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Hazreem Al'Shakar's page

76 posts. Alias of Wrath.

Full Name

Hazreem Al'Shakar




Druid 2




Medium (5'8")




Neutral Good




Common, Druid

Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 18
Charisma 12

About Hazreem Al'Shakar

HP: 8+8(Druid)+ 2(con) + 2(favoured class) +5 (toughness) = 25
Current 25

AC: 10 + 3(armour) + 0(dex) + 2 (shield) = 15
Touch AC = 10; Flat Footed = 15

Init: +0 (dex)

BAB: 1

CMB: 1+2= 3

Saves (Base + Ability+ feats): Fort (3+1=4) ; Ref (0+0+2=2); Will (3+4=6)

Masterwork Scimitar (+4, d6+2, crits on 18-20) Slashing
Dagger (+3, d4+2, crits on 19-20) Piercing
Sling (+1, d4) Bludgeon
Lightning arc (+1 vs touch AC, d6 damage)

Armour: Hide armour (+3 AC, -3 check), Heavy wooden shield (+2AC, -2 check)

Feats : Toughness; Lightning Reflexes

Trait: Desert Child (+4 saving thow against heat effects, +1 saving throw against fire); Reclaiming your Roots (masterwork Scimitar)

Class ability Nature Bond (Air Domain), Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Orisons

Lightning Arc {SU}, 7 times a day as a standard action Hazreem can summon a lightning arc to strike any oponent within 30 feet. Deals d6 damage plus 1 per two caster levels. Ranged touch attack.

Wild Empathy Can use this ability to change the attitude of animals similar to diplomacy. Can use on magical beasts with intelligence of 1 or 2 but at a -4 to check. Roll 1d20+2 for animals, 1d20-2 for magical beasts.

Woodland stride(Ex) Starting at 2nd level, a druid may
move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural
thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at her
normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any
other impairment. Thorns, briars, and overgrown areas
that have been magically manipulated to impede motion,
however, still affect her.

Ranked Skills: formula is (ranks + ability mod + proficiency)
Handle Animal (2+1+3+2 druid=8);
Heal (2+4+3=9);
Knowledge (nature) (2+0+3+2 druid= 7);
Spellcraft (2+0+3=5);
Survival (2+4+3=9);
(Note: * means must include Armour penalty when equipped - 5 total, (-10 for swim, only -3 if shield not equipped)

Druid skills spent in Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge Nature, Survival

Bonus skill for human spent in Spellcraft

0 level - 4/day. DC = 14 (unlimited casting)
Detect Magic, Create Water, Stabilize (x2)

1st level - 3/day DC =15
Charm Animal, Cure Light Wounds, Speak with animals
Domain - obscuring mist

* means used this day already

Equipment : Scimitar (15gp); Club (-); Dagger (2gp); Hide Armour (15gp); Heavy Wooden Shield (7gp); Backpack (2gp); Two waterskins (2gp); Tent (10gp); Bedroll (1sp); Wooden Holy symbol of Gozreh (1gp); Explorers outfit (10gp); 3 tindertwig (3gp); Thunderstone (30gp)

Cash: Started with 120 gp; spent 97.1 so far, 22gp, 9 silver remaining.

Background Hazreem always believed he had been a child of the village of Sendrae, in the Southern deserts of Katapesh. It was there he held all his memories and it was there he had first come to understand the ways of nature and the blancing effects of the elements in the great deserts. His love of nature, and his abilities with the local wldlife soon developed beyond natural to become spiritual force in the man. He worked closely with the villages int he region, helping them to maintain balance and peace with the land, while still ensuring their continued survival in the harsh environments. Gozreh, god of nature guided his travels, and it was his god who finally gave him the understanding of the Winds power over everything int he desserts. IT shaped the sands, eroded the buildings and brought the rains when warm airs mixed with colder winds from the oceans. While mighty Sarenrae and her sun might be an obvoius power in the land, the subtle effects of the wind were what called to Hazreem.

It was only recently that his father revealed to him the truth of his past, and his birthplace far to the north in the village of Kellmarane. His mother, also a druid and shaman for the region had remained to help defend against the dangers that had forced the village to be abandooned, but she had not been seen since. When his father had finally revealed this infomation he had also handed the druid the scimitar he now carried, claiming it was his mothers. In that moment a greater purpose bloomed in Hazreems mind and he now travels North, hoping that if the village is to be resettled, he can continue in the role his mother died serving.

Appearence Strongly tanned and looking weathered from his time in the sun drenched sands of the southern desserts, Hazreem isn't a picture of beauty. His hair is dishevelled and wind tossed, even on days when no winds seem to be about, and the crackle of static can often be heard as he moves around. His grey eyes always seem to twinkle with humour however, an his face is often creased with a smile as he finds new joys in the wilderness of the deserts.

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