd be playing Call of Cthulhu and Saga Ed Star Wars if I could find a group who played that as well.

Grand Lodge

Right here on the forums. Wont spoil it for you though.

I make the following recommendation to anyone running a paizo AP. First read all 6 books, then come on the forums and outright STEAL any idea that makes the AP a more seamless whole or foreshadows certain themes etc.

Much of my HoH stuff was inspired or outright stolen from the posts of other players/GMs

Grand Lodge

I've run it PbP and I'm running tabletop right now.

I can back up the above poster.

Know your materials for the module. Print out a calendar for the month you want to start it. Pre-plan village events to happen (roughly speaking - changes on the fly are necessary).

Have your maps and miniatures ready. Have handouts - players LOVE handouts.

I'll PM you a link to my Campaign site that has a lot of handout style materials you can print up.

I 100% recommend that you add in story/plot devices to keep the players AWAY from Harrowstone. They'll get there soon enough. I included a local law forbidding people to enter Harrowstone (rescinded after the townhall meeting) a spring festival/cooking completion, a Barn raising and a funeral or two for the cleric (of Pharama) to officiate at, as well as a trial for someone who is is involved in certain events - it was great foreshadowing for trial of the beast.

Believe me, the party will find its way there on its own.

Trust as a score is a tricky mechanism. Some GMs ignore it, others add to it by generating some positive events (such as the afore mentioned barn raising). I am tracking it as an individual score and adjusting due to negative (and the odd positive) event.

The village itself should be run as an NPC, along with the other NPC characters. Its atmosphere makes the game, not the prison (which can degrade into hack and slash very quickly, making it just another dungeon, which is a pity).

Prep yourself with descriptive language for the prison itself - that will set the right tone. Play music in the background (I found a Youtube video of 8 hrs of dripping water sound that is in an echoing windy cave that is great for atmosphere).

[edit]If you have Module 6 of CC you'll find information on the protagonist - I recommend STRONGLY that he at the funeral along with Embreth Daramid (module 2)- have both of them leave straight after the funeral. I also had Madame Ivanja (module 3) and Garius from the Carrion Hill adventure but I did that to create connections to future events/games.

Grand Lodge

So far so good. I started with 6 with 2 no shows, then 8 with an additional no show, now its gonna be 10.

Am I managing? So far so good... I am blessed with one player who has seeming narcolepsy so it's not quite as an intensive as it seems.

I am adding a 6th villain of Harrowstone.

'Mother Comfort' from the Undead unleashed book - a variant Allip. I'm going to put her in the same room as the straight jacket in a box... which if you read up on her is rather ironic.

Grand Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Thought some may like this.

Carrion Crown intro

Grand Lodge

Am I the only one to post a character blurb?

Grand Lodge

I want torun it as 5e but I am not in the right mental place for it

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